“Growing” Flowers That Never Need Watering: A Stylized Floral Bouquet

Welcome to the 691st Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? Nothing too exciting going on here this weekend, just a lot of spring cleaning. I cleaned at least 2 inches of pollen (slight exaggeration) from the benches on the front porch and, standing on a ladder, managed to wipe down all the screens on the screen porch without crashing through the screens to the ground below. lol I also cleaned the porch walls and molding, watered a lot of potted plants, cleaned out and organized a kitchen “junk” drawer, and ran a few errands. I like weekends like this–it always feels good to get things a bit more organized and ready for the spring season. Did you work on any spring cleaning over the weekend?

Build a Screened Porch


I’ll spare you photos of cleaned porch screens and tidied up junk drawers! lol How about something a bit more fun this Monday morning? In a recent post, I shared these stylized flower bouquets made from Lego or Lego-like building blocks. This is the Lego version, available here: Lego Flower Bouquet.


I ended up ordering this bouquet below, available here: Build a Bouquet.





Tip: If you order the same bouquet set that I ordered, it took me a while to realize–when the instructions show a “gray” section (like the stem/leaves in the image below) the gray section represents the section that you’ve just built in the previous step. They do this so you can see where to attach the new part that you’re currently building.


I didn’t realize how big this set was when I ordered it! There are 999 pieces! The packages were numbered just like the Lego packages were in the Home Alone set I ordered and put together just before Christmas. This set creates around 17 floral stems.

Building Blocks, Similar to Legos, Flower Garden Bouquet


Remembering how much fun it had been creating the Home Alone house, I couldn’t wait to dive in. These were the flowers I put together yesterday afternoon/evening. I’m about halfway done, I think. I need a Lego vase, don’t I? lol

Fun Flowers Made from Building Blocks


How fun are these!

Flowers, Building Blocks


I can’t imagine designing a set like this!

Build a Flower Bouquet from Building Blocks


They even tried to capture the inside petals of a flower. Pretty amazing how these sets are designed!

Flower from Building Blocks Similar to Legos


So cute! You know you’re probably going to see these in the centerpiece of a future table setting this spring. Ha!

Flower Made from Building Blocks


These are the packages I have left to assemble. These building block sets are so addictive, hard to stop once you start!


Have you ever put together one of these Lego-style bouquets? This one has been so much fun, I may end up ordering the Lego version, as well. Definitely fun to do while watching a movie or listening to Audible.



I’ll leave you with some real flowers, the geraniums I wintered over are just starting to bloom. I can’t get over how big they are–definitely want to try this wintering-over stuff again for next year. lol


The Foxtail Fern is living its best life since I transplanted it. It looks the best it has in years since it didn’t have to spend its whole life inside the garage this past winter.


It continues to send out new fronds every week or so. Do you see the new one emerging in the photo below? I can’t wait to see how full it is by the end of summer.


Happy Spring, Happy Flowers!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. It looks like your plants were quite happy to hibernate in your garage. Looking forward to how you do a Lego tablescape this spring.

  2. Mary Anne says

    Good Morning! I’m in the process of having a deck converted to a screened porch, and you were my biggest inspiration! I even shared photos of yours with my contractor! I’d love to share before and after photos but I don’t yet understand how to. Until then, could you tell me how you clean the pollen off the screens? I’ll have to do it from the inside as my porch is too high off the ground to do from the outside. I thought I’d just vacuum it with a brush attachment. ‍♀️ Thanks!

    • Mary Anne, I would love to see your porch! You can email photos to [email protected]. So exciting…just in time for spring and summer!

      Ummm, I would be worried about vacuuming the screens because you may accidentally press too hard and push it out of the frame or damage it. To get pollen off, I’d just use a blower, standing back far enough away to not damage the screen. I usually do that to get a lot of the pollen off the porch floor and it should help remove it from screens.

      Then I just take a bunch of wet rags ( I purchase them in bulk on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3K7uLgF ) and I gently wipe over the surface of the screens. It makes such a difference! You can literally see a huge change after it’s done. I go from “seeing” the screens to the porch looking like it doesn’t have any screening at all. I’m always shocked by what a difference it makes. I find it goes really quickly if you take about 10 wet rags out, no having to go back and rinse out the same rag over and over.

      • Mary Anne says

        Thanks for the tip!! That’s how I’ll do it too then. And thanks for that email address. When it’s all done and set up I’ll send photos that way. Thanks Susan!

  3. SO fun! I can’t wait to see your Lego flowers in a centerpiece! And the geraniums and fern are beautiful. You did a great job with the overwintering – I’ve tried it and it hasn’t always been a success, so I’m impressed. 🙂 Thanks for hosting, and Happy Spring Cleaning!

  4. It was a beautiful weekend here finally, so my son came over and we cut down the ornamental grasses, and then he mowed for me. I was shocked that he did my mowing. lol I am so loving these “Lego” flowers! They look so pretty and pretty realistic considering they are “Lego” type materials. I think too, you need a Lego vase. lol can’t wait to see these in a centerpiece for a table setting! Goodness, your geraniums look amazing! You definitely was successful with the wintering over of your plants! I am so loving your foxtail fern! Bringing them out on warm sunny days really made a difference all winter long. I think I need to move back south. lol Hugs, Brenda

  5. Susan, I’ve mentioned several times before how I marvel at how much we are alike from having so many of the same fabrics and decorative items in our homes to even having our parents’ same cookware, etc. But here is where our paths diverge. Ha! Although I love the Lego flowers, just the thought of trying to put those pieces together makes my brain lock up…even twitch a little. Ouch! Oh, and there’s another glaring difference. I don’t have a tenth the energy you have….and at times I can be a bit bitter about it. LOL!!!

  6. Tis the season for pollen! At least you won’t have to worry about your Lego flowers spreading pollen! So cute, thanks Susan~

  7. Those are so cute! But, you should’ve saved them for your grandsons so they could say they gave you a bouquet of flowers!
    Our weekend was summer hot, and I spent almost 12 hrs Friday working alongside landscapers to make a stone path, refill gravel paths, weed, spray, transplant, mulch, amend, sow and water. Not kidding, it was a lot of work!
    Went to Dayton on Sat for a sister’s 50th anniversary celebration – just a quick trip overnight. It’s only a 3 hr drive for us, but I thought of you.
    Your geraniums looks amazing. I may need to do that; otherwise, I’ll have a fortune annually in those alone. I’d forgotten how much $$ I saved on landscaping the last three years living in the condo!
    Have a great week.

  8. I’ve never seen lego flowers! We’re a big lego family so I’ll have to tell my kids about it since Mother’s Day is coming up. I cannot wait to see how you use them in a tablescape. Your geraniums & fern look amazing. I need to start preparing my containers for the season. Thanks for the inspiration. XO- MaryJo

  9. Hi Susan, your geraniums are beautiful!
    What’s your secret for “overwintering”??

    • Thanks, Liz! Check out this previous post where I show how I planned to winter them over. https://betweennapsontheporch.net/best-garden-cart-flat-free-tires/#comments
      I was here all winter and since some of our days are fairly mild here in the south, I pulled them outside for sun on the pretty days on a garden cart I had just purchased. Especially check out the comments on that post if you have time because several BNOTP readers left some amazing suggestions on how they over-winter geraniums in much colder climates. I had no idea they could be over-wintered in so many ways.

      • Susan, thank you so much for your thoughtful answer and also for the links with suggestions. The garden cart is a great idea for that, too!

        • You’re so welcome! Liz, One thing I forgot to mention is that I set an alarm on my phone to go off every evening during the winter months, so I wouldn’t forget and leave the cart (with the flowers) outside overnight. That worked really well and I never missed a night getting them in on the nights our temps went below freezing.

  10. carol springsteen says


  11. Amy Byman says

    I have a link back to my blog! Just waiting for moderation.
    Thanks so much

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I am so impressed with the Geraniums and the Foxtail fern, wow! I think I just may try that this year, however, living in MI may present more of a challenge as our winters are long and can be pretty bitter. I have always felt badly about taking my plants to the woods when they still have life in them. I will have to go back to that post and read all the suggestions from your readers for tips for we who live on the tundra, lol!

  13. Jane Clary says

    Hi Susan,
    How difficult is the lego set you have? I have an older aunt in an independent living facility that I would love to get that for. Her daughter visits often so she could help some. She does jigsaw puzzles. Just needing some advice.

    • I don’t think it would be too difficult. I wish the instructions were a bit better about explaining some of the basics. For example, when a picture is grayed out, it means they are showing you a section you’ve previously put together so you know where to attach the new section you just built. There are a few things like that, that once you figure them out, it goes much easier.
      A couple of other things to mention is some of the parts/pieces are quite small, so if she has dexterity issues due to arthritis or stiffness (like me some days) that could make it a bit tricky. Also, you need good close-up vision or great glasses for seeing some of the instructions for connecting those smaller parts. Good lighting is a must, too…since some of the small pieces are similar in appearance but different colors, so good lighting helps to tell those apart.
      Hope I’m not making it sound too complicated. If she has some assistance, that will definitely help. The second bouquet that I’m working on now is a lot easier, now that I’ve done one batch of flowers, so it gets easier as you go and understand how their building system works and get used to interpreting the instructions.

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