Fortnum & Mason Hamper As a Side Table, Great Place to Hide Throws & Pillows

Welcome to the 711th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start! A week or so ago I shared the arrival of a Fortnum and Mason Hamper I had purchased, along with the goodies that I chose to go inside. I ended up creating my own bespoke hamper to get the size hamper and the contents I really wanted.

Fortnum & Mason Delectable Haul


When I first placed my order for one of their hampers, I decided to go with the “Large size” hamper with an idea of how it could be used in the future. Of course, these hampers can always be reused to hold items for a trip, but I had something else in mind.

Fortnum & Mason Large Hamper Measurements


I’ve often thought about placing a small table alongside this chair here in my upstairs living room/bonus room. It definitely wasn’t an urgent need but the spot just seemed to be calling for a little table–a place to set a book or a drink when reading.


I was hoping a large Fortnum & Mason hamper would work out to be about the right size and height and it is!

Fortnum & Mason Hamper Makes Great Chairside Table


I briefly thought about having a piece of glass cut to go on top, similar to what I did with these old bound newspapers given to me by my sister over 30 years ago.

Blue and White Lamp, Denim Sofa


Ultimately, I decided against that since the book table and the hamper are only a few feet away from each other. Instead, I decided to order a large tray to go on top.

Tray for Fortnum & Mason Hamper Basket


I chose one that was somewhat rustic and a size that I thought would fill almost the whole space on top of the hamper.

Fortnum & Mason Chairside Table, End Table with Tray


I specifically wanted it to have black handles thinking that would look nice with the black F & M logo on the side of the hamper. (Tray is available here: Wood Tray.)

Tray on Fortnum & Mason Hamper


Unfortunately, the tray that arrived had a really noticeable defect in the finish right on top. It looked as if it had been chipped or damaged during the manufacturing process and then they just tried to cover it up with stain.

Rustic Style Wood Tray with Black Handles


So, I decided to return it for two reasons: 1. The booboo on top that I knew would drive me nuts, and 2. I wasn’t sure I liked how much of the top of the hamper the tray covered up. I’ve decided to look for a similar rustic style tray with black handles, but in a round shape so more of the top of the hamper will be visible. Also, I think a round tray will contrast nicely against the rectangular shape of the top.

Fortnum & Mason Chairside Table, End Table with Tray


Another fun idea I got was to add “feet” to the four corners of the hamper. I just have them propped underneath for this photo. I like how the feet raise the hamper up a bit and give it a more “finished” look. What do you think of the feet?

Fortnum & Mason Hamper used as End Table


If I end up using the wood feet, I was thinking I could use velcro on the hamper and on the feet to hold them on or perhaps try attaching them with the hardware/screws that came with the feet. They could probably even be super-glued on, although I don’t think I’d want to put glue on my F & M hamper. (Wood feet are available here: Wood Feet.)

Fortnum & Mason Hamper, reuse as End Table


One thing I want to point out is if you end up ordering a large Fortnum & Mason hamper and wish to use it as a side table, it’s possible to close up the leather straps without actually hooking them thru the lid. That’s how I have them in the photo below. Then the hamper could be used to store extra throws, books, knitting, pillows, etc… inside. Those things would be super easy to access by just temporarily sitting the tray aside. I don’t think I’d do that if a piece of glass was being used on top–I think it would be too much trouble and too heavy to move on a regular basis. But with a tray on top, it would be a quick and easy way to access the contents. I LOVE the idea of storing throws and other goodies inside. (Hampers can be ordered here: Fortnum and Mason Hamper.)

Fortnum Mason Hamper, Leather Straps Open


I’ve been looking at round trays online and I found some really cute ones.

Fortnum & Mason Hamper Makes Great Chairside Table


This is one of the round trays I’m considering for the top of the hamper. Its nautical motif would work well in my upstairs living room since it already has touches of nautical decor. It comes in two sizes and the 12-inch size should be perfect for holding a drink. It’s available with and without handles. Of course, without handles would make it easier to place a book on top, but I love the look with the handles. This tray is available here: Wood Tray.

Nautical wood tray


Here’s another really cute one from the same shop. I especially love the handles on this one! It’s available here: Round tray with Rustic Handles.

Wood Tray with Coffee Design Motif


I really like the trays that have black metal hardware/accents. I think that will look great with the F & M logo on the front of the hamper. This tray is available here: Round Tray with Black Handles.)


So, those are a few of the trays I’m considering for the top of my hamper. What do you think, did you have a favorite? Did you like the hamper with the wood feet underneath, or without feet?

If you would like to see my previous post where I shared what I chose to go inside my Fortnum & Mason hamper, you’ll find that post here: It’s Here–My Fortnum & Mason Bespoke Hamper Has Arrived!.

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. I like the basket on the feet. Go for the third round tray, IMO. Have a great week.

  2. I ordered the large hamper…and a package of truffles. I’m more into the hamper than the tea, snacks, etc. I can always use a wicker hamper/basket for storage!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The hamper is amazing. I have several vintage hampers that I really love to decorate with. The FM stenciling on the side is wonderful. I think I prefer the rectangle tray myself. So many goodies inside!! Thanks for having us over, Susan.

  4. I love this idea! Just brilliant! Velcro for the feet is another brilliant idea! Now I want to order a hamper even more.

  5. I like the “natural” look of the hamper without the feet. Envy you for having a place for it and wish I did. Not sure about the trays. Will the ones with the printing on them detract from the charm of the hamper?

  6. What a fantastic look.

  7. I’m in love with the hamper especially with the cute feet! I’ll need to find a place to put one! The round tray with the black metal band is my favorite. That little touch of black on the band ties in with the initials on the hamper. BTW All those tall tin biscuits on their website will fit beautifully in Christmas stockings! Thanks for introducing us to Fortnum & Mason!

  8. Hmmm it’s hard. I think I like the middle one. And yes I really like the feet on it.

  9. What a great idea, using the hamper as a table, I love secret storage! I love the feet, really makes it look nice and you can change the tray seasonally or whenever you want. Thanks Susan~

  10. What a great idea Susan – the hamper looks great there, and it’s the perfect size. I like the feet. I like the tray idea too, and I’ll be interested to see what you end up with. Thanks for another wonderful idea, and thanks for hosting this wonderful party! Happy Monday!

  11. i love the hamper w the feet! elevates it just a notch … in classy, not so much height. as for the trays … would an oval work??

  12. Elaine in Toronto says

    I really like the last tray. I’m thinking maybe the feet would look nice painted black to match the lettering. Just a thought.

  13. franki Parde says

    THAT IS THE PERFECT HAMPER…even has the PERFECT INITIALS…oh, boy…that nautical tray “speaks to me,” too….franki

  14. of course you probably know this…but if you get a wood item you would still want to put a piece of glass on top as water and or hot/cold will ruin your wood piece. Just a thought. rls

  15. The feet really do kick it up an elegant notch…perfect addition, esp with the tray as the same color!! And I prefer the original rectangular tray; just reorder, and it will probably be perfect. I think the round ones will be awkward and a little too “kitschy” for my taste.

  16. Linda Gardepe says

    I love the hamper and I like the third tray. I think writing or a design would be distracting.

  17. No feet (distracting) and tray #3 get my votes.

  18. what are the measurements in feet please. I love the feet

    • For the hamper itself? It’s right around 23 inches wide, 16 inches tall and 16 inches deep. Those measurements are without the feet. The feet add about 2 inches in height, so that would make it around 18 inches tall.

  19. With feet, which to me really give’s the basket a finished look, and I think I like tray #3 the best!

  20. I love that hamper! Now I am trying to figure out where I can put one in my home. Lol. I do like the elevated feet. It grounds it and styles it. As far as the tray, they can all do the job, it really comes down to which one you prefer. Personally I think I would want the tray itself to be black to really define itself. But that’s just me. It looks lovely in your home. XO- MaryJo

  21. The hamper fits perfectly in that spot and the feet defines it as a useable table. I prefer the last tray without any added script which tends to detract from the hamper.
    Also, the little tissue box on the newspaper table caught my eye. Would you please share where you found it?

  22. Love the feet, especially if removable down the line. For a tray, I’m thinking one with some depth to it; if a drink gets bumped or toppled, at least the sides would contain the spill better.

  23. Hi susan,
    Like your wicker hamper as a side table, very cute. and the bound newspaper one too. If I were choosing it would probably be the tray about the coffee cause you can use it more places….like the kitchen, dining room or family room. Just a thought.
    Hope you have a lovely week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie
    and thanks for hosting Met Monday every week……….

  24. Oh Susan, your new basket makes the perfect side table!! I was thinking as I was reading this that you need some feet on it and then low and behold you showed feet on it. lol I love the feet on it, but would love to see them in black for the basket. I really loved the rectangular tray but I also love the rounds ones you have shown. I would love to see a round one on the basket. I love all the round ones, but that second one is so warm and inviting looking with the wood finish. I love the nautical look of the compass on the first one and the third one I love that black band. Hard to choose Susan, hard to choose! I’m no help to you, but don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. Hugs, Brenda

  25. Love, love, love your new basket! I’m partial to the round tray with black handles and the “feet” painted black. Such a wonderful addition to your family room!

  26. I like the hamper very much and like the idea of adding feet. I like the round tray with the black handles. I’ve the F and M for years.

  27. I like the feet on the basket. My choice for the tray would be number 3. I like that it is not flat. It would better protect the basket if a drink were spilled. The liquid would just run off the two flat trays.

  28. Tina W Reynolds says

    Love the hamper! What a statement piece and the right proportion to compliment your other creative end table, and I do like the feet. I am partial to the nautical tray, but the large rectangular tray is really nice looking and useful, too.

  29. I love the wood feet for the hamper and my top vote is the nautical tray. But I also really like the third tray, it would corral things.

  30. I love that space for the basket, Susan. It’s the perfect home for it and it fits so beautifully there. I’ll be no help here, because I think it looks great with or without the feet, though the added height with the feet might make it a little more comfortable to use. And I really liked that first, rectangular tray. Too bad about the defect. The nautical one is really cute and fits your nautical motif, but then others have pointed out that having sides on the tray is more practical for spills. So with that in mind, if not another of the original rectangle, perhaps the last round one that almost looks like a tambourine, lol.

    The warm color of the basket blends so well with all your warm woods in the room. I really love this new use for the basket. You’ve found the perfect home for it.

  31. Ermetta Olson says

    Thank you so much for your post about ordering a Fortnum and Mason hamper from England. I did not know you could do that and was so excited. We love everything England and have been to the countryside twice. We also are big James Herriot fans and he often would receive a Fortnum hamper from one of his wealthy clients!! I quickly called my daughters and we ordered one for my husband for his birthday. . he was so SURPRISED!!!! He just loved it! Thank you so much for the idea!!

    • Ermetta, I’m so glad it was such a big hit with your husband–that’s wonderful! Thanks for letting me know! I really do think they make the most wonderful gifts! It felt like Christmas when I opened the one I ordered–so much fun! 🙂

  32. I like the feet on the basket and the last round tray you showed.

  33. Kathy Gilbert says

    Love the feet❤️ I like the handles on the second tray but I would put the handles on the other side…so the lettering wouldn’t compete with the letters on the basket.

  34. Kathy Keeley says

    Hi Susan. I did not realize the size of the basket. It’s gorgeous and fits great in that space. Love the wood risers. Such a warm and cozy room. Thanks for the ideas!

  35. Adding the feet really elevates the piece, no pun intended. I really like the combination of denim, plaid, nautical, etc going on in the room at the moment- my instinct is before you buy another tray, try “shopping your house.” I bet you have a vintage tin or tray or something else in another room or storage that would play well against the hamper. You don’t want something matchy matchy- you want to continue to display your style and taste and who knows it better than past you? If you have a child of about 8 or 9 around, tell them that you are looking for something that is like a tray that will fit on top of the trunk and go room to room with them- I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at all the things they suggest during the “treasure hunt.”

  36. Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  37. Was walking past one of my favorite thrift stores near my home this afternoon and they had their new display window up, I couldn’t believe it when i saw not one but two F&M items!
    I immediately thought of you and the great idea you had for your hamper.
    Unfortunately they were closed for the day but I’m thinking I’ll run back tomorrow and take a closer look. 🙂

    • Wow, I love their window display! What a nice shop! I’ve been eyeing that picnic-style hamper on the F & M website. Thanks for sharing that photo, Catalyn! I hope they have a hamper that you can use when you go back. You’ll have to let me know if you get one. 🙂

  38. Costasntinos says

    Thank you for posting this! I have a massive hamper from Harrods that I’m using as coffee table but was looking for ideas to make it more interesting to the eye. I went for two blackish (with brown lines) trays that fit perfectly while leaving part of the top exposed (that’s my OCD wanting everything to be correctly ‘in place’… Worked out wonderfully! Your post was really useful and the photos sooo nice!

  39. Oh good Lord, lady, that cab delivery / return fiasco is enough to make someone go completely postal. OK, rude pun intended. Sorry. I just read it and can’t stop shaking my head. Wait. WHAT??!!!??? That’s completely and utterly unacceptable. Sheesh.

    I ordered a few beautiful pieces of very old delicate pieces of china a few years back and I work here in my home office in front of house and right near the front door. And yes. I actually WATCHED a UPS delivery person NOT come up my stairs and put the clearly marked FRAGILE box on my cement porch. Oh no. I watched him TOSS it. I ran out like a crazy person and went bonkers. Made him watch me open it as I was asking him if he even bothered to READ the fragile labels all over it………and of course it was broken. Idiot. I haven’t EVER used them to ship my stuff as I was in shock and dismay and feel it all over again reading about your woes. Sorry. So sorry you are going through all this. Hang in there. One day you and I will split a bottle of wine and vent together – maybe next time you are visiting my state. Hugs. ♥

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