A Great Gift Idea & An Inexpensive Way to Try Several Hermes Perfumes

I love Hermes fragrances and wear them a lot. Though they aren’t inexpensive, usually it only takes a couple of spritzes and you’re good for the whole day. So a bottle will last a long, long time.

Yesterday I came across a great gift idea that’s also a wonderful way to sample several of Hermes’ perfumes without committing to buying a large bottle. These would also make a great Christmas present. For this sampler set below, I love that they even went to the trouble to recreate the actual bottle designs that the perfume comes in when you purchase a full-size bottle! They even come in one of Hermes’ iconic orange boxes. Love those orange boxes! lol

These would also be great for travel. When the little sample bottle is empty, if you really enjoyed that particular fragrance, you could buy it in the full-size and refill the small bottle to take along on trips. I use a tiny funnel to refill my small atomizers, just spraying the perfume right into the funnel where it drains down into the bottle.

The set below includes the following Hermes fragrances: Twilly d’Hermes Eau de Parfum, Eau des Merveilles Eau de Toilette, Jour d’Hermes Eau de Parfum and Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate Eau de Cologne. I love that it actually comes in one of Hermes’ iconic orange boxes. You’ll find this set available here: Hermes Perfume Gift Set.

You’ll find this set below available here: Hermes Perfume Gift Set.

The other gift/sampler set that’s also available for the holidays is this one below. It includes the following scents: Eau de Toilette in Un Jardin sur la Lagune, Le Jardin de Monsieur Li, Un Jardin sur le Nil, Un Jardin en Méditerranée. I think these are all garden fragrances, so if you love floral scents, you’ll probably love this set.

This gift set is available here: Hermes Perfume Gift Set.

Sometime soon I’ll put together a holiday gift idea post, but in the meantime, when I come across these special gift ideas, I’ll include those in the next post that goes out. The holiday season is upon us, love this time of year!

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  1. I’m old enough to remember when many companies put out these samplers, and not just for Christmas.

  2. Do you use any of the Hermes perfumes that are in the gift boxes??? Your recommondations, please!

    • I have the deodorant in the eau de Merveilles and love it. I’ve been thinking of buying the perfume, as well. My son gave me a bottle of Twilly and I like it, although it’s very different from all the other Hermes perfumes. I’ve almost purchased Jour d’Hermes Eau de Parfum, it’s wonderful.
      The only garden scent I own is Un Jardin Sur Le Toit and I adore it! It’s named after the garden on the roof of the Hermes flagship store in Paris.
      I have had samples of Le Jardin de Monsieur Li, Un Jardin sur le Nil and liked both of those. My favorite of those two is Un Jardin sur le Nil, which translates to A Garden on the Nile. It’s been a while since I read history of how they created that perfume but I believe they travel to Egypt and observed all the flowers that grew along the Nile River for their inspiration.
      Vi, check out the “reviews” at those links in the post, they may help you choose which set to go with.

  3. What fun! The garden scents sound wonderful – I do love a floral – and I love the little bottles too. Thanks for the tips, and Happy Holiday Planning!

  4. Kathleen Rogers says

    I followed where you recommended, and it said the item couldn’t be found.

    • Kathleen, both links work fine for me and no one else has said they didn’t work, so it must be something on your end that’s not working. I hope you can get them to work.

      • @Susan: FYI links just lead me to ‘Sephora’ and quote … “O Product results – product not carried”. -Brenda-

        • Ummm, let me check again. Wonder why it was working for me.

        • Brenda, I just redid the links again. Let me know if they work now. So weird how they were working okay for me.

          • I am having the same experience with the first link. I am using google chrome as my browser.

            • Maryellen, I think it may be sold out, either that or there’s a problem with the website. When I try to search for it on the website, I get a “product not carried” message. I’ll check it again tomorrow and see if it’s just a glitch with the website. I don’t see how it could sell out that fast, although it is a really nice set to give as a gift for Christmas…so maybe it did sell out.

              • I’m getting the “Product not carried” message on the first sample you listed this morning also. Guess your recommendation caused a sell out! LOL The Jardin set is available.

  5. When I first read the post title, I read it as Hermes scarves So I was intrigued about how to “sample” the scarves. I didn’t read far to realize my error, but how funny. I love that rooftop garden, and the scarf they created from it even more. (I don’t own one, just love the pics of it).

    • That’s a bucket list item for me…visit the Flagship store one day and see the rooftop garden in person. If I ever get to do that, I’ll take photos to share for sure!

  6. ordered the floral collection for my son’s girlfriend! Hope she likes them! If not I’ll mention she can return to me & she can purchase an equally nice anything in place of the Hermes!

  7. Gorgeous gift idea, Susan. I’m a Guerlain girl and would have loved a similar gift box when I was first trying their scents.

  8. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I love all the ads you have at the end of your post, I wanted to share with Jackie to check Fragrantica.com for First. My Gem is discontinued so I’m looking for something soft and pretty.

    Thank You. E

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