My Favorite Way to Sleep On a Hot Summer Night

During the wintertime, I love sleeping in flannel pajamas. I’m super cold-natured and can’t stand being cold. But come summertime, I’m all about the sleep shirt. A couple of summers ago I discovered sleep shirts and found a style I really loved. The ones I like best are the ones that really look like an oversized shirt.

I’ve never been a fan of nylon/polyester nightwear because I love how cotton feels against the body and how nicely it breathes. I guess I’m a bit of a fabric snob because I really love the softness and the feel of natural fibers, especially for sleeping. I have three nightshirts that I love and wear all during the summer. They are all by Lauren Ralph Lauren, I’ve found their sleepshirts are really the best!

This one below is one of my faves. I like a bit of sleeve because I don’t like feeling the cooler, night air on my arms if they are out from under the covers. So I always look for nightshirts that are made mostly from cotton and have 3/4 length sleeves.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Sleep Shirt, Blue Striped


Because this shirt is made from light-weight cotton, I don’t find the 3/4 length sleeves hot at all. This nightshirt is also the perfect length, so you can feel comfortable going down to breakfast without a robe. Plus, it doesn’t ride up or get wrapped all around your legs like a nightgown can sometimes do. That’s one of things I really dislike that about nightgowns. I’ve never had that issue with any or my sleepshirts.

Sleep Shirt by Lauren Ralph Lauren, Blue & White Striped


As I was creating this post, I was thinking I’d like to pick up a few more of these nightshirts.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Sleep Shirts, Cotton Blue Striped


I can’t believe this Lauren Ralph Lauren sleepshirt below is currently on sale from $59 down to $9.99! I’m ordering one today just as soon as this post goes up. I don’t think they will last long at that price. If you love this beautiful paisley pink print, you’ll find it on sale here: Lauren Ralph Lauren Sleep Shirt.

That link will take you to the page where you’ll see this sleepshirt. For some reason, it wouldn’t let me put a link directly to it, but you’ll see it 3 rows down on that page.

Paisley Nighshirt by Lauren Ralph Lauren


This is another one my favorite Lauren Ralph Lauren sleep shirts. I have the sleeves rolled up here but normally I sleep with them all the way down which makes it a 3/4 length sleeve.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Madras Sleep Shirt


Love the madras print!

Madras Sleep Shirt, Ralph Lauren


This may be my favorite Lauren Ralph Lauren sleepshirt for comfort. It’s 100% cotton but somehow manages to have some give/stretch to it which makes it super comfortable. I just love the striped design! I liked this one so much, I actually bought two of them. I’m definitely a huge Ralph Lauren sleepshirt fan; you can’t beat them for quality!

Lauren Ralph Lauren Pink Sleep Shirt


There are so many cute Lauren Ralph Lauren nightshirts on sale right now. This is another one that’s on sale and that’s currently in my basket. I noticed the quantities were limited when I put it in my basket. I’m not sure how long the sale has been going on, so grab ’em while you can. You’ll find this one on sale here: Lauren Ralph Lauren Nightshirt on Sale.

Again, I couldn’t link straight to the sleepshirt, but it appears to be the first one on the first row at the link above.

Ralph Lauren Nightshirt on Sale


Here are few more that I found and many are on sale. Click any photo below to access that sleepshirt. Note: If any of the links below don’t work, you should find that sleep shirt at this page: Sleepshirt.

Some of the links below should work since they are at other websites that are also having sales.


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  1. Love the look of the Ralph Lauren nightshirts, but it seems I’m always too warm so I look for something sleeveless. Over the years have stayed with Eileen West gowns–the shorter length (to the knee).

  2. Whew, looks hot . You must not have hot flashes

  3. Must have been a misprint on the price that they corrected or a very short sale. They’re marked at $59.99 now. Even tried putting one in my cart to see if the price dropped….nope.

  4. Robin Lambert says

    I need long sleeved summer nightwear, which is very had to find, since I got a c-pap machine. It blows air on my arms, I’m constantly wrapping the sheet around my arms. I never thought of a sleep shirt! Unfortunately, nothing left in my size on sale. But I’ll keep looking.

  5. I’m with you on cotton. I usually choose a cotton knit summer gown that’s a little longer than those nightshirts. I have a couple from LL Bean that I love. So soft!

  6. Susan,
    I like all of those sleepshirts, especially the paisley pink printed one, but I could never wear them otherwise I’d melt! lol I am always too warm, so only short ones, scoop neckline and spaghetti straps for me, preferably made of 100% cotton for the wintertime, and of 100% silk for summer! Luckily, I know a dealer in Italy who has the prettiest ones to very reasonable prices! They’re different brands, but always made in Italy and of “Seta di Gelso” (Mulberry Silk) which lasts forever! Love them!
    PS: Susan, am I the only one who can’t read anymore what you write when you post a photo on Instagram? Not sure, why this is happening… :/

    • Cecilia, try updating the browser and also reboot your computer. I couldn’t see the comments on Instagram yeseday, but I rebooted my phone and then I could see them. Hope that works!

      • Thank you, Susan!
        I don’t know why this is still happening, but it seems I’m having more issues with my internet access or with my laptop… I just found your reply and Pam’s comment to me by accident as I didn’t get a notification.
        Sigh… I hate that!

        • Cecilia, I’ve been turning plugins on the blog off and on to figure out which one has been causing a problem since a recent WordPress update. I turned off the comment reply plugin one day, testing it, but it’s back on now. I don’t think it was off yesterday, but it may have been for a short while. Let me know if you get this comment in your Inbox.

    • Celcilia, can you share a link to those mulberry silk gowns? They sound interesting!

      • I wish I had links to share with you, Pam, but the dealer I know is a market dealer and just has a stand where you can find the most beautiful lingerie, household linen, curtains, etc. Visiting markets in Italy (not only food markets) 🙂 is like immersing yourself in a completely different (dream) world!

        • Aww, that’s too bad. Thanks for the reply, though. Perhaps some day I’ll be able to see those markets in person.

  7. As usual, you just explained something for me. A local church has a rummage sale twice a year and I picked up a long shirt I loved that was brand new. After reading this I realize it’s a sleeping shirt. Susan, you are the best.

  8. I too am a nightshirt lover. I had two favorites in the past, also Ralph Lauren and made of batiste. The perfect summer sleeping fabric. Thanks for finding thee and passing along the info.

  9. P.S. Last year I discovered bathing suit toppers that work perfectly as nightshirts. Same length, 3/4 sleeve, and fabric designed to wick water away. Check the bathing suit aisle.

  10. Vickie H. says

    I never met a Ralph Lauren product that I didn’t LOVE except for his towels (too thin & skimpy and definitely do not last). In his clothing line, no matter what size I am, his clothes always fit me perfectly. And they wear FOREVER! Thanks for the tip on these great shirts for sleeping.

  11. Karen Aamodt says


    I have a funny story to share regarding nightwear. I agree with Maureen on liking the Eileen West nightgowns. I suffer terribly from almost constant hot flashes and have worn cotton voile sleeveless nightgowns, even in winter, for years. My husband freezes and I roast. When I can’t sleep I will often walk the dogs because it relaxes me and we all need the exercise. In the summer when our weather is hot and muggy I don’t usually change into street clothes, but will throw on a light robe and off we go.

    We live in a small town outside of Cincinnati, OH, and we are extremely safe because of our vigilant police department. Not too long ago I had to call in about something and the nice officer asked for my name and address. And then he asked me “Are you the lady who walks the Cocker spaniels in her nightgown?” I just about fell off my chair! I think I knew in the back of my mind that someone might see me, but since I never saw anyone drive by in a marked car or on foot I assumed no one was paying attention, lol.

    I guess the lesson here is 1) always wear something pretty to and 2) always know that someone is watching!

  12. Hello from Bend! I sleep in a cotton gown I found at Soft Surroundings years ago! Perfect for Central Oregon’s high desert weather. When if ever it self destructs I will head for the sleeping shirt!

  13. I love Ralph Lauren’s style and these are so cute. They remind me of Rock Hudson’s pajama tops that Doris Day would wear in their movies, lol. And I am with you on the cotton. Natural fibers all the way!

    You mentioned nightgowns twisting around your legs. I haven’t been able to wear them in years because they always wind up around my neck! I’ve nearly been strangled in the fabric a couple of times, lol. They should come with a warning label. 😀 Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Susan.

  14. Diane Beasley says

    Stein Mart also sells these for about $39.99. I bought three there over the last five years. They also sell the pjs.

  15. Bobbi Duncan says

    It’s awful to put in print but, when it comes to my sleepwear, I sure don’t look fashion savvy. Because Michael is 6’2″ tall, I usually wear his cotton shirts during warm weather months, but have to have my sweats during the winter. Hugs!

  16. I’m with you on the cotton but I wear pj’s with 3/4 sleeves summer and winter because hubs keeps the air too cold in summer and heat too hot in winter. Love my jammies and I buy name brand from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s and have for years.

    • What’s your favorite brand to buy in those two stores, Nita? I purchased some PJ Savage flannel PJs in Marshalls a few years back and love them.

  17. Kristy Riess-Poor says

    Do you watch the Beverley Hill Housewives, specifically Kyle Richards and her Caftans? Or Mrs. Patricia on Southern Comfort ~ both Bravo TV shows? Well, I do! I love the Caftans I have for house gowns and night wear! Mostly from Belk’s! I wonder if you know of other purchases in Atlanta (or online) to buy such a dress to entertain in? TY

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