A Mini Shopping Haul: What I Found Today in Marshalls

I ventured out today for a bit of shopping. Actually, I was out running an errand to pick up some flowers and decided to stop into Marshalls since this is the time of year they often get in really cute spring decor goodies. I picked up these two pillar candle holders with the idea of using them in a future Halloween table setting. Or, they would work great on a sideboard or chest when decorating for Halloween.


They looked just the right amount of creepy to me, perfect for Halloween! They sorta look like an upside-down spider with its legs holding a candle. Ha!


I wasn’t looking for a spring wreath. In fact, I took down the wreath I had on the door a few weeks back because every single year house finches build a nest in whatever wreath I have hanging on my front door. After the babies leave the nest and I take down the wreath, there’s always a bit of damage to the red paint on the door. So I was thinking of not putting up a spring wreath this year at all to avoid that situation, but when I saw this wreath and how inexpensive it was, I couldn’t resist.

I like a really good size wreath for my front door. Most of the wreaths I normally come across are on the smallish side. This one is nice and big and was only $24.99! I never see big wreaths for that price so I caved to my “no-wreath-this-year” policy.


I quickly popped it on the door and here’s how it looks. If you’re looking for a pretty spring wreath for your front door this year, check out Marshalls. I just discovered today that they actually have a website where you can shop online. You’ll find it here: Marshalls Online.


I did remember to pick up some flowers for my table–picked up this bunch in Trader Joes. I love the flowers they carry and they are always so reasonably priced. See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan Waters says

    I started misting my faux wreaths with peppermint essential oil. Birds don’t care for the smell.

    • I should look for some of that and try it. I def don’t want them building in it again if I can avoid. Plus, I use that door a lot. Thanks, Susan!

  2. That IS a great price for that size wreath! Agree on the candle holders. They look creepy gothic to me. I’ve had flowers from Trader Joe’s too. They seem to last forever!

  3. What happened to your pretty tulip wreath? Did it only make it one year?

  4. Susan, buy a package of felt circles and glue some on the back of your wreath to keep it from scratching the paint on the door.

    • Thanks, Myrna. I’ve done that in the past but forgot to do it for this one–so thanks for the reminder. I’ll put those on tomorrow.

  5. Pretty wreath!

  6. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Those candle holders do have a spooky vibe to them Susan! And now that you pointed it out, it does look like an upside down spider with the legs holding the candle. lol I’m so in love with that wreath! It looks huge on your door, nice that you found such a big one for such a great price. It definitely looks great on your door. You are not going to believe this, but up until a few months ago, I thought Marshall’s was just a clothing store and have never been in ours. I will be visiting now! lol I live under a rock out here in the country! Hugs, Brenda

    • lol Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! 😉
      Ha! I was like that about Burlington Coat Factory, thought they only sold clothing. I wonder if they are still around…we had a location here for many years but I don’t know if it’s still open.

  7. Candle holders look great…very gothic! Love the wreath…getting ready to take down my St. Patrick Day wreath and put up Spring! I used to have all my wreaths hanging on nails in our unfinished basement, loosely covered with plastic. Now in an apartment with a storage cage in the garage I need a new system. I bought “s” hooks and some clear, large garbage bags. I figure I can completely cover each wreath, see what it is, and hang it on the wire fencing enclosing the cage with the hooks. A project for a very rainy today! May have to venture out tomorrow to Marshall’s ( and other places!) to see what is new. Have a great day –

    • I started using these clear plastic trash bags I found on Amazon for mine. I hang them in the garage inside the bags so I can see them, but I’m starting to run out of space out there. I’ve been feeling the urge to check out the spring stuff but shopping with a mask takes a lot of the fun out of it. That was the first time I “fun” shopped in a year.

  8. Susan Craft Jones says

    Hi there Susan…..I see another viewer commented on spritzing wreath with peppermint oil. Another easy fix is to hid a car air freshener or similar down in the flowers of the wreath. I haven’t had a next there in years now….

  9. jinny spencer says

    The candlesticks are creepy! Love them! They would look cute holding small pumpkins or gourds.

  10. Pam Robertson says

    Please be careful as some essential oils can be very harmful to animals!

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    Really like your new wreath, I have one similar and it has held up very well for the last 5 years. Yes, your candle holders do look a bit creepy and will go well for Halloween. Good find! Can you tell me which clear plastic bags you ordered from Amazon, there isn’t a line under it, in your reply above. Thanks.

  12. We have the same problem with birds building nests on our front door. I have discarded at least 2 wreaths after the birds built nests in them. I have put a plastic wreath on the door or none at all since then. I like the wreath you purchased. I will try the peppermint oil trick someone mentioned.

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