Greenwood Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana: Part II

Earlier this week we toured the downstairs rooms in Greenwood Plantation, a plantation home located in St. Francisville Louisiana. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Greenwood Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana: Part I. You may want to read that post first and then come back to this one. You’ll find a link to this post at the end of that first post about Greenwood.

Greenwood saw a devastating fire back in 1960 but the home was completely rebuilt and has been the location for many movies and TV shows including the mini-series, North and South.

Greenwood Plantation Greek Revival Home in St. Francisville, Louisiana


Today we’re heading upstairs and touring the bedrooms in this Greek Revival home. The main staircase here in the 70 foot long baronial hall takes you up to the second floor.

Greenwood Plantation St. Francisville, Louisiana


As you arrive at the top of the stairs, a glimpse to the left shows that the stairway continues right on up to the attic floor. If I’m remembering correctly, the owner, Richard Barnes told us that he and his wife lived in a finished area in the attic during the rebuilding process. The attic must be huge, as large as the home is…would love to have seen that space, too.

Greenwood Plantation Attic Stairs, St. Francisville, Louisiana


One of the bedrooms with a pretty hand-knotted, crocheted bed canopy. You’ll see a lot of wallpaper in the bedrooms on this tour.

Greenwood Plantation, Bedroom with Striped Wallpaper


Another view of this room showing a beautiful empire chest in the corner.

Greenwood Plantation Bedroom, St. Francisville, Louisiana


Another stunning canopy bed in this bedroom. Notice the corner chair, those chairs were designed so a man could sit down without having to remove his sabre and of course, ladies could better fit their huge hoop skirts for sitting, too.

Canopy Bed, Greenwood Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana


The fireplace in this beautiful room…

Greenwood Plantation Bedroom with Fireplace


A stunning armoire was over in one corner. I wondered about the columns and later the owner told us they had been used in one of the movies or TV shows filmed there; I’ve forgotten which one now. Do you recognize them from any of these movies: Drango, Sister, Sister, Bonnie and Clyde, G.I.Joe: Retaliation or from the mini-series, North and South?  I think he said they were on either side of the President who was being portrayed in one of the movies/shows. 

Greenwood Plantation Bedroom Armoire


Another pretty bed… All the bedrooms were huge! Many of the draperies in the home were created and installed for the movies being filmed here. I asked the owner, Richard Barnes, if they were allowed to have input into the choices being made for wallpaper and draperies, etc…and he said, Yes, that they always signed off on everything.

Greenwood Plantation Bedroom with Rose Colored Wallpaper, St. Francisville, Louisiana


Another bedroom furnished with beautiful antiques… I couldn’t always get full room shots since there were so many other folks on the various tours that were going on in the house, all at one time.

Greenwood Plantation Bedroom with Floral Wallpaper


A close-up of the wallpaper in this room…

Wallpaper in Greenwood Plantation Bedroom


Hope you enjoyed this tour of Greenwood Plantation! I can’t wait to share the other homes we toured during the week I visited Louisiana and Mississippi!

You can read more about Greenwood Plantation and tour the downstairs of this beautiful Greek Revival home in this previous post: Greenwood Plantation, Part I

Greenwood Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana


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  1. Peggy Thal says

    Such pretty bedrooms! This house must been fun to tour. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Susan,
    I’ve always thought they would take again all the props, after the film shoots…
    Hmmm… good for the house-owner, apparently they don’t! 🙂
    Love those columns and those draperies in bedroom #3!
    ~Hugs to you~

  3. Just how high were those ceilings in the bedrooms? I gasped when I saw “that wallpaper” up close;
    the one with the green-brown background and pink flowers? My MIL had that in her bedroom. First thing I did when we inherited the house, was to get rid of the cabbage roses. Ugh! Don’t get me
    wrong, please. The house is beautiful but I am stunned about that hideous wallpaper. To each his
    own. I own the North-South series. Will have to go re-watch and see if that shows up. Maybe
    this is where my MIL first saw it.

  4. Reg Ality says

    Given the authority, I would switch the rugs in the entry and the first bedroom.Interesting tour. Thanks.

  5. Linda Page says

    Seeing these pictures just makes me want to go back…..right now! I loved all of these bedrooms. I don’t remember the exact height of the ceilings but they seem taller than most, which were usually 12 foot, ceilings in other plantation homes. I need to just move to Louisiana or Mississippi when I retire!!! Then I would not have to travel so far to see these places…..or maybe I could get a job as a docent in one of them!!! Now, that’s an idea!!!

  6. Linda Page says

    One more thing…….I am enjoying your posts even more now that we have become friends and experienced these houses together. I love seeing them through your eyes.

    • Thanks, Linda! It was so much fun touring them with another old-house-lover! I bet you’re thinking…why did she take that picture or why didn’t she get a picture of this. 🙂 lol

  7. Linda Page says

    I love the high ceilings, too. I think most of the plantation homes have ceilings that are 12-14 feet high so the ceilings at Greenwood are much higher than most. I agree that the rug in the downstairs hall should be in the first bedroom upstairs. I like the brown wallpaper with the birds and pink flowers. I think it is rich looking.

  8. love your home tours… It is like a mini-vacation!

  9. when I was a young child I use to dream about living in a house like that and having my own bedroom

  10. I love columns. Sigh. franki

  11. Wow- love the beds. The whole house is amazing- I love the large scale of everything!

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