HomeZada, Software to Manage Your Home and Makeover Project: Awesome Giveaway

Thanks so much to all who entered the HomeZada Giveaway.  With this giveaway, really everyone is a winner because with the basic membership (which is free) you create a home inventory, upload property documents and contacts for easy access and create seasonal checklists to help maintain your home.   So if you didn’t win, have fun using the basic membership!

Chosen by random number generator, the winner of the 1-year Premium membership is Scribbler.   Congrats!



Welcome to the 196th Metamorphosis Monday!  How was your weekend?  It’s been beautiful fall weather here in Atlanta.  With the crisp, cool days signaling winter is on the way, I’ve been thinking about some projects I can work on during the months ahead.  After completing small upgrades recently in two of my bathrooms, it made me realize I need to really start making plans for upgrading those spaces.  Then there’s the yard…major overhaul needed there.

I’ve been putting these projects off because truthfully, it all feels a bit overwhelming.  You know that feeling, trying to decide where to start, researching your options, then trying to keep up with all the estimates and choices you’re considering for those rooms/projects.

The home renovation fairies must have been listening because recently I was invited to check out an online system called HomeZada.  HomeZada is designed to help homeowners organize and manage all the “stuff” that goes into maintaining and running a home.  In addition, it helps you maintain your sanity during a renovation by giving you the tools to budget and stay organized throughout the renovation process.  When I read about HomeZada, I knew it would be perfect to share for Metamorphosis Monday!

After exploring and trying out HomeZada, I was impressed with how user-friendly it is.  I felt as if I could just dive in and start using it immediately.  I watched some of their short tutorials and I was amazed at all you can do with this program.

Inventory Your Home for Free: 
By the way, the home inventory part of the HomeZada program is completely FREE.  So take advantage of that to document the contents of your home in case you ever need it due to an unforeseen occurrence like a fire, burglary, etc…

I really liked how everything you enter into HomeZada is cross referenced so it’s easy to put your hands on the information you need several different ways. It’s obvious a lot of thought went into the design of the program because it’s very intuitive.  That to me is so important because if a program isn’t easy to use, I’m probably not going to stick with it.

So, what exactly can you do with HomeZada?    This Quick Getting Started Guide screenshot below outlines several of the main features of HomeZada.  (Pssst: I didn’t resize the following pics so you can click on them for easier reading.  Or, press Ctrl + a couple of times to enlarge this whole post for easier viewing.)


HomeZada helps you:

  • Manage and Budget Projects
  • Track future and current costs for remodeling, furnishings and landscape projects
  • Save your online & offline product research for future use
  • Track your actual purchases and update your Home Inventory

Home Inventory:  Quickly see what property/items are in each room of your home, along with their value.  I so need to do this.  My insurance company has asked me for this several times and I just keep putting it off.   I know I need to do it because it’s invaluable if your home falls victim to a burglary, fire or some other unpleasant occurrence.

Those records are safely and securely stored in the cloud so there’s no worry of them being lost or inaccessible when you need them most.  HomeZada lists all the items we usually have in our homes so that makes the inventory process go pretty fast.  Plus, you can add more if something is missing from the list.  I especially like that you can upload photos of each item…great if you ever need it for insurance purposes.

You can organize all your inventory by room, then later pull up that room for a full accounting of each item, including the date the item was purchased, its value, where it was purchased and the brand.


Home Maintenance:  You can create lists of all your home maintenance needs which invaluable for safeguarding what’s normally our biggest investment, our home.   HomeZada has an extensive list of the usual (and not so usual) things most homes need to have maintained throughout the year.  You just select which ones apply to your home.  You can also document who handles these tasks for easy reference.  No more digging through files trying to remember who to call.


Home Improvement Projects:  HomeZada has an app that’s very cool!  If you’re out shopping for something for a project, like say a new refrigerator, you can snap a pic with your phone and instantly upload it to your HomeZada files.  No more racking your brain trying to remember where you saw something or how much it was later after you’re home!

Your projects can be categorized into: Wish List, In Progress, Complete or Cancelled.

Contacts and Documents:  Keep up with all those important property documents, appliance manuals and insurance polices.  No more digging through files and piles of papers to find the documents you need for your home.


You can even pull up the manual for an appliance or device online and if the manual is available in a PDF file, you can download it to your HomeZada.   HomeZada’s goal is to put everything you need to run your home smoothly in one place.  Huge time saver!


One of the things that makes HomeZada so intuitive and easy to use are the helpful tips that appear when you’re using the program. Notice the tip box below showing how to customize  the program to fit your specific home.   It’s as if the program anticipates what you need as you move through it.   Love that!


It’s impossible to share all you can do with this program in one post, so check it out for yourself.  But before you do, be sure to leave a comment to be entered in the Giveaway for a one year Premium Membership!

HomeZada offers a basic membership that’s free.  With the free Basic Membership you can: 1. Create a home inventory, 2. Upload property documents and contacts for easy access and 3. Create seasonal checklists to maintain your home.

If you love the program, take advantage of the other features that come with a Premium Membership which include: Personalize Property Calendar and a Home Improvement Management Program for up to 3 homes.  This can really come in handy if you own a vacation or rental property and find it challenging managing all the maintenance and renovation projects.

Giveaway from HomeZada:

HomeZada is generously giving away a One Year Premium Membership to a BNOTP reader!


How to Enter:

Stop by HomeZada, check out the wonderful features the HomeZada program offers, then leave a comment on this post sharing what feature you would find most helpful in maintaining and managing your home or next big renovation project.

The HomeZada giveaway ends Wednesday, October 31st at midnight.  (As always, you don’t have to be a Blogger or have a Blog to enter.)

Have fun exploring HomeZada!  Can’t wait to hear how you would use this wonderful program!

Looking forward to the wonderful “Before and “Afters” for this Metamorphosis Monday!


{Disclosure: I have been sponsored by HomeZada to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  I love sharing giveaways, products, and ideas I find of value and that I think you’ll enjoy, too.}


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  1. Rose :: Fine Craft Guild .com says

    Guess, I am the first to the party….

    Anyhow, about your software, right off the bat, the feature I like the most is simply to make an inventory of what we already have. In the past, I have bought ‘a solution’ more than twice! This allows me to keep track of what is where.

    Rose , contact at finecraftguild dotcom

  2. I have to say keeping track of home improvements/landscaping is a wonderful tool to keep me organized on the “craziness” going on around around home almost all the time! Thanks for the opportunity! Pamie G.

    [email protected]

  3. That’s a great giveaway. Having any kind of inventory is very handy! They do seem to have made it very easy!
    I definitely like the Home Inventory list the best!

  4. Thanks for another Monday full of the good kind of changes. Love seeing what everyone’s been up to!

  5. My mom needs this tool. She just spent days and days on a home inventory!
    Susan and Bentley

  6. I would love this I am starting a laundry room & den project in the nest week. Thanks

  7. Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  8. Hi Susan! The weather has been beautiful, hasn’t it? We took advantage of it and headed to the mountains and the pumpkin farm. Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  9. Thanks so much for a wonderful party – so many awesome link ups! Have a great Monday!

  10. A home inventory has been on my to do list forever, yet it never gets done. This just may be the tool to finally get it done. We’re moving to a new home and remodeling. I can see myself being in this program quite a bit. Perhaps, the home inventory would finally get done. After losing one home to a fire as a teenager, I know the importance of a home inventory. It is just one of those things like backing up my computer, that is not urgent until it is too late. I really need to do this.

  11. This program would be a wonderful way to keep track of the things I think of doing while I am on my computer seeing everyone else’s projects….big or little! The inventory would be wonderful to have handy too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Susan….first of all, thanks for hosting…!!..I love the Home Inventory portion…I remember being in Florida have to do a video of my home prior to a storm (hurricane) for insurance purposes. This inventory system is a great tool!

  13. Susan, thank you for hosting this wonderful party and giveaway! I have experienced a total loss of a home and I know the value of having an up to date inventory of your home contents. This system sounds like it is amazing and would really help with an inventory. I love that option!

  14. Thank you for hosting! Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  15. Hey, Susan, thanks for hostessing the party. I’ve already had fun visiting quite a few of the linkers, so many great links this week! Mary

  16. Thanks so much for hosting!

  17. Thanks so much for hosting! Hope you have a great week!

  18. What a neat giveaway. I love it! How awesome it would be to have this and on top of that win it! Thank you for even offering it as a free giveaway!
    I love reading your blog.

  19. Moni - Zu Haus at Home says

    Thank you for hosting this fun party….have a nice week!

  20. Great giveaway Susan!
    Thank you for hosting a great party too!

  21. Hi Susan and what a fantastic giveaway! Thank you always for hosting and be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  22. Heavens, I need all the organizational help I can get and this program sure sounds easy peasy! The contacts and documents part is what I’d be using a lot. I can never find important papers when I need them.
    Thanks for hosting the party, once again, Susan. 🙂 Sue

  23. Inventory for insurance purposes is nice for hurricane prone areas like mine.

  24. Thanks so much for hosting! Enjoy your week.

  25. Thank you for a very timely post! We are starting a lot of projects, and some will be fairly involved. I am been thinking about how to set up a system for it all, and this is just the ticket. I joined their site for the trial offer for free, but it would be nice to get the upgrade. You do such a great job with these helpful posts.

  26. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan, and for offering this give-away! I would probably use the Home Inventory part of HomeZada to upgrade my already existing system.

  27. Thanks for hosting! I can’t wait to be inspired by all the link ups!

  28. Thanks Susan! Inspiration Cafe is having our grand opening today and we are so happy to be linking up our first project ~ a family calndar makeover! Have a great week.
    Sherry of P3

  29. I really like the home maintenance costs area of the home spending. It would really help to know what to plan for in the future.

  30. Vicki Lester says

    It would be wonderful to never search for an appliance manual again! I love the ease of taking home inventory – something I always mean to do, but never seem to get done. Thanks for introducing us to this website!

  31. Hi Susan,
    What a great piece of software for a new home owner. Running a home is like a running business. Living in our home for 43 years and remodeling over five times its important to have records and notes about everything. Where does the time go. We completely remodeled our house in 1990 and now we have replaced a dishwasher, microwave and now the kitchen will be painted and new flooring istalled after the holidays. Plus our large yard, we are just finishing up with the landscaping after all these years. Of course it’s the $$$$ that tells us how much we can do in a year. I love the idea of the inventory. I have envelopes with all the manuals and date of purchase. When time flies by I lose track of how long I have owned something. I love your blog and I love your parties.

  32. I think this is long overdue, and why didn’t I think of it!! The ability to create a complete inventory of your home for insurance purposes is a fantastic tool and the suggestions already on the list make it so easy to prepare. I also like the scheduled maintenance suggestions.

  33. Ann s Mindicino says

    Thanks Susan, I pinned this b/c I don’t have time to check the site now. I am just about finished w/ a remodeled laundry/pantry. It was intended for a breakfast room and we never used it that way. It has added a whole dimension to my house. I did a lot of redecorating and/or just upgrades & cleanouts in the last 2 years. It would have been easier to move than to keep redoing one room and then, another. You have to decide what to keep and then where to keep it while you are renovating. At least that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m about 98% finished. Next we are renovating a completely unfinished basement to an apt. I will have a look at this site before I do too much more down there. Another great site for ideas which you probably know about is houzz.com. Of course tons of ideas on Pinterest. Always happy to start my week with you. Ann

  34. Thanks for hosting! So many wonderful posts from meeting Martha, to the Nate Tour, to Transforming Owls, to a Fall Entry with Southern Comfort!

    xo Lynda

  35. Thank you so much for hosting! I finally had something to post about! lol! Have a good week!

  36. Thanks for hosting!

  37. I love this Homezada idea. Great to keep track of everything if you have more than 1 home.

  38. Thank you so much for hosting! The ability to keep a full home inventory for insurance purposes etc.. woud be really wonderful.

    xoxo, Tanya

  39. Hello Susan: Thank you for hosting the party today!

  40. Thank you for posting this home tool. When I took a look at the features, I was pleased and surprised to find the multi home function. I just bought a beach cottage that’s supported by renters in the summer and then will be enjoyed by us during the off-season. We just finished our first summer and I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish all the projects we have planned over the next few months. Plus we have our family home where the kids were raised which is also a full-time job for me to coordinate. Soooo many projects!!! AND we might soon be responsibility for my beautiful mom-in-law’s home. Again, so many things to do. I get disoriented just thinking about each strand of each project. I am already a little overwhelmed juggling all the upkeep and repairs on different properties, but this looks like it could be a big help in keeping everything straight between one project location and another, and also timed well. I’m very interested in this program. Thanks again for your beautiful and fascinating blog. I always enjoy the amazingly creative things you accomplish!

  41. Louise Marie Fredieu says

    OMG! i am so excited. i need this software. i absolutely need this software. i have a 101 year old frame house. i collect antiques. i repurpose vintage items. i perform maintenance on my house as well as research for creative restoration. i am just beside myself. i need this software.

  42. Great tool Susan. When we moved to this house and the last house, I took photos of everything, even things in the cupboards for inventory for insurance purposes and in case things were lost in the move. I put it on to a U.S.P. and it is in my safety deposit box, but I guess it is time to update that inventory.
    The funny thing about the last move, I had every box numbered to correlate with a list of those numbers, what were in them and where they were to go and the movers put the whole lot in the garage except for furniture, what a waste of my time. Hmmmppph!!!!
    Thanks for hosting.

  43. Thanks for hosting! I look forward to all the ideas each and every week!

  44. Debora Hubbard says

    A home inventory has been on my to do list forever, yet it never gets done. This just may be the tool to finally get it done. We’ve been remodeling our home for the last 10 years….LOL! Don’t know if it will ever be finished. I can see myself using in this program quite a bit. Perhaps, the home inventory would finally get done. It is just one of those things like backing up the computer, not urgent until it is too late. I really need to do this. Does this software work in both the Windows and Macbooks?
    Love your blog and check it several times a week!

  45. This came at such a coincidental time. We did a major renovation three years ago. I kept all of my reciepts, paint selections, plans, etc. in a flolder. We need to do some painting and I needed the folder to look up color selections. Yesterday I searched for said folder, then searched through it to find the paint chips. This would have been right at my fingertips if I had used this program. Thanks Susan!

  46. Hi Susan,
    This looks like a really cool and helpful program. I will definately check it out. I could really use some help getting organized.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  47. Thanks so much for hosting such a great party again today. I look forward to both posting and learning from the other posts here every week. Love your porch soooooooo much!

  48. I’m so excited to use the HomeZada software. It will be so helpful to have a record of home maintenance work, but even better to have a list of suggested work that should be done. I’m pretty hopeless at remembering to do things like changing furnace filters (and have been scolded vigorously by my Heating/AC service people for that) and also for just not having it occur to me to do things. This program will be GREAT.

  49. Sarah Davis says

    This is sooo cool! I like the fact that you can track your budget and create a wishlist. My husband and I are remodeling our entire house so it would be amazing to have homezada!
    Sarah at realtorsd.com

  50. Jan Messali says

    I’d use this to track home maintenance projects we are just about to start.
    janmessali (at) gmail (dot) com

  51. The budgeting and to-do list features are my favorite.

  52. From a very unorganized working mom….I could definitely use this software !!! It would appear to be the answer to my ever so cumbersome organizational woes 🙂

  53. Since our daughter was born our home projects have been all out of whack. This could really help get us back on track and get our house closer to what we want it to be!

  54. This system would help me get on top of my stuff. Right now it’s on top of me! Loveitneeditwantit! Thanks for the offer ♥

  55. Oh my, how I need this! I think the home maintenance section with REMINDERS would be the most helpful to me! But I really like the inventory tool as well!

  56. Wow! I never knew anything like this existed! Really, it is a revolutionary idea…like a home base for home. Love the inventory capabilities especially!!!

  57. I think the maintenance checklists would help the most

  58. Great giveaway! I would definitely benefit from this software. First thing I’d tackle would be the home inventory. I’ve been neglecting that project, too …

  59. I would use this product to budget my kitchen remodel and new carpet!

  60. I like the home maintence part, we have a new farm that we just bought and we like to work on it.

  61. I need this desperately. I love doing DIY projects but always go over budget. We recently bought a new house and we have so many plans for it. It would be nice to keep everything organized in one place!

  62. I need to make an inventory for insurance purposes. I also like the idea of having all of my renovation plans and pricing in one place.

  63. I like that you can track your future spending and save offline research too. I REALLY need to do a home inventory. It seems so complicated and overwhelming. Maybe not anymore. Yay! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  64. I have always wanted to do an inventory of our home. My family had a house fire when I was little and I remember my parents struggling to write down everything in their house after. This would make it super easy. Hope to win!

  65. Melissa York says

    As a newly single mom with a toddler, this is exactly the type home management program I could put to great use. My favorite 2 things about this program are the home maintenance reminDers and the financial support it offers.

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