Freshen Up a Sunroom With A Garden Inspired Design

It’s springtime, time to dress up those special rooms in our homes where the sun streams in on long summer days. Need a little inspiration to get you going? Oh my, you are in for a treat today because Shirley is sharing her sunroom makeover and it is wonderful! Welcome, Shirley and thanks so much for letting us tour your beautiful sunroom today!


Hello Between Naps on the Porch readers!

My name is Shirley and I blog at Housepitality Designs.

I was over the top honored when Susan asked me to guest post today.

I recently did a little makeover in my sunroom . . .

~ ~ and it is revealed for the very first time here at Between Naps on the Porch.

Beautiful Sunroom Makeover


The furniture cushions previously had a floral fabric . . .

Sunroom with Striped Fabric, Wicker Furniture


I had them slip-covered by my friend Linda . . .

~ ~ in the same fabric as my dining room valances.

Sunroom with Garden Theme


I love the lighter feel of the fabric.

Sunroom Decorating Ideas


New red chevron’esqe pillows were also made. . .

~ ~ from the same fabric as my slipcovered ottomans.

Beautiful Sunroom


As you can see, this room has great light.

Sunroom With Green Wicker


The wicker furniture is by Lane . . Trade Winds Collection.

Sunroom, Green Wicker, Spring Decorating


This space is a cozy one to sit and read and relax . .

~ ~ yet you feel still a part of what is going on in the house . .

~ ~ ~ as this room is adjacent to the kitchen.

Tea in the Sunroom


Love to create and change out vignettes in this room frequently . .

Decorate a Sunroom for Spring


This room was originally designed for a breakfast room.

However, being the room is adjacent to both the kitchen with many barstools . .

~ ~ and also adjacent to the dining room (which we use often) . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ I felt this room served better as a sitting/sunroom.

Sunroom Decorated in Garden Theme


On the other side of the seating . . is my “potting bench”…

~ ~ when I spotted this piece in the showroom, I knew this was the set . .

~ ~ ~ ~ the set I wanted for the new sunroom.

Vintage Watering Can


I love decorating the bench with a garden theme .

Old Scales in Garden Themed Sunroom


And some vintage pieces scattered here and there . . .

Tole Trays for Sunroom



Including a pie safe . .

The ottoman in the lower left of this picture has the original fabric . .

~ ~ which was on the furniture. I was told my by budding decorator, granddaughter . .

~ ~ ~ ~ that I must leave that fabric on the ottoman, because she loves it.

So it stayed!!!

Beautiful Sunroom Decorated With Spring Fabrics


The pie safe is used to store vintage garden pots and garden tools.

Shirley Poppy Seed Packets and vintage garden tools . .

~ ~ gifts from friends, Mary and Kim.

Decorate a Sunroom with a Garden Theme


I love the new look of my sunroom . . perfect for Spring and Summer . .

Beautiful Sunroom Makeover


So does that statement mean there could be a new look for Fall and Winter?

Maybe !!!

I want to thank you Susan so very much for having me here today . . .

~ ~ it is such a thrill, as I have been following you happily for many years!

Shirley, thanks so much for this wonderful tour of your beautiful sunroom! You can see more of Shirley’s beautiful home at her blog, Housepitality Designs.

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  1. Shirley and Susan, what a treat this morning to see such a beautiful room. Shirley, your garden vignettes are ingenious! This room is one of my favorites. So glad you featured it today, Susan.

  2. Love both of your blogs, Susan and Shirley! Shirley, your room looks really cozy and inviting, with perfect spring/summer touches. Susan, thanks for sharing Susan’s room today via your own porch.

  3. Everything looks beautiful, Shirley! Love the new slipcovers.
    Thanks, Susan!

  4. Thanks so much for having me over here today Susan!…I am honored to be here today!…

  5. Loving the new mix of fabrics as you know I love buffalo checks on anything.

  6. Norma Bethea says


  7. Gorgeous sun room!!! I love the new check fabric on the cushions…..I could spend all day in there!!!!!

  8. This is positively dreamy! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Linda Miller says

    I like the new changes to the sunroom, Shirley. You know I am one for a cleaner look. That is and has always been my favorite room in your home. And how cute that Graylyn is offering Grandma decorating advice at the ripe old age of 9! And to you Susan, I have followed and loved your blog for years. I think I may have even recommended it to my friend, Shirley. Continued blogging success to both of you.

  10. I adore Shirley! She is the sweetest person ever and has such a great eye for design, too. Love this room!

  11. What a treat this morning. Just love the sunroom and all the attention to detail! Love the cushions!!

  12. Love the pie safe! I have one very similar. Can you tell us about it?

  13. Shirley, I always tours of your lovely home. The sunroom is perfection. Love the garden theme.
    Susan, thanks for hosting Shirley.
    Have a blessed day, Ginger

  14. Hi Susan! Oh, I just love Shirley and her gorgeous home! Her sunroom is just so pretty. Love everything about it and thank you for featuring it today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  15. I love the room and the decor, so cheery and bright. I have a hanging scale like the one show, except my “dial” on the scale in trimmed in brass that has been cleaned and sealed, the basket is a pewter color. It’s for sale is anyone is interested, I just can’t fine a place for it in my present home. It’s antique and in great condition.

  16. I have always LOVED your sunroom and this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mix of furniture is awesome and I LOVE the new fabric! The other pieces: pie safe etc. are beautiful. LOVE the mirror reflecting everything, is that new or was it always there??? It is funny cause our breakfast room was designed as a sunroom/sitting room but I made it a breakfast room:):) Wish I had the gorgeous pieces that you have, I might change my thinking:):)
    Thanks, Susan for having Shirley. She is such a wonderful, generous person.

  17. Charlotte says

    Beautiful room, I love your curtain fabric! The yellow walls and green furniture with the red accents – just perfect! Thank you for sharing your home.

  18. PS, one of the pictures (the one under the desk with the watering cans) is not showing. It says it is not available right now

  19. Good Morning Susan and Shirley,
    Susan great choice to have Shirley over. Her home is beautiful. This is one of my fave rooms from her gorgeous home. It is bright and cheery and you just want to curl up in that room and enjoy the day. Thanks for featuring this really special blogger. She is as sweet and special as her home. Great choice.

  20. Hi Susan,

    I’m so pleased you’ve featured Shirley on your blog today! She’s a North Carolinian like me, and I really enjoyed meeting her at our Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh a few years ago. She’s a super person!! Shirley’s sunroom is beautiful; I love her new plaid sofa and chair cushions and her whole garden theme! It makes for such a cheerful room. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, Shirley and Susan, and have a wonderful day!


  21. Gorgeous sun room!!! Love your wicker and have not seen a potting bench in wicker before. I noticed the pretty pillow with the arbour and your cushion covers are lovely. Pie safe too!!
    I can just see sitting there for a cup of tea and a good book. Thank you Shirley, loved everything and I am now going to hop over to your site.
    Thank you Susan for sharing this today.

  22. What a gorgeous sunroom! I love the pops of red! The wicker is so pretty and I adore the vintage pie safe! Shirley has a great eye for accessorizing! Thanks for sharing her lovely sunroom today!

  23. Jeanette Price says

    Susan , I love Shirley’s blog and her beautiful home. She is always doing something lovely in her home. I am a very prod fan of hers and yours. Shirley has a great eye. I keep inviting myself to her day she’s going to find me sitting on her front porch!

  24. Shirley’s sunroom has always been one of my favorites and I love it even more with the recent changes she’s made. That buffalo checked fabric on the cushions is awesome and I think it just precious how her granddaughter asked her to keep something with the old fabric on it! What a happy, happy space, and I’m afraid if I sat down in it, Shirley would never get me to leave! 🙂

  25. Shirley,
    I think the curtains in there really set the tone for the room, I love them! The walls are so pretty painted that color and really go with the fabric choices.

  26. What a great person to feature today Susan…love Shirley’s blog and beautiful home!
    Shirley I love all the changes you made to your sunroom! LOVE the buffalo check slipcovers and love the fabric on your pillows…they look so pretty with your curtains!

  27. I love how Shirley used the pie safe for gardening pots and tools–genious!

  28. My mother passed away today. She had been doing very poorly for nearly a month now. It was a mercy for her to go home to the Lord. I sat down to take a break after some of the things I needed to do today, to take a breather. And what do I see? A beautiful sun room that my Mom would have absolutely loved! It is so cheerful, yet relaxing. Just gorgeous~thank you for sharing the beauty. She shared her love for decorating, making a house a home, with me and I will cherish always the times we shared a magazine, oohing and ahhing and saying “you could do that! You have something similar and all you need to do is….” Take the time, if you still have your mother around, to share with her what means something to her whatever that may be. You’ll never forget it, it will be something to hold close to your heart.

  29. Shirley, I just love how your sun room has come together. It looks so much bigger, and very inviting to have a seat and have some tea! The light is just beautiful the way it streams through the light and airy curtains. I love it.

  30. I am waiting on contractors to give me bids for a sun room off my kitchen
    I want one really bad

  31. The room is for sure gorgeous….the green wicker is genius and everything fits perfectly….Love the hints of red around the room…the buffalo checked slipcovers…It’s calming and pretty without being “cute”……but I read everyone’s comments and I noticed nobody mentioned the red chevron throw pillows…..They do not look good in this room. To harsh and bold to go with everything else… You should take another picture without them on the couch or replace them with something prettier and take a picture and then compare the two….I bet you will see a big difference with them gone…Just my opinion so please people don’t go crazy on me….I would love this room in my house….just not those pillows.

  32. Shirley, your sunroom looks so pretty with your new fabrics. I love the grey and white fabric used on your cushions. It’s a nice departure from the floral used elsewhere in the room. I like the red pillows too. They give it a nice pop of color.

  33. melinda randall says

    Where do I begin!!! Such an inviting and beautifully decorated room. And once I saw that red birdcage and stand….Ahhhh! Delightful!

  34. Susan, Thanks so much for sharing Shirley’s wonderful sunroom and makeover! I ‘m green with envy over her beautiful wicker and sunlit spot to read and relax, just beautiful!

  35. What a beautiful, cheerful space! I can’t imagine anyone feeling sad while hanging out in this room. Love the buffalo check and pie safe. So honey and stylish!

  36. bobbi duncan says

    Thank you, Susan and Shirley, for sharing this lovely summery sun porch. Shirley, your home is beautiful! We are actually planning to copy some of your great trim molding ideas; we just love the way you used the fluted columns on the outside wall corners among other elements. I simply adore the light sage green color of your furniture and so wish we had a sun room so we could incorporate such a look–we definitely want a sun room again one day as that was always one of our favorite rooms with all it’s sunshine, especially during dreary winter days. Hope you enjoy many wonderful memory filled moments in your sensational home.

    Denise, I was so very sorry to read that your mother passed today. I lost my own mom when I was only 39 and feel such an emptiness without her. I am sending a prayer for your healing and another that your dear one is blessed with many beautiful rooms to enjoy in God’s house.

  37. Another blog to add to my reading list. I love your sunroom Shirley, & popped over to look around your blog. What a gorgeous home you have. Susan thank you for hosting Shirley. Also where did Shirley get the curtains in the sun room…LOVE THEM……WANT THEM!!!!!!!!

  38. Hi Shirley,
    It’s probably a good thing that we don’t live near one another! I think you would wake each morning to find me in your sunroom! Lol GORGEOUS!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  39. What a beautiful sunroom! I absolutely love the wicker furnishings. I am considering how to decorate our sunroom. I want to turn it into a workout room but also include furniture. It’s a challenge! Yours is definitely inspiring.

  40. Gorgeous! Pinky is amazing, and this sun room does not disappoint! I love the color combination and all the vintage touches. Perfection!

  41. Shirley’s entire home is beautiful and I especially love her sunroom.

  42. I would love to be able to have access in Australia to buy the beautiful cane furniture you feature in your beautiful room. I love the old worldly feel of it which I have been looking for. If you know of a company that exports to Australia I would really appreciate an email. Thank you Maureen

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