How to Keep Handbag Handles Clean & Protected from Dirt, Stains and Lotion

Welcome to the 537th Metamorphosis Monday!

A while back I shared a wicker bag I had purchased a year or two ago. I carried this bag quite a bit last summer and really enjoyed it, but I had one concern that I couldn’t resolve.

Adorable Prada Wicker Bag


The handles of the bag are a heavy-duty, stiff, canvas type fabric. They feel nice and sturdy but since they are fabric, I’ve been worried they would eventually show dirt. I’ve tried to make sure I don’t carry the bag while wearing hand lotion, but I know just the natural oils from our skin could eventually cause the handles to darken. This bag can also be worn via its shoulder strap and I do often carry it that way, but there are still times when I need to pick it up by the handles.

At one point I tried tying a Hermes Twilly around each handle, but the twillies would not stay on very well. They kept coming undone/untied. I think that was due to the shape of the bottom of the handle where it attaches to the bag–the way it widens out.

A few days ago I went in search of a solution–something to protect the handles. After a bit of Googling, I found an interesting product and decided to order it.

Prada Wicker Bag, Pink


I found these nifty handle covers and after a few exchanges with the inventor, I’m going to give them a try.

Handbag Handle Covers, Protection for Handles


They come in a ton of different colors.

Covers for Handles of Handbag, Protects and Keeps Clean


There were several pink shades from which to choose; I ordered the color the white arrow is pointing to below. I wasn’t sure if the light pink color would match my handles so decided to go with a darker shade that I hope will complement the darker pink color of the wicker part of the bag. I can always exchange them if that color doesn’t work. They also come in several neutral shades and several white/cream shades.

I have a couple of more bags with handles that I wouldn’t mind protecting so I may end up ordering some of the other colors. I’ll share how these work out as soon as they arrive. It will be so nice using my wicker bag this summer and not having to worry about the canvas/fabric handles!

If you have a bag with handles, either leather or fabric that could use some protection, you’ll find these covers available here: Handle Covers for Handbags.

I think these covers would be really helpful for Louis Vuitton bags with Vachetta leather handles since Vachetta leather is so sensitive to any type staining. The reviews look great so I’m excited to try them on my bag!

I’m thankful for clever inventors who come up with solutions to our problems!

Handle Covers for Handbag


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting the party.
    Have a great week, Kippi

  2. Thank you Susan, I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  4. I’m not sure what a Hermes Twilly is and when I googled it came up as a perfume. I like the look of skinny scarves wrapped around purse handles but the solution you found seems perfect. You’re always good at problem solving!

    • Oh, yeah…they’ve come out with a perfume by that name now. That’s what you found. If you Google “Hermes Twilly Scarf,” you’ll see them. I just purchased two of the twillies from Ann’s Fabulous Finds on eBay recently to try on another handbag.
      Thanks, Ginger!


    Hello! Just curious if the stain from the wrap will stain your purse handle?
    Thank you.

  6. I love that you always find what you are looking for, Susan!
    Never seen something like those handle covers, before!
    What a great idea!
    PS: Did you hear about Doris Day passing away, today? So sad!
    And I always forgot to ask you if you also heard about the passing of Mario Buatta last year?!
    I apologize, if you already wrote about his death and I missed it, somehow. I know, you loved him!
    PPS: I just sent you an email, too, Susan.

    • No, I didn’t hear about that. 🙁 Sooo sad. Thanks for letting me know, Cecilia. I did know about Mario last year. He was a great talent…no more quite like him or with his style out there.

  7. Love that you found handle covers. I have a cross body tiny purse that I like for shopping, but the strap is getting worn and even considered buying a leather patch from Joann’s. We were just talking about the advantages of wearing gloves back in the day.

    • That’s true! Myrna, is the strap removable? I’ve seen a lot of handbag lovers buying other straps online to replace straps that are too small or not to their liking. You may even find some replacements on eBay. If it’s not removable, wonder if a leather craftsman could replace it for you with one you purchase. There’s a really good leather shop here in Atlanta that I’ve heard good things about so you may have one near where you live.

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh, how great is that! What a great find! I’m sure that it will work out and save your handles. Ironically, last summer I found a cute straw/wicker type purse, with ladybugs and bees on the front, but was concerned about the handles fraying so I purchased some cute ladybug material and made my own handle covers very similar to the ones you purchased and it really works. Actually it enhanced the purse and made an accent statement, hehe.

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