Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages, I Want Some of These!

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This will be my last gift idea post and this one is geared toward the little ones who steal our hearts every day. I will continue to add gift ideas to this post as I’ve been doing with the other gift posts I’ve put together, so be sure to check back if you’re still looking for additional ideas.

Note: I’ve tried to choose gifts that will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas day, but double-check that as you order them to make sure.

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Happy Christmas Shopping!


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  1. Neat gifts. Thanks for the recommendations. Check out Dillards Christmas dishes. I saw some cute dishes on their website that you might like. Some plaid and some adorable dishes with those cute trucks with trees that you like. I just searched for Christmas dishes on their website. Lol I don’t work for Dillards.

    Try this link to look at those Christmas dishes I mentioned in my last comment. Promise I’ve never worked for Dillards. These are just so cute.

  3. Great ideas! I ordered the same rocket tent for my granddaughter!

  4. We had that star thing in the cabin. It was one of the first things we bought and put it in the guest room. Cool idea but we never used it and it seemed to creep out whoever stayed there! lol Go figure.

  5. Yeah, I’d want some for me too! Great list that readers can refer to as kids age and also for birthdays etc.

  6. Carol Greene says

    I am not seeing any of the items you listed…..any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    GREAT gift ideas for the littles. Love the starry night light show! I want one too! Lol Merry Christmas and safe travels north!

  8. These all look great, but I have to comment on the Magformers. I have bought several sets for my granddaughter over the last few years (she’s 6) and she LOVES them. Great, creative toy!

  9. Susan… Wonderful ideas, but I have to share this special little cottage industry belonging to a very creative and hardworking friend. All items handmade right here in South Georgia… from the play tent to the wonderful dramatic play items. Look for Greener Grass Handmade… Melissa Hunter Dark’s brainchild. No, I’m not employed there and we’re not related… have just known this lovely, creative young wife and mother all her life!

  10. Love the stars on the ceiling so much I have had them on my ceiling for years. I just did a corner to see how they would look and stay. They have hung on and I still love them.

    • Love that, Shelia! It sounds lovely!
      I would love to put them on my tray ceiling in my bedroom, but it’s so high, I may not be able to reach that high. I was just thinking what a nice surprise it would be to put them on the ceiling in a guest bedroom. Can you imagine staying in at someone’s house and at bedtime finding yourself sleeping under the stars?! 🙂

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