Can You Guess What Robin Used To Create This Charming Christmas Village For Her Holiday Mantel?

My son was always a huge Lego fan growing up and he often received a Lego set for birthdays and Christmas, but I never expected to buy a Lego set for myself. Then Lego produced the Home Alone house and they had my full, undivided attention. Ha! I was so influenced by that home when I saw the movie, I know it subconsciously influenced my choice of home–including the one I’ve lived in for the past 33 years. This Home Along Lego set is still being made although, I noticed today that it’s once again showing sold out on the Lego website. It’s that time of year, so I’m not surprised. They can’t seem to keep it in stock when Christmas rolls around.

Home Alone LEGO Set


I purchased a case designed especially to hold the one I purchased/assembled to keep it dust free when it’s not in use. Accessing it is easy, the lid just lifts up and right off.

Lego Home Alone House inside Wicked Brick Case


Putting it together was an ambitious undertaking but a lot of fun!

Home Alone Lego House with Treehouse


LEGO Home Alone, Completed House


Here’s how the inside looks. I really love how Lego designed it to open up fully, including the attic room where Kevin spends the night before his great “home alone” adventure begins.

Lego Home Alone House, Open to See Inside


Definitely recommend this set for any Home Alone movie fans out there. Unfortunately, I noticed it has gone up $50 since last year. That’s quite a hike in just a year’s time.

Lego Home Alone, Inside View


Knowing how much I enjoyed putting together the Lego Home Alone house, Robin, a lovely BNOTP reader recently shared the delightful way she decorated her fireplace mantel this year. For her mantel, she created a charming Lego Christmas Village, all nestled away in a magical forest. How much fun is this!

Christmas Mantel Decorated with Lego Christmas Village


I think some of these adorable homes are still available. I am so tempted to buy some of these and make my own Lego mantel. 🙂

Decorate Mantel with Lego Houses, Christmas Village


If there was room on the mantel, it would be fun to add some faux snow or maybe one of the snow blankets that collectors sometimes use under and around their Dept. 56 Christmas villages. Oh, I see Santa–he’s about to head down the chimney!

Lego Christmas Village for Holiday Mantel


The sign reads “North Pole Workshop.” I love the cute Christmas lights, the wreath, and those cute elves hard at work. These adorable houses would be so much to create!

Lego Christmas House Decor


Thanks so much to Robin for sharing her whimsical Christmas village…love this fun idea so much!

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  1. It’s fun to see your Home Alone house again, Susan. I didn’t know Lego did Christmas Village houses as well! They have really expanded their portfolio. These are very cute. I like all the trees, too. The elves in front of the computer crack me up. 😀 Nice job, Robin. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved seeing the Home Alone Lego house again Susan! Looks like Lego has a whole host of houses, etc…for a Christmas Village, who knew?! Not me! lol I could see you having lots of fun with the Village set and I can see how it would get addicting after a bit. Nice they make Lego sets like this. And as cute as the Christmas Village is, the Home Alone house is my favorite! Did you see the Christmas Story house is up for sale? I know you toured it back in the day. Hugs, Brenda

  3. Cindy McLay says

    Thank you for sharing the Home Alone House again. I shared with my sister who is going to a Lego store to purchase it tomorrow. It is $299.99 at the store. I had shared with her your blog and that is why she is going to go get it. It will be their family puzzle for Christmas week. She loved the case and was wondering you purchased the case from. Thank you for your time. I always enjoy your blog!

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