A Tie for My Son, Summer Sandals & Starting My Christmas Shopping Now

Remember that time I was so obsessed with this polka dot shirt, I had to order it twice? I still love that shirt and wear it a lot, so I’m glad I have two despite the fact it tried its best to run on me. lol Pssst: If you’ve ever had a problem with colors bleeding in the wash, check out this previous post:  How Color Catcher Saved My Favorite Shirt.


I have a fave shirt for summer this year, so when it went on sale 60% off recently, I purchased a second one. I’m obsessed with this shirt covered in colorful pansies. I really love how it looks with the white scalloped shorts I purchased recently. (Shorts are also on sale here: Scalloped Shorts.) This is the time to fill in any gaps in your summer wardrobe because all the good stuff is currently on sale!

The colors in the shirt are more vivid than shown in the pic below. I went outside to take this photo hoping to get an accurate depiction but it’s so sunny out it lightened the color up a bit. Anyway, it’s so summery and pretty with white shorts or white pants. I’m obsessed! You’ll find it on sale from $69.95 to $21.99 here: Shirt.

Check out all the other shirts while you’re there, they are all 60% off now, so an awesome deal.

Colorful Shirt for Summer, Great with White Shorts


This shirt is also on sale, another favorite I picked up this summer. You’ll find it marked down from $79.95 to $23.99 here: Shirt.  These prices are sooo good right now! I love wearing this one with white pants, but it looks great with shorts, too.


By the way, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to everyone, not just cardholders. You’ll find it here: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I’ve been hoping to find these Rockstud Sandals in stock somewhere and it appears Neiman Marcus finally has them in. You’ll find them here: Rockstud Sandals.


These are just as cute and a lot cheaper. They are available here: Rockstud Sandal.

They are also available as slides in Pink or the color above here: Valentino Rockstud Slides.

Not on sale but loving this bag that would be great as a work tote. It’s available here: Leather Tote Bag.

Gifts for Family

I’m flying up to see my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons in a few weeks. It’s the first time I’ve flown instead of driving there, decided to burn some frequent flyer points. I know those of you who have read my harrowing tales of driving back home from Ohio in tornado rains, will be happy to hear I’m flying for once! Ha!

Whenever I visit, I love to bring little gifts with me. I picked up a tie from Hermes a couple of months ago for my son. I’ve already started my Christmas shopping and I had planned to make the tie a Christmas gift, but then realized it’s so summery I really should go ahead and give it to him now.

Hermes Tie


I loved all the “good luck” symbols scattered across it. The bangle on the right is one I have been drooling over since last summer. I was afraid they would sell out of it before I had a chance to buy it. It’s called “English Garden” and is covered in pretty flowers and adorable bunnies with huge ears. Come to think of it, that bangle would have been a good item to stick on my vision board last summer if I’d had a vision board back then.


Anyway, the funny thing about this tie is I didn’t realize its name until I got home and turned it over. Hermes named it, “Job Interview.” Apparently, it’s THE tie to wear to a job interview when you’re hoping for some good luck.

My son mostly wears serious, business-like ties but I like sneaking a whimsical one into his wardrobe every now and then. If I were a guy, this is the kind of tie I would wear all the time. It will be interesting to see his reaction to this one when he opens it in a few weeks. I expect raised highbrows. lol


Did you notice the little package behind the tie box?

Hermes Tie


I came across these recently and they had great reviews. I thought my grandsons would have fun running around the house or out in the backyard talking to each other like secret agents. 😉 These would also make an awesome Christmas gift. I purchased them here: Walkie Talkies.


I picked up this dinosaur wrapping paper in Marshalls yesterday. My grandsons LOVE anything dinosaur. They sleep on dinosaur sheets and wear dinosaur pajamas. It’s ALL about the dinosaurs right now! If you have grandchildren who are dinosaur obsessed, check out your local Marshalls. The paper was only around $3 a roll, so not a bad price.


My daughter-in-law shared this photo recently of my youngest grandson surrounded and playing with the dinosaurs his dad played with when he was just a few years older. So surreal! Gahhhh!


I also picked up something for my daughter-in-law, but better not share it here since I’m not sure if she’ll see this post.

Finally, I ordered three pairs of white sandals today, all on sale. I’ve been trying to find a pair of white sandals that I like all summer long. I almost ordered some I saw at Talbots earlier in the summer. I doubt I’ll be keeping all three pairs, but the sale prices are so good right now, I decided to order all three to see which ones will work out best.

I thought these would go well with some of the dresses I purchased while in Maui a few weeks ago. They have a wedge heel but it’s not very high, so they should be comfortable. They are currently on sale half-off here: Wedge Sandal.

What do you think…think they will be cute with this dress? (Dress is still available here: Dress.)

Tommy Bahama Floral Linen Dress


For shorts, I ordered these cute “Lobster” sandals in white. They are available for more than half-off here: Lobster Sandal.

It comes in so many cute, cute colors! The red is available on sale here: Red Lobster Sandal.


And the blue is available here: Blue Lobster Sandal. You can see all the colors it comes in here: Lobster Sandals. I may have to buy a second pair, these are so cute for summer!

This was the third pair of white sandals I purchased. They should work well for anything: dresses, slacks or shorts. I love the short heel, too. I always find a short heel so comfortable in a sandal. This one is on sale here: White Sandal.

I’ll leave you with this funny text exchange I had with my daughter-in-law. 🙂


I was serious! Why doesn’t Ralph Lauren make this in my size! Imagine snuggling in front of the fireplace this winter in a Constellation Footie. Ha! It would be especially cool if the constellations glowed in the dark. Hee, hee.

I was thinking the other day, that would be a fun post to write: Kid’s Clothes That I Wish Came In My Size. 🙂 What would be on that list for you? Is there anything, clothing or otherwise, that you wish came in grown-up sizes? Why should kids have all the fun, right?! lol

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  1. Susan, good info about the blouses, sandals and ties…but…WHAT NECK MOISTURIZER do you use!?!!??! You look like a 20 year old in that picture! 😉 (Also, the grands are adorable…..)

    • Aww, thanks Rosie! I can’t wait to see them in a few weeks.
      I don’t use anything on my neck, the few times I’ve tried moisturizers on my chest/neck area, it made me break out. I’ve just been lucky with my neck.
      One thing I know that helps with the chest area is to sleep on your back and not on your side. I’ve always slept on my back for as long as I can remember, find it really uncomfortable to sleep on my side.
      My wrinkly area is my forearms…hate how those look! And that started early, in my 40s. 🙁

    • The first thing I saw also! Mine is so crepey ,I did not get the good skin gene!

      • Oh, and I am NOT an ‘on the back’ sleeper…..well, will have to try some kind of creams and lotions. Turtlenecks for me! LOL

  2. Cute constellation footie. Maybe Ralph is listening!
    Have a great trip.

  3. Jean Seprimont says

    Oh Boy do I ever know what you mean. My granddaughter is now 12 and I can no longer buy clothes for her. Just returned from vacation and had one devil of a time buying anything I thought she might like. It’s very frustrating as I’ve always had such fun picking up many trinkets for her while away. Why don’t they stay young????
    (Being silly here, but….

    • It definitely gets tougher as they get older. I think at some point, it’s almost better to just give them cash for birthdays or to find out a specific item they want. That’s what I do now with my son and dil, although I always buy a few surprise gifts that I hope they will like.
      Really! If we could just keep them all young!:)

  4. I’d like that constellation fabric in a sweatshirt style top and a pair of pajama pants, but the hassle of getting in and out of the footie style in the middle of the night when I need to pee, is not for me! But I do like the cozy fabric.

  5. I vote for Joy’s idea of pajama separates in the constellation fabric. I thought the youngest was still a baby–wasn’t he a baby last Halloween? Hmmm, maybe that was two years ago. Don’t you dare say three years ago! And yes, so relieved you are flying, although I worry more in the winter.

    • Time is passing by way too quickly. The youngest is turned 2 in June and the oldest is 4. Not sure the younger one will quite know what to do with the Walkie Talkie, but I hear he’s talking a lot now, so we’ll see.
      Don’t worry, I would never head up that way or back home if it was snowing or icing, I am very much afraid of driving in that kind of weather. I don’t what it is about that drive, but I’ve only made it one time…and just one way, when I didn’t encounter a horrible, storm that pretty much forced me to get off the interstate.

  6. The constellation pajama print is so cute and there are pajamas for adults. I “googled” “constellation print pajamas” and some popped up in images and shopping. Of course like always there were some that just had stars or clouds, but I saw one pair of ladies flannel pajamas with the true constellation print and some sleep pants. I only looked around for five minutes and I was excited to share my find. Sorry I didn’t save any particular site for you. At least they are available

  7. I wish I could get lighted sneakers like the kids have.

  8. Funny short story – BEWARE of walkie talkies. My sister sent them to my dtr. one year, who then began using them upstairs in her bedroom —-to monitor phone conversations directly below her in the kitchen. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how she knew of specifics of phone conversations I was having with my sister. All she had to do was turn the one unit upside down with the antennae pointing towards her bedroom floor –Viola! Good luck – maybe you should keep your son’s tie.

  9. I have to say I worked for an ALJ and we had lots of atty’s come to hearings and there was one atty. who wore the best ties ever some were bright some had seasonal items but they were all really good looking so I would think whatever kind of job your son has.. fun ties are still okay. Sad thing about this is his wife always picked them out and shortly after telling him I really liked his ties she and one of his children were killed in an auto accident. Just so sad. Have never thought about this again until the tie comment.

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Really cute sandals. Like all of them, but the lobster pair would work best for me as the strap across the mid foot would rub on my bunion. The constellation PJ’s sound wonderful for us star gazers and look cozy for those colder northern winter nights. Glad you are coming north again. Hope we offer beautiful warm summer days with lots of sunshine for you.

  11. Fun post. I like the lobster sandals in colors rather than white because the lobster shows up better. Like the first pair of white sandals better than the last. Tie looks like a conversation starter. Don’t have any stories about walkie talkies although we had some when the kids were little. I noticed your neck as well and showcases your necklaces nicely. The crepe hit me a few years ago as well as veins…pits to get old but better than the alternative, right? Sounds like you have a nice trip ahead of you!

    • That is very true…I just need white sandals. Maybe I should get a pair of red ones, too. They are so cute!
      Aww, thanks! Yeah, I have the crepe thing on my forearms. It has hit my neck/chest area yet but I’m sure it’s coming. Aging stinks, ya know, but as you mention, the alternative isn’t so great. Speaking of aging, I saw a headline on some news site last night that sad scientist had been able to reverse skin again in mice…making wrinkles and such reverse and go away. I wonder if that’s really true or just one of those crazy headline designed to make you click through.

  12. Donna Vaughn says

    I love reading your blog!!

  13. Love the jammies, will look for some for me!! My kids had walkie talkies when they were young and they were a hoot, they pretended to be spies or treasure hunters!! Have a great trip!!

  14. Beatrice says

    My OH wears my favorite tie of all time…a blue patterned $180 Hermès number. Years ago I found it dropped on the pavement in the underground garage of our large Brussels apartment block. Some poor soul must have lost his best tie! I put up signs, to no avail, and we have it still.

  15. Maggie Amis says

    Hi Susan – one of my grandsons is into dinosaurs too, and I happened to wander over to a neighbor’s estate sale (rarely do them any more – already have a “full house”) But – she had a TRUNK full of dinosaurs – even battery operated ones that move and roar – and she sold them to me for a song…. well, that and a twenty – that was perhaps 5 years ago now – and he still plays with them – they are slowly moving to his house – (he asks if he can take one home every time he is here….! and Mimi never says no – if she can help it!)
    Yeah – I am afraid my kids are done having kids too -but I did use the occasion of April Fool’s to prank the kids –
    we have a chalk board in our kitchen – and every holiday – or big news event we put something on that chalk board – and it is the “opener” for photo albums…. and I did a “guess who’s expecting” one…. had both sets of my kids calling almost as soon as I sent the text of the chalk board….. too funny…

    • Wow, that is awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the type that move/roar! My grandsons would definitely go nuts for that!
      Too funny! You totally got them on that April Fools! lol

  16. Shirley Ore says

    Love all your posts. It’s the first posts I look at each morning. I think you should keep the red sandals, they are great looking…I’m beginning to start Xmas shopping too. Going to Country Living Fair in Sept. always find great gifts there. Do you ever go to the fair? You would love it, it’s in Columbus, Ohio…..can’t wait.

    • Thanks, Shirley! I wonder if that’s the same fair that happens here in Georgia each year over in the Stone Mountain area. It’s put on by Country Living Magazine, I think. I went once here.

    • Shirley Ore says

      I believe they do have one in Georgia…

  17. Donna zoltanski says

    Love all your choices and your smile necklace and star one look perfect with the pretty pansy top. Brands are adorable. Enjoy your visit.

    • Thanks, Donna! I’m looking forward to the trip. I fly so rarely domestically, so this will be interesting. I’m used to these 9-hour flights over the ocean. lol

  18. Totally off topic but….was it you who loved her new Christmas tree last yr??i remember making note but as usual can’t remember where I put it. I bought new one last yr and ended up returning it the day after Xmas…very frustrating situation! So if it’s not you, I’ll keep looking…Hahahaha
    Also bought the red ruffled dress you showed us last week from Nordstrom’s….at 3am when I couldn’t sleep…and I LOVE it!!!!!

  19. Oh, your grandson playing with your son’s dinosaurs. “Eek” That’s a heart melter, for sure. And he is so00 cuuttee! They both are adorable. Lucky you, Susan.

    I love the constellation onsey. I’d get it for sure! I wouldn’t wear it to bed. I’d just lounge around all day in it. 😀

  20. Susan,
    So I’m sitting watching TV last night and all of a sudden I see a shirt that reminded me of one of your blog posts….then low and behold another one…lol….any who….have you seen it yet ? ? here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUcYQh1QUDA……or just type in. LG G7 Commercial 2018 Aubrey Plaza What’s It Gonna Take: T-Mobile

    I just love both…and maybe some day soon I’ll find the bird shirt for myself lol and I agree…..why can’t they make cute PJ’s for adults….I’d sure wear them….have a great day!!

  21. For anyone living in the deep south, the walkie talkies are very useful during hurricane evacuation. I live 1 and half hours drive south of New Orleans Louisiana and during hurricane evacuation the cell phone lines cannot keep up with the volume of calls. We use the walkie talkies to communicate between vehicles (family) that are following one another…..so far it’s worked like a charm.

  22. Patricia says

    I love that constellation onesie. I may need to purchase it for my imaginary grandson. And can I just confess that it took me about 10 minutes to realize why those sandals are called lobster sandals- duh!

  23. Hi Susan. I was viewing the Coldwater Creek website earlier today and saw they have a navy pin tucked tunic with constellations on it. You might want to check it out. Have a great day!

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