I’ve Been Summer Party Shopping & I Caught Some Great Deals!

Last May, a couple of weeks before their birthdays that fall just 6 days apart, I bought my son and daughter-in-law this awesome frozen drink maker. We had a blast making drinks with it during the time I was visiting. I’ve made frozen smoothies for my grandsons with it on subsequent visits.


Yesterday, I stopped by Old Time Pottery on the way back home from another errand and found the cutest Margaritaville highball glasses marked down 50% off. I bought those thinking they would be a fun gift to take to my son and daughter-in-law sometime this summer when I’m there for a visit. Well, I don’t think they’re going to get those glasses now! lol


When I got home from Old Time Pottery, I started thinking about how I would love to have my own frozen drink machine since I love frozen drinks so much. A frozen drink is just the best thing ever on a hot, muggy, summer day here in the south. I decided to check out the frozen drink machines online and was super excited to find that the same frozen drink maker I purchased for my son/DIL last spring, is currently on sale for $100 less than what it was last year! When I saw that, I couldn’t resist getting one to enjoy here at home. You can read more about this frozen drink maker here: Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker.



For a skinny minute, I thought seriously about getting this one. It will make three different frozen drinks at one time–just add the ingredients to each pitcher for each drink you’re making (Margarita, Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Mudslide, Mojito, Smoothie) and the machine does the rest! Pretty amazing! I hope I don’t regret not getting this fancier one because it’s on sale, too! You can read more about it here: Margarita Machine for Frozen Drinks.


Margarita Machine that makes 3 different frozen drinks


In addition to the Margaritaville tumblers/highball glasses I bought today in Old Time Pottery, I already have aqua-colored, bubble margarita glasses that I found in Kohl’s back in 2008.

Beachy China Dinnerware


Here’s a better view of those in this previous table setting.

Starfish Glasses, Bubble Glass Margarita Glasses


These are the glasses I purchased last year for my son/DIL to go with their margarita/frozen drink machine. I love the cactus design! You’ll find them very reasonably priced here: Margarita Glasses.



If I didn’t already have the aqua margarita glasses, I would have to buy these. I think they are so pretty! They would be perfect for summer parties! I may have to cave and get a set of these, love the design so much! You’ll find these beautiful, hand-blown margarita glasses here: Beautiful Hand Blown Margarita Glasses.

Beautiful Margarita Glasses


One More Summer Party Purchase

I’m on a roll for summer party shopping! I purchased one more item that I’ve always wanted–a Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler. I love how the Tundra Haul has wheels making it much easier to move when loaded down with ice and drinks. I bought this one below for my son a few years back and he uses it every weekend during the summer months when they are grilling out in the backyard.


Yeti just came out with the Tundra Haul in a limited edition color called, Rescue Red. They do this a couple of times a year–release their coolers in limited edition colors. The limited edition colors always sell out quickly, so I snapped up a red one before they were gone. So far, I haven’t ever seen them repeat a color, so when you see a color you love, you have to get it right then. This red is the perfect red for summer parties, especially 4th of July cookouts. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the University of Georgia’s colors. (Go Dawgs!) It would be perfect for tailgating! The eBay sellers are already snatching the Rescue Red coolers up and claiming that the red is sold out, which is not true–at least, not yet! When I last checked, red was still available here: Yeti Cooler in Rescue Red.

Red Tundra Haul Yeti


Based on tracking, my cooler should arrive on Sunday. I purchased two racks for it and those will arrive in about a week. Not sure how much I’ll use the racks, but I love how perfectly they fit inside. They should work well for anything I want to keep cool, but dry. I know I’ll really be glad I have this cooler when it comes time to defrost my chest freezer. Yeti coolers typically keep ice frozen for up to 4 days and sometimes longer! (Racks are available here: Racks for Yeti Cooler.


Have an awesome weekend, Friends! Try and stay cool, it has really warmed up here this week!

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  1. Looks like your Old Time Pottery is still open. Did you see any sea life dishes? The Yeti cooler seems ideal during hurricane season if you lose power. Good time to have a frozen drink maker.

    • Yes, I was happy to see it’s still there although a lot of the shelves that would normally be filled with merchandise were empty. When I was checking out, I asked if they would be changing names and she said that they had been purchased by another company but she didn’t know if the name of the store would change or not. She said they were the only location left in Georgia. I only saw a couple of other customers the whole time I was in the store and this was on a Saturday around midday. I took some photos to share in another post…they had a lot of cool lanterns and some great beach/ocean-themed placemats. The only beachy china I saw was some pretty aqua, melamine dinnerware. I wonder if they are getting ready to renovate and that’s why there were so many empty shelves. They used to be so busy back in the day–that was when they had ladies working in their faux floral department who would create really pretty, elaborate wreaths to sell. I don’t know what happened, I guess everything changes and stores have to grow with the changes. I hope they are able to make a comeback. That’s a great point about losing power. I know things will last for quite a while in the freezer but never hurts to have more options.

      • During Covid they said they couldn’t get merchandise from China. I think maybe because they were selling the company or near bankruptcy, was more likely. You don’t know if they are depleting inventory to change to the new store that sells clothing. I need to stock up on some floral supplies they sell. I was there after they reduced fall and bought some nice floral stems. Wishing I had bought more now. In years past, I bought after season sale items for 90% off. Everybody that buys from them should email the new store owners to keep OTP as is.

      • Do you have a Big Lots store in your area ? Sometimes they have interesting plates. I like their 16 quart storage bins and after 3 trips, you get $5 off.

  2. Regality3 says


  3. Sandra D, Jol says

    I love my Yeti 30 ounce but if you forget to close the tab, it doesn’t stay cold as long as I found out several times. I’m 66 and have to cut my yard, trim and I love to garden so I was thinking about getting this cooler because the 30 ounce mug with ice taking up space goes in no time. I could put in a full mug of ice water and have extra water bottles in the ice too. I was thinking about the gallon jug also. I love those ice pops in plastic you push up after mowing and I wonder how they would keep in this covered with ice. I bought a cooler last summer with those plastic blocks with gel inside hoping they would stay frozen for a longer time but I was disappointed. I’m still undecided but I add this to my short list of possibilities. It’s pretty $$$ to end up unhappy with yet another choice.

    • I miss cutting my grass…did it for 20-25 years until my Honda lawn mower croaked and neither of the repair shops here could figure out what was wrong with it. I’m not sure how they would keep but a bag of ice lasts pretty long in my son’s cooler.
      My “red” cooler arrived today and it’s not really red, so it’s going back. It’s more of a raspberry red and not what I expected. 🙁

  4. We don’t have an Old Time Pottery…love those glasses. As a “Parrothead” I think they are great. And the hand blown ones are gorgeous. Enjoy all the great drinks this summer !

  5. Susan, your aqua glasses are perfect! I think you have the best set. Let us know how your margaritas taste!

  6. It’s looking more and more like “Party at Susan’s” will be a neighborhood mantra! You have so many party supplies that are perfect for a summer do!

  7. Elena M. says

    America’s Test Kitchen (on PBS) did a segment on coolers, and the Yeti came out on top, for durability, capacity and length of time keeping ice from melting. It’s expensive, but it rated very high in their tests and review. It’s too bad you didn’t like the color, and I hope you find another one you like!!

    • It is pricey and keeps going up. The first year I looked at the Tundra Haul, it was $350. By the time I purchased one for my son, it was $400. Now it’s $450! I bet in a year or two, they’ll be $500.
      Thanks, Elena! They come out with new colors twice a year so hoping I’ll find one I love sometime soon. They should announce the fall colors in July, I think…and sometimes the fall colors aren’t very fall-like at all. Will be interesting to see what they come out with this year.

  8. That’s it. I’m coming to your house this summer!! Looks like good times are going to be had.

  9. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I went to a fancy reception for a nephews wedding at a downtown hotel in San Antonio, TX. They used margarita glasses for the mashed potatoes and gravy. I love these. Unfortunately our Pier One’s closed and they had all shapes and sized of glass wear in that same confetti design

    • What a fun idea! I saw some online that were similar to these and they appeared to be from Pier 1, but that could have been an older article. I wonder if Pier 1 online still has them.

  10. linda Nixon says

    Waccamah was always better before Old Time Pottery. I bought my Turkey dishes and Christmas dishes there. Much better selections. I didn’t know Old time Pottery had been sold. Does anyone know who bought it? We have one in Knoxville and also one in Pigeon Forge.

  11. Linda Nixon says

    Before Old Time Pottery there was Waccamah. I bought my Turkey dishes and Christmas dishes many years ago there. I was sorry to see it go as I thought there houseware dept. as well as other depts. were much better. Does anyone know who bought OTP? I didn’t know that is had been sold. We have one in Knoxville and one in Pigeon Forge. As far as I know they are still in business.

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