Velvet Drapes for a Paneled, English Country-Style Living Room

Welcome to the 367th Metamorphosis Monday!

Do you sometimes find yourself putting off a DIY job, even though it seems like a small project? Maybe you’re waiting until the mood hits or you’re finally ready mentally to tackle it. That’s kind of where I’ve been with hanging my drapes here in the living room.

I was thinking about this on Saturday, about why I’ve been putting it off, and I think I know why. Decisions–there were going to be a lot of decisions to make and that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

First there was the issue of deciding which style curtain rod to use: metal vs wood. I finally decided to go with the blackish, oiled rubbed bronze metal rods I had purchased because wood rods would have to be cut to the specific size needed (big commitment) and are often a good bit more expensive. Plus, several of you thought the metal rod would add more interest and I kind of like that idea. I also thought the metal rod would tie in nicely with the dark-bronze dog lamp on the table in front of the bigger of the two windows.

Then there’s the always terrifying issue of putting holes in the walls, something I always dread doing in this room. With regular sheet rock walls, if you goof and need to move a rod slightly over, you can just spackle the hole and paint over it. With wood walls, holes feel much more permanent, even though they can be filled in with wood filler to somewhat hide the hole. One plus about wood walls, nail holes aren’t nearly as visible on wood walls as they are on painted walls, so there’s always that.

Family Room With Judges Paneling


Finally, there was the process of deciding exactly how far out to go with the rods and just how much of the molding I was comfortable hiding. Seems like there’s always a trade-off when decorating. In this case, I felt adding the softness and richness of velvet to the room was worth the sacrifice of hiding a bit of the molding, but there was the balancing act of hanging the curtains high and wide while taking into consideration the layout of the molding.

Anyone else go through this type of mental debate and decorating angst when tackling a project around the house? I have found over the years, if I’m unsure or a bit anxious about the next step, it means I need to take a few days off and just let it be. When I’m well-rested and ready, I’ll know what I need to do.

This weekend I was finally ready to get going. Several BNOTP readers suggested hanging the curtains before hemming them so the wrinkles would fall out and the draperies could settle. Great idea! I also wanted to see exactly how much they needed to be hemmed.

After hanging them, I’m almost tempted to not hem them at all. Once they were up, I realized that only the bottom of one panel is actually visible, although they would probably hang in nicer folds if they weren’t quite so long.

Living Room, English Country Style


Photography is always a challenge in this room, the wood walls swallow up the available light, which of course is exactly what we love about cozy, paneled rooms. So these pics may be a bit grainy since I had to crank up the ISO on my camera to take them.

I hung the panels up high, just underneath the crown molding. There was the perfect spot right between the crown molding and the top of the molding below, where a rod fit nicely. I had the flamestitch wingback chair pulled out away from the window and was hanging the draperies on the smaller window when I took this photo below, so that’s why the chair is in the middle of the room.

Drapes for English Country Room


This was the rod I chose, the Allen & Roth Bronze Metal rod in a basket-weave design. I think someone else described this has having a woven leather design. It comes in several different lengths and I went with the 72 inch to 144 inch size because I was hoping that would make the break where the rods come together, fall at one end or the other.

That’s a little trick I do when hanging curtains, going with a much longer rod than needed. It worked great in the dining room and the break where the rods came together was completely hidden. (See that in this post: French Pleated Draperies for the Dining Room.)

It worked pretty well in this room. For the smaller window behind the wingback, you can’t see the break at all, it’s behind the curtain rings. The center window was a bit too wide to completely hide it, but fortunately the break wasn’t very noticeable at all. You have to really look for it in order to see it.Allen and Roth Basket Weave Drapery Curtain Rod

I really do like how the drapes look in this room. I think the color works great, too.

Paneled Room with Green Velvet Drapes, English Country Style


You can see all the wrinkles right now. I’ll see what falls out over the next few days, then I’ll lightly steam them using a hand-held steamer to work out the really stubborn wrinkles.

Ballard Designs Green Velvet Drapes for Paneled Living Room


In this photo you can see where the rod fit comfortably between the crown molding and the molding just below. These rods were a bit thicker than the ones I used in the dining room. I thought the chunkier rod worked well with the weight/heft of the velvet fabric.

Ballard Designs Green Velvet Drapes


Fortunately, because the curtains were hung with screws going into wood walls, I only had to use one screw on each end. The drapes aren’t overly heavy, either.

Ballard Designs Sage Green Velvet Drapes


So what do you think, should I go ahead and pay to have them hemmed, or just let them puddle onto the floor since the hem of only one panel is actually visible? Not sure if I’d ever need/use them if I move one day to another house, but longer panels could possibly come in handy if I did. What do you think: hem or no hem?

Living Room, English Country Style


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  1. Thanks for hosting Susan. Yes, I understand what you’re talking about with having a tough time making a decision sometimes… I was a designer/decorator for years, and never experienced it when I worked on my client’s homes, but can sometimes struggle with a decision every so often on my own project. Your drapes are perfect! I love your choice. Good decision! 🙂

  2. Oh, wow, Susan, those look absolutely fabulous! I take back what I said about wood rods – I love the contrast of the metal! I love the length as is, and the space between the moldings is just right. A very handsome look. Thanks for hosting us, and I hope your week is a good one.
    Btw, yes, I most definitely stall with most every change in my home, especially given Mr. P.’s sensitivity to change. At least you only have to concur with yourself on any given decision. 😉

    • Thanks, Rita! I tell ya, I can get so stuck on the smallest details like rods. lol Yeah, that would be a lot harder. I always wonder how women do it that are married to men who actually enjoy and want to have a say-so in the decorating. It would definitely make it a bit more challenging.

  3. I like drapes puddled on the floor~ love the choice of curtain rods too. Thanks for the party Susan, have a happy week-

  4. I wold leave them unhemmed, I love how they puddle on the floor. Love those rods too! I have been putting off window treatmeants in our master too….for 3 years now! I have GOT to get that done!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Kay from Kansas says

    I think they are perfect, Susan! Puddled, with metal rods- it looks great!

  6. Ok Susan – first of all before I say anything about the drapes I have to tell you that I would have painted the wood in that room if I’d bought your house AND I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO WRONG!
    What a gorgeous space ( I thought it was from an English home magazine – seriously ! ) And secondly I think the drapes look beautiful puddled – it adds to the authenticity of an English manor in my humble opinion – which is exactly what that room reminds me of!!!
    I’m scrolling back up to pin !
    I’m so enamored that I nearly forgot to thank you for the party LOL
    Hope you have a great week ahead !

    • Aww, thanks so much, Suzan! Appreciate that so much!
      When we were house-hunting so many years ago, before finding this home, I saw several homes that I would probably have painted the paneling, too. Often the paneling looked very cheap (like plywood on the walls) and it usually very dark. Maybe they stained it really dark in an attempt to hide the quality of the paneling. Thankfully, the builders y used a good paneling in this neighborhood, although I think most of the homes just have it under the chair rail. I worry sometimes that when I move one day, the next owners will paint the walls. I hope if they do, I never know about it! 🙂
      Hope you have an awesome week, too!

  7. They look Mahvelous! I like the look of a “puddled” drape. It’s not everyplace you can have that look, but this is one instance where it works. I’d leave it and as you said, you only see the bottom of one panel. Save your hemming money for something else “more fun”!

  8. Our drapes are puddled & that’s my favorite look now. I think you will like that look too.

  9. Love all your hard work and love the curtains…..since you are undecided, why don’t you live with them for a few weeks as is and then see how you feel? I am not one for puddled draperies (having working in a professional workroom where we made all kinds!) but you have to decide for yourself what your own taste/style dictates. I am big on “act in haste, regret in leisure”…having lived that a few times… rush for you, really, except to have that room “finished”, once and for all….for now! 🙂

    • That’s such a good saying “Act in haste, regret in leisure.” I’m going to remember that! Sometimes acting slowly is a good thing, I guess. I know, you are so right about the having it finished. lol I don’t think it ever will be. I’m dying to get some decent pillows for the sofa. I bought the blue ones many, many years ago before I became a “pillow snob.” Now I only want pillows with down inserts.

  10. Susan, thanks for hosting! I always have a mental debate when deciding how to tackle some decorating projects too, my own and client’s! I love the metal pole, and the drapes look lovely.

  11. I am glad you posted this…. I am not a decorator by training, but I love to decorate; I would love to be one day… I always struggle: my biggest fear is hanging things – art, goblin, mirrors…. Curtains are the next struggle: where to put the rods, how far up? As far as how far to the sides….my husbands decides where he can drill the holes. I just moved, so I have a whole house to decorate: yay!!!! and I am so scared! Anyway, I finally have the rods in the master bedroom and the curtains were too short, so I ordered the longer ones and now the debate has started: to hem or not to hem. They puddle just as much as yours, but they are silk; I tried to keep things just like you said, I might re-use them… I am thinking about using hold backs

    • I know, it’s the hardest decision on the hemming for me, too. I’m always thinking about if I move and will I be sorry I cut off all that fabric. But I guess we can’t worry that far ahead, we should probably just go with what works for our homes now and enjoy that. Tie backs would help shorten them…so that may be perfect for your windows!

  12. They look gorgeous, and I would let them puddle on the floor. It looks quite luxurious, and as you say, if you ever want to use them in another space, you’ll have the length available.

  13. The puddled look on the floor is over…definitely need to be hemmed to just skim the floor! The drapes look great in this room, very rich.

  14. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, love your homey common-sense blog; have been a reader for a few years now and am completely hooked! When you have a spare moment ( grin), could you pass on some advice on choosing leather couches/recliners. Am tired of buying inferior products. Your leather furniture looks very durable and comfy. Thanks again for all you do to guide us in creating lovely livable spaces.

    • Thanks so much, Sharyn…appreciate that!
      Regarding leather furniture, I would just bite the bullet and go with a really good name brand. The leather wingback in my living room is a Bradington Young. I purchased it at a Thomasville Furniture store about 20 years ago. I don’t know if those stores are still around.
      I just googled and it looks like Bradington Young is still in business. Here’s their website:

      The thing about leather is it can scratch if you have kids or pets, but you just have to look at scratches as patina. 🙂 Some companies even distress their leather to give it that scratched/aged/antique look. So, don’t sweat it if it does get a scratch. Also there are companies that can work miracles with touching up scratches. A friend of mine used one and was very pleased.
      I do like leather, it wears so well, but all leather is not created equal. It definitely comes in different levels of quality and durability. So just google and read up on what the best leather is for furniture before you go shopping. I bet you’ll find a ton of articles online about it.

    • Hancock and Moore is another great company that makes high quality leather furniture. I have a chair by them and it is the most comfortable recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner! Two high end furniture stores in VA that I have purchased from in Alexandria and Williamsburg recommend this line. I also have had 2keather chairs by BY Susan mentioned and and they are about 30 years old!

  15. I’d say leave them unhemmed for now, if you have even a moment of doubt. You can always hem them later. From my experience with puddled drapes, you will eventually want to hem them. The puddles will never stay where you want them, and you will have to constantly fuss with them. I have some that I want to hem right now! But fiddledy dee…I’ll think about that tomorrow. Cherry Kay

  16. The draperies are very stately, Susan. They look perfect in that room. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Okay, here’s my opinion – and that’s all it is – MY opinion. You should do what feels best for you. I would hem them so that they are able to use their own weight to stay wrinkle free and hang in proper folds. Also, if it were my home, I would have to consider whether of not pets and puddled draperies are able to live together in harmony. I know someone with puddled draperies and it seems that they attract pet hair. I think softening your windows with the velvet is a great idea and the color is absolutely perfect. I previously voted for the metal rod and am happy to se that it works perfectly. Your room is so classic and has such English manor charm, which is at the opposite end of the spectrum from my home, but I can so appreciate its beauty and the work that you’ve put into making it so lovely. Obviously, you do not need to question your decision-making skills.

  18. Live with them for a “season”, before hemming. It will take a while before the “settle” into their own length. I HATE hemming, but since I sew (a lot) it would kill me to pay someone else to do it. I made pinch pleated drapes with two borders, and lined with blackout lining for my bedroom 17 years ago, and still havent hemmed them. So they “puddle”. None of my lightweight un-lined drapes in the rest of the house are hemmed either, but I did buy iron on hem tape for those. It really is easy to use, if you dont sew.

  19. We have moved a lot, due to work, and I have one pair of bedroom drapes I have used in 6 different homes. I never hem them because I don’t know where they will be next. Right now they are behind our bed and I simply turned them under slightly. I think we all agree…don’t bother hemming. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  20. I’m glad you stuck with the metal rods- and they curtains look great in your room. Sorry but to me these look unfinished. I don’t like the puddling- they collect dust and have to be fussed with to make look good. I like it best when they just touch the floor. This room is trim and neat and I think the curtains should be to.

  21. That room is magazine-worthy Susan! As a procrastinator in all things home decor, I understand your hesitation. We have an old city house with plaster walls. Every time you put a nail somewhere, it results in a crumbling mess, which means you better like where you hung that picture or curtain rod, because it now has to cover up the giant hole in the wall, too. I have swags and jabots in my living and dining rooms that were similar to the ones you replaced — they are over 20 years old, is that bad? I do have them cleaned every so often (okay, only when there’s a First Communion or Graduation, but it has been done!). Seeing your new panels and rods makes me think it’s time for an updated look. I will miss you Waverly Augusta overpriced fabric from 1993!

  22. The curtains look great. I am in the puddle camp. Just looks so luxurious. Either way, they are great and I love the rods. Very nice!

    Happy Lundi Gras!

  23. Betty Marie says

    I would leave them just the way they are, very English style.

  24. The drapes make the room look so much cozier! And I thought it looked fabulous pre-drapes. I’m not generally a fan of puddled drapes but in this room – I like them. They add to the warmth of the room. Not sure how that’s going to look/feel in August – but today I like it! Great job!

  25. Joyce B in Atlanta says

    I say leave the curtain length alone. The curtains really aren’t puddled, but more side-swept. I don’t think shortening them will add to the look, and may actually detract. Velvet is a rich fabric that is supposed to drape so that light shines on it and reveals depth and sheen. Having soldier straight pleats doesn’t really suit velvet. My opinion, of course. Though you decorate with dogs, I know you don’t have one, so pet hair isn’t a problem. This was our weekend to get a project done that I hadn’t quite worked out in my mind yet. It all came together quite well. Like you, I have to feel inspired to make my visions into reality. I’ve imagined the dining room drapes for nearly 3 years now – we even have them made. I think it’s time to finally make the holes!!

  26. I love them puddled too…very luxurious and expensive looking! Like many others have said, you can always hem later if you change your mind. Do you have a recommendation for a handheld steamer? I purchased an inexpensive one that was a total piece of junk.

    • Roxanne, I was using my steamer today and remembered I never got around to answering your question. So sorry it’s been so long. The one I use is one my sister bought me ages ago. It’s called “My Little Steamer” and it gets blazing hot. I was shocked how hot the steam is that comes out of it, but it does work.

      • Wow- you have an amazing memory! Thanks for thinking of me and for the information!

        • I couldn’t remember where it was when you first asked, so I couldn’t remember the brand. I found it again a few days ago when I was putting some things away in a closet. I finally got around to steaming the drapes in the living room, today and it worked awesome! I was just noticing the reviews on Amazon aren’t that good for it and I’m not sure why because mine works fine. At first I wasn’t holding it close enough to the drapes and it didn’t seem to do very much, but when I held it about an inch from the wrinkles while continuously moving the steamer up and down, it worked awesome! Maybe some of the bad reviews are from folks holding it too far out. The water is literally boiling inside it so I definitely would not let anyone other than an adult use it. It’s kind of scary to hear the water boiling away in your hand. But it works!

  27. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan: Great to see the drapes up, and the metal rods were a good choice. I love the puddled look and it seems sensible to me to leave them for the versatility reason, too, of possibly needing them for longer windows in the future. Right now, they have that English look that we are all ridiculously over the moon about since Downton Abbey! 🙂 Re: mental procrastination, I do that over every big project. I think it has been good for me in the long run, because when I finally do a project, I have thought it through from every angle, and I usually end up getting what I had hoped for, and seldom need to redo things. I see that characteristic in you, too. Then I can relax and enjoy the end result, and move on to something else. The beginning, though is overwhelming and intimidating, but once into it, I go with great confidence! Right now I am in that situation over a quilt I want to make for my niece-in-law and nephew’s first baby! I’ve made quilts (modern quilts) for my other nephew’s children, but in this case, the mom has no particular choice and wants “anything I think will look good”! So much more decision making.

    Anyway, forgive me for rambling, but I enjoy your posts so much, I feel like we are old friends!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. Jane xo

    • Jane, I know what you mean. I think sometimes we just need a good starting point, then we can go from there. Hope you are able to find that starting point for your quilt. I know once you have that, you’ll be well on your way! What a lovely gift to receive!

  28. The metal rods are an excellent choice–love the contrast with the wood. If you think you will be closing the drapes on really hot or cold days, then hemming might be best. Otherwise live with them puddled, perhaps even for a year. And like your other sticky decisions, one day you’ll just know.

  29. Susan,
    Leave them softly puddled. I think you’ve anguished enough! However–I would ask you to at least consider using the velvet drapes for effect only in the colder winter months and removing them and the rods entirely in the warmer months to let the room breathe. To my eye the entire room and judge’s paneling were already pretty perfect and miraculous without the drapes.

  30. Terri Santiago says

    Hi Susan
    I personally would leave them puddled, as you said you can only see one,
    the room speaks “come sit a spell”.

  31. Beautiful….perfect drapery for this lovely room….stately without being too
    formal. I agree they add warmth to the room. ] for puddling vs hemming. I am not a fan of puddling as I think this
    fabric does not puddle and will not allow the draperies to drape properly.
    They need to hang and the weight of fabric will cause natural folds, without
    the push up effect. Just my opinion…and I am not a professional.
    One other suggestion…the lovely desk in corner of room could be flush with
    that wall and show the drapery to more effect. Is there a special reason you
    have it cornered?

    • Thanks, Alyce! Oh, that’s an armoire and it houses the TV, so it does need to stay in that corner facing out toward the sofa and the seating group (2 chairs and an ottoman) that’s just barely visible in the photos.

  32. Perfect all the way around! I would leave the puddle on that one panel. I think it’s cozy and fits with the decor. Thanks for the party, as always! 🙂

  33. I love your drapes, Susan! I think they look very nice puddled in this room. It makes it look extra cozy and that’s what this room is all about.

  34. I think the color of your draperies blend well with your other colors. I think after they settle and wrinkles are out you can tell more about whether to hem. I’m in favor of hemming if it would make the folds look more even/prettier. Puddling is always interesting, but as you say, only one panel shows at the bottom so the value of seeing the puddling is mostly lost. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who takes so many details into account when decorating. In my opinion, even though details are not always noticeable, they contribute much to the overall allure of a room. I’m also in favor of removing them in summer. I leave only the lace glass curtains up in our living room in summer and the overall look is light and refreshing for the new season.

  35. Hi Susan,
    Beautiful drapes and you room is so cozy. I love the drapes puddled on the floor…Your home looks so English.

  36. Bonnie Schulte says

    I guess you really don’t need another “same” comment, but like most of the ladies here, I too , love your room and have ALWAYS loved the puddled look. To me it just looks rich. (as does the rest of your home) Amazing!!!

  37. rattlebridge farm says

    Love the draperies, Susan!

  38. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I’d leave them puddled for now, though you could gently pin them up for a while and see how you like the look. One advantage in leaving them long is that if you eventually have to have them cleaned, and horror of horrors, they shrink, you will have that extra length without having to deal with a set-in crease.

    To get out some of the wrinkles, is it possible to put them in the dryer on no heat?

  39. I really like the velvet drapes Susan! Thanks so much for the party. Have a great week and take care, Tara

  40. Didnt think your room could get more beautiful, but those drapes are awesome in there, and complete the cozy come sit a while look. What a great room to curl up in on a cold night.

    My vote,….hem the drapes to just touch the floor. Thats a classic look, and will let the folds hang beautifully. Can use drapery weights if needed. Puddling is one of those trendy in and out features, and can not only collect dust, but also some fabric can sunfade in the puddles if any light exposure (voice of experience unfortunately!) Beautiful room!

  41. Susan,
    Love the drapes!! They make your beautiful room even more lovely and elegant! Live with them and then see what you want to do!! Thanks for hosting!!

  42. I like the puddle look, so I wouldn’t bother. You can always have them hemmed at a later time if you find you don’t like them long. I think the curtains and rods look great in your room!

  43. Susan, you nailed it – this is AWESOME – great choice on all counts, my friend. Well I love the “pooled” look but don’t do it because I like clean lines and clean bottoms of drapes better. Those dust bunnies are the debbil!

    Whatever you do – they look great either way, and I really think that classic green is to-die-for gorgeous in that wonderful room! Well done, ma’am!

    Have a wonderful week full of love! ♥♥♥

  44. I have always loved this cozy room and the new drapes are the perfect extra touch!
    Thank you for hosting.


  45. Love this room! Perfect cozy place for a cup of tea, an Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes mystery, and a crackling fire.
    Hemmed would be my choice, but I’m old fashioned and never cared for the puddling look. Either way the room is beautiful.

  46. Hi, Susan! I have been checking out info you gave in past posts/comments about your Mr. Bunny! You said you got him at The Whimsical Nest in Marietta, GA. You said in a different comment that the artist(?) was Marjolein Bastin. Does your bunny have a label or mark on the bottom to indicate manufacturer? I called The Whimsical Nest today; they do not and will not have this bunny in their shop. I’ve checked Ebay, Etsy, Amazon – no luck! If you have or find any pertinent info about this bunny, please enlighten me! I always enjoy your posts! Thanks for sharing your life and interests with your readers!

    • That sounds like the right name of the store. I couldn’t remember since it’s been so long since I bought him. No, there’s nothing like that on the bottom of him. This is the time of year to look for bunnies and over the years I’ve seen bunnies in the spring with baskets. So, keep a check in the stores and on eBay. I bet someone will make one again this year.

  47. While touring an historic home several years ago the guide told us the reason the drapes were so long was because the richer you were the longer the drapes!! Don’t know if any of this was true, but it stuck with me. So there you have it, leave them long–your’re rich!!

  48. Susan, the curtains added so much texture and beauty to the room. You made great rod and curtain choices. Thanks for hosting.

  49. I understand puddling is out of style.. you might check on this. They collect dust and hard to clean around and you will always be “fooling” with them to get them to look right. I love the puddled look but not practical with such heavy material. I vote to hem. Beautiful room Susan.

  50. They look lovely hung at the higher level and I vote for the puddled look. I have never liked it in the past but opted to do it with the chenille draperies in my family room. I think it works well with heavier fabrics. After I clean the floor I lift the draperies up about two feet from the bottom, let them fall in folds from the rod then drop the bottom with the hem folded to the back so they fall in a natural puddle. We have a small dog in the house and pet hair has not been an issue. If you have them hemmed and they stretch just a bit or shrink just a bit with cleaning then they are going to be off just enough to bother you — or it would me. Enjoy them as they are.

  51. I think the velvet drapes add just the right amount of English style comfort to your lovely paneled room. I know what you mean about being hesitant to put holes in wood paneled walls. I feel the same way about my paneled family room and take my time deciding where anything is hung. I love your room. So cozy and English and charming! A Downton viewing room for sure!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  52. Linda Page says

    If you remember, puddled drapes in plantation homes meant the owner was wealthy enough to be extravagant and have excess fabric. So your room with puddled drapes is perfect. Good job. Hope to see them for real soon.

  53. No hem. Perfect puddles! This room is simply gorgeous and inviting.

  54. Love your drapes, they look so rich and cozy. I just saw a website, (I am trying to find it to send to you). They puddle at the bottom. I am not giving advise until I have a better décor.

    I am having trouble with Safari, which I work with most times, but have Chrome, and Firefox with no trouble. I can’t wait until they fix Safari.

    And, yes I tend to procrastinate. I need to decide what type of flooring before I can remodel my bathroom. So many decisions.

    • I know, the decisions can be so intimidating on projects, especially flooring since that’s not easy to change. Madonna, the two folks I’ve heard from that couldn’t see the links, both had safari. I don’t know what’s up with safari. Glad Chrome and Firefox are working okay.

  55. I just love this room! I love the comfortable elegance you have created! Livable elegance is hard to find out there in blogland. ha!I love that you stay true to the traditional vibe.

  56. They look so Luxe… I like the puddles.
    Thanks for hosting the party.

  57. I love the way the room looks now, picturing it without the ‘puddling’ may be too formal. The puddling makes it look warm and inviting.

  58. Hi Susan, I love the puddling. Everything is beautiful.
    When I had my living room drapes dry cleaned, I had to sign a waiver that they may shrink up to 10% after cleaning. 10% of 84″ is a lot. They didn’t shrink that much, but I had a sick feeling walking out of the dry cleaners that I had just paid a fortune to have them cleaned and they may be too short to use.

  59. Oh, Susan, you’ve achieved the look that you were going for! Your living room is perfect at so many levels. I can’t help you with your decision, though, because I’ve yet to find a “style” for my home and am really not qualified to weigh in! I do agree that either taping one up to see what it looks like might help with the decision, or just waiting and living with the puddling look for a while might be beneficial. Just trust in your instincts. They have yet to fail you! Your home could easily be in a decorating magazine! Every. Room. Rosie

  60. Hi! Just signed up for your blog. What a pretty room! As for the drapes, they look great, but personally, I would hem them. I think the puddled look is kind of dated, but since only the one shows, it’s probably fine to leave them. However, if you do hem them, depending upon how much extra fabric you would have, you might be able to turn them up a couple of times and use the fabric weight as you would actual drapery weights, OR you could add a detail farther up – maybe insert some trim – to take up some of the extra fabric. Either may give you the option of lengthening again at some point in the future.

    • Welcome, Kathryn! Glad you are here! Yeah, I think I’ll give it a little time and see how much trouble they are being puddled. I like the idea of giving them a nice deep hem if I do decide to hem them.

  61. I’d leave them…live with them…if you don’t like it later…then re-do!! I’m definitely a Hancock and Moore person…have their couch, sleep sofa, easy chair with hassock…feels like buttah!! franki (Go to “Green Front”…it’s an experience!!)

  62. I struggle a lot when it comes to making final decisions in my decorating but the upside to that is by the time I DO decide and make changes, I’m happy with what I did for a long time!

    I think for now I wouldn’t hem the panels as you pointed out, only one is visible. If you ever decide to sell them or use in another home, it might be beneficial to not have hemmed them as they will retain their original length which would work for someone else. Just my 2 cents!

  63. The drapes look great Susan. I would love to see a close up of the taller lamp that is on the table between the leather chair and the sofa!! Your rooms looks fantastic!

  64. Susan, don’t change a thing…leave the lush velvet panels puddling on the floor! The English country style has been a favorite and I have definitely embraced it my home! I love the mix of textures and patterns with the warm paneling! A truly authentic look! Thanks for hosting!

  65. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  66. I recommend hemming the drapes. Leaving them puddled just invites dust collection and makes the drapes seem too heavy for the room.

  67. I completely understand putting off a project because of decisions. I tend to overanalyze every detail and, when there are a few decisions to make, it paralyzes me. I’m always afraid that I’m going to make the wrong choice. There’s no room for that in blogging though, so I’m a bit better…just a bit. 😉 Love your choice of drapes and the way they puddle. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have an awesome week.

  68. Because you are indecisive, the fabric is perfect, your room’s décor can handle the extra length plus they appear to have a sufficient puddle (10″ to 20″ is standard); I would live with them for awhile Susan. That said, you can always have them shortened at a later date if you find the style to be a nuisance. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Am glad that you went with the metal rod.

  69. Susan Bower says

    Wow! Lots of great comments. I have operated a drapery workroom in Nashville, Tn for 25 years, making drapes for ‘ high- end ‘ designers who’s clients have the same concerns as you and your readers. So…here’s one more piece of textile advice! When you steam your velvet or velveteen drapes, put the steam on the backside of the drape. It will relax the wrinkles without harming the beautiful nap of the fabric! Thanks for sharing your home and creative ideas!

  70. Frank and Jennifer Barger says

    Thanks for sharing with us! We agree that you should let them puddle. It looks rich and elegant. We do have one suggestion… To customize the look, select a trim (like a small tassel fringe) that pulls in all the colors from your room and have that sewn on the inside edge of each panel. They look awesome just like they are, but this would kick it up just a touch.

  71. Cyndi Raines says

    The drapes are beautiful and go so well with the room. Until you know your heart, I would wait and live with them for a while as is. For me, I think I would have them hemmed so they are just touching the floor. I think the puddle is a bit too much and take away from the overall crisp look. As far as needing them in another house, chances are it will be a totally different looking house that you will want to create a new look in. Take your time Susan, you’ll know and what ever you decide will be lovely.

  72. Hi Susan your new drapes look wonderful with your furniture. I really think this type of room calls for hemmed. You are the one that has to live with it! So you decide, Haste makes Waste is what my Mamma always said. So don’t cut before your sure! Loved visiting today.

  73. Rosey Owings says

    Hey Susan! Love, love, love your living room!! I also love English Country as well (I’m addicted to Downton Abbey, too but could NEVER afford the luxurious décor they have!). Also agree about your drapes — live with them awhile & then do what you like. If you cut them now, you could be sorry down the road. Question: I noticed that the lamps on the tables don’t match & also the tables don’t match either. Don’t get me wrong, it ALL looks put together fantastically! My question is does everything have to match today or is it okay to just go with what works for me & my home/tastes? I’ve even noticed in some decorating magazines like “Traditional Home” “Southern Lady” and “Southern Living” that most everything is not so matchy-matchy like it was “back in the day”! I for one am VERY glad that that kind of change in decorating has happened for my daughter’s generation!!! Is anyone with me on this? Thanks so much Susan for ALL your lovely tablescapes, decorating ideas and home tours! Just can’t get enough and wish you a Joyous Easter/Spring!

    • Thanks so much, Rosey! Yeah, you definitely do not ever need to worry about having matching lamps or matching end tables, etc…. It so much more interesting when things are a mix. I wouldn’t stick a silver lamp base on one end of a sofa and a brass one on the other end, that might look weird. But I love a room that looks as if it was decorated over the years and not all at once. Rooms that are too “matchy” tend to look stiff and kinda boring. Thanks again for those kind words, appreciate them so much, Rosey! XX

  74. I have wood paneling much like yours, about to hang the drapery rod and wanted to figure out where the rod would look best in relation to the paneling – the lazy way by looking at other people’s pictures!

    So I ended up here from a google search. Your room looks great, thanks for taking the time to post the pictures!

  75. I have always loved this room! It is quintesentially English traditional and absolutely wonderful! The perfect place to cozy up with a great book. While I was reading your post, I kept thinking that if you should sell this house, it should be a crime for the new owners to paint that paneling.

    The drapes are beautiful and the perfect height and I love the puddling. I love the way you obsess over every detail. It is what makes your house exceptional.

  76. Love the look and color! Wondering if you will share where you found the curtains?

    • Thanks, Cynthia! I found those in the Ballard Design Outlet in Alpharetta, GA. It’s always hit and miss there, you never know what will be there and stock is always very limited. I was lucky to find those that day.

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