Let’s Go Antiquing!

It’s been a long time since we made a visit to one of my favorite haunts, A Classy Flea. I stopped in today and found some fun things. The only thing I purchased was a small book but there were quite a few things I found super tempting. I used great restraint!

Sweet serving dish… would be great for a springtime or Easter dinner. Be lovely to display year around. Dishes like this are just too cute to put away in a cupboard!

Olfaire Sheep Serving Dish: $28

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 07


I know there are a lot of MacKenzie-Childs fans out there…

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check, “Vintage Camp” 16″ enamel platter: Β $59

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 08


This would be beautiful to use for fall or Thanksgiving dinner. I may be kicking myself later that I passed this one up.

Hand-painted Italy Tureen: $24

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 10


Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 11


Blue & White Antique French Twin Bed w/rails: $229

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 13


I loved this sweet tree covered in burlap feathered birds. The tree was for display only and not for sale.

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 15


The sweet birds were for sale, though.

Burlap Feather Birds: $3

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 16


I’m always drawn to tole pieces. This floor lamp wasn’t very tall but it would work great alongside a chair.

Vintage Black/Brass Floor Lamp With Tole Shade: $49

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 17


I didn’t see a price on this wall sconce and chandelier. Now that I look at it again, that may be two chandeliers.

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 09


I thought this was a neat changing table. It was already sold. I wonder if the person who bought it will change out the baskets for something other than white. The current baskets are just too white for the table itself. It would look great with some natural-colored baskets or maybe spray-paint these a color that works with the colors in the nursery.

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 19


I liked how it had a separate spot for the baby wipes, etc… It felt very sturdy and well-made so I’m sure someone got a bargain.

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 20


Vintage White Wicker Bassinet on Folding Stand: $68

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 21


Didn’t get a price on this matching chest, vanity and desk.

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 22


I thought this was such a sweet dresser. It would look great in the right bedroom.

French Style Dresser: $249

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 23


Funny I should come across two silverplate pitchers today….

Silverplate Pitchers: $22 and $29

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 24


…after just having used two very similar ones in my table setting on Thursday.

Autumn  Fall Tablescape With Dapper Animal Plates_wm


Cute mermaid hanging hooks.

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 25


This was one of the items that tempted me. I have no need for it so I passed it up, but I really liked it. It was pretty big and the lettering was carved deep into the wood. Would beΒ great for storing magazines or whatever in a beach cottage.

Cape Cod Fish Market: $39.95

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 26


I loved this Giclee painting!

Beach Girls (Signed by Artist) $124.95

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 27


Out of everything I saw today, this was my favorite.

Beach Girls


Cute sign!

Happy Cow Sign $16

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 28


Pretty painted mirror…

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 29


Pretty crystal!

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 30


Are these champagne glasses? I’m used to seeing them on taller stems. These were really beautiful!

Crystal Stemware


Loved this old stool!

Old Wood Stool with Cane Seat: $89

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 33


This pedestal really tempted me. You just so rarely see real wood pedestals anymore. I would have purchased it if I had a good spot in my home for it. It was hard to get a good picture of it but look at all the turned and fluted sections.

Vintage English Turned Pedestal: $59 minus 20%

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 36


I have a similar wood pedestal in my family room…it’s to the left of the bookcases in that room. There’s an indentation there and it creates the perfect spot for something tall and skinny.

Family Room with Hunt Nature Themed Judges Paneling


You can see it a little better in this picture taken back when I blogged about silhouettes. I found the one I have while antiquing in Macon, Georgia. The tag on it said it was from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church which is a gorgeous cathedral in Macon.

I’m not sure why the church got rid of it but I was thrilled to know where it came from and the color of the wood worked great for my living room. If I didn’t already have one in that spot, I would have been tempted to purchase the one I saw today.



Beautiful vintage bedroom set…

Vintage 5-Drawer Dresser with Mirror: $250

1930’s Pair of Twin Beds, Peter Kleiner Furniture Co. New Albany, Indiana: $398

1930’s Nightstand,Β Peter Kleiner Furniture Co., New Albany, Indiana: $75

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 01


1930 Vanity with Mirror and Bench, Peter Kleiner Furniture Co. New Albany, Indiana: $275

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 02


Such a great sign for a pool area or beach cottage!

Wooden Diving Sign: $35

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 03


Remember when everyone was making mirrors from paint stirrer sticks? This one is made from reclaimed wood and I loved the colors they chose for this piece. The wood pieces were much thicker than paint sticks.

Mirror Made From Reclaimed Wood: $195

Antiquing & Thrifting For Great Finds 04


Hope you enjoyed our antiqing trip, thanks for coming along with me. What would you have bought? Anything calling your name? πŸ™‚

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  1. I would have bought that Beach Girls painting for certain! And the diving sign! Good finds!

  2. The Italian tureen!

  3. I wish I lived close enough to shop there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I would have had to ask about the chandelier, bought one of the silver pitchers and the tureen from Italy. Possible went back for the other silver pitcher after finding out I could afford the chandelier. LOL
    Great price on the sheep serving dish. One sold on ebay in July for $54.99
    PS Yay for Indiana furniture!

  5. Well, I already have the tole lamp (in white, and I much prefer the black but mine was inexpensive at an estate sale). Oh boy, I would’ve grabbed the lamb dish and the Italian tureen for sure – what’s wrong, Susan, were you not feeling well this day?? And I would’ve liked the 3D sign with the lady diving (but they spelled irresistible wrong!). I can’t believe how inexpensive the furniture is – those prices are about what they are here too, and I would’ve expected higher in your area. And see? Your silverplate pitchers are still in style! Fun trip – thanks for the ride!

    • Ha! No, I was just trying to be good. That is a riot about the sign. I hadn’t even noticed that! If I had bought it, I’d have to find some matching paint and fix it!

  6. This is a really nice store. I would probably be in trouble if I lived closer.

  7. Oh, and definitely that MacKenzie Childs platter!!

  8. Yeah, you need to go back and get that Thanksgiving Tureen. It is beautiful. Pick up the Black Tole lamp for me! I would love to have that, and a few other things.

    I never see great things like they have around here. They really are the CLASSY Flea. Fun stuff.

  9. Cute stuff, Susan! Thanks for the virtual shopping trip. I would have bought the Italian tureen…Christine

  10. Oh my gosh…I love the soup toureen. I have a passion for them and that one is beautiful and a steal. I need to call them and see if they would mail it to me. I think the tall crystal glasses are champagne glasses. They are really pretty. I love the painting of the swimmers. That would be cute on your porch. When I come to visit, we must go to The Classy Flea.

  11. Oh my gosh…I love the soup tureen. I have a passion for them and that one is beautiful and a steal. I need to call them and see if they would mail it to me. I think the tall crystal glasses are champagne glasses. They are really pretty. I love the painting of the swimmers. That would be cute on your porch. When I come to visit, we must go to The Classy Flea.

  12. Small world Susan. I went to Saint Joseph’s Catholic School for 1st and 2nd grade in 1952 & 53 (oops ~ telling my age here). My dad was in the Navy assigned to the Naval Reserve Training Center in Macon. What I remember most about Macon was red “dirt” and living in a house with a basement. That was the only house we lived in that had a basement. After Macon we moved about 10 more times but I never got back to Georgia. I really enjoyed your visit to the Classy Flea. I love the painted dresser! It would look so perfect in my guest bedroom. Vikki in VA.

  13. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says

    The giclee of the bathing beauties looks like it belongs in the “Something’s Gotta Give” beach house. And the bassinet. Oh the bassinet. I bought a used bassinet for my first born and then sold it to another couple who went on to use it for their five boys. I would have loved to have known who was cradled in it before my children. Wouldn’t it be cool to put the names of the babies and their birth dates on the bottom bassinets and cradles for future generations.

    Oh and the tureen. You must get that tureen!

  14. Pat Francoforte says

    You had much more restraint than I would have!! Would have purchased the Italian tureen! You need to go back and get that! Ha! You are my favorite blogger! God bless!

  15. Susan, it’s always a treat to tag along when you go to The Classy Flea. One day I’m going to get back to Atlanta and stop in for real. My eye caught the stool with cane seat. That would have gone home with me. πŸ˜‰
    Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!

  16. I too loved the beach girls painting. Two of my flea market purchases (a few years apart) were vintage black wool bathing suits (one man’s, one woman’s) that I hang in my Florida bathroom.

  17. What a fun place to shop, I liked so many things. Happy for the folks that got to shop there the prices were great. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I would have bought that tureen…especially at that price. I can’t believe you passed on that! Lots of good stuff…I would’ve been in trouble…I have little will power! πŸ˜‰

  19. The Classy Flea is one of my favorite antique malls around Marietta. Thanks for sharing your trip there. I need to go soon!

  20. Wish I lived closer to Atlanta! I would have snapped up that stool. (I have been looking for the “right wooden stool” for some time now.) I would have had a hard time passing up the nightstand too, but I don’t know where I would put it if I got it. πŸ™‚

  21. Susan, you must go back and get the tureen, and while you’re there, get the painting, too! Loved going along with you on the virtual flea market trip!

  22. I loved the vintage dresser with mirror and the vanity with mirror and bench… I don’t have a place for them but they were beautiful!

    Looks like a great shop!

  23. Love it when we go antiquing, so much fun to see all the things they are selling in Georgia, since I live in Ca. it is fun to see there…thanks for a fun trip, wish I lived there I would have bought that lady diving on the sign, so cool….loved it…

  24. What fun! I think you should have bought that cute lamb dish and the soup tureen. Such a great deal. You don’t get great prices like that in Virginia. The bathing suit girls are really cute. I know my husband would not like it though. Sometimes when I pass things up I either freak out that I did not buy it or feel good that I had some restraint. Looks like you had an enjoyable day.

  25. Oh,Susan, there aren’t too many things nicer than a day spent antiquing. Thank you for sharing some of the treasures you saw. I really think you need to go back and get that tureen. It is beautiful, and the price was right! I can just see it on one of your lovely fall tables!! Rosie

  26. The twin bed frames were very pretty.
    Where would you use the painting?
    So many neat things…all would be lovely additions to a home.

  27. Susan,
    Even though I do not have room for it, I loved the little blue bed! I also liked the pedestal and the two silver plate pitchers.

    I think you should go back and get the pedestal. I know you have room for it someplace and it was a steal!!! Please think about doing a post like this every month for us. (It is a good excuse to go!)
    Blessings πŸ™‚

    • Sure, I can do that! Thanks for the suggestion! I kind of walked around once I got home to see if I had a spot for it. The only room that it would really work in is my living room and I have one there, but it is a pretty one so hard to pass over.

    • I agree! I really enjoy shopping with you, so to speak. I also appreciate you telling us where the shops are, so when I’m traveling outside of Michigan I can maybe find them and shop for real. The pedestal would have been hard to pass up. I have two that nicely fit in the corners of my living room. They are like mini mantles for me to decorate. And for some reason I’ve been drawn to soup tureens lately, maybe it’s all this talk of fall and fall + soup = comfort to me. Thanks again for a great post.

  28. Linda S. in NE says

    Goodness, that was sure a fun little trip when I am finding myself home alone on a Saturday night. I saw lots of beautiful things, but between wanting to cut back on what is already in my home, and trying to live on a SS only income, I would have had to leave everything in the store. It sure was fun to go along with you! Thanks for the entertainment!!

  29. What a wonderful shop. Any idea of the artist’s name that did the Beach Girls picture? Would love to have a copy. Thanks for all the wonderful posts.

  30. Susan, I’m one of the dealers at A Classy Flea and want to thank you for writing about our shop and posting so many great pictures today. The Beach Girls giclee, Cape Cod box & mermaid hooks are in my booth and I was thrilled to see them in your post. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love to meet you on one of your visits to A Classy Flea.

    • Thanks, Terri…be great to meet you, too! Loved your booth…almost brought The Beach Girls home with me! πŸ™‚ Terri, one of my readers asked who the artist is. She said she would love to know so she can locate a copy. I had trouble reading it in the picture I took. Would you mind checking that and replying back here or emailing me at [email protected] and I’ll get that info to her. Thanks again!

  31. Spent today in Blowing Rock, NC, with friends. We all found “treasures” that we just had to bring home but nothing like the deals you found. Out of everything, I would have had to come with the Beach Girls…we have two friends that live at the beach that would love that picture (great Christmas gift for them). Guess Classy Flea doesn’t ship πŸ˜‰

  32. Love the beach girls, however have no where to display it!!! The lamb tureen and the bench with the caned seat would have come home with me!!

    What fun to shop!!

  33. Diane Westbrook says

    Oh, what a wonderful post today! It was so much fun shopping, if only in my dreams. I wanted that sheep tureen so much and tried to send an email asking if they would ship it to me…the email would not go through and now I read that they do not ship…drat drat….so it would not help to try to call tomorrow either. You are just too far away from Wisconsin!! On another note, I purchased three old Frances P. Keyes books that I do not have and have started to re-read Dinner at Antoines…thanks for those wonderful posts on her….it brought back so many great memories of reading her books in middle school. Diane

    • Thanks, Diane! So glad to know that post was helpful. πŸ™‚ You know what, I would call A Classy Flea and ask anyway. All the booths there are owned by different folks and I do think some of them ship. So it’s worth a call just to see if you really love it.

  34. bobbi duncan says

    Thank you for the fun tour. Love to see what’s up for grabs in your neck of the woods, and wish I still lived closer because it appears that most things are considerably less expensive than up here. So many great items–it’s hard to have willpower sometimes. I really have to temper myself on occasion whereby I leave the store to really think it over for a while. WARNING!–doesn’t always work. LOL

  35. I believe the verdict is in: that tureen? at that price? What were you thinking leaving it behind? I can so see it taking pride of place in one of your fall tablescapes. (If you truly don’ want it and so many of us do, buy it for us and have a giveaway contest here on your blog. πŸ™‚

  36. That beautiful tureen for 24 bucks and you didn’t buy it? Consider yourself kicked. Ha!

  37. Bad girl! You go back and buy that tureen, you hear?! I’m your elder (very) and you must obey me–understand?!

  38. Thanks for sharing all the pics of your shopping trip–I LUV that store and never miss a trip in when visiting Atlanta!
    That store is one of the reasons I rarely FLY to Atlanta! ; D

  39. I love when you post your antique store finds! Gets my ideas flowing!

  40. Treasures one and all!!! franki

  41. The two ladies at the beach painting for me. Would be perfect in my ocean themed gazebo!
    You showed great restraint Susan!! πŸ™‚

  42. I just adored the Cape Cod box! I definitely would have walked out with that one! We just returned from a trip to Cape Cod, and I absolutely love that part of the country. I also really liked the 1930’s furniture. I don’t know if I could have passed that up, even if I don’t have a place for it. LOL! I immediately thought of my grandparent’s home when I saw it posted here. Such wonderful memories! I wish the flea markets and antique stores in my area had such beautiful items as you featured here. Thanks for sharing.

  43. OMGosh what a great place to shop and if you need furniture seems to be reasonable priced.
    I seen a couple items I really liked but I am down sizing and decluttering all my treasures from years of flea market and antique mall shopping so I need to go on and quite looking LOL
    Can’t believe you resisted all the goodies

  44. Love those mermaid hooks and those bathing beauties!

  45. how well i remember when you used to post about the classy flea…in fact when we took a little trip over to the atlanta area several years ago one of my stops was to go to the classy flea! i think there is (or was) a great goodwill store in the same strip mall?

  46. I love those burlap birds…I would have purchased them all! lol

  47. I can see several things that I probably would have taken home! What a treasure trove!
    Wishing you a beautiful day,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  48. Those silver pitchers would’ve come home with me for sure. What a great shop. Where I live, antiquing is strictly a high end adventure…too rich for my blood! I saw the most darling platter last weekend and it was $495.00…and I was told it was a bargain at that! Maybe for someone else, but not for me! πŸ˜‰

  49. rattlebridge farm says

    I haven’t been antiquing in so long, I especially enjoyed this virtual outing. If I lived near the Flea, I would visit frequently, just to see all of the gorgeousness. Your fox plates and silver pitchers are so elegant!

  50. I liked the clock with the “sticks” around it.

  51. Nice things. It’s a good thing you walked away from the Mackenzie-Childs platter. You can buy the 16″ platter new directly from their website for $55.00.

  52. Carol Cottrell says

    I can’t stand it….I am going on Friday. They always have great deals and its been a while for me. Thanks for the motivation!

  53. I live about 1 mile from The Classy Flea and I love it!! Just bought an antique rocker there for $20. It’s gorgeous & just needs to be cleaned! I have to MAKE myself drive past that shop several times a week! Thank you for ur post.

    • Sonja, we are almost neighbors…I’m around 2-3 miles away. Your rocker sounds like a steal. I’ve bought so many wonderful things there over the years! Things sure do fly out of there quickly!

  54. I miss Classy Flea! I’ll be in ATL soon, so it’s definitely on my list to visit! Two of those signs remind me of your cute lifeguard sign. That vintage feel. The silverplate pitchers are beautiful and do look much like yours. CF has wonderful stuff and mostly at great prices! Thanks for giving us the update.

  55. Susan, I believe the artist of Beach Girls is local (Dunwoody).

  56. I would go crazy if I lived anywhere near that store.
    I can’t get over the prices, the same items here would be triple the cost if not more… *sigh*
    It always makes me pea green with envy when you do a “Classy Flea” post.
    But please don’t stop because I love looking at all the wonderful items πŸ™‚

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