Fun Updates for My Home Office: Some Additions and One Subtraction

Welcome to the 601st Metamorphosis Monday!

It’s been ages since I shared some updates here in my home office. I put this room together many years ago, Over the years it hasn’t changed a ton, but there have been some little updates and tweaks along the way.

The furniture I chose for this room so many years ago was Pottery Barn’s Bedford furniture. Bedford furniture was designed to mix and max to accommodate any size office. If you love the look of the Bedford line, one or two pieces have been discontinued but most are still available. (See all the pieces still available here: Bedford Collection.)

A recent change that I made to this space involves the TV and monitors visible in the far corner in the photo below.

My Home Office


These more recent photos below were all taken in the evening, so are a bit darker. I didn’t try to edit them, just left them cozy which is how the room feels as nightfall approaches.

The TV above the monitors (visible in the photo above) is gone now. I had the cable (except for internet) disconnected a few years back since I rarely ever watched it. I much prefer to stream a movie or watch Acorn TV when I’m in the mood for something fun to watch. Pretty much the only time I watch a movie/show is while I’m sorting and preparing photos I plan to use in a future post. I love having the movie playing on one monitor while I’m working on the other one.

Home Office with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


The monitors have changed, too.

Home Office with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


When I was visiting family out of state earlier this year, I purchased a couple of monitors for the mini office I set up in the guest room. Those monitors were a few inches bigger and were so awesome, I purchased two more to take back home.

Desk for working at home


Not sure if you can tell in the photo below, but they are larger than my previous monitors. If you’re in need of a new monitor, I very much recommend these. I purchased them here: Monitor.

Home Office with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


Not too many changes on this side of the room. I added some fun dinosaur bookends a while back, do you see them there on the right?


Here’s a closer view. I fell in love with these bookends when I purchased a set for my grandsons’ dinosaur bedroom makeover last summer. (See that makeover here: Dinosaur Themed Bedroom for Two Dinosaur-Loving Boys.

Dinosaur Bookends


I found these amazingly realistic fossil bookends here: Dinosaur Fossil Bookends. 

Dinosaur Bookends


There have been a few minor changes on this side of the room. The vintage hat rack I purchased is looking a lot fuller after my recent stay with family.

Home Office, Decorate with Hats


I forgot to take one of my sunhats with me on that trip and since we spent so much time hiking and walking outdoors, I ended up purchasing two new sunhats during that visit. I think I’ve maxed out the hat rack now, no more room! Can you spot the new additions?


Summer Hat Storage, Decorating with Hats


One addition was this adorable sunhat that’s available with various embroidered sayings. I was so happy spring had arrived, I chose the “Hello Sunshine” hat. You’ll find this one (and hats with other phrases) here: Sun Hat.


The other hat I added to my collection this spring was this one available here: Sun Hat with Ribbon. Both hats were very different from the others I already had back home and super reasonably priced. I really enjoyed wearing them on our walks around the neighborhood and longer hikes through the various parks we visited.

Another change in this room is visible here on the wall between the wrapping paper organizer and the corkboard. My daughter-in-love gave me this wonderful, travel-themed painting since she knows I love a good travel adventure from time to time.

Travel Painting, Art for my Home Office


I love it and look forward to the day we can all safely travel the world again! I’ve been thinking, I’d like my next trip to be out west to see more of the U.S. Think I’ll make that a goal for next summer.

Oh, the places you'll go, travel themed art, travel painting


One more minor change here in the office…

Pink Tape Dispenser, Pink Stapler


I enjoyed the pink tape dispenser and stapler I purchased for my mini-office at my son’s home (the quality is excellent!) so I decided to buy the same set for my office here at home. I also added the pretty sage green desk mat I used there, as well. Love the soft pinks and green colors and the green desk mat works so well with the other colors in this room. (Tape Dispenser is available in several colors here: Tape Dispenser. The stapler is available here: Stapler.)

Pink Stapler & Pink Tape Dispenser


Here’s how the pink stapler/tape dispenser looks in my daughter-in-love home office. We both love the color pink and are obsessed with these pink additions to our desks.

Pink Stapler, Pink Tape Dispenser


Did you notice the new tissue holder I added to the office recently? I shared it in a previous post. LOVE it so much! You’ll find it available here: Clear Tissue Holder.

Pink Tape Dispenser, Pink Stapler


I liked it so much, I added one in the smaller size on the chest in this little reading corner. Love how it’s clear and doesn’t fight the other colors/fabrics in this room.

Vintage Floral Tole Chandelier


Sometimes little changes can have a big impact on a room and how it feels/functions. Hope you enjoyed all the little changes I’ve made in this space. If you have any questions about something in this post, please share them below in the comments. You’ll find my previous posts about this room here: Home Office.

To see how this room looked before it was turned into a home office, check out this post: Creating a Home Office: The Journey.

For how I organized the closet space for this room, check out this post: Ikea Expedit Hack: How I Made it Work AND this post: Ikea PJAS Basket Closet Additions.

Home Office with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. The painting from your daughter in love is fantastic. Who is the artist and any chance one can get one?
    How are you coping with this daily rain? Never saw a verdant green August like this in N.GA
    BTW…..My umbrella is fabulous. Got the last one from Pier1. I miss them already.

    • Would your daughter-in- love mind sharing where she found the painting or is it one of a kind? You have such a sweet Dil. I would love to get a similar picture for my great granddaughter who just graduated from high school. She was all set to leave for college until the University she chose announced almost all fall classes would be online and you had to wear a mask everywhere besides your dorm room. Her family decided she should take classes at a local University for this year. The painting would be perfect for her. She inherited my husband’s travel nature. This Covid sure has made a mess of things. Hope next year will be better and everyone can travel again soon.

      • Mary, I’m here in Ohio and I just asked her. She said she purchased it in a local shop/boutique but doesn’t remember which one now. I found out that the saying is actually from a Dr. Seuss book. I had forgotten that until a friend mentioned it. You may be able to find it on Etsy, eBay or Amazon. If I see it online, I’ll let you know.
        Yes, it really has thrown a wrench in everything! My neighbor’s son didn’t even get to have a highschool graduation ceremony. 🙁 I feel so bag for all those who had highschool and college graduating seniors, not to mention all the weddings that were postponed or drastically changed.

    • Kem, I don’t see a name on it. Nancy said she purchased it in a local shop/boutique but wasn’t sure which one because it’s been a while. The saying is actually from a Dr. Seuss book. I had forgotten that until a friend mentioned it. You may be able to find it on Etsy, eBay or Amazon. I know, that was the best umbrella! I hope someone will keep making it! Someone just mentioned in the comments that the new owners of Pier 1 will still keep the store open online, just not brick and mortar stores. I would miss the in-store experience but online is better than nothing.

  2. franki parde says

    It ALL looks so organized & nice…maybe not the bookends, IMO… franki

  3. I am looking for a white office chair like yours. Do you have a link to it?

    • I’ve purchased so many office chairs over the last 10 years, I’m having trouble remembering where I found that one. Just found it, I purchased this one on Amazon here:
      Unfortunately it appears to be “currently unavailable.”
      There are quite a few available on Amazon right now:
      I prefer them without arms so I can scoot close up to my desk. Sometimes they are hard to find without arms. My daughter-in-law like them with arms, though.

  4. Love your office…and your cozy chair. Looks perfect for reading on a rainy day! I agree – watching a movie while working on the computer is what I like, too. I have a 23 inch monitor and in the corner cabinet a tv hooked to the cable, but almost always on TCM! Love old movies. Have a great week and stay safe!

  5. My hubby and I just returned from a 16-day trip out west with our son and his family [a total of 7 of us]. He rented a 40-ft. RV that sleeps 10 and we followed in our SUV. We stayed in North & South Dakota, Wyoming and
    Montana. Didn’t have time to include Utah. It’s beautiful country and you will enjoy traveling there. I was a bit leery of traveling with COVID-19 but my Dr. actually encouraged it if precautions were followed. When I get my pictures organized I’ll be sharing some on my blog, but you really have to see the sights in person because pictures don’t do them justice.

    • Phyllis, that sounds wonderful! That’s encouraging to hear your trip was so successful! I would LOVE to do that will family one day!

  6. You’re too organized.

  7. Gayle Kesinger says

    Susan, a recent article in the Dallas Morning News said that the new owners of Pier 1 are keeping the name, some of the creative employees, customer lists and they intend to offer the same styles that we all fell for. It will only be online, no brick and mortar as far as I could tell. Just hope it is all true. I loved that store.

    • That would be wonderful! I will miss browsing the actual stores but that would be great if they would still make it available online! Thanks for that news, Gayle!

  8. I always love your office – so cozy and efficient! I also love the chalkboard in your DIL’s office. Sometimes that’s not such an easy task! 🙂 Thanks for the tour and the great office recommendations. Happy Monday!

  9. Looks nice. Rooms like this always need a little change. Mine is also as not planning to continue scrapbooking.

  10. The painting is perfect for you and looks great in the office. You are very organized as I look around at the “mess” only I can be accountable for! Thanks for sharing links to all the products you mentioned.

  11. Kay Berry says

    Your trip next summer will be wonderful. My Husband and I went last September before all the crazy things happened. We flew into Salt Lake City and rented a car. We drove to Yellowstone, The Tetons, and or course Jackson Hole. We then went back to Salt Lake City and drove south to Zion, the Arches, and Bryce Canyon. They were all amazing and so different. We have traveled a lot overseas, but this trip is at the top of favorites. You will love this trip.

    • Kay, I know you’re so glad you did that trip before 2020 rolled around! That sounds like an amazing trip! I would love to do that!

  12. I have always admired your office. Can you give me the source for the white shelf/organizer on which the tissue holder sits and tape dispenser sit?

    • Oh, that’s a shelf that could be purchased from Pottery Barn back when I first put my office together. I think they may still offer it because you can see it on the desk at this link: .
      That one seems to be the mirror image of mine. Mine has the drawer on the right and the part with slots/cubbies on the left. My monitors set on top of it…it’s one huge piece that sets atop the corner desk.

  13. Mary Bollinger says

    Can you tell me where you can get the desktop organizer on which the tissue
    holder sits? Also, the other desktop organizer/shelves…where can I purchase something similar? I’m striving to have my home office half as organized as yours!

    • Sure, that’s a shelf I purchased from Pottery Barn back when I first put my office together. I think they may still offer it because you can see it on the desk at this link: .
      That one seems to be the mirror image of mine. Mine has the drawer on the right and the part with slots/cubbies on the left. My monitors set on top of it…it’s one huge piece that sets atop the corner desk.

  14. Michele M says

    Hubs and I have always been fans of large monitors. Once you do one cannot go back to small ones. They make a big (pun intended) difference – especially for projects or games or movie marathons in the middle of the night when one should be sleeping. Just sayin’.

  15. Nancy Bednar says

    Thank you so much for a visit to your pretty office. I so love your style! I know that you posted about your pen and marker caddy but I can’t find it. Would you please share again where you found it?

    And a pink stapler and tape dispenser, what’s not to love?

    Thanking you in advance.
    Nancy B

  16. Everything looks so well organized – LOVE a well ordered room! You’ve turned the space into a great place to work and relax.
    Thanks for hosting and have a good week.

  17. Jane Clary says

    I am trying to decide if the 24 inch monitors are large enough or should I go with the 27 inch. Which ones are working for you?

    • The ones I have are 24 inch. I’m not sure I could go any bigger, afraid they would feel too big or too close. Just hard to say. Just make sure you buy them from a place that accept returns, just in case you decide you want smaller or bigger.

  18. Such a beautiful office space! I have been working on mine too so I’m excited to get it all organized and pretty now. Thanks so much for hosting, CoCo

  19. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share my summer floral arrangement in yellow and white. Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  20. I love the picture of the map, “oh the places you will go.” Where did you purchase it from?

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