Dressing Room Update is Complete and a Dharuma Hydrangea Update

Before I share my recent dressing room update, I thought I’d share a small garden update. Back in the summer of 2014, I planted a Dharuma Hydrangea behind my mailbox. I was told that they do well in full sun and are fairly low-growing. I didn’t want a big shrub in this spot since space was limited. Do you see the little Dharuma there just behind the mailbox?


Here’s a photo of it a few weeks after it was first planted.


Last year I shared this photo of it getting ready to bloom. Amazing the difference a few years can make! It was getting dark but you can still see how lovely it looked. It was just getting ready to burst out in bloom.  Definitely a nice hydrangea for a moonlit garden.

Dharuma Hydrangea, Low Growing, Sun Loving


Here’s a photo of it right now–it’s almost ready to bloom again. Look how much taller it has gotten! Before you could clearly see the top of the mailbox but now it’s almost hidden. I hope it doesn’t get much taller. I may have to get more aggressive when I remove the spent blooms if it gets much taller.

It’s such a nice size for this little mailbox garden! I love it! If you’re looking for a hydrangea that can take full sun, consider a Dharuma. It’s completely carefree; I haven’t done a thing to it over the years. I’ll do my best to remember to take a photo of it when it’s in full bloom this time. Definitely recommend it for a garden where you want a relatively small hydrangea that can take full sun.

Dharuma Hydrangea


Mirror Update:

A couple of weeks ago I shared a small update I planned to make in this dressing room attached to the master bedroom. I used to have a mirror on the closet door in this room but had foolishly decided to remove it a few years ago. I had found the mirror distracting as I sat working on my laptop at the little built-in vanity/desk on the left. I’ve really missed that mirror because it was perfect for checking out an outfit before heading out the door.

Peloton Bike in Dressing Area off Master Bedroom


You may recall from my previous post (A Brilliant Invention & Correcting a Regrettable Decision) I had also hoped to fix another issue, a hole that had apparently happened when the door was pushed too far back against the door stop. I really dislike these kinds of doorstops because they dent and damage the molding even when they aren’t punching holes in your door.

Bad Door Stop Damages Door and Door Casing


While I was waiting for the mirror to be delivered and installed, I went in search of a better doorstop. This one is amazing and works beautifully!

Hinge Pin Doorstop, Doesn't damage doors


It’s easy to adjust and I have it locked in the position that allows my closet door to open this far back. LOVE this door stop! If you need a good doorstop that won’t damage your door or molding, you’ll find this one here:  Door Stop.

Improved Door Stop, Doesn't Damage Door Casing


The mirror was installed last week and here’s how it looks on the door. Sooo happy to have it back! The mirror company didn’t use the little tabs (or whatever they are called) to hold the mirror onto the door because those are prone to break. Instead, this one is glued to the door with some type of industrial strength glue which makes for a much cleaner look. Also, there’s a little tray thing that it kinda sits inside along the very bottom.

New Mirror for Dressing Room


And look! No more doorstop hole! Yay! 🙂

Best Doorstop, Prevents Damage to Doors and Wall, Hinge Pin Doorstop


Very pleased with how this little project worked out…one more item off my endless “to-do” list. Do you have one of those lists, too?

New Mirror for Dressing Room

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  1. Looks great! I love that little fridge you have. I have a Korean friend who insists on keeping her cosmetics cool. She says it is more sanitary. They apparently have special cosmetic fridges in Korea. If I decide to go that way one like yours could work handsomely. Do you mind sharing what company makes it? I so look forward to your weekly shopping suggestions. Yours is my favorite shopping blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Yolie! So happy to hear that! I love sharing the stuff that makes my life better/easier.
    I purchased this little refrigerator from Best Buy and the brand is Insignia. You can see a lot of detailed photos of it in this previous post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/small-beverage-cooler-refrigerator-for-the-upstairs/
    I’ve been very happy with it–love having it upstairs!

    • May I ask, how quiet is the refrigerator? I’m looking for a small one for the guest bedroom, so it needs to be silent. Thanks.

      • It’s very quiet 99% of the time. Once in a while, it makes a funny little noise, but it only does that for about 30 seconds. I’m not sure what the funny noise is. It’s an odd sound…hard to describe. It was pretty inexpensive. Some of the more expensive ones might be totally quiet…just not sure.

  3. Thanks for the jolt. I have postponed and plain just keep forgetting to have a full length mirror installed. I don’t have a dressing room as such but I do have a walk through closet between my bedroom and my bathroom and the back of the closet door is perfect for it.

  4. I was so excited to read about your dressing room update, what a great space. We had a big sitting room off of our master bedroom that we really didn’t need since it is just the two of us at home now. We have just turned us into a big walk in closet with built ins along the sides, getting ready to add an island! I can’t wait. I will look into the dharuma hydrangeas for here in Florida!

    • That sounds wonderful, Chloe! The previous owners opened up the next door bedroom to create this dressing room. That was back in 1983. I bet if they were doing it today, they would have done something similar to what you drescribed. I do love the built in drawers but the vanity is kind of a waste since I rarely sit there. I don’t wear much makeup so putting on makeup takes me about 2 minutes in front of the full-length mirror in the original/actual master bedroom closet. I’ve thought of ripping all this out and doing a similar layout to how you’ve done yours, maybe the next owner of this house will do that. I need to renovate the bathroom first. lol

  5. Re the mirror; isn’t that nice Susan you were ‘able to kill two birds with one stone’. (I know its a terrible expression and will have to look it up where it comes from … lol!) Regarding its application, it must be a new method of installation as in one of my renovated bathrooms where the mirror is much larger (from the top of the vanity to the ceiling covering the entire wall) it too was glued with a thin support track on its bottom edge unlike the previous one before, that was secured with a number of clips. Also, thank you for the tip on the hydrangea; as a gardener I am NOT so require all the helpful advice I can get. (It is such a beautiful plant.)

    • Exactly! I know, I was trying to think of another phrase when I first wrote the other post, but that was the only one that kept coming to mind. There must be another phrase that means the same thing that doesn’t involve killing birds. 😉
      Yup, the company that did this for me does the mirrors and shower does in multi-millon dollar homes around Atlanta and he said this is how all the mirrors are installed now…glued in place. My job was a teeny job for him compared to what he normally does (my description-not his) but he got it done quickly for me.
      Thanks! I love plants that are carefree and this one definitely is.

  6. Susan, the hydrangea is amazing. I think this is the same as I planted last year, but mine isn’t growing as fast and as large. It was a grocery store bloom that I bought and then planted after it had bloomed out. I thought it was called Star Hydrangea, but it appears to look like the same bloom as yours. They look like little shooting stars. Most hydrangeas don’t do well here because of the intense summer heat. My oak leaf thrive and this seems to do OK too.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I need to look closer at the blooms and see if mine look like that, too. Star Hydrangea sounds prettier than Dharuma Hydrangea. lol I can’t even spell it, have to look it up every time.
      This one has done amazingly by the mailbox. There’s not a speck of shade around and it’s done great.

  7. No Susan,
    I definitely don’t have a to do list. I don’t need one, as I fully expect to come back as you in my next life.
    The hydrangea is gorgeous.

  8. The hydrangea is beautiful I have been thinking about getting one. The little tray is called a J channel. You can get them in different lengths.

  9. Beverly Cook says

    Susan, do you know what type of soil you have? I understand that knowing if your soil is acid or alkaline makes a big difference in your success with hydrangeas. Ours started out beautifully the first two seasons— full of gorgeous blooms. Suddenly the third season saw verdant foliage with no blooms whatsoever! The two plants never bloomed again, so we eventually pulled them out. Having our soil tested before trying again. Yours is amazing!

    • Thanks, Beverly! We have thick, heavy clay soil here so whenever I plant anything, I usually amend the soil with some type of soil conditioner so whatever I’m planting will get a good start before the roots eventually reach the clay soil. The most important thing for planting here is digging a nice, large hole, preferrably 2-3 times wider than the container/root ball of the shrub. Then I mix the dirt from the hole with some good soil conditioner before planting the shrub.
      I’m not sure how my soil is, I know my lawn treatment company recently recommended I add lime, but I never got around to having that done. Fafard is a really good soil conditioner, though rather expensive. It’s worth it, though!
      Beverly, stop back by this post and read the comment Heather left below mine. She shared some great information about growing Hydrangeas.

  10. Heather A Gillbanks says

    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    @Beverly Cook, generally you want acidic soil for your hydrangeas to bloom well. You can add pine needles or similar if your soil pH shifts for whatever reason. Ask at your local garden center for other options.

    RE: distraction at the desk from the mirror. Have you considered putting a curtain over the mirror? You could keep it tied back most of the time, but let it cover the mirror when you are working. Or get some blinders like a horse has .

    • Thanks, Heather! Fortunately, I’m not longer working at that tiny desk. After working there for a few months, I started having shooting/tingling pains down my arms and came to realize the desk was about an inch or so too short to be a desk. It’s really a vanity anyway and didn’t work well as a desk. So I converted my son’s old bedroom into an office and that’s where I work now. You can see that transformation in this post in case you are interested: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/pottery-barn-office-renovation-the-journey-welcome-to-the-124th-metamorphosis-monday-2/

      Love your idea, though! I really did need blinders back when I was working there. Seemed like every ten minutes motion would catch my eye and I’d turn to look in the direction of the mirror. You would think after a while you wouldn’t notice it anymore, but that never happened.

  11. … the new mirror looks wonderful on the “no hole” door; and I love that it’s flat (being glued-on). Good job. The Mirror also magnifies all of your spaces’ good looks ❣️ I too love the cute, small fridge. Thanks for sharing the Co.’s Info…

  12. I know you must love your new mirror, Susan!
    We usually have mirrors on our armoires’ doors, too (no walk-in closets, here) and one mirror on the wall above a dresser. I arranged both pieces of furniture so that when one of the armoire’s door is open I can look at my the back view when I get dressed. 🙂
    Susan, my to-do list is giving me a headache: I should start decluttering before we move but I have no idea where to start and I still don’t know where to move! (Too many options, therefore too much anxiety due to chronic indecisiveness!) 🙁

  13. Cecilia, I sympathize with you. My to-do list is unbelievable. So much to unclutter. I have decided no one should live in the same home 30 years..
    Moving is an option but what do you do with it all.
    I love following Susan’s blog. It’s so refreshing even if I never do anything.
    Thank you Susan.

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