January Favorites & Some Recent Purchases for Spring & Summer

I’m a bit late doing this, but I wanted to share some of the items I’ve been using during the month of January that I’ve really enjoyed–my January Favorites, so to speak. I’m also sharing a few items I just ordered on sale, another I’m about to order that’s 30% off and a bag that’s come back in stock for spring.

Take the Day Off: Clinique Cleansing Balm

I have really dry skin so I always dread washing my face in the morning since most of the cleansers I’ve used in the past left my face feeling super dry. Not this stuff! When it first arrived, I was a little taken aback, I’d never used a balm to wash my face. It took using it a couple of times to get used to it, but now I’m sold! It does a great job at removing makeup gently without stripping your face of all its moisture. It’s all I use now for washing my face.

You’ll find it available here: Cleansing Balm.Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm


Jack Rogers Tartan Boots

A friend (thanks, Susan!) recently shared an awesome sale that’s currently going on for these adorable Jack Roger Tartan Boots.   They are marked down from $169 to $99. I got another 15% off with the code JR92917. I’ve used that code twice (once for my boots and once for a bag for my dil) and it worked both times, so hopefully, it will work for you, as well. You’ll find these adorable boots here: Boots.

A lot of their sandals are currently on sale, too.

You may remember that the Jack Rogers sandal was the one made famous by Jackie Kennedy who was photographed wearing them a lot back in the day.


I love these cute leopard print ones! You’ll find all their sandals and boots on sale here: Shoe Sale.


I talk about this skin cream all the time because it’s the only thing that keeps my fingertips from cracking during the wintertime. This is the first year I’ve not had a single fingertip split open and I totally credit Cutemol for that. I put it on a couple of times a day and it really helps protect. One thing to know: after you put it on, it takes about 10 minutes to dry, so don’t put it on when you need to use your hands immediately. It has to have time to work its magic to protect your hands. Also, it only takes a small amount to do the job, so this container will last quite a long time. You’ll find it available here: Cutemol.

Cutemol Cream

Teva Boots

I have quite a few boots that I wear for winter, including several pairs of rain boots. But on the days when it’s not already pouring rain but I know it could rain, these are my go-to boots. They saved my life on a trip I took to Italy when it rained almost every single day except for maybe 2 or 3 days. Seriously, I’ve never seen so much rain in my life!

These boots are completely waterproof and sooo comfortable for walking in for hours. They always accompany me on every trip I take during the fall/winter months because I know they will keep my feet warm and dry and will be comfortable for walking in all day long. I also wear them several times a week here at home, in fact, I have them on now.

If you don’t already own a pair, I highly recommend them. I always purchase them 1/2 size up because they seem to run a tad small, plus I like wearing fairly thick socks with my boots in the fall and winter. You’ll find these available here in four colors: Teva Boots. I have them in three of the four colors, but find I wear the black ones the most.


Still loving my Calista hair styling tool. Great for smoothing down those winter frizzies. This goes with me on every trip I take, can’t live without it! You’ll find it available here: Hair Styling Tool.Best Hair Tool for Smoothing Frizzies and Creating Beautiful Curls

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

I’ve been enjoying these two favorite perfumes this month. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is an old favorite that gets compliments every single time I wear it. Memorize its name because you’re going to be asked constantly what perfume you’re wearing. Every time I wear this perfume, random strangers, store employees, etc… will ask me what I’m wearing. Anytime I’m going someplace where I’ll be around a lot of people, this is the fragrance I choose since everyone seems to love it so much!  You’ll find it here: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.


Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana.

Jo Malone’s Honeysuckle & Davana is a new favorite that I’ve really enjoyed this year. It’s another beautiful fragrance that I love wearing. I alternate between it and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre the most. You’ll find it available here: Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana.

Jo Malone, Honeysuckle & Davana


Tartan Blanket.

I purchased this tartan blanket this past Christmas. The rich colors are so pretty and I love that it’s all wool. I also love that it comes with a leather strap for carrying it for picnics or road trips. I’ve really enjoyed using it this winter while working at my desk or reading. It’s not at all scratchy, just very cozy. You’ll find it available here: Blanket.


Summer Dress Sale

A few weeks back I shared about a great sale Tommy Bahama was having on all their summer dresses…they were 50% off! I hope you were able to jump on that sale if you saw a dress you liked. I ordered two dresses during the sale, this one below and another that I am returning since it’s too large. (They were out of my size in that dress so I had ordered one size up hoping it would fit, but it didn’t.)

Though the 1/2 price sale I previously shared has ended, I noticed today they are having a 20% off sale on the new dresses that are just now coming in for spring and summer. You’ll find the sale for their new summer dresses here: Dress Sale.

There are sooo many cute ones! Another thing I really like about Tommy Bahama dresses is the length: they aren’t too short like so many of the Lilly Pulitzer dresses. Lilly does make some longer dresses, but you have to really search for those since most on their website are super short. So far, all the TB dresses I’ve tried on have been the perfect length.

Tommy Bahama Summer Dress Sale


I plan to wear this dress with this pink bag I just purchased a few weeks ago for summer. I’ve fallen hard for pink handbags over the last two years. For you Louis Vuitton fans out there who don’t like really big bags, I can highly recommend the Pochette Metis. It is by far, my favorite bag by LV. Right now it’s my favorite bag, period! This bag won’t work for those who like a really large bag, but it’s perfect if you like a medium size bag. It holds a lot more than you would expect, too!

If anyone is interested in having me share more about the Pochette Metis, let me know and I’ll do a post about this bag and what it will hold. I have two of them and I’m seriously thinking about adding one more in another neutral summer color–that’s how much I LOVE this bag!

Tommy Bahama Summer Dress Sale


The other bag I will be wearing a lot this summer is this wicker bag I purchased last spring. I got so many compliments on this bag last summer when I wore it out shopping. I was surprised by how many folks stopped me to ask where I got it. It can be worn as a hand-carry or as a shoulder bag since it comes with a shoulder strap. I often wear it that way…with the strap. Update: This bag is back again this year and is available here: Prada Wicker Bag.

Pink Bags for Spring and Summer


Remember the leather glasses cases I shared recently? They had one the perfect shade of pink to go with these bags. If you have a pink bag, you’ll find this glasses case here: Leather Glasses Case. Love the pocket on the back for storing a cleaning cloth, credit card or whatever you wish.




Another white wicker bag that I’ve been eyeing that’s a good bit more affordable is this beautiful Brahmin Bag. I have several Brahmin bags that I’ve purchased over the years and they last absolutely forever. They make beautiful, quality bags!

You’ll find this wicker bag available here: Brahmin Wicker Bag.


I love this summer tote! It comes in white and coral but the Lagoon color makes me think of the ocean. You’ll find it here: Summer Tote.


Brahmin has too many cute bags for summer for me to share them all, but I am loving the shape of this one. It would be a great bag to carry when you want something that’s crossbody and hands-free. I love the size! Plus, there’s no need to carry a wallet because it has built-in credit card slots. Just don’t forget to put them inside the RFID protector sleeves!   You’ll find this bag in six different colors here: Brahmin Bag.


Talbots Sale: 30% off a Favorite

Talbots is having a sale that I don’t see listed on their website. It’s 30% off any one item with the code FEBRUARY. That’s good on all their new summer/spring arrivals! You can shop all their new arrivals here: New Arrivals for Spring/Summer.

I love these Sperry Sneakers! They are so cute! I think I may use the coupon to get these, although I have a similar pair by Superga. I have quite a few pairs of Sperry shoes and boots and they always fit beautifully and are so comfortable! These sneakers are available here: Sneakers


On second thought, I think I may use the 30% off code on this pair of French Rose pink jeans. I LOVE the color…are they not just the perfect shade of pink!  You’ll find these available in their regular fit and their curvy fit (which is what I wear) here: Pink Jeans.


As I do some shopping online today for summer clothing, if I find a good sale, I’ll come back and add it to the end of this post. Love this time of year when the new spring clothes are coming in!

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  1. So many cute things! I love your pink handbag! You always come up with pretty, handy, and interesting things that I realize I really need! Enjoyed your post!

  2. Love the Prada white wicker bag and the Sperry topsiders. A few years ago I had my eye on a Mark Cross white and wicker bag, but it just wasn’t on my budget. It’s probably more money now! Thanks for the post, Susan.

    • I know, sadly the prices keep going up. Chanel seems to be the big offender, they’ve had giant price increases over the past 2-3 years. I think that’s why the pre-loved market has become so popular, but then you have to worry about fakes.

  3. Those JR Tartan boots are so, so, so adorable. (you could just about pick up Jackie and drop her into any decade, and she would fit in–so classic). Cutemol was a great tip. I use on my heels and started with daily, then most days, and now just 2 or 3 times a week and my heels stay soft. Teva: love those boots but need to try on first. Let me know if you see in any store. Still loving my calista. Thanks for all these great tips. You can see I’ve enjoyed several. 😀

    • I’m totally blaming those on my friend, Susan! lol She spotted those and ordered them and the more I saw them, the more I loved them. So glad the Cutemol works so well. It is an amazing product! I guess it creates a barrier that helps protect and keep the moisture in. My dil and I both sing its praises and use year around now.
      I bought my very first pair of Teva boots about 3-4 years ago in Dillards. That’s how I first found them. Since then I’ve just been ordering them online. So you may want to check Dillards to see if they do still carry them so you can try them on.
      By the way, that was the same day I discovered my left foot is slightly larger than my right foot. The left boot felt snugger (is that a word?) than my right boot. I said something about it to the Dillards sales associate who was helping me, she told me that most people have one foot that’s bigger than the other. How did I get this age and never notice that?!

  4. Oh Susan,
    love those pink jeans! So romantic and feminine! (Can a jeans be romantic? I think it can, especially a pink one!) 🙂 And those pink bags are both very pretty; I’ve never seen pink wicker, though, but I love it! Oh, and those sandals that Jackie O. also wore! Isn’t it nice when strangers pay you a compliment on the dress or on the perfume you’re wearing? You already know you have a good taste but still… 🙂

    • Thanks, Cecilia! Isn’t that just the prettiest shade of pink…not too bright…just right. It is so nice…I’m always so surprised when that happens because I often forget I even have it on. I do the same when I’m out and about. I love learning about new perfumes so will ask if someone is wearing something especially pretty. What is your favorite perfume, Cecilia? I would love to know. When you reply back, if you don’t mind, leave it here on the blog so others reading here can see your answer. I should write a post and ask that question. It would be so much fun to hear what everyone loves and wears!

      • Yes, Susan, please!
        Write that post: it’s always interesting to learn how different (or similar) our tastes are! 🙂
        Unfortunately, I think I am cursed with bad luck when it comes to perfumes! Let me explain: Personally, I adore Yves Rocher products. Do you know “Yves Rocher” in the States? It’s a French cosmetics and beauty brand. I love that the ingredients they use for their products are all natural. One of their perfumes I wear a lot and love love love very much is “Ispahan”, an Oriental fragrance. A friend of mine used to work in one YR shop and when she told me the company was going to stop its production I almost died! lol I decided to hoard those bottles and bought all I could find and told my friends to do the same for me in other cities. (I paid for them, though.) lol Now I’m happy to know that it is available online, too. Just in case, I need to stock up on those, again! Fortunately, you just need one drop or two and it lasts all day and it definitely never goes unnoticed! Too bad (not so really!) people never understand its name when they ask me what am I wearing! lol
        My favorite #2 is “Soame” by Melfleurs. A few years ago I discovered it by chance at a flea market in Paris and fell immediately in love with it, too! I had never heard about Soame before, but I knew the “Betty Boop” parfume by that company and I loved it! That bottle is soo adorable, as well! I just love it! lol I remember I was surprised when I asked for the price: only 15€! I purchased all three bottles Madame had on her table. They all were in their original packaging and okay. I don’t know the original price but shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I loved it and still love it sooo much, I would have paid ten times as much! lol Unfortunately, I have never been able to find it here. I’m afraid they dissolved the company. 🙁 I know, it sounds unbelievable, but I kept the empty bottles and they still smell like heaven when I open them! So, you see, my #1 and #2 are both like gold dust! (However, the following ones are available in every store!) lol
        My #3 is “Cerrutisí” by Nino Cerruti. And please, don’t laugh now, but it is for men! Yes, I am that “weird”! lol Actually, I once bought it for my husband but since he didn’t like it (WHAAAT?!?! Well, his loss! lol) I thought to myself why can’t I wear it myself!? I L.O.V.E it and it isn’t an “after shave” after all! ROTFL! Since then, that “Eau de Toilette” pour homme (French for “for man”) quite often is a gift I buy for myself! 🙂
        #4 is “Acqua di Gioia” (Italian for “Water of joy”. “Gioia” can also be a girl’s name.) by Giorgio Armani.
        #5 is “Signorina Misteriosa” (Italian for “Misterious Miss”) by Salvatore Ferragamo.
        #6 is “Dolce Garden” (Italian for “Sweet” Garden) by Dolce&Gabbana. (Yes, Mr. Dolce’s surname actually means “Sweet”) 🙂
        #5’s and #6’s bottles are very cute and pink and black
        #3’s (no wonder! lol) and #4’s bottles aren’t very feminine… 🙁
        Susan, do you sometimes buy a perfume just because you love its bottle? I hate it, when I love the fragrance but don’t really like the bottle or when I love the bottle more than the perfume itself! lol
        Sorry for my novel, Susan, but now you know what I love (currently).

        • Wow, now I want to smell all of these! They sound wonderful! I can tell you are as passionate about perfume as I am, Cecilia…I just love it! A beautiful scent can so completely change your mood and your whole day!
          I haven’t heard of Yves Rocher. I’ll have to Google and see if it is available here.
          What an awesome deal you got on the #2 perfume! Good thing you bought all she had. I hate it when I love a fragrance or lipstick or whatever, and it gets discontinued. Arggg! Why do companies do that to us!

          Yes, I feel the same way about the bottles, I always want the bottles to be as wonderful as the perfume, especially if it’s one I really love. A fragrance I would buy and wear that’s really for men is Creed’s Aventus. They’ve now come out with a woman’s version because so many women were loving and wearing the men’s fragrance.
          When I was in Neiman Marcus a couple of weeks ago, I smelled it and thought it was pretty nice, but I still like the men’s Aventus better. I need to get a sample of the women’s and maybe try it to make sure that I like the men’s Aventus better before I actually purchase some one day. It’s quite expensive, as are all the Creed perfumes. The only Creed scent I currently own is Love in White.

          Funny story about Love in White: Around two years ago, I came across several articles about the Creed perfume, Love in White, and how wonderful it was. I decided I wanted to buy some for myself. I drove all the way into Atlanta to Neiman Marcus and purchased a bottle. The day I bought it, I had a terrible, terrible cold and could smell absolutely nothing, but I was determined to buy this amazing perfume I had read so much about.

          When my cold was finally gone and I could actually smell it, I was so disappointed. It smelled like perfume that had gone bad…it has a bitter twang to it at the end when I smell it. I was pretty convinced there must be something wrong with it…that it had gone bad.

          Next time I was in Neiman Marcus, I visited the Creed counter and smelled it. Unfortunately, it smelled exactly like mine, so there was nothing wrong with my bottle. That same day I smelled several other Creed fragrances that I loved so much more and that I should have purchased instead of Love in White. I really like Spring Flower by Creed. I make myself wear it sometimes, hoping one day I’ll love it. I’ve never gotten a single compliment when I’ve worn it.

          I just looked it up online and it’s made from: Orange Zest, Florentine Iris, French Daffodils, Magnolia, Bulgarian Rose, Tonkin Rice, Vanilla, Ambergris and Mysore Sandalwood. Moral of this story is: never buy perfume, especially expensive perfume, when you have a cold and can’t smell it. lol That should go without saying, only I would do something like that!

          • Oh, that’s too bad, Susan!
            I never buy perfume when I have a cold but I have several bottles by famous brands that were given to me as a gift from my son and unfortunately, they’re somehow a waste of money, too! I can’t help myself but I really don’t like them! Most of them are by popular Italian designers, too, but just because they sell beautiful dresses doesn’t always mean their perfumes are beautiful, as well! This is a lesson learned! I don’t know if you already do that, Susan, but one thing you should also do, when you buy a new perfume next time, always spray it to test on your wrists and leave for at least an hour. When you still like how it smells on you after that time, it’s a fragrance you can buy. Test strips which you usually get to test a fragrance in a store don’t have the same pH as your skin (of course) and therefore they don’t make any sense! Our everybody’s skin pH is also why a perfume that you like can probably smell weird on me, and vice versa! I don’t know how you test a fragrance in the stores in the US, but the stores here don’t stop using those paper strips! Arghh!! I once told a salesgirl who refused to let me spray parfume on my wrists to test, that I refused to pay €€€ for a perfume I only smell on a dead object and that perfume needs to be sprayed near a pulsing blood vessel with blood flow to unfold! She looked at me like I had two heads! lol
            So glad, you do that too, Susan! I thought I am the only one who wears a fragrance that’s actually for men! lol

  5. Calista pro grip on sale today on qvc $89.95 with the go too mini

    • My sister used to love shopping on QVC, she did a lot of her shopping there. Whenever someone mentions QVC, it makes me think of her. She is badly missed.

  6. I started using the Clinique cleansing balm awhile back. Normally I don’t pay mall prices for cleansers. I used Neutrogena or Cetaphil which are cheaper. But after getting a sample of the Clinique, it seemed to get the makeup off better. Recently I got a free full size cleansing balm with an online Clinique order which was a great deal. You always find the coolest things – love the Sperry shoes!

    • I used to Cetaphil and I liked it, but it did leave my face feeling taut and dry. Wow, that was an awesome deal to get a full size with your order. Usually, you just get the smaller sample sizes in the gift boxes. The balm last forever, it takes so little.
      Thanks, Sandy! I love Sperry, I’ve have found their shoes are very wearable the day you get them…no breaking in time. At least that’s how it has been with the rainboots and topsiders I’ve purchased.

  7. LOVE the tartan boots and the pink jeans (not together, lol.) That pink is so soft, it’s just right. The other boots, Sperry shoes, and blanket are all tempting too. Thanks for some great suggestions, Susan. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    • Yes, definitely not together! lol I know, the minute I saw that color, I was smitten! I love that soft pink color!
      Pam, I was just looking back through this post and thinking what a strange mix it is: part winter and part summer. That’s where my brain is right now. I’m trying take advantage of the winter clearance sales but my heart is really focused on spring and summer. It’s exciting watching all the new styles that are coming in for spring.
      Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Do you have any Coach bags, Susan?

    • I had a small black one that I purchased many years ago in one of the high-end dept stores…can’t remember which one now. I ended up giving it my daughter-in-law a few years ago since I found I wasn’t using it. It was a bit too small for what I needed. They are great bags, though!

  9. Wow! Those handbags of yours! Lovely. I have the Teva boots in black. I ordered mine from Sierra Trading Post sometime back. I should wear them more often. Lately I’m wearing Vionic loafers and find them to be very comfy in spite of my bad bunion. My new pairs of nice booties just sit in their boxes. Shame on me! My favorite cleanser is Victoria Principal’s Reclaim.

  10. Love your shopping. Did you purchase the cabinets to hold your handbags ?

    • Not yet, so far the “rational” side is winning. lol However, if I keep buying a couple of bags each year, I may cave and buy them. I’ve been donating and giving away the larger bags I used to carry several years ago, now that I have figured out I really prefer carrying a smaller bag. So, there’s still room in my closet for a few more, meaning I don’t really need the cabinets, although it would be pretty seeing them displayed.

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    Those Jack Rodgers boots are darling! May have to get the Cutemol as I am just now getting 2 cracks on forefinger and middle finger healed by using the New Skin First Aid Antiseptic and Liquid Bandage. It seals the cracks and numbs it too so it doesn’t hurt as it heals, but I’d prefer not to have the cracks at all. Your other shopping choices are wonderful, but I’m saving any extra money for our summer vacation. Have to stay disciplined, but love looking at your shopping sprees!

    • It definitely helps. During the winter, I find if use it a couple of times a day, especially after I’ve had my hands in water (washing dishes/cleaning/etc…) I won’t get split fingers. It’s amazing how painful split fingers can be. We must have a lot nerve endings in our fingertips.

  12. I absolutely love your pink bags! So classic. I’d love to see the inside of the LV bag to see how it’s organized. I think you’re going to need those Ikea cabinets to display your beautiful bags.

    • Thanks, Mary! I’ll work on a post showing that. I’ve never seen a bag laid out quite like this one. It’s definitely an easy bag to wear. I know, since I only buy a couple a year, it would take me a long time to fill them. lol

  13. This post makes me wish for spring! When I finish purging, I sure hope my closets have lots of room for new things, lol. The TB dresses are really cute, and the wicker handbags remind me of those from the 60s, which I also love. I need those and the Caribbean beach I see wearing them on! I’ll pack my Jack Rogers. 😉

  14. Hey, will you girls who buy the tartan boots get back to me with how these are with width? I have super wide feet and am a hard fit and am DYING to get some cute tartan or buffalo plaid boots. I bought the cutest ones from JCrew that were in conjunction with Sperry and they were too narrow. BOO HOO for me and I had to return them. Wide boots are so hard to find and I LOVE those Jack Rogers tartan ones! Thanks! 🙂

    • I’ll let you know when mine arrive. Susan, the friend who told me about them, should get hers pretty quickly since she ordered them several days before I did. Will definitely let you know once I hear from Susan and once mine arrive, too.

  15. I loved the Jack Rogers boots – I admit to an addiction with boots – well shoes in general, but especially boots & flip flops. I did end up finding a pair of grey booties on sale that I would get more use out of & used the code you listed – so thank you. Your purses are exquisite – but they are way out of my league – so I do wish you would give some ideas for similar ones that are in a lower price range for those of us that love purses but can’t afford those higher end brands. Thanks much!

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