Lorelei’s Beautiful Laundry Room Makeover

Welcome to the 653rd Metamorphosis Monday!

Last year, just before Christmas I shared some wonderful updates Lorelei made in her home shortly after moving in. Lorelei transformed the entry and her dining room with all new paint and the result was beautiful! If you missed that previous post, you’ll find it here: The Magic of Paint: Lorelei’s Dining Room and Entry Transformed.


Recently, Lorelei completed some new updates here in her laundry room which measures a generous 8 x 21 feet! In the photo below, the walls were just being readied for new paint.

Laundry Room Before and After, Makeover


The previous owner painted the walls in two different colors: blue and green. Note the two electrical panels, those get sneakily hidden away during this renovation.

Laundry Room Makeover Process


The small, white-paneled door to the right of the electrical panels hides a small ironing board–love that feature! Lorelei uses the built-in ironing board a lot since she loves to sew, so having an ironing board easily available is super convenient for those quick ironing jobs.

Laundry Room Before Makeover


Ready to see how this laundry room makeover turned out?

Laundry Room Before and After, Makeover


Beautiful! Such a pretty, fresh update! The room feels even bigger with the lighter wall color! The cabinets provide a great spot for Lorelei to display her Longaberger Basket collection across the top. Lorelei made the pretty window treatment using fabric that was leftover from chairs she had in her previous home. I asked Lorelei about her washer and dryer since I know one day I’m going to have to replace my ancient washing machine. Lorelei shared that they are LG and having had a front load washer in her previous home, she has found she prefers the top-load style washer more. I think I’ll probably stay with a top-load washer when I replace mine one day, too.

Laundry Room Makeover, After


I love the bench Lorelei has included in this space. Lorelei said, “The bench is a great place to remove shoes when coming into the house.”

Bench Near Entry for Putting on Shoes


The mirrors above provide a great way to check out your hair/hat before heading out the door.

Laundry Room Makeover, Decorations


Love the pretty window treatment Lorelei made for this room! How wonderful to be able to sew and make your own draperies/curtains!

Beautiful Window Treatment for Laundry Room


I badly need to renovate my laundry room and this is giving me all kinds of ideas!

Laundry Room Renovation


Lorelei has a fun collection of old washboards and rug beaters. I think I see one tucked in behind this pretty Longaberger basket here on the counter.

Laundry Room Decor, Makeover


Old washboards are such a fun way to decorate the walls in a laundry room! I can’t imagine washing clothes this way back in the day. It seems like washboards would have been really hard on the clothes. Maybe the fabrics were a lot heavier back then and could stand up to the scrubbing.

Laundry Room Decorations with Antique Washing Boards


Remember the two electrical panels that were visible in this earlier photo? Lorelei said, “There are two large electric panels on the wall that I decided to buy a large bulletin/cork board to hang and cover them.”

Laundry Room Before Makeover


The bulletin board Lorelei used to cover the panels measures 36 x 36 inches.

Bulletin Board Makeover for Laundry Room


To add a bit of character, Lorelei enhanced the bulletin board’s existing small, plain frame by gluing old, wooden yardsticks atop the frame.  Love how this looks and it’s perfect for the laundry room of a talented seamstress!

Frame Bulletin Board with Yardsticks


Lorelei added a small clothesline and tiny clothespins to create a handy spot for notes or needed laundry supplies. I can just imagine a lone sock pinned up there, awaiting its mate. That would be the likely scenario in my house! 😉

Hide Electric Panels with Bulletin Board


Thanks so much to Lorelei for sharing this wonderful Laundry Room transformation! It has given me so many great ideas for renovating my own laundry room one day! (Pssst: You’ll find another great makeover that Lorelei completed in this previous post here: The Magic of Paint: Lorelei’s Dining Room and Entry Transformed.)

Laundry Room Makeover, After


Hope you found this handbag storage/organization helpful! Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I love this laundry room, it is huge! So many great ideas. Have a great day!

  2. What a beautiful laundry room, and so nice that it has a window! Thanks Susan!

  3. I remember reading that aside from meal preparation, laundry is the biggest regular job in the house. It’s about time laundry rooms got the respect they deserve and the space we need! So many have been relegated to tiny closets and not very convenient or helpful. So this is great. Thanks, Lorelai for sharing. It must be a pleasure to do your laundry there.

    As an aside, Susan, I too used to have a front load washer and dryer and I too decided I prefer the top load. The front load just don’t use enough water to suit me, nor do they really agitate the clothes the way I think they should. So there. Haha. If I could mix and match, I’d probably get a top load washer and a front load dryer because I did find the higher door in the dryer pleasant to use. Just my 2 cents. Have a great week!

  4. such a lovely laundry room. It’s so important to have a pleasant, bright place to spend that necessary time. Mine’s not large and when we moved 2 years ago it was so depressing. Thank goodness we did some updates to make it a bit better. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Kate Doyle says

    LOOKS LOVELY! Re; WA/DR….having recently moved & knowing I would need new laundry appliances I did LOTS of research on line, chatting with friends etc. Not all of it was scientific, some folks just personally” prefer a front load or top load for one reason or another. Some like the front load on pedestals as they didn’t have to bend & lift as much so age & or physical condition will impact your decision. I have had both front & top load appliances so was receptive to either. While doing my research our local paper ran an article re: survey conducted by Consumer Reports on washers & dryers. It was just what I needed…..The top 2 brands were Electrolux and the next were LG. neither an American company sadly. We TRY so hard to purchase American made products! In the end we purchased front load Electrolux appliances with no pedestals as I wanted the counter space on top! We love them! They are the best appliances I have ever had and I am 74 now! I never knew my clothes were not as clean as they could have been! Our clothes are truly sparkling clean, especially the whites!!
    Love your column, keep it up!

    • Oh, I didn’t know Electrolux made appliances. That’s great to know! My first vaccum was an Electrolux. I will def check those out when my washer finally croaks. My washer is so old, it’s become a challenge now to see just how long it will last. lol

  6. Elizabeth says

    I love this laundry room. And the talented lady who designed it. What a pleasant place to do laundry.

  7. Elizabeth says

    Susan, I Love your blog and the very interesting ideas you send to us from their homes. The Laundry Room is to die for. Inviting and just beautiful including the pretty curtain. Can you ask Lorelei where she purchased the fabric, I have been serching for a fabric with these exact colors. Thank You.

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth. Sure, I will check with Lorelei about the fabric.

    • I purchased an entire bolt of the fabric, I believe it was Jay Yang, at Calico Corners about 10 years ago. I fell in love with it and upholstered a sofa and made window treatments at my previous home in Maryland. I just had scraps left and ‘made it work’ for the window treatment in this laundry room!

  8. Snowflake281 says

    Well done Lorelei! I don’t know whether or not the previous owners had a window treatment but the addition of Lorelei’s homemade one makes such a big difference. All I wish I had in my laundry room was a folding table, but there’s not enough room even for a small one. Oh well! Now I think I will be replacing a wire shelf with cabinets to provide more storage. Thanks for sharing Lorelei’s room makeover.

  9. Linda townsend says

    When we built an addition to our house, the building inspector would not allow anything to hinder someone from seeing and entering the electric panel. This is a safety precaution apparently.

    • I think the bulletin board is fine since it’s not screwed down to the wall where it’s permanent. It’s just hanging so it can easily be removed when the panel needs to be accessed.

    • The previous owner had a huge tapestry hung on a rod to hide the panels. In another home our panel was in the rec room and we had a framed and louvered door built to hide the panel. I felt like the cork board would be a better option for this room!

  10. That size of a laundry room is to die for! You can actually move around and get things done. I am assuming she sews on the built in under the window? I had a fold down ironing board in my 1950’s house back in the day but it was in the kitchen/dining area and never used it. Lorelei’s makeover/refresh is wonderful! As to washing machines, I had always purchased Maytag which lasted around 20 years, then Fisher Paykel set (the washer about 8 years and the dryer still going after a bad start with mother boards). Replaced the washer with a commercial Speed Queen (USA made) and love it. No electronics, just a dial and I get to choose the water level! Love it so far of its 5 years of performing.

  11. Kathleen L Lazarski says

    After reading comments, I thought I should mention my dryer is a top loader. This keeps me from putting junk on top because I always have to remove something to lift the lid. lol Also, it’s really nice to grab the clean clothes from the washer right into the top of the dryer instead of bending. It is a bit deep to retrieve the clothes out of so if you are short you might be on your tippy toes. But all in all I love it. (Just looked up when I bought it…2005….yikes I can’t believe where the time has gone and I thought I had a lemon with all the early problems.) You can’t find top loading dryers.

    • That’s interesting, Kathleen. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a top loading dryer. What brand is it?

      • Fisher Paykel. After the warranty I’ve only purchased a lint filter. They also make drawer dishwashers.

        • Thank you very much! I love the idea of the drawer dishwasher.

          • You’re welcome. I just did a little research and was shocked the company is a subsidiary of a Chinese company. I thought totally New Zealand. Maybe something changed since I last bought. They no longer make the top loader dryer. I’ve never tried the drawer dishwasher but I think for a senior household it would be perfect, i.e. small, no bending, could use everyday. You’d need the double for a full household.

            • Yes, I checked too and saw that it was no longer available. Interesting though. I do wonder why nobody else (that I know of) has designed one that way. And I’m not surprised. Australia is heavily invested by the Chinese and with New Zealand right there, I’m sure they’re making their mark on the Kiwis as well. Thanks for the info, Kathleen. I would love the drawer dishwasher AND drawer refrigerators as well. ~ pam

  12. Mary from Virginia says

    What a lovely make over. The window treatment is beautiful! I wish I had her talent. Do you know if Lorelei’s wall color is linen white like her foyer?

    The bench is really pretty and how wonderful to have the space!

    Thanks for the fun Met Monday. I really enjoy seeing before and after rooms.

  13. Thanks so much for hosting this charming party each and every week!! I so appreciate all the time and effort that does into it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  14. I once rented a house that had an iron board in the wall. It was cute – and I used it!

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    What a wonderful laundry room, nice and spacious. The window treatment is very pretty. Well done, Lorelei. Thanks Susan.

  16. Love the laundry room. I think it’s bigger than my kitchen.
    Susan, thanks for sharing so many things we love.

  17. I bought a new Maytag top loader last year and this year a queen size sheet got stuck in a small crevice that goes around the agitator! Clearly a design issue! Look for it if you are buying a Maytag. To add insult to injury I had to pay to get the darned thing removed & the sheet was ruined! Not the Maytag of yesterday! Beautiful laundry room for sure!

    • Ugh, how annoying! That should never happen! Mary, did the repair guy have an explanation for why that happened? I would be worried that it will happen again. That’s def a design flaw!

  18. Somehow a few of my responses have disappeared into cyber-space, never to be seen again! A few answers to questions. The laundry room is painted with Benjamin Moore Cameo, a soft and creamy yellow.
    The fabric for the window treatment is probably 10 plus years old and I think it is a Jay Yang design. I bought an entire bolt from Calico Corners at the time and I upholstered a sofa and made window treatments. I had scraps left and pieced them to make this window treatment because I love the fabric! The lining is just a blue cotton and I made a corded piping of the print fabric to edge the panels.

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