A Lamp for the Recently Added Console and a Spring Porch Update

Welcome to the 530th Metamorphosis Monday!

Spring has really come to Georgia. The Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom and the daffodils are beginning to wane, having bloomed for weeks now. Spring flowers and warmer temps have a way of motivating us to get going on some of those repairs and projects we’ve been putting off.

A few months ago I shared how mice or rats had decided to create little doors in the screen on the screened-in porch. They were trying to camp out in my grill on one of the decks and were using the porch as a route to the grill. Thankfully they didn’t do any damage on the porch other than to the screening and screened doors.

Mouse damage to screening on porch


I gave away the grill and stuffed all the holes they had created in the screening with paper, just to make sure they were really gone. The paper remained and no new holes appeared this winter, so it was time to get busy repairing the damage.

Mouse damage to screened door


The screens in the windows were replaced a few days ago. While I was having that done, I discussed another issue with my repair guy. When my porch was built, I remember the contractor telling me that he would install all my screens on the inside of the porch so they would be easy to reach if they were ever damaged and needed to be replaced. That sounded great since the porch is two stories up.

But it’s not so great in the fall when the trees lose all their leaves and the leaves get trapped between the balusters and the screening. That requires unscrewing each of the screens and lifting them out to get rid of the leaves.

Mouse damage to screening on porch


My repairman suggested using shorter molding, saying that would make it easier to blow out the leaves and they wouldn’t get trapped so easily. I liked that idea, but I’m not really happy with the molding he chose. It looks great in these photos, but it’s metal and it looks like metal up close. Probably no one else would notice, but it’s kinda bugging me. Maybe I just need time to get used to it.

Screened Porch Molding


The other thing I don’t like is now there’s no molding running in front of the porch supports and it looks really unfinished where the porch flooring meets the supports. Quarter round can’t be added to the new molding because it has a little lip on it…sort of its own quarter round built into it.

So this week I’m going to see if I can find short baseboard, but without a lip and preferably something that just looks nicer than this metal molding. So this may get redone. Maybe I just need to caulk where the porch and support columns come together…not sure. Either way, I need to do some sanding and touch up painting out here.

Screened Porch Molding Replacement


A Lamp for the Console

The other little project I’ve been working on is finding a lamp for the console table in the dressing room/exercise space off my bedroom.

Exercise Room off Master Bedroom


I have this thing for brass candlestick lamps. Many years ago a local lamp manufacturer would periodically hold warehouse sales. During that time I collected quite a few of their beautiful candlestick lamps. I have them all throughout my home.

A few months ago, I moved the lamp you see below from my upstairs family room to a different spot in my home. (Photo below is from THIS previous post.)

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


I placed it on the far right end of my desk here in the office. I had never had a lamp in that spot and one day realized how nice it would be to have one on that end of the desk.


Since I needed to replace the one I took from the family room, I searched on eBay for another brass candlestick lamp. They are impossible to find in the stores these days. I love the height they add to a space and how they don’t take up a lot of room on a chest or table since the shade is higher up than on a regular lamp.

I ended up finding this beautiful Baldwin Brass lamp. It was exactly what I wanted, only it was lacking a shade. I have been forgetting to shop for one.

This weekend I once again stole the upstairs family room candlestick lamp (the one I purchased on eBay) to place here on the console in the dressing room. So now I need another candlestick lamp for the upstairs family room! lol

Since I’d never gotten around to buying a shade, I took a shade from one of the other candlestick lamps I have elsewhere in the house. I’ve ordered a new shade and it should arrive today, so I’ll make the swap once it arrives.

Brass Candlestick Lamp


A brass lamp may be a little fancy for this area, but that’s okay. If I happen to run across a more casual style candlestick lamp online or while I’m out shopping, I may put this one back on the chest in the upstairs family room. But for now, this one is working out very well here.

Add a lamp to a console table


Psst: In case you’re wondering why I leave my shoes on my bike, there are three reasons: 1. It’s easier to get onto the bike it’s pretty far up if they are left on the bike. 2. I’m hoping it will prevent the cleats/pedals from wearing out and having to be replaced anytime soon which happens when you’re popping them in and out of the pedals. 3. I don’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting and walking on the hardwood floors since cleats can damage wood flooring.

Peloton Bike in Dressing Area off Master Bedroom


Here’s how the lamp looks here in the evening. It gives me the light I need without having to turn on the overhead lighting. I’m not a fan of overhead lighting and avoid using it unless I’m cleaning or doing some task where I really need a lot more light.

Brass Candlestick Lamp lit up at night


So that’s what I’ve been working on this week. I’ll be sure to share the porch updates once they are done. Hopefully, that won’t be much longer.

How is your week going? What spring project(s) do you have going in your home?


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  1. Thank you Susan!

  2. Hi Susan,
    After getting a quote to replace all the baseboards in my home ($$$$) last year, I decided I could do it myself. I learned a lot and it came out great. All that to say… there’s a moulding for every situation! There are mouldings that simply go over other mouldings. Here’s a link to something at the Home Depot that might work for you. Keep looking though, there are lots of options. I think with some additional trim to finish the edges, caulk and touch up paint, your porch will look great.

  3. Baldwin…a name I know do well
    ..just the best brass!! I’ve got lamps in the loft…sounds like a store doesn’t it…some day…franki

  4. Susan, I have long collected Baldwin Brass and Virginia Metalcrafters lamps and candleholders! Being from the Colonial Williamsburg area, these items are considered classics. My heart broke when the factories closed and now I can only find them on eBay. Colonial Williamsburg still carries gorgeous brass lamps that resemble the BB and VM through their online shop and in the shops at Merchant’s Square, but I’m not sure who the manufacturer is now. I mix the BB and VM in all through my home with all kinds of decor and they look great. They’re classics that will never go out of fashion! I love yours!

  5. Susan, re the baseboard molding I can see your dilemma but I’m wondering if it bothers you because not only is it new and shorter but from the photos it appears to be a different white from the rest of the structure so therefore is more noticeable. Also with respect to mice; this summer plant a few peppermint plants to repel them. (Steel wool is also some thing they hate and will not chew through.) Regarding your candle stick lamps they are a favourite of mine as well and IMHO feel they can also look wonderful with either square corner bell, modified hexagon bell, cut corner square or pagoda lampshades. -Brenda-

  6. Hi Susan, Love those candlestick lamps. Hope find what you want. Question, the furniture, it looks like a desk or vanity and the piece nest to it with drawers, in the exercise room, can you tell me where you got them. I really need something like them. Thanks

    • Thanks, Irene! Those pieces are actually built in. The first family to own this house (I’m the third) took the fifth bedroom in this house and turned it into a dressing area for the master bedroom. They cut an opening from the master bedroom into the bedroom next door and added the built-in drawers, a vanity and two more closets, then closed off the door to the hallway. Sorry, I don’t have better news on that.

  7. Paula Brauman says

    Sorry, but I’m no longer able to see any of your linked up followers. I’m not a blogger, just a visitor. I use google. It shows a loading symbol, but will never load. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks for letting me know, Paula. So you’re using Chrome as your browser? Double check to make sure you’re using the latest version…that there hasn’t been an update. In the meantime, I’ll let Aris at InLinkz know that you can’t see the links and he will be able to help us figure it out. I’ve heard from three other people with the same issue, all using the Chrome browser, so hopefully, we can figure out why the links aren’t loading/showing for you. Please keep an eye out for an email from Aris at InLinkz so we can troubleshoot this. Thanks!

  8. I’ve collected Baldwin Brass for 40 years. Wonderful and they still are in business, just not lamps and other decorative stuff. To clean Baldwin, just wipe with damp (not wet) soft cloth and dry with soft cloth. Old clean t-shirt or towel works great. It will look like new forever if you don’t scratch through the clear ceramic finish. Do NOT use brass polish or use any furniture polish on it. Your lamp uses a 3-way light bulb. Incandescent or florescent bulbs give off ultra-violet light which will fade fabric, wood, paper, etc. Since you have a framed scarf next to it, please use an LED light bulb which will not fade fabric.

    • Don’t worry Linda, I never use anything on my Baldwin Brass and Virginia Metalcrafters pieces. You’re right, even though they are over 25 years old, they still look like the day I bought them! I was wondering about that, was thinking I needed to change out the bulb to a different kind. So LEDs are safe near fabric? That’s great to know! I’ll get one today. Thanks!
      Since you’re a lover of brass like I am, you may enjoy this previous post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/brass-is-back-baby/

      • I used that article, among others, when I recently hosted the topic of “Baldwin Brass” with the Questers antique club I belong to.

        • Which article…the one in Country Living magazine? I love that door on the front of the Southern Living magazine!

          • I used your article, among others, to show that there are current people who still love brass in their homes. The warm color, subtle sparkle, and designs are perfect for traditional and transitional homes.

            • I’m so glad it was helpful! Yes, I think there are a lot more of us out there who still love the warmth and beauty of quality brass than many realize. I just changed the bulb for a Cree LED I had, thanks again for that tip! XXX

  9. Hi Susan. Here is a wild thought for you! I just looked up “bike theme lamps” on line and there are some really cute lamps that would go with your exercise room on your new table behind your exercise bike. Just an idea for fun and a change!

  10. Your home always looks so nice but I have to say I’m absolutely in LOVE with your framed Hermes scarf… Such a great idea! 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  12. Frances Wang says

    The lamp is really pretty in your exercise room. Not to fancy at all. Classic good look.
    Might be nice to have it on a reastat. I have special dual plug in extension cords with a sliding switch. There may be remotely controlled lamp dimmers out there.

    I ordered the purse holder for my car. You have great finds.

    On the porch a piece of really decorative molding or framing discards might be an opportunity to add a unique custom look to those areas. There are highly ornate non wood moldings available too.

    Enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks so much, Frances and thanks for those suggestions!
      I hope you like the purse holder…I’m obsessed with mine! I get the biggest kick out of using it every day when I’m out driving around running errands.

  13. Jean Sprimont says

    How gratifying to read that I’m not the only lover of the brass candlestick lamps….preferably but sadly Baldwin as a first choice. The last I was able to purchase was a Ralph Lauren “wanna be” but clearly the only thing I could find. Susan with all your influence why not start a campaign?

    • Eddie Ross, a very popular designer also loves brass and uses it in his home and shared it on his blog and even in Country Living magazine. So he’s already doing that for us. lol I’m not sure if he’s still into brass, but he was a few years ago. I still see it in magazines occasionally. Jean, check out this previous post to see what I mean: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/brass-is-back-baby/

  14. Hi Susan, I really like your lamp. I have been looking for another lamp for my dining area. Living in an apartment means you don’t have much overhead lighting and even though we are in a ground floor unit not a basement it seems extremely dark inside. Partly because of the large fir trees outside our living room and master bedroom and because outside those two rooms is a covered patio. I found a set of buffet lamps on QVC. I wasn’t sure I liked the shades but when lit they brighten the whole room so much I really love them now. I don’t see a way to attach a picture or I’d show them to you.

  15. Looks like you’ve been busy with your house too!
    Thanks for hosting!


  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Lamp looks really good, nice and cozy. I am sure you will find some way to correct your porch screen trim, you always do and it will turn out really nice. I am confident of it!

  17. Do you have a good source for replacement lamp shades? My area lamp store has closed & I’m having difficulty finding new shades.

    • Jeanne, the one I ordered for the new lamp just came today and I’m very happy with the quality of it. The price was great, too. You can see it here: https://amzn.to/2YpDFiX

      Shades can be really expensive but I felt this one was reasonably priced.
      I was so happy with it, I started to order another to replace a shade on another one of my lamps but now it’s showing a delivery date that’s way far out on the shade size I wanted. Not sure why it’s showing delivery dates so far out. The shade I ordered that came today, came in just two days.

      The lamp store I used to go to near my home closed several years ago, too. Now I mostly go to a small lamp shop that’s inside an antique store here in the Atlanta area. The owner has a really good eye for pairing shades with lamps and can order anything. If you live anywhere near Atlanta, I’m happy to recommend him.

  18. Happy spring Susan. I love the table lamp shuffle, lol. Bit your right they look good everywhere they land. xo- maryjo

  19. As a regular visitor, I have not been able to view your links since last Thursday, March 21. I am using Mozilla Firefox as my browser and the frog refuses to load.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Cathy. Aris at InLinkz told me it was okay to switch back to using the Old InLinkz system for now. I don’t know what’s going on but several people have reported not being able to see the links. Thanks for letting me know when it started. I’ll be sure to let him know, too.

  20. I love your brass candlestick lamp. I have one just like it and I also have 2 bedside brass lamps from Baldwin. Baldwin made great lamps and candlesticks. That was a different era but still gorgeous lamps
    I think your exercise area needs a more modern lamp. Don’t say no yet, I understand. But there are some neat lamps at Home Goods at good prices and Pottery Barn at higher prices. I see a globe shape there, it will go better with the picture above.

  21. PS……
    The lamp by your slipper chair and your shoes is exactly like a lamp I bought about ten years ago in
    A THMaxx in Georgia. I have two of them in a guest bedroom in antique white base with an English style print shade in golds and green. I love those lamps also. They even have the same finial as yours. Love your style. (TJMaxx)

  22. The lamp looks great on the table of the exercise room. I like your decoration ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  23. When I saw your description of the console table, I knew it would be perfect under a window next to a chair and ottoman at our beach condo. Narrow but still enough storage and height to fill up that useless corner it made room for a lamp, some family photos, and a vase of flowers. I pushed the button and when we arrived the table was already there and it was undamaged. Then came the assembly! With only 2 screwdrivers and several hours I managed to get it together and it is perfect. Your tip about the top railing was helpful and a copy of the very inadequate directions is online to enlarge and that also helped me figure it out. For under a $100 the console is a good choice. Thanks for the tip!

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