Create a Beautiful, Arched, Balloon Garland for Birthdays & Other Special Occasions

During the first part of June, it’s Birthday Central here at my son’s home. My son’s birthday is immediately followed by my youngest grandson’s birthday, which is followed a few days later by my daughter-in-law, Nancy’s, birthday. So there was a lot of decorating, partying and cake-eating happening over the past week or so!

For my youngest grandson’s 4th birthday celebration, Nancy decorated in a dinosaur theme since he is completely obsessed with dinosaurs. Actually both my grandson’s are pretty dinosaur crazy. You may remember their dinosaur bedroom makeover we completed last year.

Boy's Dinosaur Themed Bedroom, Blue Chest, Pottery Barn Quilts


View more of this makeover here: Bedroom Makeover: Dinosaur Themed Bedroom for Two Dinosaur-Loving Boys.

Personalized Embroidered Names on Dinosaur Shams, Pottery Barn


Nancy hung a sparkly green-foil curtain across my grandson’s bedroom door during the night while he slept. She hung another one across the arched door that leads into the living room at the foot of the staircase. He loved it all when he awoke on his birthday and came downstairs.

Children's Dinosaur Themed Birthday Decorations


Nancy also made the most amazing balloon garland! The doorway from the dining room to the living room is a large arched doorway, so it was perfect for the garland.

Have you ever made one of these? I have not and loved it! You’ll find the balloon kit Nancy purchased to make this garland here: Dinosaur Balloon Garland Kit. There are a bunch more dinosaur themed kits here: Dinosaur Balloon Garland Kits.

Dinosaur Themed Kid's Birthday Party Decorations


Nancy blew up all the balloons manually by herself. I was watching the little ones upstairs and had no idea what she was working on down in the basement. I found out what she was doing when she came up and joked about being light-headed. I immediately went online to see what existed for blowing up balloons so she would never have to do that manually again!

By the time I took this picture below, my grandson had already opened up most of his presents. I love how Nancy decorated with my son’s old dinosaur toys from the late 1980’s. Sooo cute!

Dinosaur Themed Kid's Birthday Party Decorations


Nancy’s birthday was only 5 days later. In the meantime, the balloon blowing-up machine (balloon inflator) arrived and I decided to try my hand at making one of the pretty balloon arch garlands for her birthday celebration.

This was the machine I ordered, although this morning I found one online that I think I may like a bit better…more on that in a sec. The way this machine works is you place a balloon over the blue nozzle as shown below, then you press down. When you press down on the blue nozzle, air shoots inside the balloon inflating it.

I didn’t use the little tie thingies that came with this particular machine because they looked like they would easily come untied and I didn’t want to deal with balloons coming untied and deflating as I was assembling the balloon arch. Also, you really need to have each balloon tied off in order to create the balloon arch garland. It would never work with the plastic ties that were included.

Balloon Inflator for Parties, Easy Way to Blow Up Balloons


I waited until everyone was in bed before I started blowing up balloons to make the garland. I snapped a quick photo of my bed as it was filling up with balloons. lol  It was at this point that I realized I would need to go ahead and start assembling the balloon garland since I was fast running out of balloon storage space.

Pink Balloons for a Balloon Garland


Once the garland was complete, I hung it and the other decorations up as everyone slept. I wanted it all to be a big surprise when Nancy came down in the morning. Here’s how the completed garland looked in place between the dining and living room arched doorway.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for Arched Door


Since I wanted the garland to look super full, I used a lot of balloons in varying sizes. This was the balloon kit I purchased: Balloon Kit.

How to Make a Balloon Garland


So how do you create a balloon garland? The balloon kit I purchased came with a long, 16 ft. plastic strip filled with holes every few inches. Each hole in the plastic strip has a wide opening that tapers off on one side. To attach each balloon, you push the tied-off end of the balloon through the larger part of the hole, then pull it to the tapered side of the hole which holds the balloon in place. (See photo below.) I never had any problems with the balloons loosening up and coming off the garland, so this method works very well.

How to attach balloons to make a balloon arch garland


The same kit that came with the balloons also included a stand to create a balloon bouquet. You can see the balloon bouquet I put together on the sofa table in the photo below.

DIY Balloon Arch for Decorating Birthday


In addition to the balloon kit HERE, I also purchased this balloon kit: Balloon Kit. I did end up using a few of the balloons from the second kit, so I was glad I had it. You don’t have to purchase two kits, I just didn’t want to run out of balloons or have a skimpy garland. Plus, I thought it would be great to have some extra balloons to use in other areas of the living room.

How to Make a Balloon Garland


This was the balloon pump I purchased, you’ll find it available here: Electric Balloon Pump. It worked great and was super fast. There is absolutely NO WAY I could have created this arch and make it as full as I did, without the pump. It would have taken a million years to blow up all these balloons, but it actually went quite fast with the pump.

Balloon Inflator for Parties, Easy Way to Blow Up Balloons


I like the look of this pump below even better than the one I purchased because it comes with a hose that can be used to inflate pool rafts and inflatable pool toys, etc… It also comes with a tying tool that you will DEFINITELY want to have! The pump I purchased didn’t come with the balloon tying tool, but one of the balloon kits I purchased did. A tying tool is invaluable for this project!

You’ll find this pump here: Electric Balloon Pump.

Electric Balloon Inflator for Parties


This is the balloon tying device that came in one of the balloon kits I purchased.

Balloon Tying Tool Saves Fingers


It took me a few minutes staring at these photos to figure out exactly how to use it, but once you figure it out, it is a genius device! I have a touch of arthritis in a couple of my fingers and there’s no way I could have tied off a gazillion balloons without this tool. With the combination of the balloon inflator machine and the balloon tying tool, I was able to blow up and tie off approximately 4-6 balloons per minute.

If you had someone helping you, it would go even faster since one person could be blowing up the balloons while the other person could tie them off. Or you could alternate, one person blowing up a balloon while the other person is tying off the one they just blew up. It would go super fast with two people but is totally doable with just one.

Directions for using a Balloon Tying Tool


In addition to the balloon arch garland, I hung a sparkly, pink-foil curtain across the doorway at the foot of the stairs, the same doorway Nancy had hung the boys green, foil curtain. Pictures don’t do it justice, it was gorgeous glimmering in the light streaming down the staircase from the upstairs landing window.

I also hung up a sparkly, pink-foil garland over the doorway to her bedroom late that night. Later she told me that when she awoke, she could see it gleaming away in the morning sunshine streaming in through the bedroom windows. (Garland is available here: Foil Garland.)

Pink Foil Fringe Curtain or Backdrop, Party Decoration


I decorated the mirror over the fireplace with a banner that came in a third kit. You’ll find that kit here: Birthday Kit.

See the little balloon flower on the right end. One of the balloon kits that I purchased came with little plastic, flower-shaped thingies that could be used to create three balloon flowers. You’ll find that kit here: Balloon Kit.

Happy Birthday Banner Decoration


I liked the balloon tying tool so much, I purchased a package of 3 so Nancy would have two (including the one that came in one of the kits) and I would have two to take back home. I am planning on purchasing my own balloon blowing-up machine because they are amazing! If you have birthday parties or other types of celebrations, you need a balloon inflating machine and balloon tying-off tools!

You’ll find this 3-pack of balloon tying tools here: Balloon Tying Tools.


If you love this idea, have any questions, or I left something out, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you find this info helpful as you plan for a future birthday, anniversary, graduation, baby shower, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day celebration!

How to Make a Balloon Garland

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  1. Dawne Marie says

    The balloon garland is absolutely beautiful! I like the blowing machine also. What a celebration was had! Thanks for sharing this great info.

  2. franki parde says

    PARTEE’ !!!!! How did you “pop” them??? franki

    • The boys popped the first garland Nancy made by taking the balloons outside one at the time and throwing them on the backyard grass. It was a super hot day and they were fascinated that the balloons would pop from just touching the hot grass. Of course, they had to pick up all the little pieces afterward. lol The pink garland is still in place. I’m sure the boys will be helping dispose of it this weekend coming.

  3. Beautiful! I host our company parties and the blowing machine is a life saver! I didn’t know about the garland kit, though – can’t wait to try that! Every time I read one of these posts, I’m more sure how happy your family must be to have you there! And I can see why you and your lovely daughter in law get along so well – sounds like you’re cut from the same cloth!

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful inspiration! I know I say that every week, but it’s true! 😉 Take care and see you tomorrow!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! We were talking about that the other day, how we seem to have the same taste and like the same things. It sure makes it a lot of fun! I’m going to miss them all when I head back home tomorrow.

  4. Wouldn’t work well in my house with 5 dogs b8t you sure did a beautiful job! I bet the birthday folks were just thrilled.

  5. Oops! I mistyped my email address in my 1st post.

  6. So what’s become of all those balloons? and how did you attach the garland to the wall? And does you son now feel his birthday was a little inferior?

    • My grandsons had a blast popping the green garland (one balloon at the time) on the hot grass in the backyard. They were hilarious running back and forth into the house getting one balloon at the time and tossing it onto the super hot grass to watch it pop. They had a big clean up job afterward. Nancy’s balloon garland is still in tact but she plans to let the boys do that again with it tomorrow since it wll be 89 degrees out tomorrow.
      Nancy decorated for Chip, too…just on a more moderate scale. lol I’ve forgotten now what she did, I think she just had a banner up and balloons all around, then added to it for the boys. Of course, he had a birthday cake and presents.

    • Mia, I was just thinking back and remembered, Nancy put the garland up for Chip’s birthday, then the next day added the green foil curtain at the foot of the staircase and across Charlie’s bedroom, along with the dinosaur decorations the next day.

  7. Jackie Allen says

    Looks great – love the dinosaur theme with the animals lined up! Also – I think I will have to try that pink arch!

  8. Deena Salvatore says

    Susan, leave it up to you to come up with yet another brilliant idea! Our granddaughter is going to be 2 this year and I think a balloon garland is just the thing to decorate the large arch from their living room into the dining room for the festivities. I’m ordering EVERYTHING!! Thank you! ❤️

  9. Debra Early says

    Where did you get the balloon tree in background?

    • It came in this kit: . I used some of the little “glue dots” to add three smallish balloons to it to make it a little fuller than it was naturally. If you buy that kit, be sure to look at that link/page to see how to put it together. I put mine together by looking at the photos on that page above.

  10. Lovely and very thoughtful of you to surprise Nancy.
    I bet both boys just screamed with delight when they saw they decorations.
    May I ask a question not related please. I love the look of Nancy’s floors. Do you know the name of the color, are they real wood, anything to help me. I have been looking at floors for a long time and it is the color that stumps me. I do like the color of Nancy’s

    • Thanks, Rosie! Their home was built in the early 1920s and when they moved in, they had the hardwood floors refinished. That was about 7 years ago, so Nancy doesn’t remember the color of the stain the flooring company used now.

  11. Susan, it’s just non-stop fun being around you.

  12. If you ever get to return HOME I know some Big people and LITTLE people that are surely going to miss you. And especially US …parents and grandparents. You have given us so many new ideas . Thanks

  13. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Wow, you and Nancy did a great job decorating the house. I love what Nancy did for her dinosaur loving son, so much fun and I can imagine the surprise when her son got up and saw the “curtains” and balloons. I love too that she decorated with your son’s old dino’s. You made Nancy’s birthday so special just like she did her son. I love the balloon garlands. I’ve never made one, but I can see how having a balloon blowing up machine would be a must. Never knew there were gadgets that helped you tie the balloons either. I live under a rock. lol Loved seeing the house all decorated up!! Hugs, Brenda

  14. This blower and garland tape are terrific. Last time I made an arch I used a plastic balloon hand pump and fishing line! This is such a time saver!

  15. Such fun Susan and do appreciate the information on the gadgets. Speaking of which prior to your mention of the balloon tiers I am thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if Susan still is wearing faux nails?’ ☺ -Brenda-

    • I do still wear them sometimes, but haven’t the last three months…too much going on with the kidds to worry about them. I don’t how Nancy does it. She keeps her nails (toes and fingers) looking so beautiful and professionally done at all times. She usually does it after the kids are in bed, but I think I’d be too lazy. lol

  16. Marie in AZ says

    The garlands are wonderful fun! How did you attach the garland to the wall?

    • Nancy has three little white hooks attached under the arch for when she decorates. I used those along with packing tape. Amazingly, you can use tape directly on the walls and it doesn’t damage them. I can’t do that in my home in Georgia where I have painted sheetrock walls, but it doesn’t hurt the paint on the plaster walls in their 1920s home.

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