Let’s Go Antiquing at A Classy Flea

It’s been a while since we stopped in for a visit to A Classy Flea. It always amazes me how fast things come and go here. I’ve learned the hard way over the years, if I see something I like, I’d better get it when I see it because it won’t be there long.

All these signs make me wish I had a beach or lake house to decorate.

Wood Signs for the Home


So many things to see, where should we start?

Antiquing at A Classy Flea


I was smitten by this beautiful lamp. I can see it beside a gorgeous bed or maybe atop a beautiful dressing table.

Victorian Style Lamp with Elegant Shade


Such a gorgeous shade! $49

Lace Covered Victorian Style Lamp


I’m always tempted by equestrian riding pieces like this riding helmet. Just love the idea of mixing them into my decor somewhere. This one was in great condition. $29

Black Equestrian Riding Hat


This student violin was $69.  Makes me think of one of my fave movies, The Red Violin.



I saw a lot of pretty chairs during my visit. These were $75 for the pair.

Black Armchairs with Red, Green Floral Fabric


The item that most tempted me during my visit and I found difficult to leave behind was this beautiful punch bowl set. I rarely need a punch bowl but this Ruby Flash punch bowl and cups made me want to have a party just so I would have a good excuse to bring it home with me. It was originally priced at $150 but was on sale 50% off for $74.50.

Tiffan Franciscan Ruby Flash Punch Bowl Set


Another piece I found tempting was this wonderful blue and white umbrella stand. Love the design and of course, love that it’s blue and white. $29.95

Blue and White Umbrella Stand


These custom-made blue and white toile draperies had an adorable whimsical design perfect for a nursery. $39

Blue, White Toile Draperies for Nursery


I love a great chest-on-chest, so much storage for a bedroom or for linens in a dining room. $159

Chest on Chest


Lots of fun frames, these colors would be great for a beach house or beach-inspired interior.

Antiquing, A Classy Flea


One of the things I most love about antiquing is you never know what treasure you’ll find. I sometimes feel as if I’m in a wonderful museum where touching the fascinating artifacts is actually allowed. So amazed by this old doctor’s bag. $49

Antique Leather Doctor's Bag


If I didn’t already have this book, I definitely would have purchased it. I miss Colonial Homes Magazine and would subscribe in a skinny minute if it came back. You can read more about this book here: Colonial Homes Classic American Decorating

Colonial Homes Classic American Decorating Book


Here’s a great pair of matching damask, channel-back, wing back chairs. The pattern of the fabric was a pretty shell design. They were on sale, $224 for the pair!

Cream Damask Upholstered Wing Back Chairs


Table with six chairs $499

Cream white Table & Chairs


Love cuckoo clocks, this one was missing its weights so it was just $12.99

Cuckoo Clock


This vintage East Lake chest had a beautiful carved design. $98.

East Lake Chest for sale


Some great pieces for the walls…

Large Iron Wall Clock


These were the largest preserved boxwood topiary shrubs I’ve ever seen! They were really big! $100 each

Large Preserved Boxwood Planters


Got an old drum set that no one uses anymore? Here’s a fun idea for repurposing them.

Tom-Tom Drum Turned Into Hanging Lights


Turn them into pendent lights! These would be great in a kid’s room, music room or a rec room. This one was $89 and the silver snare drum shown above was $99.

Drum Repurposed Into Pendent Light


Pretty highboy, I missed the price on this piece.

Mahogany Highboy


Large antique buffet: $499

Mahogany Sideboard


This guy would be right at home in a cabin, lake house or woodland decorated room. Umm, maybe I should have bought him for my family room, colors are perfect for that space. $12.99

Mallard Duck Bowl, Made in Italy


Loved this sweet rocking horse.

Red Rocking Horse


Wish I had a spot for this pretty, painted chest. $179

Painted Yellow Floral Chest


Damask Chair, perfect for a traditional style living room.

Red Damask Chair


Rustic flag made from old fence boards: $98

Rustic Flag Made from Old Boards


These metal spinning bins would be great storage for a craft room or work shop. I gave it a spin and was amazed by how the little bins stay level as it turns: $225

Spinning Antique Metal Organizer Bins


This was labeled as a “Step-back China Cabinet.” I think I’d use it as a bookcase with storage beneath. Love these pieces because they are so versatile. They work great in a living room, dining room or bedroom…really anywhere. $129.00

Step Back Mahogany China Cabinet Book Case


I have this book by Mary Carol Garrity and it’s excellent, definitely one of my faves by her. You can read more about this book here: Style at Home

Style at Home by Mary Carol Garrity


See anything that would have come home with you?

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  1. Dang, Susan! I’m coming to that area in September for a family wedding (Kennesaw, close enough, right?). I think you should go back! Buy the umbrella stand, the duck, and maybe even that yellow chest (your upstairs room?). Heck, you could even use the umbrella stand for a floral arrangement indoors (dried limelights?). As for me, hmm…maybe I’d just take the books, but I’d sure buy a LOT of the stuff you showed for resale. Equestrian items appeal to me a lot, and I’ve sold quite a few, including helmets. I love the channel back chairs. I really hope I can get to this place in September!

    • Yep, Kennesaw is only about 10 minutes away. lol You are a bad influence! 😉 Every time I go there, I want to come up with a ton of goodies. I’ve been cleaning out closets and the basement and donating stuff, so I’m trying to not bring more things home…but it was tempting! I love that umbrella stand but just don’t need one that color. I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself later on when I move to that cottage one day, that I didn’t get it.

  2. i have and love both of those booksI wish I had most of the other things you shared!

  3. I. LUV. that. store!
    Thanks for the pictorial tour!
    Btw- I have a collection of riding hats in MANY colors, but that dark green one is eluding me. :’ (

  4. I want the East Lake chest and the green pottery vase with dragonflies!!

  5. Wow! That place is awesome! I would have gone bankrupt there. I love the umbrella stand, the spinning shelves, the punch bowl and the little rocking horse! Can’t wait to see your table set with that punch bowl!

  6. No surprise that things don’t last long. The prices are so reasonable that it’s no wonder things fly out the door. I’d love to shop the Classy Flea! Thanks for taking us along.

  7. So interesting to see what’s in the flea markets compared with my area.

  8. Jill from Southern NH says

    Gorgeous furniture! Love the highboy. The second I saw the equestrian hat I thought of your living room, or a very cool tablescape!

  9. You should buy the antique punch bowl and use it when you have a Christmas party! It would be perfect for Christmas. Wish I lived closer. Looks like a great place to shop. Even if I don’t buy, just browsing antique stores is relaxing.

  10. I love the green vase with dragonflies on it and the dragonfly pillow.

  11. Where is this place?

  12. Charlotte Bruce says

    Love the beautiful punch bowl set! I want, Wish I could find a place like that here! Thanks for the great tour.

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan for the tour. It’s so fun to go antique shopping – love to take a step back in time. Sometimes I see things like a set of mixing bowls or dishes that that we or my grandma or aunt owned and it makes me smile. I always have to check the price on those things and say I wonder where ours went?! I like the riding helmet too. The punch bowl is beautiful and would really be pretty in your dining room!

  14. The lamp. THE LAMP!!!

  15. The Large Antique Buffet. stole my heart the moment I saw it.
    Have been antique shopping in quite a while, thanks Susan
    for the lovely tour.

    Linda C in Seattle

  16. What a fun tour! Love that umbrella stand, surely you have a place for it. My daughter used to ride and I still have her velvet show helmets- just couldn’t part with those or some of her other riding accessories. I am in search of french balloon back chairs for my kitchen table- very hard to find at reasonable prices these days. I will remain patient!.

  17. There are so many beautiful things at this flea market! I’ve heard a great deal about it over the years, but have never been. I adore that yellow chest, the lamp shade, the antique chest, and that gorgeous punch bowl. The prices are irresistible too. I don’t know how you resisted!

  18. Oh Susan, that was the most fun, shopping along with you! I wanted something from just about every picture. The best way to shop, all the drool without getting into trouble 🙂 I can’t believe the prices. I live in CA and I am pretty sure the prices would be a lot higher here .. like everything else. I’m ready to pack up and move to Georgia! Thanks for the fun.

  19. Susan, thank you so much for your virtual shopping trip. Your posts and all of the readers’ comments fill my, and all of the other dealers at A Classy Flea, hearts with joy!

  20. Cindy Brooks says

    Ha, another fan of The Red Violin! I love that movie and no one I’ve ever mentioned it to had heard of it.

    • I know! It’s funny how so few folks know about it. I love the scenery, costumes and the music, not to mention the great story line!

  21. Dishes are my weakness and that punch bowl and cups was exquisite. It would have been hard to resist. Fun post.

  22. I love the curtains! Were you there today and do you know if they ship items (if they are still there)? I have a child’s bedroom they would look perfect in. Thank you so much for sharing!

  23. I kept back the big drum from my husband’s unwanted drum kit. I haven’t done it yet, but I have plans to make it into a victorian drum coffee table – as in the English cottage in The Holiday.

  24. Love the chairs and that last high boy. Beautiful conditions. How fun, prices are much more reasonable down by you. Love going antiquing. Thanks for showing us!

  25. I love the Classy Flea and have found many neat things there. I love that their prices are fairly reasonable too. Sometimes when you post things I decide I really “need” that item and run over there to see if it is still available.

    • Pam, a couple of times I’ve gotten home and created a post, then realized I should have gotten something I really wanted. Sometimes when I go back the next day, it’s gone from someone locally who saw the post. I love A Classy Flea and hope they never close because they would be missed!

  26. Some really beautiful pieces and affordable, too. The punch bowl set was pretty. Reminds me of Cranberry glass. Love the green glazed ceramic dragon fly jar, the decorative painted yellow chest and the flag painted fence boards piece. Any vintage Halloween?

  27. I love that place! Wish we had a Classy Flea here! The chairs would definitely have found a way back home with me! Thanks for taking us with you!

  28. robin smalley says

    you have to be careful about some of those old pieces with red in them.. I have a lot of Fostoria red glasses and I was told, don’t know if it’s true, but lead was used in making red items way back when.

    Just FYI

    • Thanks for that info, Robin. A few years ago when I was buying Waterford crystal, I heard something about that and did a little research. I believe it’s okay to use crystal stemware, etc…as long as you don’t let the liquid or drink sit in it a long time. For example, you’re not supposed to store brandy or some type of drink in a lead decanter for the long term but it’s okay to serve from it for a party, etc…but then you’re supposed to store the brandy back in a glass container.
      Same goes for drinking from crystal glasses, it’s supposed to be okay to use them occasionally for a meal, you just wouldn’t want a drink to sit in it for hours, etc…
      Here’s some additional info here about it: http://www.nytimes.com/1991/02/20/garden/fda-issues-warnings-on-using-lead-crystal.html

    • I wonder if Ruby Flash is crystal or just regular glass, I’m not sure.

  29. Mary Anne Looby says

    Things are so much more reasonable in the South than in the Northeast. If I were 30 years younger and getting started, I would grab some friends, rent a truck and head on down. Sadly, we are all at the point of downsizing.

  30. Man, I wish I had a store like that here in Richmond. What finds and at fantastic prices! The owner has a great eye.

  31. KathleenfromCA says

    Susan, what a great tour. Love 99% of what you chose to post. That duck was so reasonable…are you kicking yourself? The toile curtains would be my pick if I had a nursery/kids room. Can you imagine waking up to all your little friends every morning? The monkeys in the tree, the frogs dancing, etc.

    • I know and they were so heavy and well made…definitely custom made. I loved them! It’s so dangerous for me to visit there because I want to bring all my faves home!

  32. Thanks for the tour, but thank you also for including the prices. It’s always interesting to see the variation of prices in different parts of the country. Compared to where I live in South Alabama, these seem to be very reasonable, and I think if I had been with you, I would have taken a few things home!

  33. Thank you for so generously sharing such delightful, educational information! I enjoy reading your blog.

  34. Charlotte says

    I love that punch bowl too. The next time I am up that way I am going there. I want to go to the Blue & White Dish room.

  35. Sandra D in Joliet says

    Oooohhh. I want the buffet! Definitely many beautiful items. This would be dangerous for someone who can’t control their desires and spending.

  36. Hi, Susan,
    What a great way to start my day: a virtual shopping spree!! I love the chest-on-chest (linen storage is needed), the topiaries, and the “step-back” china cabinet! I hate to tempt you, but I sure could see that Ruby Flash punch set in your dining room with the color of your walls……just sayin’……. Anyway, thanks for the tour. Have a great day! Rosie

  37. Jan Ferris says

    Oh, that punch bowl set! Took me back to my days as a newlywed – my spiritual mom/mentor loved ruby glass and had a lot of it, some of which she gifted to me on my marriage. How thrilled she would have been to have had a set like that for her entertaining! Meanwhile, I’m in love with everything in the store. Thank goodness I am in California – I would decimate our budget if we lived anywhere near the Classy Flea!

  38. Jan Ferris says

    Got so excited about the wonderful stuff in the store that I almost forgot to mention that you’re one of a very few people (besides my hubby) who have even heard of The Red Violin. Loved that movie!

    • I know, I love it too, Jan! I don’t run into very many folks who have seen it, either. You would think with Samuel Jackson in it, more folks would have seen it. He’s such a great actor!
      The beginning part is a little sad, don’t like that part, but I guess it’s necessary for the rest of the movie. I love the scenery, the costumes, the music and the great story line!

  39. I have that exact Damask chair but with a different fabric and in fact I have two. They are in storage awaiting recovering and repairs and belonged to my late Mother.

    I would definitely have to buy the yellow painted chest which I think would look great in your guest room or your office.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  40. Judith L says

    Love the highboy, the stepback china cabinet, the chest on chest and the beautiful fringed lampshade! They all would have been hard to resist. Thanks for sharing.

  41. It’s probably a good thing we don’t shop together…*sigh*…franki

  42. Susan, so many pretties, so far away. Do you mind going back for us ? I love the sign in the pink damask chair. There is a purple compote on the shelf behind the highboy waving at me. Perhaps Glenn can put some things online like that green dragonfly vase.
    I have been saying, instead of donating our excess stash to GoodWill, it should go online to share with friends and let them pay for shipping. Anyone ?

  43. Donna Coogan says

    Oooh, love the punch bowl set – never seen one with pink! Also in love with the East Lake chest, yellow chest and the dragonfly vase. The spinning bins are very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  44. I love it! Do you have any idea how much that Schnauzer water color below the chest on chest was? I would buy it in a heartbeat! I loved many things, but really love that green Dragonfly jar!

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