Keep Silver Jewelry Visible, Yet Tarnish-free While Stored Away

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Happy New Year to you! Any exciting plans for New Year’s Eve?

I have something I just discovered that I’m super excited to share with you for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday! Over the past 20 years, I’ve collected or have been given as a gift, several pieces of silver jewelry. Some jewelry, like the silver jewelry from Tiffany & Co., comes in a little protective storage bag that works quite well at preventing tarnish between wearings. However,  the bad thing about keeping silver jewelry inside tarnish-free bags is you can’t see it. Plus, for me, it’s often “out of sight, out of mind.”

Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at “feeling” the little storage bags and guessing what’s inside, but it’s time-consuming to go through every bag feeling each one to try and decipher what’s inside. Also, I’m sure I don’t wear my silver jewelry as much as I would if it were visible when I’m choosing jewelry for the day/occasion.

Recently, I was searching online in hopes someone had invented a jewelry box lined with silver cloth similar to the special cloth used to lined silver chests for the storage of silver flatware. I wasn’t able to find a jewelry box (why hasn’t someone invented that yet?!) but I did find something very interesting. Hagerty, the company that makes my favorite silver polish…


…came up with a solution for the storage of silver jewelry! I ordered one of these silver jewelry storage bags about a week ago and had it shipped to Ohio where I’m currently visiting family for the holidays. It arrived and I couldn’t wait to try it out with the silver jewelry pieces I brought along with me on this trip.

Jewelry Storage for Sterling Silver and Silverplate Jewelry

Below on the far left, I used two of the eight necklace tabs to store two necklaces. The little silver/enamel key necklace on the right was a souvenir I purchased before flying home from Germany last Christmas. The heart & key necklace hanging beside it was a gift from my son for Mother’s Day one year.

Further down, you’ll see three silver and enamel bracelets, including a charm bracelet I love wearing year round, especially during the Christmas season since I’ve collected quite a few Christmas charms over the years.

One pocket is storing a shorter chain I brought along in case it was needed for one of the necklaces.

Silver Jewelry Storage to Prevent Tarnish


Here’s how the other side of the bag looks–so many storage pockets! This silver jewelry keeper will hold a lot of silver jewelry, including some large pieces. The top of the bag is designed to hang via velcro on a hanger or something similar for storing away.

Additional info enclosed with the keeper:

35 zippered pockets
Made with Hagerty Silversmith’s Cloth with R-22 tarnish preventative
Attaches to any hanger
Folds flat (15″ x 8″) to fit a standard-size safety deposit box or carry-on travel bags
Necklace storage incorporates hooks and loops to keep varying lengths and styles secure & tangle-free
View jewelry easily on both sides of keeper

If you’ve been struggling(like me) to find a good storage system for your silver jewelry, you’ll find this silver jewelry keeper where I purchased mine here: Anti-Tarnish Silver Jewelry Storage. It appears to be on sale now; I don’t think it was on sale when I bought it a week or so ago.

I’m very optimistic this system will work well for keeping my silver jewelry tarnish-free because of the success I’ve had with other Hagerty silver-cloth bags I’ve purchased over the years for storing silver serving pieces. The Hagerty bags have worked great for those pieces, so I’m excited to use this system for my silver jewelry collection, as well.

How to Store Silver Jewelry to Avoid Tarnish


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. This storage keeper looks like a great find! I had a similar case one time for silver jewelry. It worked well for several years. Now I keep each piece of sterling silver in a clear plastic bag (4 mil from a bead shop) with an anti-tarnish strip inside. I change the strips once a year. I keep the bags in my jewelry box and they are easy to see each piece. Not as convenient but necessary to prevent tarnish. QVC used to sell a jewelry box that was lined with the material you mention. It had mixed reviews. I believe it was the Lori Grenier brand. The jewelry box would have been convenient but not sure I would have trusted it. The storage bag you found has good reviews and should work well.

  2. You find the best stuff! I want to try the silver spray, silver polish is messy! Thanks Susan!

  3. Did you know that anti-tarnish fabric is available by the yard? I lined the drawers I keep my flatware in and it works very well. I’m sorry that I don’t have the link for the site that I got the fabric from.

  4. Thank you so much for hosting the party. I learned something about jewelry storage I did not know as well. Happy New Year, Kippi

  5. Terry Dierschke says

    There are a number of great storage items to protect your silver. I have tried quite a few and have been very impressed. Did you look at the Wolf line of jewelry? They are silver safe. I have three and have had them a number of years. Silver has never tarnished in any of them. They come in various styles and various colors. Are really great. Plus, I have had a tarnish free jewelry armoire for almost 15 years. Holds a ton of jewelry, and again, never have had an item tarnish. Colleen Lopez on HSN has a line of tarnish free jewelry boxes – again, in a number of styles/sizes and various colors. All great choices.

    • Thanks for that info, Terry. I just googled and it looks like the Wolf jewelry boxes run from $200 to $400. That’s a bit more than I want to spend…plus, I really needed something I could tuck away in a closet or drawer.
      What brand is your armoire? I’m not sure I have space for one of those, that’s great it keeps the tarnish away. I wonder if it’s lined with silver cloth?

  6. I’m interested to hear how these bags work out. My wedding rings are white gold, so a lot of my pieces are silver and they so tarnish and I’m with you, if I can’t see it, I don’t wear it. I bought the jewelry box that Sandy mentioned above and my silver is black and a mess. I am so disappointed. Hoping you have better results. You’ll have to keep us posted! Happy New Year, Susan!

  7. I love the hack you sent,as I only wear silver jewelry.



  8. I have a Wolf jewelry box with Lusterluc and It has been great on my jewelry. You can get all sizes and I have one in the travel size as well. My box is medium size and works for my everyday needs.

    I also purchased from QVC a pocketbook jewelry bag by Lori that has many compartments. So far so good.
    I understand you want to see what you have so if this works for you that is great.

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    How cool is that! Like this a lot! Thank you Susan. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking forward to a lot of fun with you and your awesome blog in 2019!

  10. Can you put other jewelry (not sterling silver) in this bag?

  11. Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for the info on keeping silver clean. I will have to try the spray silver cleaner.

  12. What a great idea Susan! I like that you can see the jewelry because like you when it’s not visible I tend to forget what’s there!
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  13. The bag looks great…I noticed on the photo/ad that there were pearls in some of the compartments…wondering if the pearls would react to the anti-tarnish chemicals in the bag…a great idea…you always find the greatest solutions/products! Happy New Year Susan!

  14. Susan Holt says

    I love the silver jewelry storage bags. I am terrible about out of sight out of mind and will find these useful. Be careful leaving your pearls stored in this fashion for an extended period of time. They can craze or crack. ArtBin has an anti tarnish clear divided plastic flat storage container that is supposed to inhibit tarnishing with a special additive. I wonder if it works.

    • I wouldn’t store pearls inside either. Not sure why they even show those since most pearl necklaces don’t have silver on them, I think most are gold. The box looks interesting, guess those blue things are the tarnish free medium.

  15. I have 2 of these bags and I have had them for 4 years and they work great! I never have had to polish any of the jewelry I ve kept in the bags.

    • That’s great to hear, Joan! I love that I can now see my jewelry instead of having to keep it in bags where I can’t remember what I have and it never gets worn.

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