You Asked and I Found ‘Em! Happy Summer & 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! I hope you are having a great 4th!

I had planned this weekend to work on a fun project but that got postponed when I couldn’t get the item I needed from the Atlanta Ikea. When I drove down on Friday, there was a monstrous line coming out the door, going around the building and down the side of the building. I’m guessing there were at least 100 people (probably more) standing in the 93-degree heat waiting to get in. There was even a line to get into the parking garage!

I didn’t even slow down when I saw that line, hit the gas pedal and kept on going heading straight back home. I think I may try again next week. So discouraging though because I really wanted to play this weekend.

A few days ago I posted this table setting and several of you wanted to know where I found the cute little chairs I used to hold the cupcakes. I purchased those many years ago from Old Time Pottery. They were actually votive holders and had little glass votives sitting in the holes. When I saw these cute chairs, I don’t know why but my brain thought, “Cupcakes!”

4th of July Table Centerpiece


Fast forward a few years later, I was visiting my son, DIL, and grandsons and wanted to create a surprise beach-themed table setting for them while they were away from home for a few hours.

Pagoda Umbrella for Outdoor Table, Outdoor Dining 2


My grandsons love cupcakes so when I came across these cute Adirondack chairs in Hobby Lobby earlier that day, I picked up a few hoping they would work as cupcake holders–and they did!


Funny story: Months later my daughter-in-law texted me that every time my grandsons notice the Adirondack chairs in the lower part of her china cabinet, they ask if they can have cupcakes. lol I’ve ruined them, they will forever associate Adirondack chairs with cupcakes for the rest of their lives. Ha!

Adirondack Chairs as Cupcake Holder 2


Since so many folks have asked me about these cupcake chairs over the years, I went searching online a few days ago to see what I could find. I felt like this was the right time to look for them since we’re into the heart of summer now.

I found these adorable chairs below and emailed the seller to ask about the size. She probably thought I was crazy when I followed up asking if she thought a cupcake would fit on the seat of the chair. lol


She emailed me back with this photo. 🙂 Yes!


So if you would like some adorable Adirondack chairs for serving cupcakes this summer, you’ll find these available here: Adirondack Chairs. She makes these chairs in a few different sizes but that link should take you to the size shown above that will hold a cupcake.

Since I don’t have any Adirondack chairs here (left them in Ohio) I think I’m going to order some of these to use in a future beach-themed table. The colors are all so pretty, I’m going to have a hard time choosing! Arggg.


Are you doing any shopping online today? There are a lot of 4th of July sales going on. Talbots is having a big sale. I’m eyeing this pretty blue and white toile shirt. I can never resist toile! You’ll find it on sale here: Blue and White Toile Shirt.

You’ll find all the other items currently on sale here: Talbot’s 4th of July Sale.


If you’re in need of a cute hat for summer walks or just hanging out in your own backyard, I love this one that I purchased earlier in the spring while I was still in Ohio. Amazing quality for just $17.99! You’ll find it available here: Sun Hat.


If you’re in need of some really cute masks, these are still my favorite of all that I’ve seen and worn. The patterns remind me so much of the colorful, summery Lilly Pulitzer designs.  I carry one in each of my summer bags so I always have one with me in case I need it. I purchased these here: Pretty Face Masks

Face Masks, Lilly Pulitzer Style Fabric


Happy 4th of July to you! I’m headed out onto the porch to relax and read a bit. It’s gorgeous out this weekend! Hope you are seeing lots of sunshine today!

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  1. Susan, you always find the best stuff! The chairs are adorable as well as that Talbot toile! Happy 4th !

  2. Love your DIL’s pation table and chairs. Do you know the source?? Happy July 4th!

  3. Biodynamic Barb says

    LOL! That Etsy seller is going to wonder why Adirondack chair sales are through the roof, as your readers wipe her out! 20 people have them in their cart already. They really are wonderful – thank you for sharing the link!

    • Thanks, Barb! I was so excited to find them online since I know most of us don’t want to be out running around shopping the stores in person right now.

  4. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Happy 4th Susan! Those are some cute chairs for cupcakes and I think you were on to something when you showed the cupcakes in them. lol Yes, hard to pick a color for sure. The natural wood would go with anything, but might not show up as much since they aren’t colorful, so I guess you are going to have a struggle on picking a color or colors. lol I do love that hat, but doesn’t look like it is adjustable. I have a crazy tiny head and finding hats to fit is really hard for me. I’m heading out to the pool with a book in hand – ok a Kindle Paper White, but hey, I love having so many books at my finger tips. lol I still read physical books too though. Have a wonderful day, hot one here in Central PA. Hugs, Brenda

    • Happy 4th, Brenda! I know, the bright pink chairs have already sold out. I love all the bright colors!
      The hat is adjustable…it has a little tie thing inside that lets you adjust it, then you don’t have to ajust it again.
      I know, Kindles are awesome for travel, too! Enjoy your afternoon, hope you are sipping something delish by the pool! 🙂

  5. I do love the miniature adirondack chairs and did get some after seeing your “surprise” table setting on your son’s patio( last year maybe ?). What I really would like now are some of the metal miniature vintage patio chairs. The only kind I can find are the really small (fairy garden size). You are so good at hunting things down (LOL) if you are able to locate any, I would appreciate you passing along their whereabouts. Always a joy to read your BNOP!

    • Thanks so much, Gail! If I come across any of those, I will definitely let you know. I got lucky finding the Adirondack chairs online a few days ago. Hopefully the seller will keep carrying them! I love how they look!

  6. Deborah D says

    Got my little chairs ordered. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Elinda Turner says

    I believe Michael’s has the little Adirondack chairs. Have a Happy 4th oh July !

    • Thanks, Elinda. I just looked and unfortunately, I only see them in unfinished wood or white with curved seats…not the pretty bright colors. If someone is crafty and the chairs are large enough to hold a cupcake, they could purchase the unfinished ones and buy the various paint colors to paint them themselves.

  8. Thanks, Susan. Ordered chairs in different colors which my four year old granddaughter will love!!

  9. If you have never explored the “and That” store on Barrett Pkwy (west of 75),check it out…lots of affordable items to make ideas become reality. The store is an offshoot of “The Christmas Tree Shops” up North (originally owned by the Billezikian(sp?) family on Cape Cod).Bed Bath and Beyond bought the stores several years ago,and subseqently introduced them in the South…first “Christmas Tree Shop” in Birminham, then Augusta.
    Check them out…

  10. The little chairs and the idea to use them for cupcakes is just too cute. Can’t wait to see how you will use them again in a beach theme table setting. The pastel chairs remind me of the pastel beach houses around Galveston.
    Happy 4th of July

  11. SharonFromMichigan says

    I love the idea of having a fancy way to enjoy the cupcake before its eaten. This would also be a good way to keep portions in check. My guys can polish off a whole dozen if I put all of them on a plate! 😉

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Cute little chairs! Happy 4th Susan! God bless America! ♥️♥️

  13. I love the colorful chairs too ! She should reward you with a free set for all these sales.
    But, back to the line out the door. Before FL reopened, I went to Joann’s twice without shopping. The first time I waited in line 30 minutes before I left because one customer went out, one went in and I thought they would close before my turn. The heat was too much. They must have lost millions in sales.

  14. Those cupcake chairs are darling! So fun that the seller sent you that picture – however your brain came up with that idea, I love it!! Happy 4th to you!!

  15. Bobbi Duncan says

    Cupcakes instead of votives– always thinking out of the box is one reason why you’re so great at what you do! Hope you had a nice 4th. Ours was very low-key, just Michael and me plus lots of yummy food and a good movie. Hugs!

  16. Liz MacFarlane says

    I love your site. It shares such beautiful ideas for decorating. I have been searching for a particular throw cushion for some time now and wonder if anybody can help me locate where I can buy it. Turquoise flowers and a couple of rosy birds. So love it. How can I share a picture of it with you? HELP.

    • Liz, you can see a photo to me at [email protected] but not sure I can be of much help. One suggestion, if you use the Chrome browser, you can sometimes right click on the photo at a website and it will try and find that picture for you. I’ve been able to track an item down occasionally doing that method.

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