A French Duvet I Couldn’t Leave Behind

It’s been a while since we stopped by one of my favorite haunts, A Classy Flea. My timing today wasn’t the greatest since they just had a huge Holiday Open House about a week ago. I didn’t make it to the open house and I wasn’t sure there would be anything left when I stopped in today.

I found a few things to share and picked up a couple of things for myself. One of the things I purchased was a kind of unique find and it’s introduced me to a company I had no idea existed but am glad to discover. More on that toward the end of the post…let’s check out some of the cute things I ran across.

I liked this baker’s rack. If I had room for something like this in my kitchen, I would have been super tempted. I like that it has storage for wine. It was priced at $229 and marked down to $188.

Baker's Rack with Wood Shelves


Sorry about the way some of these photos look. My cell phone “flash” was turned on and I didn’t realize it at first.

I’ve been on so many Christmas home tours where I’ve seen a Christmas goose in the decorations. When I’ve seen them for sale, they are always super expensive. This one was labeled “Carved Goose” and was super heavy. He was only $29 which is a great price if he is truly a carved piece. He felt like he was.

Christmas Goose


Cute bunny lamp…This lamp was much cuter in person than appears in the picture…blaming the flash! He was $28 and heavy!

Bunny Lamp



I liked this woodland dishware…but they only had a couple of place settings.

Woodland Dishware


Finally, I realized the flash was going off and turned it off…pictures look more normal. This Santa bag was huge! I didn’t see a price on it. Wouldn’t it be cute to fill with gifts for someone special and place beside the tree on Christmas eve.

Plaid Santa Bag


Lots of vintage ornaments…

Vintage Glass Ornaments


I thought this little table with chairs would be cute in a garden…

Colorful Metal Garden Table With Chairs


This was marked as a “White Pottery Barn Desk Organizer with cubbies and 2 drawers.” I don’t think that included the cubbies underneath but it may have. It was priced at $69.

Pottery Barn Desk Organizer Unit


So what did I buy? Well, I guess I’m on a bedding kick. I saw this really pretty duvet that I couldn’t pass up. It’s from Maison du Linge which Google tells me is located in New York. I think the duvet is an older piece because I didn’t see it among their current products. It’s in perfect condition. It looks brand new as if it was never even used.

The tag states: Collection Duchatel, which I guess means it came from that particular collection when they were carrying it. Update: Found out that’s not the name of this pattern…all the Maison du Linge bedding is part of the Collection Duchatel. It’s apparently made in France.

Collection Duchatel Bedding by Maison du Linge  France_wm


You may remember from my post a few days ago, this is how my bed normally looks during the spring and summer months. I just purchased linens to use for fall and winter…you can see those in this post: Dressing the Bed in Tartan for Winter

Bed with taller mattress and boxsprings


Here’s how the duvet looks against my summer bedskirt. The duvet is queen size and has piping running down either side where the duvet hits the edge of the bed on the sides. You can see the piping in the photo below. When I spread the duvet out on my bed, the piping fell exactly where it should, so it was definitely made for a queen size bed.

Collection Duchatel by Maison du Linge  France


I think the colors are almost perfect to go with my bedskirt, except for one thing…my bedskirt doesn’t have any blue in it. Since the blue is pretty subtle in the duvet, I may be able to get away with it if I want another look for summertime.

Collection Duchatel Duvet Cover by Maison du Linge


It came with two Euro shams trimmed in a cranberry-red, small-check ruffle. I don’t think I’ll use those unless I remake them with a different ruffle.

Collection Duchatel Euro Sham, Maison du Linge  France_wm


I thought it might be nice to have another summer look and for $29 for the duvet and two shams, I was willing to take a chance and try it.

Update: I just looked at the Maison du Linge website and Queen size duvets are $420, so $29 was definitely a great deal for the duvet and two Euro shams. All the bedding on their site is beautiful. You’ll find the site here: Maison du Linge.

2nd Update: I was able to reach a lovely person at Maison du Linge via this number (212-988-9282) and she told me that all their fabrics are based on designs dating back to the 1800’s. I think the design may be VincennesMulti  shown under “other designs” on their site.

Not sure if I’ll use this duvet next summer or not. Maybe it will inspire me to find a coordinating fabric and sew a bedskirt for it. The shams could be taken apart and the ruffle replaced with whatever fabric I buy for the bedskirt, if I decide to make a bedskirt. Maybe I’ll even find the check fabric they used for the ruffle.

Collection Duchatel by Maison du Linge  France


The other thing I purchased today was this book by Charles Faudree. It’s the only book of his that I didn’t already have. His books are wonderful so I was glad to find this one for just $6.

Country French Floral & Interiors by Charles Faudree


So what do you think…should I use my new French duvet with my existing bedskirt next summer when I’m in the mood for a different look, or shop for another coordinating fabric and make one for it?

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  1. I love it with your bedskirt! Just not with the ruffles on the shams. And what a great price. Enjoy!

  2. Susan, I would use that beautiful duvet with the existing summer bed skirt and maybe just replace the ruffle in the shams with a nice wide embroidered cotton eyelet ruffle instead of trying to find another fabric to make the skirt….It is not noticeable that there is no blue in it…I do like the contrast of the two…they complement each other.

  3. Love the duvet!! Absolutely love it. Wish I could follow you around and find “finds”like you do. Although, today I did find a wicker shelf-arched shaped on top, 3 shelves with doors below & 2 shelves there. Really needed it and the lady marked it down from $80 to $60, so it was SOLD immediately to ME. πŸ™‚ (And yes, I’d put a different ruffle/trim on the shames too. Show us whenever you do.) Happy hunting!

    • Charlotte…great score! Don’t you love it when you find something you’ve needed! Such a good feeling! I will def share what I end up doing. I’ve been playing with this duvet a little this weekend and love it even more now that it has an insert inside of it. πŸ™‚

  4. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Very nice purchase and it goes well with your existing bedskirt. However…I think the overall color scheme looks little bit too much like your other duvet and might not give you the kick of “different” that you ‘d be looking for. So, since you won’t be needing it, you can send the new duvet to me, c/o Regality, The Royal Palace, The Quingdom.

  5. Love the duvet! and, from the pictures, it coordinates well with your bedskirt. Doesnt have to have all the same colors…….but yes, the ruffles need to be exchanged.

  6. I love it with your bedskirt! It does go beautifully! You have pulled the main colors together, that’s all that counts. Beautiful duvet, I would use it this summer. I am not a matchy person and really enjoy things that blend versus match.

  7. The new duvet cover is lovely, however with the existing bed skirt I think it is way too busy. My taste would be to pick one of the colors in the duvet and make one in a soft color. You’re right in changing out the ruffles on the shams.

  8. Susan I can see why you couldn’t pass it up..it’s just Beautiful..as for the blue you could keep an eye for some wonderful blue in pillows to tie it all together..I’m going to google them right now an see what else they have..I just may have to find some nice fabric an make myself something like that..the garden theme is right up my alley…

    Hope you have a Wonderful weekend..

  9. I just love your French duvet. Lovely fabric…and it will look nice in your bedroom. Always so much fun to find a treasure…that does not cost a fortune!

  10. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    So many cute things, Susan! And good prices! I think you should go back for that Santa bag and fill it up with toys for you know who. πŸ˜‰

    And I’m shocked you didn’t snag that goose for a centerpiece in a tablescape or to use somewhere on the porch. (I sure am good at spending your money, huh?) πŸ˜€ But I love, love, love your duvet! From the pictures, I think it looks great with the skirt. I love a busy look sometimes and the combo of floral with plaids is perfect and so ‘professional designer-ish’. And what a steal! You could always get another skirt made too, if you wanted to tone things down a bit, but honestly, from the pictures, it looks great to me!

    What a fun and eventful trip. Gosh, I have been having bedding frustrations while you have been having bedding success! I need to get things figured out. Help! Hey, maybe you could start a ‘traveling blog and design’ business. You could travel around the country and help us all put finishing touches on our houses and blog from the road. I think that’s a great idea!

  11. I love the duvet and it is perfect with the bed skirt. What a wonderful find! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Great duvet! I love it with the bed skirt! And the book is s great find too! I wish we had a store like that around here. Oh and I think Court needs that Santa Bag πŸ˜‰

  13. Love your new duvet . I would just get a pretty plain bed skirt and use the whole set. Or take the pillow shams apart and change the ruffle and use your bed skirt. Do love the swan. Hope you bought him too.

  14. Thanks for taking us with you on your fun shopping adventure. I can’t wait to see how the duvet will look on the bed in the spring.

  15. Susan, love the duvet and shams. While it does look beautiful with your existing bed skirt I would have to put it with something else. Since I am evidently on a blue and white kick, I would look for a blue and white to use for the skirt and maybe for a ruffle with the shams or get a coordinating fabric for the ruffle on the shams. Don’t you have a pretty off white matelasse that you could fold up at the end of the bed too? That would look good with it as well. I am changing over to my tartan this weekend to go with the new red and white sheets and blue paisley duvet. I’m hoping it all looks as good as yours did the other day. Thanks for all the lovely ideas you show us!

  16. Susan…I would not have passed up that duvet either!…it is beautiful and how well it goes with your bedskirt!…and I do not have that CF book either…looks like you certainly had a great day!!!…Have a great weekend!

  17. Sheree Cloyd says

    Susan, always love your Fancy flea tour. Great find you got yourself today!!
    What a bargain too!

  18. Love that duvet and I love the red check ruffle on the shams and I love the deal you got! I know the last thing you want to do right now is deal with yet another dust ruffle. Maybe by the time summer rolls around you will be ready to look for a red check bed skirt. Having said that ~ the colors in the duvet blend beautifully with the skirt you have now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Vikki in VA.

    • lol You are so right, Vikki! I’m still trying to get the other one all sorted out. I was kind of thinking the same thing…get the tartan one made and take a break. Maybe by spring I’ll be ready to tackle my new find. πŸ™‚ Hope your Thanksgiving is a great one!

  19. Patricia Alexander says

    Thank you for sharing. I love what you purchased. I don’t think I could have left without the Elf standing next to the Santa bag. He could “talk” with “Fred” and would be so cute next to a Christmas tree. I am so glad you take us all along with you. Have a great big ole Texas size weekend.

  20. Susan,

    I absolutely love that duvet!!! What a great price! The shams are gorgeous too, I can’t wait to see it on your bed next summer!

  21. Susan, I think your duvet is a real treasure! I am sure you will get much pleasure from your purchase. While your plaid bed skirt would probably work, I would love to see how the duvet would look with a striped skirt, probably a stripe with yellow and blue. Or, a pink and green stripe since all those lovely pastels are in the print. I’m not sure if narrow or wide stripes would look better. Hunting for the perfect fabric is part of the fun.

    I also wanted to tell you that the small snowman plates you used in this week’s tablescape are in some Home Goods in my area. I meant to write down the name that was on a removable label on the back, but forgot. I think it was Chestnut Lane. I always forget that I can take a picture with my phone. If they are still in the store on my next visit I’ll try to get a photo. You just have to love Home Goods. MM

    • Thanks for those suggestions, Marie! I think it will be fun to do some hunting come spring. I was going to look sooner but now that I think about it, the fabric stores may not have a lot of spring fabric in this time of year. Probably better to wait until March or April. Wow, HG got them in again…that’s great! I just looked on the back of mine again and it has a big C and a big R kind of overlapping each other…and says “Made in China.” Do you think the C stands for Chestnut. It wasn’t Chestnut Ridge or something like that was it? I’m not sure what CR stands for. You can see another silly little tablescape I put together with those plates back in 2010 here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/winter-tablescape-welcome-to-the-73rd-tablescape-thursday/

  22. I love it! So beautiful and like Vicki, I love the checked ruffle on the shams. Change your bed skirt like Vicki said if you must… I wouldn’t change the shams to go with the bed skirt though. They are too adorable the way they are.

  23. Susan,
    Thank you again for allowing us to join you as you went antique shopping. My favorite posts are the ones you take us shopping with you! Love your duvet. I vote for using the skirt you have. It looks very nice together! I would change the shams ruffle at some point.
    Thank you for taking us antiquing with you!!


  24. Hi Susan,
    If you would like to lighten the mood for the warmer months, a simple ivory cotton embroidered scalloped hem bedskirt would work. I bought mine from GarnetHill.com. They come in different lengths, too. Since I have high beds, they also work well as underskirts peeking out below standard bedskirts which usually run around 14-15 inches in length.
    I sew, and bedskirts are tedious projects if they’re gathered! They are certainly more affordable, but definitely for the patient seamstress.

    I agree- keep the cute checkered ruffle on the sham!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Oh, Susan, I LOVE this duvet. I’ve always liked stripes and patterns together, but it really is quite extraordinary how well the colors mirror each other in your bedskirt and new duvet. If you had any extra bedskirt material, or could sneak some from your bedskirt, it might work to make a ruffle for your shams out of that, then I think they would coordinate well. What do you think of that idea? A great find! Rosie

  26. Oh please use the french duvet – it is lovely. I think it would be great to find the check for your bedskirt but I am always a nut for a check. I too love Faudree and all of his books. You came away with a great haul!

  27. Oh yes, yes, please use it. It’s lovely and you will find the fabric that will look great with it. You certainly have an eye for beauty.

  28. I love the new duvet, I think you could get by with your existing bedskirt, but if you wanted a change make another tier with a blue fabric that matches the blue in the duvet and have an extra ruffle on the bedskirt. Or make a totally new blue one and change it for the plaid one would give you more options!!
    Love the goose wish I could have him!!!!

  29. The duvet is a fantastic find! IMHO, I would definitely consider a different bed skirt and change out the sham’s trim. With the present colour of your walls, I would love to see it teamed with something in blue or ….. even a mix of blue ‘n green. -Brenda-
    P.S: I am surprised the trim on the shams is even a ‘gingham’ as due to the pattern and provided the background of the duvet isn’t a pure white, I wonder if a ‘ticking’ would have been more appropriate?

  30. Oh! I would use it just as it is and create a new bed skirt to coordinate! I seriously covet this and wish Bend was a bit larger ~ more stores like this one! (I have had the pleasure of visiting A Classy Flea .. once!)

    • I think ultimately I may do that, Helen. After putting a duvet insert inside of it tonight, I’m really able to appreciate the beautiful fabric and I’m in love with it! There really isn’t anyplace else like A Classy Flea in all of Metro Atlanta…I will miss it if I ever move.

  31. Of course you couldn’t leave this treasure behind. What a wonderful find, Susan. I think it goes just fine with the bedskirt, but at the bargain price I’d add a new skirt if you find a wonderful fabric you love. Fun to mix things up!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I was thinking today since I saved so much on the duvet itself, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little and make or have a bedskirt made come spring.

  32. Gray Matthews says

    I like the combination….but I seem to always favor stripes,plaid and paisley….even with fried chicken

  33. No need to have all of the colors in both the bed skirt and duvet. They look like they were made to go together. I agree that replacing the red and white checked ruffle on the shams would make the whole scheme perfect. Terrific bargain!

    BTW, I stole your idea for buying tablecloths to act as a fabric source for a duvet cover. I purchased a Ralph Lauren tartan duvet cover two year ago, but hadn’t used it because I didn’t have any other pieces to go with it. I mix and match all the time, but I like to have at least two or three elements from the same fabric as a base. After reading your post on tartan bedding, I checked eBay and sure enough, there were tablecloths in the same fabric as the duvet I had purchased. Now, I just need to find a seamstress to make the skirt for me. There might even be enough fabric to make two Euro shams. Thanks again for a good idea!

  34. Eeek!! What a FIND!! I adore that duvet and it will look fantastic on your bed!! I have that bakers rack (less the drawers) and have the goose…that, too, is a fantastic price!! You go gal!! franki

  35. Hi Susan,

    I definitely think that your new duvet goes well with your existing bed skirt……that is if the pictures on your post are coming through. I see blue in the plaid or what am I missing? I agree, though, that you’d have to change or eliminate the ruffle on the shams.

    Great find!! Wish I lived near The Classy Flea! LOVE that store!!!


    • I noticed it kind had a bluish cast in some areas…not sure why because there really isn’t any blue in the bedskirt. But it’s funny, when the duvet is laying across the bed, you don’t really notice the blue that much in the duvet…mainly you just see the colors that are also in the bedskirt.
      It is a great store. If I went there weekly, I’d probably find things I’d want to bring home. Things sell so quickly in there so it’s always changing with great stuff.

  36. Susan,
    I love the duvet with your bedskirt. I don’t know how you will wait until summer to use it. I love the the euro shams, just not with your bedskirt. If you would consider selling the shams, I would be interested in purchasing them for what you paid for the whole set. They would match my bedding perfect

  37. The duvet is very pretty (we call them doona’s in Australia, due to the original company that brought out the covers, branded them Doona)
    Anyway I think a plain bed skirt in a colour that’s in the quilt would look great, as it would show up the pattern without other distractions, & as you say, change the frill on the pillow shams, maybe the same as the bed skirt.
    We call a bed skirt a valance, but I think I’ll change & call it a bed skirt.
    Good luck with your choice.

  38. The duvet is gorgeous, Susan. What an amazing find. xo Laura

  39. What a steal! It looks perfect with your current bedskirt. Just because there is blue in the duvet cover, doesnt mean there has to be blue in the bedskirt. In fact, if EVERY color was repeated from one fabric to another it would look boring, and too matchy matchy. It’s great……leave it be!

  40. Wow….you lucked out!!! Love the duvet and it goes very well with the bed skirt. The scenes look like they are from the French Quimper ware. I like the idea of white eyelet for the ruffle on the shams, maybe you could find a bed skirt in white eyelet!!! I know Country Curtains carries them.

  41. I love mixing prints and patterns, it is a challenge at times. I also think your newly acquired duvet, at such a great price I might add, works perfectly with your plaid dust skirt. I have used that same fabric of your dust skirt else where in my house and absolutely adore the plaid. It goes with so very much. If you are like me I use the same colors to some degree throughout my home and can now move furniture with different fabrics to most any room in my home with ease. I had an interior decorator tell me once that that’s what the goal of most interior decorators would be and I did that without even thinking to long about it if you know what I mean. The bottom line, your new duvet, your bed skirt, and even the shams look terrific together, I like mixing numerous different fabrics, it gives it a feel of comfortableness. You can always pull in some of the blue in different ways. I have the same exact dilemma right now but I intend to use some antique blue and white plates in my bedroom on the wall above the bed and some subtle pillows in blue and white on my bed. I also added some soft blue Ralph Lauren bed sheets to my bed. There are so any options without tearing apart those beautiful shams. Keep them as is, they look great with everything else and my thoughts are, the more prints that work just makes for a more relaxing and comfortable space.

  42. The new duvet is gorgeous! I love it with the bed Skirt! It doesn’t matter that there is no blue in the skirt…you could always toss a throw pillow on the bed that incorporates a little more blue if you wanted to. Love that shop…great finds! The book looks very intriguing.

  43. Oh Susan,
    I can see why you couldn’t leave behind that duvet: it’s adorable!
    And the price is too great to not buy it!
    Susan, I would use that duvet and those Euro shams as they are! You don’t need to replace that check ruffle (too much work and $$$!)! Plus, it works perfectly with the rural scenes you can see in the duvet. You could put something “red” on your bedside tables to match the red in the ruflles and… voilΓ‘! No one would notice that there is no blue and no (vivid) red in your bedskirt! And, if so, if it doesn’t bother YOU, who cares?! πŸ™‚
    I tell you Susan, if you decide to replace that ruffle… the alteration (seamstress) will cost you more that the duvet did! I speak from experience and I’m still kicking myself! πŸ™
    ~Hugs to you~

  44. Elaine in Laguna says

    Hi Susan, I just binged-read your last several posts. All are awesome! I must congratulate you on the superb duvet find! It’s stunning and charming. My humble two cents would be to keep the shams as is. Wouldn’t it be fun to pick up the red for the month of February?! And then switch the color theme up again differently for spring/summer?! I also wouldn’t have been able to pass up that Santa sack! So cute! What a great local store to browse through! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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