French Cottage Becomes a Greek Taverna

Welcome to the 520th Tablescape Thursday!

We’re off to France for this week’s Tablescape Thursday to visit my friend, Norma. Norma resides in an adorable cottage in the French countryside alongside the Argenton River. Recently, she had friends staying with her for a few days, and one evening she prepared a scrumptious Greek feast.

Norma wrote:

Hi Susan
I thought that you might like to see these photos of my ” Greek Night “
We had friends from the Vendée staying with us and I decided to feed them Greek food one evening.
It just snowballed from there until I decided to turn the entrance to our cottage into a Greek Taverna !
Don’t forget all this began from my discovery of Between Naps On The Porch !!!

Notice the banner and the chalkboard welcoming friends to the “taverna.” So creative! Norma really made her entry look like the entry into an exclusive restaurant. Better make those reservations far in advance to get a seat in this exclusive restaurant! 😉

Cottage Home in France


I love this sooo much! Norma went with a delightful blue and white color scheme that truly brings to mind the lovely blue and white architecture of the Greek Isles. Her friends were delighted when they saw this beautiful table!

Blue and White Table for a Greek-Themed Dinner Party


I asked Norma about the fabulous, blue shutter panels outside the front door of her cottage home. Norma said, “We have the same shutters that cover the front door on the side windows, but not down to the ground of course. We lock the shutters at night and we have high double gates, although there is hardly any crime around here. Our garden has the river Argenton flowing along the side.”

Sounds so lovely, so perfect! I can’t wait to see the French countryside in person one day!

Thanks so much to Norma for sharing the beautiful table she created for her “Greek Night” feast. How much fun this night must have been!

Cottage Home in France


Limited Edition for a 100th Anniversary Celebration

Did you know Kitchenaid is celebrating their 100th anniversary? In honor of this big birthday, they have created an anniversary edition of their iconic stand mixer in the prettiest soft-blue color. To give it a vintage vibe, they’ve also created a special ceramic bowl for it in a wonderful hobnail design.

I would so love one of these! I don’t bake enough to justify replacing my current red Kitchenaid mixer, but I do love the look of this one so much. It would be perfect in the kitchen of that cottage home I dream of buying one day!

If you’re in need of a mixer, this limited edition mixer is currently on sale here: Limited Edition Mixer.

Kitchenaid Anniversary Limited Edition Mixer with Hobnail Bowl

When I was shopping in Williams Sonoma recently, I was drooling over all their fall dishware. Love this vibrant color/pattern!


Have you ever purchased one of their candles? I LOVED this one! It smelled heavenly. The sales associate said it was their most popular candle. It’s available only at WS and you’ll find it here: Fireside Vanilla Candle.


They’ve done something very different and very dramatic for fall this year.


The rich fall colors are so pretty in this new dishware design with a black background.


Here’s a view of the dinner plate. The contrast of the fall colors against the black is just stunning! It’s just as beautiful in person, too!Autumn Dishware

These are the salad plates that go with this pattern. They each look like a beautiful still-life painting, don’t they? They are currently on sale here: Salad Plates.

You’ll find this dinnerware pattern available here: Harvest Pumpkin. It’s currently on sale!


I saw a table set with the beautiful white chargers I just ordered recently.


Love these! My six have arrived so I’ll be setting a table with them before too long. These beautiful, embossed white charger plates are available here: White Embossed Chargers.

Just playing around, here’s how they look with an Italian-themed dinnerware pattern. The dinner plates for this pattern are especially large, so with most dishware patterns, you would see even more of the charger. I can’t wait to use these sometime soon.

Embossed Charger Plates


I did a wee bit of fall shopping yesterday and here’s one of the items I picked up: Pumpkin Charger Plates. They only had two left in the store, so they ordered 4 more for me online. They are apparently selling out quickly!  I couldn’t resist them since I think I have the perfect Halloween plates to pair with them.

Looking forward to sharing some of the other goodies I picked up during that little autumn shopping haul.

Pumpkin Charger Plates for Autumn & Halloween Table Settings


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for today’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. What a pretty blue Greek theme dinner table, I love it! The vibrant blues and whites are so lovely and fresh.

    Hubby and I have been in Poland since the 8th. There is a lot of lovely Polish pottery here that looks like the blue with yellow diamonds plates for today’s Tablescape Thursday.

    I’m so tempted to buy and have the dishes shipped home! The problem is my cupboards, closets and offsite storage are already bursting at the seams. At least I can enjoy the dishes vicariously through BNOTP. Have a wonderful day and thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday!

  2. Love the Greek table, Susan. Those shutters are to die for! What a gorgeous shade of blue.
    The combination of the black and white background pumpkin plates at Williams Sonoma is really intriguing. I’d seen them online, but not displayed “in person”. Thanks for doing the legwork!

  3. I loved this, what a sweet surprise. I love your doors they are beautiful and practical.

    Susan, you do a wonderful job of inspiring me and apparently all of your readers.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    Those dramatic black /autumn dishes are beautiful. I am in the slow mode in putting out fall items, I have one wreath hung, haha. Been busy painting our new church restroom and just not feeling it yet. Probably will by next week as our temps will be lower and the nights cooler, so that should spur me on! Lol. Those pumpkin chargers sure are cute and I like the price tag! Thanks Susan. Praying you are safe from Flo. ♥️

  5. Norma, you have an absolutely gorgeous entryway and you added even more charm with the potted plants, chalkboard menu, banner etc. Your guests must have felt very special. Hope to see more from you.

  6. Norma, you are so cute! Love your entry and that you stand, towel over your arm, ready to greet your guests. Who wouldn’t feel special to be greeted that way! Love the beauty and simplicity of your table.

  7. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I saw those fall dishes with the black background last week and drooled. Fortunately for my budget they wouldn’t work with anything I own. Otherwise, I would have bought a service for 100s. They are gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for the variety of things you’ve shared today. That mixer is very retro — hope hubby doesn’t see it! The plates are beautiful and are wreaking havoc on my resolution to not buy any more dishes for awhile, lol.

  9. Norma’s entrance is so welcoming. The table setting with the bright blue cloth also making me want to sit down. Sounds like she has a fortress…just in case. Love it! I also love the pumpkin chargers. They are going to make a lovely table setting. The black background dishes are gorgeous, but I just have to look as there is no one coming for dinner!

  10. Lovely sky blue in the Greek Taberna, Susan !
    All the chinas you are featuring here are gorgeous! I am so smitten by my new china for Fall, as it is not easy to find one around here, so I always thought to myself, that when I go to Miami I could order me one.
    Anyway, I spread a table for a very ‘early Tksgiving’ for us because our two girls were visiting, Alejandro and I felt very blessed and thankful, I guess it’s never early to be thankful.
    Hope you like my Fall china.
    Thank you always for the great party.
    Happy Fall season,

  11. “Don’t forget all this began from my discovery of Between Naps On The Porch !!!”

    Oh, Norma, Susan has ruined us all! 😀 What a lovely job you did with your Greek Taverna. I know your friends loved it. They must have felt very special for the effort you put in. But wasn’t it fun? ~ Oh how I’d love to see more of your sweet cottage and the river that runs next to it. *Sigh* Thanks for sharing with Susan so she could share with us.

    Susan, I agree, those black dinner plates are beautiful!

  12. That was so sweet of Norma to share the Greek inspired dinner she set. I enjoyed her outdoor and indoor pictures. The banner really made for a lovely greeting especially with those big wooden shutters. Love the blue and white theme. Her place on the river sounds amazing. I got the same pumpkin chargers the other day. I decided not to wait in case they’d sell out. I saw them in gold too but I wanted the orange. Those new black WS dishes are beautiful. I had my eye on them but was trying to be disciplined! LOL

  13. Sandra D Joliet says

    Loved the Greek taverna….makes me think of the original “Parent Trap” movie where the girls tried to recreate the restaurant their parents fell in love or something like that. I thought it was an adorable part of the movie. I love the blue/Greek theme and those shutters!!! Love the dishes but don’t have room for anymore. Love the bee! Did you punch needle it? I’m just getting into punch needle again and I’m starting a crow on a slice of watermelon with sunflowers.

  14. Greek night can be every night with decor like this! It’s very festive!

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