How I Finally Purchased (and Funded) a Handbag I’ve Been Stalking for 3 Years

The last time I purchased a handbag was February 19, 2020, almost two years ago. That’s showing great restraint for me, considering how much I love handbags. lol Back in 2019, Louis Vuitton produced a Limited Edition shearling version of their iconic Speedy bag. They named it the “Teddy Speedy” and I loved it the moment I saw it. It looked so cozy for fall and winter! Unfortunately, it was priced a good bit higher than their regular Speedy 25 bags due to it being in such limited production.

Every year when autumn came around and the cooler temps began to move it, I would think about that bag and would stalk Fashionphile, my favorite shop for pre-loved bags, to see if they had it in stock. There were quite a few listed that first fall in 2020 but this past fall they had a lot fewer in stock. I came close to buying it–but again resisted.

I was late looking for it this fall/winter season and didn’t check out Fashionphile until a few weeks ago. There were only two on the site and one was listed in “Excellent” condition. It looked new in the photos. I’ve discovered over the years that Fashionphile seems to err on the side of under-estimating the condition of their bags. I’ve purchased one other bag from them, also listed in Excellent condition and it looked brand new when it arrived. The Speedy bag I was stalking was already in 27 carts and had been ♥ by 73 other bag lovers. Yikes! I knew if I really wanted to buy it this year, I needed to act quickly.



I had a few fashion items that I no longer needed or wore, and that I had been thinking of selling to Fashionphile. I knew the bag would probably be gone by the time I took photos and submitted those to Fashionphile for a quote/payment, so I decided to try something I’ve never done with them before–their “Reserve Layaway” program. I placed the bag on reserve with a downpayment and got busy photographing the items I no longer needed. In the end, I decided to part with three designer costume bracelets that were in colors I never seem to wear, a small scarf, and a bag charm. I also offered them a Roberto Coin sun pendant I had purchased while in Hawaii–the trip you guys convinced me to take in the comments of THIS post. 🙂

Tiffany & Co. Smile Necklace with Roberto Coin Sunburst Necklace


I love this necklace but when I purchased it, I had a hard time deciding between the two sizes it came in. I remember standing in the Na Hoku store in Lahaina, agonizing for an embarrassing amount of time between both sizes, finally going with the smaller of the two suns. Over the years, I have always second-guessed that decision, kinda wishing I had gone with the bigger sun which was around twice as large as the smaller one, so when Roberto Coin brought this design back again this past year, I purchased the larger sun pendant with intentions of selling the smaller sun one day.

One of the things I like about Fashionphile is if you decide to go with a store credit instead of being paid directly for an item, they will add an additional 10% to the payment they offer you for your item. I decided to go with a store credit and once the credit was posted for all my items, I paid the small amount left remaining on the bag. In the end, by selling items I no longer needed/wore, I only paid out of pocket a little more than 1/4 the cost of the bag.

Louis Vuitton Teddy Speedy 25, Shearling Bag


The bag arrived a few days ago and again, Fashionphile had greatly understated the condition of the bag in their ad. The description had stated there would be scratches on the hardware, scuffs on the handles, and marks on the inside. There are none of those things…it’s perfect. I’m starting to wonder if Fashionphile always defaults to stating scratches/scuffs/marks on any bag they sell that’s not brand new to cover anything they may possibly overlook on a bag. The bag came with a beautiful, gold-colored lock (with keys) that’s still in pristine condition. I love how it looks hanging on the bag but have decided to leave it off since I don’t want it to get scratched. I don’t plan to ever lock the bag anyway, so it would just be decorative if I did use it.

Louis Vuitton Shearling Teddy Speedy


I never worry about buying from Fashionphile since you have 30 days to return a bag as long as you don’t cut the tags off. If you change your mind about buying an item that you’ve had on reserve, they keep a 10% restocking fee which is understandable since the item has been kept off the market/website where they could have sold it during the time it was on reserve. But if it’s a bag that is purchased outright and not placed on reserve, I love their generous 30-day return period. That is so rare when purchasing from online shops selling pre-loved bags and sometimes you just don’t know if a bag will work for you until you have it in your hands and can see and touch it for real.

How to Purchase a Louis Vuitton Bag Without Breaking the Budget


I purchased a bag organizer in red, the same color as the interior of the bag. I love the extra structure and protection it gives the bag. The place I always go to for organizers is here: Bag Organizer Insert. I’ve ordered several over the years and they are always well-made. I plan to keep my cellphone in the center (currently zipped) pocket since that’s so easy to reach and my large phone fits easily.

Favorite Organizer Insert for Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag


I wanted to share this experience with you since it was the first time I’ve placed anything on reserve with Fashionphile. The quoting and selling process with them was easy and straightforward. They took a little longer to give me a quote for my necklace than for my other items, but I think that’s due to the volume of submissions they get each day and the fact it was a fine jewelry item, so more expensive than the other items I was selling.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that. Fashionphile has no idea I’m sharing my experience. I’m just another one of their many customers. If you would like to see what they currently have in stock, you’ll find their website here: Fashionphile. They have a “Sale” category where you can find items on sale from 10-30% off. You’ll find the Sale section here: Fashionphile Items on Sale.

After my experience, I would definitely sell to them again and I appreciate how they have a Reserve/Layaway option. It worked great in letting me hold the bag I wanted during the time I was submitting my items to Fashionphile for a quote.

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  1. Cute bag! It’s so nubby and looks so soft – just like a teddy. And that’s such a smart way to do it, too. Who doesn’t have items they no longer use? Makes sense to switch them for something you’ll love and use now. I also appreciate hearing about your great experiences with Fashionphile. It’s wonderful to be able to recommend something unreservedly.

    I’m glad you were able to get the bag you love, Susan. You HAVE shown great restraint these past couple of years, so I’m happy this worked out so well for you. Can’t wait until put together an outfit with your new teddy. 🙂

  2. Enjoy your bag! Beautiful!

  3. I love that you love bags! I appreciate the review of Fashionphile and plan to shop for a new LV. I would like to see the bag as you are holding it or the dimensions. I have been searching for a Speedy 35 Bandolier without success and my local store has none in stock in any pattern so I can “try it on”. If I order from Fashionphile I know I could return if needed. Thank you and enjoy that cute bag!

  4. It just looks so huggable. Great find and looks brand new. Enjoy your purchase

  5. Jackie Allen says

    love the bag- is is so fun! Hmm may need to check out that website – thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Susan, Love the bag! Quick question, how do you find the specific bag organizer/liner for a specific handbag so that it fits proper?

    • Thanks! The company I’ve been buying them from on Etsy makes each organizer individually to fit whatever specific bag that you have. When you visit Etsy, they have the different brands listed down the left sidebar.
      Once you click on that brand, you can see the various organizers for the different types of handbags that brand makes.
      For Example, here’s the page that comes up when you click on LV Speedy in the sidebar:
      From there you, find your specific bag listed under the photos. Then when you click on that, there are dropdown menus where you can choose the specific bag and the color organizer you want. I actually ordered my red organizer when I first put my bag on reserve, so when I paid it out, the organizer was already here.
      Check out this link: Notice how on the right I can choose my exact bag and the color from the drop-down menu. I noticed somewhere on that page it said you could request whatever color zipper you wanted, gold vs silver. I asked for a gold zipper in the “notes” section at checkout.
      I wish their website was a little better laid out.
      Also, you can use the search box at Etsy to search for “Organizer for XXXX bag” to see all the companies on Etsy that make an organizer for your bag.
      I noticed today that there was a note at the Etsy site saying if you didn’t see the organizer you needed, you could contact them at their website, too.

  7. Hope Hickman-Mason says

    You are such a smart, smart lady. Thinking out how to obtain that bag was truly a “McGyver” maneuver! How generous of you to share! Btw, love your posts!!

    • Thanks so much, Hope! Truly appreciate that!
      HaHaHa–that carrot dangling in front of me definitely got my wheels turning. It felt good to part with the things I no longer needed, too.

  8. Novita G. Donovan says

    How much will you be selling your smaller necklace for? I hope I am not asking a frivolous question. I just might want to buy it as it looks quite nice. If you do not want to give me the information I completely I understand.

    • Thanks for your question, Novita. I no longer have it, I went ahead and sold it to Fashionphile with several other items. I thought about offering it here on the blog but wasn’t sure the best way to do that since I’ve never done that before. That particular necklace is back available online now, at least in the larger size. Not sure if they are making it in the smaller size I initially purchased. I purchased the larger size last year (over the phone) from Ben Bridge in Texas. I think they have locations in several cities.

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