Love This Idea For Keeping Valuables and Collectibles Safe

Since I’m a crazy, handbag-obsessed woman, I like to occasionally watch YouTube videos of handbag unboxings or handbag reviews. In one particular video I watched recently, the YouTuber shared how she secures her expensive handbags and jewelry when she’s away. She hinted that there had been an issue in the past, saying, “If you know, you know.” I’m not sure what she was referring to but it sounded like she’s had issues in the past with things disappearing. I don’t have cleaning crews coming into my home since I’m the only housekeeper around here, and I haven’t had any work done in my home lately where people were working around or near my bedroom or closet area, but I thought this was a great idea for those who do.

The knob replaces a regular doorknob and to enter, it uses Smart Fingerprint Technology. If it’s unable to read the fingerprint, the door can also be opened via a numeric password. I don’t think this would stop a hard-core criminal, they would probably just knock the door down or take it off its hinges, but it looks like it would be helpful in preventing opportunistic theft when having temporary outside help or work in the home, especially if/when you can’t be home during the time the work is being done.


I had no idea this type of technology was available for the average homeowner–thought it was something that could only be installed via a security company. The one I saw recommended is this doorknob/lock that’s available here: Door Lock With Fingerprint and Code Security. It worked beautifully in the video I saw and opened at just the touch of the thumb.


Since Christmas and other holiday celebrations are not far off, I am planning on putting a Gift Idea post together this weekend. I’ve already had a few emails requesting that post since so many of us like to start our shopping early. I love buying gifts ahead of time because I can wrap them in November before things get crazy busy. Plus, it’s nice having some gifts to go under the tree once it goes up.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Wow – THAT’s cool! I didn’t know the technology was available either. This is a great idea – thanks!

  2. Yes, gun safes have that technology. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nifty idea i just shared with 3 people. Thanks for posting link to buy it.

  4. My son just put a smart lock on my door over the summer. I use the fingerprint part, but can also do a key or a code. Love it! It automatically locks the door after a few seconds or minute or so-you decide. So I never forget to lock my door and when I leave the house, I just close the door. It has flashing red lights when the battery is close to dyeing as well so you know to replace them. But just in case I have a brain fart, I keep a hidden key incase I get locked out when the batteries dies. LOL Very cool system, some work with an app on your phone as well! I love mine! Hugs, Brenda

    • Oh, I bet that is similar to the one that was on the door of the house I stayed in when I visited Big Canoe a while back. I kept trying to figure out how to lock it each time I left to go down the mountain. Could never figure that out but after about 30 seconds or so, it seemed to automatically locked itself. Smart having the hidden key–just in case.

  5. A friend and I were just talking about this. They have one and she loves it. They have someone who stays with them part of the year and she simply added their fingerprint. I had a problem worth mentioning. When I had my locks changed, the locksmith said “See that number on your key ? Put it in your phone and if you lose your keys, give us that number and we can just cut a new key” That is not a good idea. The person that hacked my computer and phone, and the reason I changed the locks, had it too.

  6. I don’t have a need for the smart lock but I am having carpet put in my bedroom on Monday. I already moved my jewelry somewhere else in the house. One time I went on vacation for 10 days. I found the perfect place to hide it. When I got home I couldn’t remember where I put it! I blamed it on menopause brain fog. I did remember but it took a couple of days.

  7. This sounds great…but first I have to see if my fingerprints work. Before I retired as a school librarian, back a few years ago, we had to get clearances and fingerprinted. I tried three times and they said they could not read my prints! Finally had to do a complete investigation by FBI or some other agency. Our new car has fingerprint start, but I never tried it. Will do that now to see if I can do this….

  8. Susan, I love this idea. We’ve been shopping for a home safe and just can’t find one that works for us. I think this would be great even if you’re going away–just put all your valuables in that room. And even a determined thief probably wouldn’t hang around with a home alarm going off. A good combination! (No pun intended…)

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