Let’s Go Antiquing–There Was a Table That Really Tempted Me!

I still really, really miss A Classy Flea. I think every antiquing post I ever write will probably start out with those words. Why do all great things eventually have to come to an end?!

Sometime soon, I’m going to get in my car and drive to allll the old haunts I used to frequent back in the day when I used to go antiquing almost every weekend. I can think of 5-6 places right off the bat. I wonder if they are all still there? I need to find out.

In the meantime, today we’re visiting the Marietta Antique Mall for a little stroll down their aisles. The prices here can vary drastically from being similar to the awesome deals I sometimes found in A Classy Flea to being a bit higher and more than I would prefer to spend. So there’s definitely all price ranges and something for everyone.

I’ve never seen a piece quite like this. Is it a curio cabinet? A sideboard? A dresser? The tag said: Antique Console with Cast Metal Ornamental Trim: $725


The details were really pretty, so hard to find work like this in the new furniture being produced today. It’s this kind of craftsmanship that makes us value old furniture so much!


Painted Secretary: $2,800

Such a romantic piece…would be beautiful in a bedroom!


This table really tempted me. I think it was priced at $345 if I’m remembering correctly.


I would like to replace the Victorian-style table I have against the double windows at the end of my living room…the table you see there with the standing doggie lamp on top. I’ve been hoping to find a small to medium size chest because I love chests and I always love extra storage. When I’m out antiquing, I always have this idea in the back of my mind–the idea of replacing that table with something better suited to my tastes and this room.


The details were really pretty!


Sadly, it had some damage on top. It looked like possible water damage that had lifted the wood, would you call this marquetry? So I passed. I’ll just keep looking for that perfect chest.


Beautiful French Cabinet: $1,095

Another stunning piece! Would be beautiful in a living room, study or bedroom.


Pratt & Sons, Boston, 1850 Tall Clock, 8-Day Time & Strike: $6,500

There’s a clock section here in the Marietta Antique Market and I always love walking through to see what’s new.


Decorative Floor Lamp: $59 firm

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for very long, you know I have a slight lamp addiction. lol I’m not a big fan of overhead lighting (except gorgeous chandeliers) but love lamp lighting! So I’m always trying to fit as many lamps as humanly possible into each of the rooms in my home. I wasn’t crazy about the shade on this lamp, would want to replace that, but I love the base of the lamp.


I really don’t need another floor lamp anywhere, but this one was very tempting. This lamp looks like a lamp I would expect to see in Mary Englebreit’s adorable cottage!


Do you have her book, Home Sweet Home? If not, I very much recommend it. It’s a delight and filled with wonderful photos of her dream cottage. You’ll find it available here: Home Sweet Home: A Journey Through Mary’s Dream Home. It’s one of my faves! Anyway, I could totally see that floor lamp in her adorable cottage. 🙂


Vintage Indian Brass Engraved Floor Lamp with Night Light: $395

I liked this one a lot, too! Again, don’t care for the shade, but the base was really pretty.


A closer view…I didn’t see any pitting in the brass.


Omari Style Lamp: $60

It’s sooo nice to see a lamp without a drum shade on it. I am not a fan of drum shades. I like this one a lot!


1800s Welsh Dresser with Spice Drawer, Original Hardware, Wales: $4,200, on sale for 3,200

Another beautiful piece I saw during my visit…


I’m always tempted by these vintage luncheon sets. I wonder when these were used…maybe when the ladies were over for a game of Bridge? At a bridal or baby shower? A picnic on the lawn? Trying to envision them in use.


Lots of pretties!


I loved so many of the beautiful pieces I saw on this table.


Early Cased Glass Pink & White Ruffled Edge Milk Glass Pitcher: $48

I had a hard time walking away from this stunning piece!


Just gorgeous!


My shopping trip at an end, as I walked toward the door I stopped briefly to look at this little tabletop greenhouse that appears to have been made from old windows. I’m holding onto the old windows in my home because I love the look of a true divided light window, but this is a really cute use for older windows.


I think I’ll visit another antique shop or two this coming weekend. I feel the old antiquing bug reigniting! Have you done any antiquing or garage saling lately?

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  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful items! I hope you will be able to use the table at the very least.

  2. Good Morning, Susan!

    What beautiful furniture – I’m sure it was hard to resist! I was in Marietta over the weekend visiting my son and mentioned to him that I miss the Classy Flea store. We always stopped there for a quick browse when we were out shopping. I will have to visit the Marietta Antique Market the next time I am visiting Michael.
    Have a great day!

  3. I use my luncheon sets every day for breakfast because they are smaller. A set of 8 English bone china (Tuscan, Bouquet pattern) that I got at a garage sale for $1/piece (belonged to that deceased grandmother). I have 2 unmarked sets (of 8) that are larger from my grandma. I also have 12 glass snack sets from the early 60’s from my aunt & mom. I eBay’d another set of 4 unmarked china ones so that I would have enough to host a bridal shower. Even then, I had to borrow my girlfriend’s set of 4.

  4. Regality3 says

    That “unknown” piece looks like it was originally two pieces and one has been plunked down on top of the other. Love the “Englebreit” lamp. That book is one of my favorites as well.

  5. Helen Matthews says

    I absolutely LOVE antiquing, and I enjoyed walking with you through your last trip! Right now I’m looking for a buffet/bureau for my guest bedroom. Something wider than tall, with drawers and cupboards (for towels etc.) I just need patience until I find the perfect one! Thanks for sharing your antiquing trip with us all!

  6. BonnieBee says

    what a fun trip ..and once again to be out is addicting….. years ago when Mary Engelbreit wanted to open retail shops, I designed multiple shops for her across the country. For every shop we opened, Mary gave me an autographed tea pot from her collection. I used to keep them out on display, but my after years of dusting them, the autographs are starting to fade so now they are boxed and put away for safe keeping. Mary definitely has a unique & festive style…

  7. carol springsteen says

    I love antiquing. Please show more.

  8. I’m happy to see you getting back into antiquing and wanting things for your home! Of course, we go to our own booths each week to fluff and bring new things in, and we also occasionally shop our own mall. I’ve been to the Marietta Antique Mall, and can still remember the April Cornell table linens I passed up and still think about! I do like all three of those lamps you looked at, and I love the Welsh Dresser. I always wanted one of those, but it’s totally away from our style of living and the decor we now live with! You were smart to walk away from that table. I think you’ll be happier once you find a good chest for under that window. Happy hunting!

  9. Susan, Enjoyed your finds and pictures! This looks like a very high end antique store. Sadly, a lot of them have closed because the younger generation prefers Pottery Barn, West Elm, IKEA, etc. There is nothing wrong with these stores but furniture is not made the same today as 40 years ago. I recently purchased fro Ethan Allen direct a bedroom bureau and it was expensive but once delivered I noticed the quality was just not the same as I expected. In my new area in Upstate New York, there are few consignment stores and estate sales are few. I would have preferred an older piece. I need to drive 3 hours away to visit my old haunts! I plan on doing so just to satisfy the antiquing bug! You got me started!

  10. franki Parde says

    Once AGAIN…SUSAN strikes a chord…JUST YESTERDAY…in the garage attic are “Tudor windows” from our old house & I said (to myself.. ) a terrarium on an old sewing machine wrought iron base (only) on our deck…yikes!!! Are you “thinking about a pony….??” franki

  11. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, love this column on antiquing as I enjoy it so much myself. I like estate sales also. Have no room for anything now, but when I downsize will probably need some lamps. Loved the floor lamps and like you, I am very particular about lamp shades. I, too, love chests for the storage. My Ethan Allen furniture is from the 70s and 80s, so very sturdy; was dismayed to hear it is not the workmanship of the past. Keep on blogging as I look forward to your column daily. Have a fantabulous day.

  12. Brenda Lawrence says

    Beautiful pieces and lamps! My eye caught the pink glass vase, I’m assuming it is a vase of some sort, as well. I haven’t been to our antique shop in my town in a few years, but have been itching on going and walking around to see what all is there. Love going to yard sales as well, but haven’t even done that in forever. lol Looking forward to your next antique day Susan! Hugs, Brenda

  13. Mary Lou says

    I’ve always loved antiquing. Visit your son the first week in June and go to the “Route 40 yard Sale,” the Old National Road, miles and miles of goodies. My daughter, daughter-in-law and I found lots of bargains this year, got our fix after the lock down.There were some beautiful marble topped chests and I saw some wonderful milk glass, I wish I had room for more. My prize bargain find was a Hitchcock chair that matched my dining chairs. I love seeing your posts of your local shops.

  14. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I love lamps, especially floor lamps. In a small den I had three antique floor lamps and an antique table lamp. I usually discard the drum shades. I hand make shades, using a new frame or an interesting old one.

  15. Kathleen says

    Always love to see the old, well made furniture and other antiques. Thank you for the tour! Also, just ordered the Mary E. book on Amazon through Thriftbooks! (Coming from Atlanta!)

  16. Susan, the Mile Long Yard Sales that begin in Al and go through Ga, Tn and maybe Kentucky starts in August. Seeing the lady mention visiting your son and going to one there reminded me I need to go this year. I’m looking for a chest of some kind to go in my foyer for extra storage as well.
    It’s hard to get rid of antique furniture anymore since the young people love the more modern, farmhouse style. The right person has to come along for the dishes and antique furniture.

  17. Jean Sprimont says

    Oh Susan I regularly I turned neon Kelly green when you shared your trips to The Classey Flea. As much as I appreciate any of your antiquing posts I must admit that they make me miss The Classey Flea all the more…and I never had opportunity to visit.

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    All great pieces and I love browsing antique stores. That tall secretary is beautiful, love it, especially the birds on it. Would love that piece!

  19. I just spent 3 weeks visiting my youngest daughter and her family in Florida. One of the daytrips we took was to Geneva, Florida, to browse a friend’s booth (A Gent and a Lady) at the Red Barn. My friends, Angela and Chip, have some lovely things as does the rest of the Barn.

  20. Antoinette says

    Hi Susan, thanks for taking us along your antiquing tour! I enjoyed it.
    I have a few of Mary Engelbreit books (including some Christmas ones), they’re all so charming and whimsical, just like her style and “Home Sweet Home” is also one of my favorite books!

  21. I always enjoy your antiquing posts. I own about 48 sets of the milk glass luncheon sets. My mother had about 12 sets that I inherited and then I have bought several sets at different places over the years. . I have used them for kits if showers and sip and sees. I love them. I also have matching goblets as well.

  22. Christy Keyton says

    I have not been antiquing in a while. We have been cleaning out my in-laws estate so I haven’t needed to! I have been very blessed to inherit so many lovely things! We are now renovating their home. You might enjoy watching it, as I know you love a good renovation and did a post on my kitchen several years ago. The Instagram account is 1957ranchrenovation. It has been a fun project!

  23. I enjoyed your antiquing event! I may have grabbed that “Engelbreit” lamp had I been shopping! I will be attending The Brimfield Antique Show in a couple of weeks. Always fun to look and snag something!

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