Living the Life of Reilly and A Luxurious Gift Idea

Recently in a post, I shared some fun ideas for hanging art or small paintings down low where they can be appreciated while sitting nearby. (See that post here: Hang a Little Painting Where It Will Surprise and Delight.)

Cindy left this comment on that post.

A friend’s cat has his own art gallery at his level. Every visit, I check to see if he has added to his collection. Small pieces that are cat-oriented. Makes me laugh every time. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

What?! I replied back saying how much I would love to see this little art gallery with its collector nearby. A few days later I received this photo of Reilly proudly sharing his art collection on the wall behind him. Is this not the cutest thing ever?! I love this so, so much!

Debra, a loving member of Reilly’s staff, keeps Reilly’s gallery wall filled with photos only a cat with refined taste would enjoy. That looks like a picture of Reilly near the top, or maybe that’s Reilly’s girlfriend. If I still had a kitty, I would totally copy this adorable idea! Doesn’t Reilly remind you a little of Pete, the Cat?

Reilly and His Gallery Wall of Art


Reilly came to live with Debra when she found him abandoned near Tallulah Gorge. Something tells me Pete and Reilly would get along just great.


Maybe they could even take a road trip together. 🙂


Thanks so much to Cindy and Debra for sharing Reilly’s wonderful art gallery! I now understand the meaning of the phrase, “Living the life of Reilly!” 🙂


Speaking of living the life of Reilly, recently I came across something luxurious and wonderful via one of the Instagram feeds I follow. (Find Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram HERE.)

Have you ever heard of Louis Sherry Chocolate Truffles? I had not but was immediately enamored with the lovely designs of the chocolates and the designer tins in which they come.


Louis Sherry opened his first candy shop and restaurant in New York in 1881 at 662 Sixth Avenue. His beautiful chocolates are still as much loved today as they were back then.

Photo from Louis


The chocolates always come in colorful tins, but currently, they are being offered in beautiful tins featuring the wonderful designs of Miles Redd, Harrison Howard and Bernard Maisner. The origin of Louis Sherry’s first 12-piece, chocolate truffle filled tins dates back to 1919 when they were designed as gifts for steamship passengers. Love that! 🙂 They were often given as gifts to kings and queens, sultans and maharajas, princesses and presidents.


The chocolates come in the prettiest shapes! After reading about the history of the company and seeing the beautiful chocolates and tins, I had to order a couple.

After much agonizing over all the beautiful designer tins, I chose this one for myself. The design reminded me of the delightful designs of Hermes, especially their scarves and the fabrics they use to line some of their leather totes.Louis Sherry Chocolates in Harrison Howard Cheval de Course Designer Tin

Once empty, I think it will look especially pretty displayed atop the trunk “coffee” table here in the upstairs family room where I seem to be adding pops of orange into the decor.

I also ordered one as a gift and it’s scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday. I think they would make wonderful birthday gifts. I love the idea of giving them to friends or neighbors for special occasions like Christmas. They would also make the most wonderful hostess gift. Definitely keeping them in mind for that in the future!

I purchased mine here with free shipping: Louis Sherry Chocolates. They are currently on sale here: Louis Sherry Chocolates in Designer Tins.

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


I almost ordered this one, I love the green and blue color and the exotic imagery. This is one of  Harrison Howard’s designs and it’s available here: Louis Sherry Chocolates in Harrison Howard Designer Tin.

The colors would work well with my guest bedroom linens and fabrics. Imagine staying in someone’s home and finding a beautiful designer box of Louis Sherry chocolates in your room! What a way to spoil guests! Love that idea!


This one is perfect for the dog lover. You’ll find it here with free shipping: Louis Sherry Tin for Dog Lovers.

This was another one I almost ordered because it’s so perfect for summer. It’s available here with free shipping: Louis Sherry Chocolates in Beach-Themed Tin.

A lot of the Harrison Howard designs have an Oriental-Asian flair and are so elegant! I think his designs are my favorite of all the tins, although I love some of the Miles Redd tins, too! Arggg, see what I mean, so hard to choose!

Louis Sherry Tin with Beach Theme


Have you ever tried Louis Sherry chocolates? I can’t wait until my they arrive and I can agonize over which truffle to try first. 🙂

Have a great weekend, dear Friends! See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Artwork for the cat is just so funny, but he has a delightful collection. Susan, maybe you could do a tiny sculpture garden near the birdfeeder outside?

    • I know, don’t you love it! I think we humans get as much pleasure as the kitties do with this little gallery. 🙂
      That’s a cute idea! Wonder what the birdies would think of it. lol

  2. I absolutely love Reilly’s art collection. Fantastic pieces that he proudly displays. So happy this fancy cat shared his passion. 🙂 Thanks, Reilly!
    Also, those chocolates are tiny works of art that I would glad eat. Yum…

  3. The feline gallery is purrfect! I want to create one nkw for my pets. Please review the chocolates. Curious if they are really sweet, etc, although the packaging is stand alone gorgeous!

    • Will do…they are supposed to arrive tomorrow based on the email I received this morning. I can’t wait to try one! I’ll have to try and limit myself to one per day. lol Yeah, right!

  4. Love Reilly and it’s “life”… and no, I do not know about the Louis Sherry Chocolates…where have I been?….Love those tins … got to get me one because in order to truly make use of the tin, I need to eat the chocolates!!!
    Have a great week Susan!

    • I felt the same way, how have I never heard about these before? Shirley, the Instagrammer I follow who shared them was “A Gentleman at Home and Abroad.” So you can look him up on Instagram in case you want to see the cute Miles Redd tin he ordered and the information he shared about them.
      lol I like the way you think! Yes, we must make the sacrifice of eating ALL the chocolate in order to use the tin for other purposes. 😉

  5. Well…I “had to order,” too… Also, had to chuckle…growing up one of my father’s favorite “sayings” (and, tv show, “Life of Riley” starring William Bendix) was “they’re living the life of Riley.” franki

  6. Michelle B says

    Thank you for sharing the cat gallery. Your comment about Reilly’s loving staff made me laugh out loud. Such a cute idea. And those chocolates look yummy. Love the tins.

  7. Grace White says

    This is so cute! I know the cat loves it and has very good taste!

  8. Love the kitty gallery. Since mine are usually swinging from the ceiling and jumping from the plant shelves, I will need one higher. I have my own Cirque du Soleil le chat here.
    Susan, I think the chocolate company should give you some for a giveaway since you just sold a ton of chocolate for them.

    • I doubt they’ll ever see this post, but I wouldn’t turn down chocolate, that’s for sure. lol I can’t wait until mine gets here. I ordered it two days ago on the Nordstrom website and I just got a notice a few minutes ago that it will ship soon.
      Myrna, have you seen the kitty runs that some people build up high for their cats to walk along? Your cats would love those, I bet. 🙂

      • Yes, I have. Two guys built the most elaborate platform around their home in CA you could imagine. I try not to encourage them. They are very entertaining as it is. Can’t wait to see your candy box.

  9. Susan, I love the kitty’s art gallery! What a thoughtful person!
    I love Louis Sherry chocolates more for the gorgeous tins than the chocolates. I’ve found them at local stores on occasion and have given them as gifts. Perfect for an Easter basket too. The tins are so charming. I may need to order some through the free shipping. Thanks for the links.

    • I can’t wait to get mine, it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I have a feeling I will be giving them as gifts a lot over the next year. So excited to have found out about this company because it’s not easy to come up with gift ideas sometimes.

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Love the art gallery for kitty! How cute. I miss my kitty fur babies. Loved them both so much. Those chocolates are so unique. Really like all the different designs, but would need dark chocolate, hehe. The tin is an awesome “after-gift”, after all the chocolates are gone.

    • Me, too Cyndi! I still think about my past kitties all the time. We never forget them, do we? ♥
      I wonder if some of the chocolates are dark chocolate. It will be interesting to see when they arrive tomorrow.

  11. Susan, probably only members of staff would ‘get’ Reilly’s art gallery. 😀 Heehee, it’s so adorable. What a nice job Debra did on the gallery. I love how she chose Reilly-sized pictures to display.

    Say, did you notice on that Saks 5th Ave. link you posted, they have some of the boxes in a tiny version? Just two chocolates, but apparently a miniature version of the pretty box! I love that. So cute. I could see you getting some mini boxes and displaying / using them on your pretty vanity.

    Also, I was so surprised when you said you were working orange into the upstairs family room! I know it’s not your favorite color (*cough-cough*) but it really does look well with the wood tones in the room. 🙂

    Have a lovely week.

    • lol I once saw a saying that said something like: Dogs have owners, Cats have staff. It’s so true! 🙂

      Yes! I saw those adorable 2-piece tins. I was thinking what cute stocking stuffers they would make. They would also be great to have at each place setting for a dinner party…what a great treat for the dinner guests!

      I’m thinking of ordering one of the little ones because it would be fun to use to store the brass pushpins I use on my bulletin board here in the office.

      I know, orange is normally my least favorite color, but when I had the orange lacquer tray made and placed it in that room, I was so surprised to find how pretty blue and orange look together. I think the color of the pine pieces in that room also help with that.

      Thanks, Pam! Hope you have a wonderful week, too! Summer always goes by too fast for me, can’t believe it’s almost August. Make it stop!!!

  12. Tina Reynolds says

    The art gallery for kitty is such a paw-some idea! The wheels are turning in my head now. Plus, the candy cravings I am having after looking at those wonderful, too-pretty-to-eat candies are almost too much to resist and the beautiful boxes are something to treasure!

  13. Patricia says

    I seem to remember as a kid that my Mom bought Louis Sherry jam/jelly. Have you heard of that, Susan?

  14. Donna zoltanski says

    A lovely gift!

  15. Reilly is tres cultured with his well curated art collection!! I just purchased another dachshund Christmas ornament this weekend, and now I’m thinking Rosie may need her own tree this year! I rescued her when she was 6 from Puerto Rico. She had a brutal life until then, so now her every wish is my command. I’m her Carson!

  16. Thank You for all of the compliments on our tins and I hope you enjoyed the chocolates!
    Tim Tippin
    President, Louis Sherry Inc.

  17. Wow!! I guess word got back to the president of Louis Sherry, Inc. regarding your enjoyment of the chocolates. Very nice for him to write in! Certainly says something about the company!

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