Birds & Bees Living in the Dovecote & Beautiful Summer Tops on Sale

A couple of days ago I went outside via the garage door and cut through a little path behind the magnolia to get to the front porch. I’m currently not using the front door since there’s a sweet bird nesting in my front door wreath.


As I passed by the dovecote in the front yard, I noticed a bee flew out? Ummm, I’ve never seen a bee fly out of the dovecote. The bee flew out of the opening I’ve circled below. Out of curiosity, wondering if it was just a single bee or if they were actually nesting inside, I lightly tapped the dovecote near the opening with the package I was holding.

Bee Nesting in Dovecote


Oh. My. Gosh! About 15-20 bees poured out of the opening, swarming all around that side of the dovecote! They looked like bumblebees but smaller than the typical bumblebee I usually see around flowers. As I headed back inside, I was thinking how it’s a good thing the bluebirds had finished nesting in this dovecote earlier in the spring. They had been nesting in one of the compartments on the other side of the dovecote. They had also later built a nest where the bees were now nesting. Hopefully, they had finished nesting before the bees moved in!

Bees Nesting in Birdhouse


The next day, I once again had to go out the garage door to retrieve a package from the porch. This time when I took the little shortcut behind the magnolia, I walked by the other side of the dovecote, avoiding the bee side. I was shocked when a Mama bluebird shot out of one of the openings on that side of the dovecote! What?!!!

Bluebirds Nesting in Dovecote with Bees


See the straw hanging out of the opening–that’s apparently where she’s nesting. So, at the moment, this dovecote has both birds AND bees nesting inside! The bees are on the far right side and the birds are on the left side, opposite the bees. I hope they continue to live in harmony in their own little apartments! From what I’ve read, bees naturally vacate their nest toward the end of summer. So I’ll just wait and clean out the dovecote in the fall as I normally would. Have you ever had bees AND birds nesting in a multi-compartment birdhouse at the same time?

Bluebirds Nesting in Dovecote Near Bees_wm


Weekend Shopping

Talbots is having a BOGO sale right now! I was shopping online this morning to see what new goodies they have in. Everything I’m sharing below is part of the sale. I think the sale price shows up once the item is in your cart.


I love Sperry topsiders but haven’t tried their sneakers, yet. I love madras and these would look so cute with the Talbots shorts I wear all summer. I especially like that they don’t have to be tied. I have a pair of the topsiders in that style and they are so easy to slip on.These are on sale here: Madras Sneakers.



Love the gorgeous combination of blue and white in this sweater! If you have a beach trip planned or will be visiting someplace this summer where the evenings tend to be cool, this sweater would be perfect for those evening walks along the beach. You’ll find it on sale here: Blue and White Top.




Another sweater that would be perfect for beach walks or chilly evenings! I actually have one very similar to this that I purchased at Talbots a few years back. I always take it with me when I travel in the summer. This one is on sale here: Sweater for Beach Walks.


another super-cute floral shirt! Love the colors! These are the colors that I look best in so I need to get this one for summer. You’ll find it on sale here: Floral Top.


Another great floral tee! This one is on sale here: Floral Top.


I love stripes for summer and this top would be really cute for our upcoming 4th of July celebrations. You’ll find this one on sale here: Striped Top.


This top would be beautiful with white shorts or white pants. I tend to wear white shorts/white jeans all summer, just changing my top for a whole new look. It makes getting dressed so much easier! You’ll find this pretty floral top on sale here: Blue, White, and Yellow Top.


If you prefer to wear blue denim in the summer, this adorable top looks great with jeans. You’ll find it on sale here: Blue and White Top. I love the pattern, it makes me think of blue and white porcelain. ♥


These are my favorite white jeans. I buy their “curvy” fit since that works for my body shape–otherwise, I end up with a big gap in the waist in back.



I’m so glad Talbots carries the “curvy” fit online since they don’t carry them in their stores. You’ll find these straight-leg jeans (and other styles) on sale in the regular fit here: Regular Fit. The curvy fit is available here:  White Jeans Curvy Fit.

White Jeans for Curvy Figures


I also love their “French Rose” colored jeans. The color is so beautiful for both spring and summer!

French Rose Jeans, Lilly Pulitzer Shirt, Prada Wicker Bag


You’ll find the French Rose jeans in both the regular and curvy fit here: French Rose Jeans.


So about those bees–have you ever had bees nest in a birdhouse? I don’t think there’s not much I can do about the bees, so I really hope the birds will be fine and they continue to live peacefully with their bee neighbors.

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  1. My guess is they will live in harmony; however, if they are honey bees, it is possible it is a hive and that they are building a honeycomb. This has happened on our farm in tree holes and utility boxes (they like those small openings). When this is the case, we contacted a beekeeper to remove and relocate them so they weren’t harmed. You mentioned they might be bumble bees so not sure what they’re nesting habits are. Contact your local agriculture department or local beekeeper(s) if there are any in your area. An exterminator would be my last choice.

    • They def aren’t honey bees. I have those on my hydrangea near the mailbox. These are bigger and having markings like a bumblebee, but they are smaller than the larger bumblebees that I sometimes see flying around my deck.

  2. Betty Legge says

    I was interested in your wreath that had been selected by a bird for her nest. My aunt had a large decorative wreath outside of a door leading into her kitchen. There was a window above her kitchen sink, so she much enjoyed watching the nesting process, the eggs, etc. HOWEVER, as the nesting process progressed, she began seeing mites in her house. Over time, her house became infested with the mites. She had to have exterminators come and treat the infestation. It was costly and a terrible nuisance. Just a word of caution . . . . . .

  3. Are your bees carpenter bees? If so, get rid of them or they will eat holes in your dovecote and any wood on you house. We have them around our house every year eating holes everywhere. They look like bumble bees, but are not.

  4. Never had bees nest in a bird house, but it sounds like your birds and bees are living in harmony! Just got the French Rose jeans ( I actually buy the regular length capri jeans and then I don’t have to hem them at all!) and can’t wait to wear them!

  5. Margot C says

    I just finished reading “The Music Of Bees” a beautiful, heartwarming story with lots of facts about the life of honeybees. You might enjoy it. I also laughed because before I read your post I had just ordered 2 tops from Talbots and now I have ordered 2 more! Love the summer colors and styles.

  6. Jean Sprimont says

    On a non Bird/Bee note…
    I too love Talbots but am presently furious with them. They have removed the Petite Plus department from our store and I understand from all but two across the nation. For those of use who need to try both the Petite X Lg and the Petite X this is a huge inconvenience. Their “they’re available by catalogue” rebuttal is infuriating. Have you any influence?

    • No, I’m just a customer like everyone else. I haven’t visited my local Talbots in over a year, almost always order all my clothes online now. With some stores, if I’m not positive what size I’ll need, I’ll order two sizes and just return the size that doesn’t work. I’ve been pretty lucky with Talbots and usually wear the same size in shirts and pants that I have in the past, so normally don’t have to return anything with them.

    • Maybe the are like all the other companies and just making what the sell the most of . So many businesses are just trying to keep the doors open. It is difficult to find employees and materials. Hopefully it will get better soon.

      • Tina W Reynolds says

        You are so correct! Our restaurants are open now and we have returned to a few. Many, I am sad to say, have been forced out of business and the few we have tried have greatly reduced the number of items on the menu. Supplies are scarce and costly and unreliable. Employees are not yet all re-hired. I am sure that all businesses are experiencing unanticipated problems. It’s a shame.

  7. I haven’t had bees in my birdhouse but this summer after noticing a bluebird starting to build a nest in the bluebird house but shortly thereafter left and no others came. I took the house down and hubby cleaned it out and found there were hundreds of tiny ants all mingled in with the nest. He cleaned it out and sprayed with insect spray and shortly thereafter a wren decided to build. I’ll definitely check it out next year. Also, bought a hanging geranium basket, hung it up and a wren promptly began a nest. I love the birds but I have to cut off the dead flowers and keep it watered! 🙂

  8. The carpenter bee, which are smaller but resemble a bumblebee, can be destructive to wood because they make holes to lay eggs. Bumblebee nests are usually found in the ground. The last one we found (near my dryer vent) had over 200 bees in it. Once the baby birds leave their nest, take care of the bees.

  9. franki Parde says

    You’ve got a real “B&B” going on there!!! franki

  10. Susan, I couldn’t help but notice that the pattern on a lot of these tops are similar to the Lily Pulitzer t-shits. I hope if you get some, you have better luck with them! I particularly like the first two, right under the shoes. That beautiful blue and white top and then the floral blouse. So pretty. And I love, love, love the French Rose pink jeans. So soft and feminine looking.

    Your comment about wearing mostly white shorts and white jeans in summer had me laughing because I have taken to wearing white linen pants as my standard ‘uniform’ for summer. 😀 Sure makes everything easier.

    Can’t help you with the bees. I sure hope they don’t hurt the little bluebirds. I’m thinking they’ll leave each other alone, like people in a New York apartment building, lol. Please keep us informed of the progress. Looking forward to seeing whatever fun things you have for Metamorphosis Monday.

  11. I can’t wait to hear the next installment of the Birds and Bees saga – I hope they live happily together.

    Thanks for all the shirt recommendations, too – your style-scouting prowess is awesome! Happy Sunday!

  12. Donna Nance says

    If they are carpenter bees, they will destroy your wooden dovecote. We have trouble with them on our carport wood. They bore tunnels into the wood and lay eggs Then they hatch out more bees, if the woodpeckers do not find them. Google carpenter bees…

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