The Mysterious Ways Of Duvets

Welcome to the 304th Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? Hope it was a great one!

Mine was busy. Unfortunately, there was a lot of “spinning my wheels” kind of stuff going on but in the end it was worth it because I learned some things I know will stick with me. You may remember I’ve been working on a little bedding makeover for the master bedroom.

Tartan Bedding, Ralph Lauren Style_wm


A few days after I shared my winter bedding makeover, ironically I came across a beautiful French duvet while out antiquing/thrifting that I knew would be perfect for summer. Even though I won’t be using the duvet until next spring, I was eager to see how it would look filled out with a down comforter/insert. That’s where my wheel-spinning first started, with some very faulty logic.

Since the French duvet will be used during the summer, I decided the down insert I’m using in my winter bedding would be way too warm for that time of year. The down comforter that’s inside my winter duvet pictured above is labeled as “heavy weight” with a loft or “fill power” of 550-600. That’s really warm!

So this weekend I purchased a duvet insert that was much lighter and considered appropriate for “year around” use. There was just one problem.

Collection Duchatel Duvet Cover by Maison du Linge


Here’s how it looked inside the French duvet on my bed. Is that not the saddest looking thing? It doesn’t even look like I have a comforter inside the duvet at all. Ummm. So I headed back to the store, returned the comforter and purchased a second one that had more “loft” a word I learned after doing a little reading online about duvets. I didn’t even bother to take a picture to share the second comforter because it didn’t look much better.

Then it hit me, I never sleep under a comforter or duvet during the summer anyway. It’s usually too warm for that. Normally I remove the comforter I’ve been using or just leave it across the foot of the bed. The matelasse that I always have on the bed is usually all I need for summer. So it didn’t really matter what was inside the summer duvet. Since it didn’t matter, I might as well save the $ and use the one I had. Plus, it would fill the duvet out much better.

Duvet Without Enough Loft


So I returned the second down insert and stuffed the down comforter I already had inside. Fortunately, the one I have is King size which is what the duvet needs. It’s 106 inches wide by 92 inches long. The duvet insert I already have is 104 inches wide by 92 inches long, so pretty much a perfect fit.

Looks so much better! It filled out the duvet the way I had envisioned. When I change over to this bedding for summer, I’ll just leave it across the foot of the bed.

Duvet With 550-600 Loft or Fill


So that was my first “light-bulb-moment” this weekend

Maison du Linge French Bedding


Are you a duvet-savvy person, well-versed in the ways of duvets? I definitely am not but I think I may have figured something major out this weekend about how they work. But before I get to that, there are a couple of things I thought I’d share in case you’ve never had a duvet and are considering buying one.

Tartan Bedding, Ralph Lauren Style_wm


Some duvet inserts or duvet comforters (they go by both names…confusing, I know) come with these little tabs on each corner.

Tabs On Duvet Comforter Insert_wm


One of the duvet inserts I tried this weekend had those little tabs. They really come in handy when a duvet has ties sewn in at the corners like the tartan duvet does. You just tie those little straps around the tabs on the duvet insert and it keeps the comforter where it should be inside the cover.

Straps For Holding Duvet Comforter In Place Inside Duvet_wm


Since the French duvet I just purchased didn’t have ties, I added them to two corners. To do that, I cut a strip of scrap fabric I had into one long piece and then sewed the center of it to the inside seam of two of the corners of the duvet cover. Even though my current duvet insert doesn’t have the tabs, I can just tie the little straps around the corner of the insert and it will hold fine. I’ll probably take the time to sew some tabs on the duvet insert one day, but tying it around the corner is working great.

Sew In Straps To Hold Duvet Comforter Insert_wm


If your duvet doesn’t have ties and you don’t want to add them to the corners, you can purchase comforter clips, instead. I found these at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can also find them online, too. Just Google for “Comforter Clips.”Comforter ClipsI used comforter clips to attach the other end of the duvet to the duvet cover seams.

Duvet Comforter Clips Hold Duvet



Now, this is the part I’m most excited to share in today’s post. After reading this, I bet a lot of you are going to say, “You didn’t already know that?” lol

One of the things that has caused me great angst with this whole duvet thingamabob deal is how duvet covers have big honking gaps at the open end where you insert the comforter. My tartan duvet closes at one end with buttons but there are still plenty of gaps. It drives me bonkers how visible the duvet insert is inside the duvet cover.

Same goes for the new French duvet. Just look at that gap between two of the ties!!! Why don’t they use more ties or more buttons to close these things up?

How To Prevent Comforter From Showing Inside Duvet


It bugs me so much that one of the things I did this weekend was stop by a fabric store to see if they had buttons to match the buttons on my tartan duvet shown below. I didn’t find any but my plan was to have additional button holes added across the closure end so I could better button it up. I still may do that but I’m not near as worried about that now because I think I’ve figured something out. What am I talking about?

See that flap of fabric that’s on the inside of the open end of the tartan duvet cover?

How To Prevent Duvet Comforter From Showing Inside Duvet_wm


I noticed this weekend that the French duvet cover has one, too. Ummm, I see a trend here! I didn’t think that much about it when I saw it on the tartan duvet. I figured it was just a way to finish it off…the way shirts sometimes have a flap of fabric like that at the neck in back. But when I saw the French duvet cover had one, too, a little idea popped into my head! Maybe that flap is there for a reason!

How To Use Duvet Insert Inside A Duvet_wm


I tucked the end of the duvet comforter/insert up under it and using the two comforter clips I already had at that end, I reattached them a little lower on the inside seam just below the flap inside the cover.

Duvet Insert Inside Duvet


Now when the duvet gapes open and you see into the end of the duvet cover, this is what you see. No more naked duvet insert showing! So much better!

Am I the only person out there who never noticed that flap before on duvets? Or, am I misappropriating that flap and using it in a way that’s not intended? The duvet covers and inserts I’ve purchased have never come with instructions showing how to properly insert the duvet comforter so I have no idea if this is correct, but it seems to work! I still wish duvets came with more ties or buttons across the open end but if this works, I feel much better about how it looks.

Hiding the Duvet Insert Inside a Duvet Cover


So, all you duvet ninjas out there, is that what the little flap of fabric is designed to do–to hide the comforter/insert inside the duvet? I hope so because it seems to work great on both duvets!

Looking forward to the other Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

Met Monday


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  1. Susan, I am glad you pointed out the duvet flap! Thank you for the party, and hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! β™₯

  2. Susan, thanks for hosting. Love the new spring duvet, and yes, that’s what the flap is for. I try to add several buttons across the end of the duvet when I make them. I’m not a big fan of the gaps either. You gotta love the light bulb moments!

  3. I have always shied away from duvets, just because of the shifting problems and because I can never seem to get them inside the covers without looking lumpy and deflated in some places~I am glad to know there are clips, ties and tricks to use! Your plaid bedroom is so holiday festive! And your new cover will be wonderful for the warmer months~

    • Thanks, Jenna! The other thing that seems to help a lot it to buy the kind of duvet insert that has the box stitching. It helps keep the down where it should be.

  4. lol Susan,
    that’s too funny!
    As an Italian who lives in Germany I know how something like bedding can be a “cultural thing”. πŸ™‚
    Those duvets with a “flap” are called “Envelope style” duvet covers and are very popular in hotels. Honestly, they are my favorite ones for my home, too, because I hate to iron those with buttons or even a zipper!
    I love how your French duvet looks on your bed! And, do you see how lovely that red check ruffle looks, too? I wouldn’t change anything. πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

    • The check isn’t that noticeable since it’s so small. lol I’m glad to know what that style is called…thanks for sharing that Cecilia! I can’t believe I never realized what that flap was for until now!

  5. Thank you for the party! I hope you have a wonder-filled Thanksgiving! Blessings, Pam

  6. What gorgeous bedding Susan !!!
    One of my pet peeves is filling the duvet cover with a duvet – (and I even have the clips ) so now I just lay the cover on top of the duvet – you’d never know the difference lol – lazy lazy lazy !
    Thanks so much for the party – have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    • lol I don’t blame you, it’s not a fun task! I was dreading it last night when I took it out of the summer duvet and put it back into the winter one. I’ve done it several times now so it’s getting faster. Suzan, there are a couple of YouTube videos online showing tricks for inserting them in an easier way. I didn’t have much luck following the method they show in the videos, I think it’s because my comforter is so big. But it might work for you. They sure make it look easy!

  7. Susan, your new duvet is beautiful, and the plaid for winter is beautiful. All of your trouble was worth the effort. Thanks for all of the tips and thanks for the linky. laurie

  8. Hello Susan, Love your new duvet cover! It will be so cheerful in the summer – I once used safety pins to keep the down insert in place – great post – these are some of the things we do have to figure out – so wonderful to share tips and ideas! I do appreciate you hosting and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. I love the bedroom makeover and the new duvet cover. Thanks for hosting, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!
    Your duvet is so beautiful! I love plaid this time of year :0)
    Wishing you and your family a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving,

  11. Oh, lawd! I come over to link up to the party and remembered that I had forgotten to send you something! It will be on its way today! That French duvet that you found is gorgeous and both your summer and winter beds are going to be dreamy!

  12. Andrea Campbell says

    I NEED to do this, too! The down inserts are forever migrating to one side or the other. Now — just to find the time…… πŸ™‚

  13. I think duvets are the best invention ever made! Yes, that’s an envelope style and you’re using it as intended.

    Thank you for hosting Susan, and have a great Thanksgiving! Hope you get to spend it with your sweet Grandson!


    • Yay! Glad to hear that is what it’s for. It works beautifully for that especially with the little clips inside holding the insert in place. Thanks, Doreen!

  14. That duvet is such a great find and it looks fantastic with your dust ruffle. Thanks for hosting another inspiring party! I accidently hit ‘enter’ before finishing my email address. It’s here on this email. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Dang duvets! I bought my first duvet and liner last winter. My duvet had buttons but the insert had nothing so I used cross stich yard and made loops to secure the insert to the cover then I would button the duvet closed as intended. That system worked fairly well, however, because we don’t sleep with the duvet on the bed, pulling it up each morning did cause the insert to “settle” at the bottom. This winter I am using the duvet as a bed spread and I like how that looks but I may use the insert again and just keep the duvet folded at the end of the bed as you mentioned doing. Thanks for the information on the ties and holders. Your bed always looks beautiful. My hubby often makes the bed and I don’t want to make that task to laborious for him so I will need to think this out. Priorities!

    • Vikki, did the duvet settle down to the bottom of the cover…or the stuffing/down inside the duvet? It it was the duvet itself, you could use those comforter slips and just clip it neat the top along the seam. If it was the stuffing, you may want to change to one of the duvets that has the “box” construction. I haven’t had any problems with the down shifting in mine since it has the box construction. These inserts really should come with some kind of directions because they can be frustrating to figure out!

  16. I think your light bulb moments become our light bulb moments ~ I quit using duvets for all those reasons but now I have tips in case I just have to have one again!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. I love your new duvet, Susan…so frenchy! Have a great Thanksgiving! Will you be seeing your little grandie?…hugs…Debbie

  18. This is a funny post, Susan. Without knowing what it’s about, just look at the 3rd photo down – the one you call the saddest looking thing. Apart from your commentary (it’s really not that bad), it’s got quite the mix of pattern play, lol. I guess I didn’t realize that about the pocket envelope, nor the ties, but a few years ago, we quit using our duvet cover as the pocket for the big, fluffy comforter. We bought a lightweight, dual control electric blanket, and now use the duvet cover like a flat bedspread over it. The weight at the foot of the bed, and the heat of our comforter got to be overwhelming for both of us. Now I have at least two comforters taking up space (even though in space bags), thinking I would use again. Might need to purge those this winter – I’m sure someone could use them.
    Btw, I kinda like that plaid bedskirt with your new duvet cover, which is a very nice pattern (and maker I had not heard of either).
    Have a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for the party. I love it.

  19. I need those clips! Love your new spring duvet!

  20. I loved your plaid bedding so much, I ordered one for myself- Williams-Sonoma shows ‘no longer available’- I was able to sneak my order in. Question- I know you have a queen bed so did you purchase a queen duvet? Mine is a king so I am wondering if I need a bigger duvet insert to fill it. You mentioned your insert is a king- is that right? I want it to be full like yours- beautiful! Thanks Susan!

    • Maryjo, I already had a king size duvet insert from years ago…long story. So that’s what I stuffed in there. lol If you buy a high-fill or high-loft duvet insert in queen size, you’ll probably get that same poofy look. I read online that high-loft is anything around the 550-700 range. If you go with real down and not a poly fill or poly/feather blend, it can be a bit pricey, but probably worth it. Also, the higher the loft, the higher the cost. I found this great article online where they ranked duvets and the one that won out was one that ran around $250-300 at LL Bean. Here’s the article in case it’s helpful. I think if I were you, I’d first try a high-fill/high-loft queen size and if you don’t like how poofy that looks, return it and stuff a king size in there. I bet the queen size will work fine, though.

  21. None of my duvet covers has a flap. What a brilliant idea. xx

  22. No way my husband would go for a duvet at the foot of the bed in warm weather, since his feet would be under it. So we use a summer weight blanket in the duvet cover, but use it as a coverlet over a top sheet, much like your matelasse.

  23. Susan – ahhhhhh, you’ve discovered the secret I’ve been proud to own for 25 years! One further hint tho……..although we all love those down comforters, they can be very messy, especially if you don’t have a regular protector over them (like the ones you put on your pillows). You will find that no matter how much you pay for a comforter, those small feathers have a way of escaping, making a total mess once you take off the duvet cover to launder it. I have changed to the high loft prima fill types (easily as expensive but worth it). So congrats to you. A queen/king sized stuffed into and anchored into a full sized duvet cover looks wonderful and is especially fun when the children (or grandchildren) hop up onto the bed and try to knock out all the air spaces. Now if I could only figure out a way to keep those pesky little feathers from escaping out of my down couch!!!!!

    • lol Linda…where have you been…I needed you! These things should come with instructions! πŸ™‚
      So far I haven’t had any issues with the feathers. In my reading this weekend, I came across something that explained about the difference in down inserts, poly blend inserts, etc… I hadn’t realized this before but apparently if the comforter is all white down, the feathers don’t come through as much, as opposed to a comforter that’s a mix of feathers and down. I didn’t know there was a difference but down feathers are apparently very different from regular feathers. Down is the soft underlayer of fine feathers that’s underneath the other feathers. The cardboard insert that came with the duvet I have says this one is “white goose down” so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed any feathers coming through. I remember it cost a fortune when I bought it 11 years ago! Thanks for telling me that because if I start seeing feathers, I will definitely look for a cover! Sounds like a good idea to have anyway…just to help the insert stay nice and clean.
      I look forward to the day my grandson does that. lol That would be hilarious! He just started crawling and will be walking before I know it.

      • Well Susan, to be totally honest – my best friend used to come over, peek into the bedroom to see if my bed was all plumped and perfect, and would take a running leap onto the center of my bed and just laugh and snort! I lost her seven years ago but to this day I still cherish those moments and would give anything to have her back to mess up my bed…….

        • Linda, she sounds like a wonderful person, someone who lives on forever in the hearts of those who knew her. What a bittersweet story…we could all learn a lot about living from your friend, couldn’t we?

  24. You do realize of course that the reason the French duvet cover was there was because someone like me couldn’t figure the dang thing out. I like many others, I suppose, have had no luck keeping the duvet unbunched and all open. Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Misappropriating the flap, lol. You crack me up. Sometimes when I stop by and there’s not a new post I’ll wonder, What is Susan up to today? I hope he’s relaxing. But really I know you’re probably working on something that will wind up in the blog. And I was right, you were out buying different lofts of duvets and trying to match buttons. Lol. πŸ˜€ Anyway, I’ve not had a duvet so I can’t attest to the purpose of the flap, but it makes sense to me and if it works, I say, good for you for figuring that out. I know you enough to know it will drive you crazy if it’s not ‘just right.’

    About all I know regarding duvets is that the ‘duvet’ is the innard and the duvet ‘cover’ is the outter. I also know that the Brits talk a lot about toggage. How many togs their duvet has or how much toggage they’re rocking. Lol. That must be the ‘loft’ you mentioned.

    Anyway, it looks great and I’m so glad you found fixes for your dilemmas. πŸ™‚

    • Pam, what a funny word: toggage. I have to google that now. lol Yeah, I was making a career out of duvet stuffing and unstuffing this weekend! And the answer was under my nose…the one I already had! I think sometimes I just like to make things difficult. πŸ˜‰

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        My mother used to say, “If there’s a hard way to do anything, Pam will find it.” Susan, we are the same age and I can relate to you on so many things, but — your energy! I don’t know where you get it. I was like that when I was younger — had to have everything perfect, would wear myself out making a career out of stuffing and unstuffing duvets, lol. But I just don’t have that energy any more. Hmm … maybe that has something to do with that other thing we discussed. Anyway, I sure wish I could get it back because I can tell you truthfully, at any given moment there are at LEAST 27 different things I want to be doing. I think I wear myself out, just trying to choose!

    • Pam, just found this: Tog: a measure of thermal resistance of a unit area, also known as thermal insulance. Interesting!

  26. I am a quilter. I do have a down comfort in a basic cover on our bed in the winter but a quilt always covers it. I generally make my own duvet covers out of sale sheets and just always knew what the flap was all about. They are kind of like flaps on pillow covers. When I had dust ruffles I made those too. You get just exactly what you want when you make your own. No way could the comforter stay on our bed here in the So Cal high desert come summer time!

  27. Yes, that’s what the flap is for. I add snaps or velcro tabs if I think it is still opening too much. I take the duvet off every night as my dh is tall and he can’t stand the weight on his feet! Love the tartan.

  28. Thanks for hosting! I haven’t had anything to post for awhile! Glad to be back. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  29. And another little tidbit, if the print on the duvet is not directional I put the button end of the duvet at the foot of the bed! It works really well for not seeing those open spaces.

    • That’s a great idea, Kim! I was doing that at first for the tartan duvet because it was bothering me so badly. When I found the French duvet I couldn’t do that since the pattern was directional. Now that I’ve finally figured out what that flap is for (lol) it doesn’t bother me so much. That is a great tip, though!

  30. Were your arms weary from all that “stuffing and un-stuffing?!” It all looks just spectacular!! Again, WHAT A FIND on the summer duvet!! frankif

  31. I didn’t know that either! I love the duvet with the bedskirt! Great styling!

  32. I love BOTH of your new duvet covers, Susan! What a great bargain you got on the French one from Classy Flea! You’ll enjoy your bedroom more than ever now; I love to get new bed linens. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for hosting Met Monday and have a great day!



  33. Susan,
    This is w a y too complicated for me, dear friend!
    I’ll stick with my comforter topped bed covering!
    Thanks for hosting Metamorphosis Monday each week!
    L O V E the Tartan Plaid bedding!!!

  34. Thanks for the party!!


  35. I have to down comforters, one for winter and one, lighter, for summer. Two duvet covers. I made the summer one, and it has no flap. To avoid bunching up, what I do is I take needle and matching thread and give the corners a few stitches, and that works. It doesn’t even show. Also, I put the button end at the foot of the bed, and I always wondered if it was “proper”. But really, who cares? Whatever works, I say.

  36. Susan it’s just Beautiful..winter would seem like it takes forever to..get I could use that one for blue doesn’t even matter..the tartan is nice too for winter..but I’m a sucker for gardening an the French Duvet is hard to beat..look forward to seeing your room all decked this spring..I agree the fluffier filler looks much better…

    Happy Thanksgiving..hope you get to be with your Grand over the holidays….

  37. Lordy! Lordy! What ever am I going to do with you???? I can’t believe that you, who knows more about bedding, furniture, decorating, drapes, gardening, etc., than most anyone I know, didn’t know about the duvet flap (envelope flap). But it is good to see that there is still room to learn! I am glad the light bulb went on! I don’t have too many light bulb on moments any more and appreciate when they happen. Usually, I just give up and go in a different direction!!! lol I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the French duvet looks on your bed. And the dust ruffle goes with it so well. Great buy on the duvet!!!

  38. Susan, my European pillowcases have that flap, to keep the pillow covered. Same principle.
    In England, the weight of the comforters go by *Togs*. I am always way too hot when we visit there, as I only sleep with light covers and fold my heavy quilted bedspread, over the bottom frame of the bed, at night. We had a 3 Tog over there. I was suffocating!! πŸ™‚
    I like to have a sheet on top of me, but no one seems to do that in Europe, just the comforter cover.
    I noticed the red ruffle you were going to remove from your shams, actually ties in with the dust ruffle for colour.
    Martha Steward had a good way to put a cover on a duvet, she began with the cover inside out and held the corners of both items and shook it in. Maybe I can find the video for you.

    • I think this one must be a 3 tog because it will flat run you out of the bed! πŸ™‚ I found a couple of videos on You Tube but when I tried the tricks they showed for putting them inside, it wouldn’t work on my duvet…I think it’s just too fat. I saw the MS video somewhere, too and I kind of do a modified version of that. The problem is this duvet weighs a ton since it’s so fat and stuffed, it’s hard to shake…well that and the bed being so tall. lol I can still shake it pretty good, though.

  39. Of course, I meant Martha Stewart……here is the link:

    • Megan, that’s a different video than the other one I had seen. I like her ribbon idea. It’s very similar to the ties…and it’s a smart way to keep up with the top from the bottom. I counted the boxes/baffles on my duvet because it’s one box wider than it is tall. I had to reverse it when I stuck it in my Queen duvet though since the Queen duvet is slightly taller than wider and I’m stuffing a king duvet in it. lol So confusing. Good thing I’ll only switch them twice a year. πŸ™‚

    • Did you notice her Duvet cover doesn’t have the flap? I guess they don’t all have that. I much prefer it with the flap.

      • Yikes, I am glad I don’t have to shake that monster!! πŸ™‚ My in-laws thought I was crazy only wanting a light cover. Of course, they keep their house very cool!! πŸ™‚

  40. I love your Winter bedroom look. It is lovely. It looks so cozy and comfortable, like time to settle in…”for a long winter’s nap”! I love the look of duvets, I even have stuffed two in one cover for a really fluffy look. We don’t ever sleep under the duvets either, we also sleep under matelasse coverlets year round! I have duvet covers with and without the flap, but the ones I have all have either a generous amount of buttons, or even a zipper!

  41. Yes, you ARE the only person who didn’t already know about duvet flaps (kinda the same process for decorative pillow covers). Seriously, we’ve all had projects that became a yak shaving trek in getting the details right. But all your efforts were worth it for for summer and winter. Thanks for sharing your duvet adventures over the past few weeks. I’ve enjoyed it all. And the results -perfection.

  42. Love your new duvet cover, but then love the tartan too. I have a mid weight down duvet. It worked well for us in Idaho and seems to work on the coolest nights here too. I pack it away for summerand keep it folded up at the end of the bed in winter now. It’s the perpetual “I’m always cold and He’s always hot” battle at our house πŸ˜‰ Wishing you and your family a warm and a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  43. Susan I am in love with your plaid duvet! Thanx for the party and may you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  44. The flap is definitely there for the purpose you have discovered. I myself, prefer to sew “snap tape” across the opening and snap it closed to keep everything in. You can purchase the snap tape either by the yard or in packages at places like JoAnns. You may also find that you might want to sew more ties onto the sides to help keep the comforter in place inside your duvet.


    • I didn’t know about snap tape…very cool! I love the idea of adding a few more ties. Would really keep things looking like they should without much effort. Thanks for the suggestions, Colleen!

  45. Susan, thanks for sharing all the insight. I’ve used Velcro to keep gaps closed.

    Love the look of your new duvet.

  46. One of the first things i learnt as a young bride over 30 yrs ago was how to put a doona cover on…..inside out, put your hands inside the cover all the way down to the corners, grab the doona corners and shake the cover down over the doona…..great if you are tall, I had to stand on the bed and do it so I would get the drop. I fight a losing battle with a feather doona in the holiday let I housekeep…..i get it looking perfect after many trys and when i go back to check everything, all the feather have migrated to the centre of the doona and look like a body…I am sure the feathers have memories and are trying regroup as a bird. I usually sneak up on it before it has chance to do this and weight it down with the artistically folded towels. It even got so bad that I told the owner its me or the doona, one of us is going.
    Oh, yes…. Before i forget, ‘doona’ is the australian for duvet

    • Jan, that made me laugh…about the feathers having a memory and migrating back together. πŸ™‚ The owner needed to buy a doona with the box/baffle construction. That would have made your life a lot easier! πŸ™‚

      • I think the thing is a family heirloom……she wants to get rid of it, he says its fine. When they use the cottage as a weekender she is always chilly, he says he was lovely and warm…..the feather all ended up on his side and she ended up with nothing. When we have guests in I always use the other doona. I have actually slipped a disc over this doona, i was batting down the feathers and just leaning slightly over the bed and ping, there went my back….i was stuck for an hour before i got rescued. Thats when i told her its me or the doona.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Haha, regroup as a body. πŸ˜€ That’s funny.

  47. I asked one of the salespeople at Pottery Barn how their duvet covers always look so nice, full & fluffy. She told me that they put two inserts in their display duvet covers! I just couldn’t figure out why theirs always looked great and mine looked frumpy. Now I know!

    • Carol, so funny you mention that because that’s one of the things mentioned in the funny video clip that Pam linked to on her comment in this post. If you get a chance, scroll through the comments on this post and you’ll see the video…you can’t miss it. Watch it if you have time. It’s very funny. The men on that show get to talking about duvets and two of them share that in the wintertime, they stuff their duvet covers with 2 duvets and then come summer, they take one out. I never would have thought to do that. So interesting that PB does that, too. Now we know the secret! lol I’m glad you asked that…I love knowing how they make them look so fluffy and inviting!

  48. Thank you for sharing that Susan! I just learned something new! Thanks so much for hosting too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  49. I had my comforter three years before I noticed the ties! And I just checked and I have the flap too! Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one not born with that knowledge. So, maybe u could provide some 101 basics on a few other topics in the future – buying pillows, sheets and blankets. And mattresses! I like bargains but appreciate value/quality more. Like is down worth the price in a pillow, or is it better to buy new ones more frequently? Stuff like that.

  50. Barb Hudson says

    Susan, I am always chilly and Mr. Cute Guy is always hot. He is linen all year round while I am jersey in the summer and flannel fall, winter and spring. This summer we took a 15 day holiday from Victoria BC where we live all the way to Arizona and back again. We stayed in high end hotels and of course, Cute Guy was running the air conditioning day and night. I was fine though because all of the hotels had lovely summer weight duvets on the beds and since he didn’t want it anywhere near him, I folded it and used it as double. I send the duvets to a local laundry 3 times a year and they send them back to me spotlessly clean and fresh. I think I knew about the tabs or tapes but I took all my covers to my local tailor and she put Velcro on the openings. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from me on the west coast of Canada

  51. Your new duvet is lovely! and thanks for hosting the party each week.

  52. I have one word for you regarding gaps… “Velcro” (a nice LONG strip) OK that was more than one word.

  53. Your duvet look beautiful! I have been living with duvet my whole life. They are wonderful and also a pain. You have to buy a great quality down not to have any feathers poking out. I have sewed ties on, safety pinned corners, used Velcro, and the duvet clips too. They all work to a certain point. In Germany one takes the duvet off ,shakes it out and airs on a window ledge until the bed is made. This is more of a pain to do with King size. I have down duvets on all my beds (Kings) . I just wash them in my front load washer and only dry a little and let them dry in the sun. Luckily my duvets have really good material and are boxed. I buy over sized for the King size beds. If I had Queen I would buy King too. They are never long enough on the sides and all my beds are high. Your bed looks lovely in both duvets.

  54. Ah, the dreaded duvet. When we moved to Illinois from Florida it was time to use the old duvet again. I have to say that I’ve gotten pretty quick putting it together (and I have a king too). I just hate fluffing and adjusting it every morning. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing about the clips, I’ve never heard of them before. I appreciate you hosting MM every week and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  55. Oh, I’m with you with the tartan look dear Susan! You have given me great inspiration; since early next year we’re redoing our master bathroom and bedroom and I was thinking of having two recliners we have reupholstered in tartan and at the same time having a duvet made, cause I doubt I will find one ready made here.
    Thanks for the clip tips and the great party.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

  56. All of your bedding, both summer and winter, is going to be lovely! And I read your entire post, even though I don’t have a duvet…and quite frankly, I’m glad! It just seems like too much work! So, I’ll just keep buying comforters…every ten years or so….and save myself what seems like a great deal of frustration! Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ˜‰

  57. Susan,

    I really owe you such a big thank you!! You have taught me so many things I never knew or had time to learn or even think about before. And you inspire me to try things that I previously would dismiss as “too hard” or “too much trouble”. So thank you so much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  58. Kathie Moore says

    Love the look. Where do you find the longer length bed skirt.

  59. I’m glad I found this about duvets. I have a my first one and didn’t know what to do with it. It doesn’t have ties or anything to hold the insert inside. This is very helpful!

  60. Just got my first duvet. Thanks for the tips. Blessings

  61. Hi Susan, I love how your plaid set looks with the pure white quilt. What a great pop! I would have never thought of doing that. Creative girl you are. BTW: I always put the opened end at the foot end of the bed so I don’t have to look at it. Also I use big safety pins to pin the whole thing together between each button. I pin the insert to the cover so it does not slip around.

    • Thanks, Ahrisha! That’s a good idea about putting the open end at the bottom. It’s behaving itself a lot better now that I figured out what that flap of fabric was all about. Hope you are having a fabulous New Year! It’s official now…it’s 2015, well at least it is here in Georgia! πŸ™‚

  62. Sorry this is soooooo late but my big question is Where did you get your bed? I LOVE a high bed and cannot find one to save my life. I have 3 sets of risers under my frame now…just waiting until I can find an actual high bed. I love the feel of being so high up and the bedding all looks so much better on the high beds. I want one and am sad that they are so hard to find.

    • I purchased mine about 20 years ago from a store in Alpharetta, Georgia that’s been out of business now for many years. I can’t remember the brand, but it may have been Hickory White. It has two settings, one is a bit lower, but like you, I love a high bed. I just like how they look and love sleeping up high. Peggy, you may want to Google for that or maybe call some of the furniture stores in Highpoint, NC and ask them who makes a high bed. The one draw back to high beds is standard bedskirts never fit, I always have to have them customer made. But it’s worth it to me. Hope you can find one! If I come across any online, I’ll leave another comment letting you know.

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