Antiquing and Thrifting, Let’s Go Shopping!

Recently, I made a trip to one of my favorite haunts…A Classy Flea. I was soo amazed at all the great stuff they have gotten in this spring! Before we head out the door to the Flea,

We haven’t been on a shopping trip to A Classy Flea in ages! Of course, since it’s Pink Saturday, you know I’m going to start out with something that’s Pink! Isn’t this a darling canopy?! I think any little girl who falls asleep under here, would soon be dreaming of a Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and a pumpkin coach. 🙂

Interesting corner cabinet…this would be great almost anywhere. I could see it in little girls bedroom or even in a bath.

I took a few overview shots of A Classy Flea…thought you might like to see some of the areas we’ll be shopping in today.

You may remember in my Master Bedroom post I mentioned needing a chandelier for that room. This antique crystal and brass one caught my eye at $329, but I just don’t think it’s big enough. {{{Sigh}}}

Let’s take a peek into the some of the glass cabinets up front…

More Pink for Pink Saturday…

Lots of pretties….

I really liked these!

Remember this tablescape I posted for Tablescape Thursday a few weeks ago with the Fenton hobnail milkglass candlesticks?

Here’s where I found the candle holders…just waiting for me at the Flea! $14.95 for both.

Barrel chair with crewel fabric…$59

Tried to capture a close-up of the pretty, narrow inlay that runs all around the back…

A beachy ocean-blue shelf…love this color. $49

I could see this in a tablescape…there’s a little birdie perched on top. $22

Great shelf…

Some interesting pieces…

I’m always drawn to greenhouses/terrariums or glass enclosures…I see endless possibilities. Just imagine all the things you could display in this piece…and it would look great in almost any room or table setting. $14

Antique floral tulip lamp, $159

Vintage French black chairs…only $28 each…

A wonderful old trunk, $59

Old Hoosier cabinet, $249

Iron and brass bed…reminds me of the one in my guest room. $299

I can never resist checking out the price on a secretary…I like the curvy drawers on the front of this one. $295

Cute chair, $18.95

I see this out in one of those fairytale Garden Sheds…like the one I dream of having one day. 🙂  I would work potting up flowers for a little while in my cute garden shed, then sit in this cute chair and sip iced tea while watching the birds come to the feeders..

How do you like this idea?  The top is a chalkboard, the middle is a cork board and the bottom section is mirrored. On sale for $39

Cherub candlesticks…

Large Belgium Platter, $85

Another great bed…$239 Love the sign on the window sill behind the bed. 🙂

Large mirror, $99

See this antique mahogany sideboard by Finch Fine Furniture? $499

It goes with this wonderful china cabinet, oops, forgot to get the price…

Love all the carving and detail…

Cute antique wall shelf, $14.95

White sideboard…great for a shabby chic interior, $299

Pretty vintage paper mache tray, $25

More pink for Pink Saturday…Gone With The Wind lamp, $99

Great bed…perfect for a room where the higher posts would be overwhelming. Tag said, “1800’s, darkwood, 4 poster bed” $249

Beautiful chest with mirror…

I reeeaallly wanted this Ethan Allen corner cabinet, but I’m looking for one I can paint. I just couldn’t bare painting a piece that’s in such great shape. Plus, at $395, the price was a bit high for a piece I plan to paint. But, this is exactly what I want for a corner in my breakfast area…hated to walk away from this piece.

Interesting sofa…the tag said, “Antique Duncan Phyfe Sofa, 1900’s, Sat in the Georgia State Capitol,” $599

Closer view of the fabric…

Aren’t these “silver platters…turned into chalk boards” neat?!

Soft blue, wicker table and chairs, $350

That was fun! Thanks for coming along on our Pink Saturday shopping trip at A Classy Flea. What did you “virtually buy” today?

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  1. What did I buy??? Let's just say I'm officially bankrupt!

  2. Kathleen says

    That was fun, and I saved a lot of money!
    I could do some serious damage there!!
    Love the wicker table and chairs, I would have to paint it white though for the porch!
    Come visit my Garden Party, Susan!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Fun post … as always! Thanks for taking us along with you to share what appears to be a very classy flea indeed! You showed us some wonderful pieces at what seemed to me to be excellent prices!

    Hope your weekend goes well!

  4. cedwards55 says

    Those prices are amazing. I'd need a huge truck to go shopping with you at the Classy Flea. Thanks for whetting my appetite though.

  5. That was really fun and it did not cost me anything, Thanks, Susan!…Christine

  6. Blondie's Journal says

    Oh, just so much to absorb!!! I think I spent 20 minutes just drooling~~~


  7. fitty's pinky rose cottage says

    oh gosh.. If I am there.. am sure will shop till drop.. I spied so many lovely things there.. thanks for sharing.. Happy PS!

  8. Susan,
    Thanks for the shopping trip to the Classy Flea. I hope to really go there soon. 🙂
    P.S. I'll tell them Susan sent me.

  9. imjacobsmom says

    I was excited to see that we were heading back to the Classy Flea today. I had my eye on a few things. Hope you have a great weekend! ~ Robyn

  10. I wish there was a Classy Flea up here! I saw so many wonderful things I would have liked to buy on this shopping trip with you! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, what a neat place!! And how does one pick a favorite? Each time I scrolled down my last favorite was replaced by a new one! Happy Pink saturday!


  12. What a FUN trip, sooo much to see (and wish for!). I pick the blue wicker chairs, what a find!!!

  13. There are a lot of great treasures there — probably glad that store is so far away!

  14. Susan, there are some wonderful deals to be had. I, too, love that E.A. corner cabinet, as well as so many other things so reasonably priced! Linda

  15. I'm taking home the blue wicker chairs, the floral tray, and the pink lamp!
    And I'll be back later to shop in-depth when I have more time!
    This was fun!

  16. Peg @ Bloomfield Farm says

    What a fun post! The EA corner cupboard has great lines and the trim at the top would look good in white. Not a bad price for such a pretty piece. I think you should go back and "make an offer" to see if they'll consider less.

  17. mythoughtsmyvoice says

    Dreamy . . . the canopy would just be dreamy 🙂 Of course we have to add the floral tulip lamp in the bedroom too!

    That store sure has lots to offer. One should have the power to resist to not buy just all the beautiful things LOL

  18. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I started out reading this post thinking, "I wish we had something like this here", but then realized I could cause some serious damage to our bank account, so maybe I'm better off!

    I loved the first corner shelf/cabinet you showed, that great decorative shelf, and the shabby chic sideboard. A couple of other things caught my eye in your overall picture of the place, but that will have to wait for another time.

  19. I had so much fun and didn't even put a dent in wallet. No gas money either. Love going shopping this way.

  20. Love all the pretties and the pink pretties. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  21. What a fun store! I could spend hours and hours in there poking around!

  22. Hi, Sweet Susan..I loved our trip to the Flea today. I "bought" that corner cabinet…I, too, have been looking for one JUST like that for my dining room.
    Happiest Pink Saturday…

  23. mbkatc230 says

    Love these trips to the Classy Flea. They have such beautiful things, and the prices seem sane! Love that "short" poster bed, and the white sideboard, and the blue wicker, and… let's just say that DH loves it when I shop with you, no damage to the checkbook lol. Kathy

  24. SmilingSally says

    I know that you were showing pink, but I saw so much blue that I'm thinking of another day! Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. what a wonderful place to shop! I want to go with you!

    happy weekend!

  26. Lady Katherine says

    I coughed at the wicker price! lol I had a whole set and my children left it out in the rain, while I was traveling! I love the cabinet you want, took me back a few years, I had planned to have one in each corner, and painted my favorite blue! Wow I had forgotten that. Hope you find one! I went to a Flea Market was not classy but lots of things! Price were high, I left 12 silver ice tea spoons! Oh, I wish I had not! lol

  27. Seams to Sew and Quilt says

    That was fun, I saw a lot of pretties I would like to have. It was like window shopping on line. Have a good PS.
    Vera 🙂

  28. someplace in thyme says

    Please back up the truck, I saw so much I wanted, it would take days to get it all home!!! Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  29. NicNacManiac says

    Thanks so much….we don't have anything as fabulous as this close by, so I had my neck craned to the screen enjoying all of the goodies. Some fabulous deals and the selection is to die for!!
    Have a fantastic Pink SAturday!!
    Huts, Nerina 🙂

  30. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    Great shop, so many lovely things, it would be hard not come away with loads of goodies! Thanks for the tour.

    Have a lovely Pink Saturday!


  31. OMGoodness! Can I go shopping with you? I have never seen such pretties in one place. Happy PS!

  32. TheTinyJEWELBox says

    wow..that classy flea shop is to die for!!!! where is it???

  33. salmagundi says

    I've missed your visits to the Classy Flea. I'm continuously amazed at how much cheaper furniture is there than in Colorado. Have a great weekend. Sally

  34. I would be in a lot of debt if I went there! I love the little legs on the blue bookcase and that low four poster bed is a steal!

  35. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Fun trip – and great prices too. Someday I'll have to check them out when I'm in Atlanta and staying longer than just a quick trip.

  36. Allidink says

    I wish I could go there! Everything is so neat! I love that corner shelf too! I have never seen so many terrariums in fact I don't think I've ever seen one, only on blogs! Awesome!

    All the best,

  37. Nancy @ La Chambre Rose says

    I bought the paper mache tray! Happy Pink Saturday!

  38. Ooohhh, the hours I would spend in wonderland!!!!!

    Thx for showing us this place.

  39. I must say, you are fanstastic. There is so much love in each post. Such an uplifting place to visit. Thank you for that!
    **kisskiss* Deborah

  40. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Hi, Susan! I spotted several things I would love to have! So neat. Thanks for the tour.

    Happy Pink Saturday…


    Sheila 🙂

  41. OMG, I will take just about all of it with my virtual money of course…lol I really loved the chandelier and cherubs. I could spend a lot of time in that place.

  42. Reflections ... says

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for taking us along on your outing! What fun!! I loved seeing all the sideboards – hm…I think I need to get serious about one!

  43. Tamara Jansen says

    Now that is one MAJOR store. What a ton of gorgeous stuff. Loved that chandelier, by the way 🙂

  44. ♥Mimi♥ says

    Lovely! Thanks so much for such a sweet post today. Cold and windy and a little rainy here today. I truly needed a little lift☺

    BTW, I just picked myself up off the floor so I could leave a comment. I couldn't go into that place because I'd start stealing!

    ♥Have a terrific Pink Saturday♥

    Wishing you and all those you love the best of weekends.

  45. OMGOSH! I'd go nuts in that place! There are so many things I'd love to buy!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  46. Wow, what wonderful and gorgeous things. I could have really gone wild in that place. I especially love hutches and secretarys. They always catch my eye. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  47. Wow- I saw so much that I would love to have! Maybe it is better for my wallet to take a "virtual" stroll through that great shop! Happy Pink Saturday!

  48. Country Wings in Phoenix says

    Hi Susan! You have some really great bargains here. Some I would have bought myself. I especially loved those barrel chairs. Those were beautiful. Great post. Thanks so much for sharing. I have signed up to follow your blog, I can't wait to see where we go next. Please pop over and read my blog. I would be thrilled if you sign up to read my blog as well. Country Hugs, Sherry

  49. That was definately a shop this you drop kind of place. Oh the wonderful thing that you had me wishing for.
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.
    I have just now made it to your name.

  50. Happy Pink Saturday, Susan.

    I always enjoy you taking us on a trip to The Classy Flea. I spotted a few things that I would have to give a second look, too.

  51. Frugal Fine Living says

    What a neat place! There are lots of pretty things there. Thanks for the inspiration.


  52. stefanie says

    wow, they sure do have alot of treasures, happy pink saturday

  53. The Tablescaper says

    Wow! I think someday I'll have to do a road trip. They have some amazing stuff and amazing prices! – The Tablescaper

  54. Ohhh that is a nice flea market I seen so many things I would have brought. If only they had flea markets here like that. Thanks so much for sharing
    Cheryl… Snatch JOY

  55. squawmama says

    Hi Susan, That was an awesome tour of the Clasy Fleas… I saw so many things I really loved… Especialoy some of those rod iron bed frames…. Thanks for posting such a great tour… Have a blessed Sunday


  56. Had I been with you, I'd be in the poor house. Thanks for the shopping expedition. I hope you have a great weekend.

  57. Where IS this place?!?! I NEEEED to go there!!

  58. It's a good thing I don't live near this shop because I'd visit it often. Saw some things that "caught my eye" on the tour. That beautiful, gold wall mirror for only $99; that was a steal! You missed that beautiful white swan sitting on that foot stool. Would go well in a tablescape. Also saw a pretty teapot. I'm sure you must have missed something else..where's all the glassware? Their prices are very reasonable compared to shops like it here in Md. area.

  59. Why don't we all make a date to come to Georgia and let you take us on a personal tour of The Classy Flea? Have a cousin in Dunwoody, a cousin in Roswell and a dear friend/classmate in Lawrenceville and I could kill "many birds with one stone" Visit them and go to the Classy Flea. My cousin in Roswell; this is her kind of place. Will ask her if she knows about it.

  60. What a fun place! It is filled with beautiful treasures!

  61. I hated for your blog to end. Loved so many of the things you featured. Things are so much more expensive here. Thank you for the tour-ME

  62. Life on Bonnie Lane says

    What a fantastic shop! Oh, I would have loved to have gone in there too! I'm sure the little terrarium with the bird would have come home with me. Couldn't believe that the Hoosier cabinet was only $249! They usually sell for much more. I also would have loved that sweet blue wicker table and chairs. Thanks for taking us all along!


  63. I virtually bought the white iron bed frame. SOO cute! I wish we had that store here 🙂

  64. The Pleasures of Homemaking says

    I was just there last weekend! It's always a favorite place of mine to visit. I thought it was funny how many chalkboard platters they had all over. They couldn't be easier to make yourself!


  65. What a great place! I saw some things I would not mind having.

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