A Bee-utiful Solution For My Tool Chest & Other Dinged or Dented Stainless Appliances

Thanks so much for all your great suggestions in the comments of Monday’s post! If you missed that post, I was troubleshooting possible solutions for getting rid of a really noticeable dent that somehow appeared on the front of this large tool chest here in the garage during the time the garage was being painted.

Garage Organization


One suggestion made in the comments that, unfortunately, wouldn’t work in this case was to push the dent out from the other side. On the other side of the drawer, there’s another separate steel panel, making it impossible to get to the front panel where the dent is located.


Ironically, right after I finished writing that post, as I started replying to the first comments, it suddenly hit me that maybe there was a way to hide it since there was no easy solution for removing it. As more comments came in, so many of you suggested that, as well. I don’t know why over this past year of seeing that dent so often when returning home, it never occurred to me that maybe there was a fun or clever way to hide it. I was laser-focused on trying to find a way to fix it. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you share a problem or annoying issue with a friend, the solution will suddenly come to you? You guys were much quicker in thinking of that than I was! I love that about our community here, how we always try to help each other when one of us is trying to solve a problem, so thank you for that!

After writing that post on Monday, I looked online for cute decorative magnets that would be small enough to use on the chest. I was having trouble finding ones I liked, although I did see some cute ladybug magnets. Since I wasn’t sure about the size of the ladybug magnets, I hesitated to order them. Then I remembered that during the time I was purchasing things to make this bee skep, I had purchased some adorable little plastic bees that I never ended up using. (Spring table setting can be viewed here: Celebrating the Coming of Spring with a Table Full of Sunshine.

Bee Skep, DIY Project


These were the plastic bees that I purchased and didn’t use because I ended up finding some little fuzzy bees that I liked even better for the bee skep.



On Monday, I ordered these tiny (but mighty) little magnets; they arrived yesterday. I bet you can see where this is going. Ha!


Eeek! I’ve had a swarm of adorable bees attack the tool chest!

How to hide a dent in Stainless Steel Appliances


They have taken over the tool chest and I love it! This is definitely a case of turning lemons into lemonade! lol The aforementioned dent on the top drawer is now hidden under the second from the left bee. Yay! Now when I pull into the garage and get out, instead of seeing an ugly dent, I’ll be laughing at these adorable bees!

Fun Way to Hide Dents in Stainless Steel Appliances


To attach the magnets, I super-glued a single magnet to the back of each bee. You could probably attach the magnets with a drop of hot glue, but I didn’t want to risk burning my fingers. Been there and done that while making shell charger plates! lol I almost super-glued a bee to my fingertip a few times, so gotta watch that super glue! I could have used regular glue but I was too impatient and wanted the glue to dry right away, so that’s why I went with super glue. Also, I wanted to make sure the magnets stayed really well-stuck to the bees.

Hide Dents, Scratches on Stainless Steel Appliances


Umm, now I’m thinking I should add a few to the door of the chest, too. I still have plenty of bees left so I just may do that. If you have a small dent or ding that you are tired of seeing on your stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher, stove…or large tool chest, you’ll find the bees I used available here: Plastic Bees in 3 Sizes. The magnets are available here: Strong Tiny Magnets. One word of caution: I don’t think I would do this if I had small children or grandchildren living in or visiting my home since magnets can be dangerous if swallowed. My grandsons are well past the age where I have to worry about that, but I just wanted to mention it since I know tiny magnets are not safe around little ones.

How to hide a dent in Stainless Steel Appliances


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Great idea Susan! I know you smile every time you see the chest!

  2. So cute! I’m thinking you’ll probably change it up seasonally with other cute magnet -bunnies, flags, sunflowers, pumpkins, snowflakes…

  3. What a great solution – the bees are perfect and the fact you already had them is even better. I love the idea of having seasonal magnets for your chest! Just a little something to make you smile.

  4. What a clever idea!! I love knowing about those small magnets. I am going to have to find some of those.

    • They def came in handy for this little project. Just have to make sure they don’t fall into the hands of little ones since they can be dangerous if swallowed.

  5. Don’t you love a community effort ? Bee ti ful. As a side note, don’t throw away your old shower curtain liners because you can cut the magnets out to reuse. I save the worn shower curtains also to cover my plants or use when I am painting.

  6. Tina Reynolds says

    So cute!

  7. I knew you’d find a solution. If you want to have something on the other side, it would be cute if you could use a hive. 😀

  8. SharonFromMichigan says

    How adorable! 🙂

  9. Love the way this problem got solved. The tool chest is just the “bees knees” now!

  10. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love this idea, and turning something industrial into something whimsical makes it such fun. Hugs!

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    Love your solution! I felt your disappointment Susan, especially after working so hard to keep it pristine. I fight perfectionism also, and have learned over the years, when life gives us lemons, to make lemonade, but sometimes it’s tough. The bees are cute and do bring a smile!

  12. Susan, I am like you; for some reason that dent would drive me nuts too. I LOVE your solution. I had the exact thought that Pam above wrote about, to put a hive on the door side of the cart! Or, a giant sunflower would be impactful too!

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