Handmade Christmas Ornaments, Inspired by the Colors of a Beautiful Peacock

I have a wonderful Christmas DIY decorating idea to share with you today. Norma, a lovely BNOTP reader who has become a friend over the years, makes the most beautiful handmade ornaments and flowers each year at Christmastime.

Handmade Ornaments Ready for Decorating


You may remember Norma from this post when I shared a beautiful table setting she created for friends where she decorated the entrance to her French cottage to look like a fabulous Greek Taverna. (See that table setting here: French Cottage Becomes a Greek Taverna for a Greek Feast.  See more of Norma’s charming French cottage along the Argenton River here: Dining Riverside in the Beautiful Garden of a French Cottage in the Loire Valley.)

Cottage Home in France


Each year when Norma makes her beautiful Christmas ornaments, she puts so much love, attention, and detail into each element of the ornament-making process. This year, Norma has decided to go with a “Peacock” theme so the colors of her ornaments reflect the gorgeous colors of a beautiful peacock and its beautiful train.

Photo from the Euclid Library website

I asked Norma if she would share how she makes her ornaments in case you would like to make a few handmade ornaments this Christmas for your tree, or, to give as gifts.

Beaded, Gemstone Handmade Christmas Ornaments


Norma said, “I begin with a polystyrene egg shape and then cover it with fabric which is attached with a lot of dressmakers pins. Each quarter has to be covered separately.” You can see in the photo below how Norma has divided each egg into 4 sections, marking off each quadrant, then each section is covered separately.

Make Christmas Ornaments for Your Decor and Tree


“I then cover each joint with braid or ribbon. After that, it is a lot of sequins and many more pins.”

DIY Ornaments, How to Make


“Each sequin is secured by a tiny bead as the pinhead would otherwise go straight through the hole in the sequin.
I have great fun making up a design although it is very painstaking and takes quite a long time to make each one.”

How to Make Christmas Ornaments


“To make the Poinsettias, I simply lay three layers of ribbon in decreasing widths and sizes. Then I glue a small bunch of stamens to the center (which I bought on eBay) and draw the whole thing up in the center from the back.”

Handmade Flowers for Christmas Decorating


“I was lucky enough to find peacock ribbon on eBay, too.”

Turquoise Peacock Ribbon


These are all so beautiful and being handmade, makes them all the more special!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments


Have you ever handmade your Christmas ornaments?

Gorgeous Handmade Christmas, Hanukkah Ornaments


Norma said, “I can not wait to decorate the tree and house in this peacock theme for Christmas and of course, I will send you some pics.”  I can’t wait to see those pictures, Norma–I know your home will look beautiful dressed for Christmas in these stunning peacock colors!

Handmade Ornaments Ready for Decorating

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  1. Beautiful ornaments. Can wait to see the pictures

  2. franki Parde says

    Oh, my goodness…those “are my colors!” I have a peacock on my kitchen valance…peacock feathers in a vase on the opposite wall valance…in my guest bath, etc. These ornaments are exquisite!! franki

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. warren giering says

    OMG, Norma is my soul-mate. I love her peacock ornaments. Thanks for sharing this, Susan!!!

  5. Snowflake281 says

    Handmade ornaments are the best! Norma’s are so beautiful. Yes, when I was a teen I made a few ornaments from a store bought kit. I kept one or two & gave one to my Mom. I also have several that my Mother-in-law had made for me. I will always cherish all of them.

  6. Exquisite! A long time ago I made lace ornaments by dipping a doily in starch and threaded ribbon through the holes….can’t compare to Norma’s work. My sister made ornaments every year and those are still put on the tree each Christmas. Can’t imagine how long it would take to make each ornament and all different. Very creative!

  7. These are gorgeous! Homemade ornaments are the best. I make ornaments every year too to give out. It’s always fun to make them and give them away. I will have to try these, thank you to Norma for sharing how she made them. I can’t wait to see her house all decorated so I hope when she shares, you will too Susan. Hugs, Brenda

  8. Gorgeous and beautiful ornaments. Can Norma share her Christmas tree with them on? I bet it’s spectacular. What beauty and creative love went into each ornament. Thank you for sharing!

  9. They are works of art! Can’t wait to see them used in her decor. So nice of her to share with us.

  10. Jean Sprimont says

    Oh Susan, Yes I most ceertainly did make my own ornaments. As your probably oldest follower may I assure you that I spent a good deal of 1968-9 sending away for supplies so as to recreate the miraculous bespangled (with sequins, pretend crystals and metal beads) stryofoam balls introduced at great expense by Marshall Fields in Chicago.
    Blessedly I had a Godmother who went down to sketch and describe that “elegant” new marvel and sent volumes of descriptions/information to me living in a very tiny town in Wisconsin. Can’t tell you how “au currant” and upscale I felt creating that which was the very newest, upscale, “big city” creation. Perhaps this falls into the “everything old is new again” realm?

  11. Susan, Norma’s peacock inspired ornaments are truly gorgeous. I love the colors and the designs. So festive and colorful. What a great idea, to model them after the colors of a peacock. And it does make me wonder what her past years ornaments look like.

    I remember Norma sharing some photos from Christmas a few years back, and I remember the Greek Taverna post! I absolutely love the way she has shutters that close over her front door (and what a pretty door!) I can imagine feeling safe and snug inside on a stormy night if those shutters were closed.

    By the way, can you tell us what the body of the poinsettia is made from? It looks like it could be tissue paper. It’s also very pretty. I love the idea of making some of these ornaments and modeling them after Norma’s. Thank you to both of you for sharing. And Merry Christmas to you, Norma.

    • Hi Pam
      This is Norma
      The poinsettias are made from wired ribbon cut to a point.
      Four in each layer.

      • Thank you so much, Norma. I misunderstood. I thought the interior was the part with the ribbons and the lighter blue outside petals were something else. On closer inspection, I can see that even that portion is ribbon! So beautiful. I appreciate you taking the time to explain and I sure wish I could stop by and visit you one day. Your place looks idyllic and I’m sure we’d be kindred spirits. Please keep sharing with Susan. I always enjoy it when she posts your photos. Merry Christmas to you!

  12. Wow! What beautiful ornaments and poinsettias. Norma has a beautiful home as well. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Stunning, a true work of art. Such dedication! Such beautiful rich colors. Peacocks are such majestic birds and her ornaments capture their beauty. Yes, I have made my own Christmas ornaments called “Crismons” which are beautiful beaded and sequins Christian symbol ornaments such as a cross, or a fish or lamb, or the Alph and Omega Greek letters. I was smitten when I visited my grandmother’s Luthern church at Christmas and saw these beautiful Christian symbols on the Christmas tree with only white lights. They are cut out from thin styrofoam (no easy task) and beautifully decorated. You can use white seed pearls, beads, gold sequins, goldbraid trim, etc. And the light shines through the very tiny holes of the styrofoam and makes them glisten. Then there are very extensive beadwork / wire Chrismons that are very intricate ( like in the shape of a butterfly for new birth, or crosses) and I did not make those, but would love to take a class one day to learn.

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