Vacation in The Bastle, a Farmhouse Reminiscent of Rosehill Cottage in the Movie, The Holiday

Imagine traveling to the northern part of England and staying in this 16th-century storybook home! This is The Bastle, a farmhouse built during the time Elizabeth I was Queen. Can you imagine?!

The Bastle, Beltingham, Northumberland


A nighttime view…

This storybook stone cottage reminds me so much of the home in the movie, The Holiday. (Take a tour of that movie house here: Tour the Home in the Movie the Holiday.)

The Bastle, Nighfall, Beltingham Northumberland


Remember the living room in the home in The Holiday?


The living room in The Bastle reminds me a lot of that storybook cottage that was sadly just a faux house built for the movie.

The Bastle, Shades of the Movie, The Holiday


The word “bastle” comes from the French word Bastille, which refers to a strong, fortified building where valuable livestock, horses, as well as people would stay during difficult or tumultuous times.

Back in the day, if trouble was brewing, the livestock and horses would be housed on the lower level of The Bastle at night, while the family would sleep above, pulling up a retractable ladder when they retired for the evening. So glad we don’t have to worry about raids and such in this day and time!

Love the big fireplace in the kitchen!

The Bastle, Historic Holiday Vacation


Note the wonderful old crossbeams overhead here in the dining room. I’m drooling over the grandfather clock!

The Bastle, an Historic Home in Northumberland


This may be my favorite room of all, such a cozy bedroom! Love all the exposed rock, brick and timbers overhead! To read more about this wonderful farmhouse and The Joiners Shop next door, check out The Bastle website here: The Bastle.

You’ll find more information about booking a stay at The Bastle here: Book Your Stay. I would love to stay in this wonderful farmhouse so conveniently located near the Scottish border!

Lovely Bedroom in historic The Bastle


Egypt Bound

I’m starting to prepare now for my upcoming trip to Egypt. I’ve been thinking a lot more about what I’ll be wearing and will share what I’m taking in my post on Friday.


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White is so great at reflecting the sun’s rays. I have some white linen pants I thought about taking, but they are slightly see-thru since they’re linen, so I think I’ll be sticking with my white jeans and a few long dresses. I’ll be sharing more about that on Friday, along with the new carry-on bag I just purchased.

White Jeans on Sale


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  1. Dear Susan,

    Thank you so much for a lovely post about our Bastle house!
    If you ever get to visit Northern England you must come and stay, you would love it…

    Best wishes
    Julie xx

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    What a neat farmhouse. LOVE history! Yes, it looks like a sister to the Hollywood version, ha. Excited for you for the upcoming Egypt trip, wish I was going! Can’t wait to see your pics! Happy packing!

    • Thanks, Cyndi! I’m sure I’ll overpack as always. lol I expected to be sweaty a lot in Egypt, so maybe I can justify taking a lot of clothes that way. 🙂

  3. So cozy and charming, but I love the peek of modern washer in the kitchen view.

  4. Anne Shaheen says

    Almost a fairy tale location and home!

  5. Donna zoltanski says

    Love that house! So much charm. It is so exciting for you to go to Egypt. Can’t wait to see fashions and your new bag!

  6. Loved seeing an actual home that is similar the “The Holiday” house! I have not traveled overseas a great deal but now my husband and I are both retired so we hope to travel more. We are going to Australia and New Zealand in a couple of weeks where it will be Spring! I think I could wear white jeans there. I look forward to seeing what you are planning to wear in Egypt and get some travel dressing ideas from you.

    • Yes, you definitely could! That sounds like an amazing trip! Travel is so addictive! As soon as I return from one trip, I’m already dreaming about the next.

  7. On our trip to the UK a couple of years ago, we were lucky to be able to stay with relatives in a home belonging to some friends of theirs out in the Cotswolds in southeastern England. (The friends were traveling elsewhere). I thought I was in heaven. The cozy furnishings, homey appeal, stone walls, and spectacular scenery just outside were just as I had dreamed Britain would be. I would love to go back and stay a couple of weeks in a house like the Bastle.

    Wishing you a great trip to Egypt. It’s an amazing place. Where are you going to visit?

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