Geesh, I Knew It was Hot, But Never Expected This!

The eagerly anticipated Louis Sherry chocolate truffles arrived today. A bad feeling crept in as I opened the lid to the decorative tin and saw chocolate smeared on the papers inside the box. Uh, oh. Apparently, the truffles didn’t survive the summer heat during the shipping process.

Louis Sherry Chocolates Melted During an August Delivery


For reference, this is how the chocolates are supposed to look.


I had also ordered a tin of Louis Sherry Chocolates as a gift. I noticed via tracking that those were also delivered today. I really hope they arrived in a non-melted state. They were ordered directly from the Louis Sherry Company online since I didn’t discover the free-shipping at Nordstrom until later. I ordered mine, the ones I received today, via Nordstrom.

Update: The Louis Sherry Chocolate Truffles I purchased online directly from the Louis Sherry website as a gift, arrived without any problems. Both mine and the ones I purchased as a gift were delivered via UPS and both to the Atlanta area, so not sure why mine arrived melted. So relieved that the ones purchased as a gift did arrive safely!

Louis Sherry Chocolates, August Delivery


The truffles appeared to have been packaged well. They were wrapped inside tons of bubble wrap.

Packing for Louis Sherry Chocolates


They were also shipped inside an insulated bag with one of those cold pack thingies inside the box. Of course, the cold pack wasn’t at all cold anymore.

Cold Pack for Shipping Chocolate Truffles


At least the bubblewrap protected the cute tin, so it wasn’t a total loss. I called the Customer Service number that was listed on the confirmation email I received when I originally placed my order. They were super nice and immediately offered to send out a replacement. Will be interesting to see if the next batch makes it here okay.

From talking with the associate today, I got the impression Nordstrom is running a little behind on their shipping process due to the popularity of their big anniversary sale. Wonder if that had anything to do with the melted chocolates.

Louis Sherry Chocolate Truffles, Cheval De Course Tin


After emptying out the truffles and giving the tin a good wash to remove all the melted chocolate, I placed it here in the upstairs family room.

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


This room has always had a bit of a nautical/beach theme, but over the past year, I’ve gradually interjected a little Hermes horseyness. I guess the theme can now be thought of as horseback riding on the beach. Yeah, that sounds good–we’ll go with that. 😉

If you’re a fan of Hermes scarves, I can definitely recommend this book: The Hermes Scarf: History and Mystique. It’s serious eye candy for the Hermes Scarf lover. The images of the scarves completely fill each page throughout the majority of the book, love that! Of course, it includes a lot of history about Hermes and their much-loved scarves. I really enjoyed seeing some of the older scarves/designs from the early days. (This book is available here: The Hermes Scarf.)

Louis Sherry Chocolates, Beautiful Tin Reminiscent of Hermes


Another book I had ordered arrived today. Can’t remember now how I tripped over this one, but being a handbag lover I couldn’t resist it since it was so reasonably priced. It goes through the history of the handbag and all the changes that have occurred over the years.

The photos were wonderful and I loved seeing so many antique/vintage bags. The section dealing with the influence of celebrities and famous individuals (Princess Diana, Princess Grace, etc…) on handbag fashion was pretty interesting, too. You’ll find it available here: The Secret History of the Handbag.

The Secret of The Handbag by Meredith Etherington-Smith and Caroline Clifton-Mogg


If you ordered chocolates, I hope they arrive okay. If not, call customer service wherever you purchased them and I’m sure they’ll resend them again or refund the cost. If my second batch arrives melted, I’ll just save ordering chocolates for cooler weather. Keeping my fingers crossed the next ones get here okay.

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  1. Ohooo, NOoo- After reading your blog…I ordered them, too, and they were delivered today in that very same looking box, etc. I was “saving them” for anniversary…but…now, I’d better open my “Hermes” box….oh, dear…it’s been very HOT HERE, TOO… SO GLAD YOU WROTE THIS!!! franki

  2. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Many high end chocolatiers will not ship in certain months. Others ship in dry ice (and charge a bundle more on top of the original bundle). Shame on them for not taking the proper precautions.

    • It looks like they tried with the cold pack thingy in the bottom, but I’m wondering if they sat someplace for a long time after they were packaged up. Dry ice sounds like the way to go.

  3. Oh my. Wasted chocolates! Did you stick them in the freezer and try them anyway ? I love frozen chocolate.

    • No, I just tossed them. They looked like they had melted and then re-solidified. Such a shame because I’m sure they were wonderful before the melting.

  4. Sad that the chocolates arrived melted. I’m surprised they will ship during the hot summer months. Most chocolate companies here won’t ship in summer. The one positive is you get to keep the cute tins.
    Maybe you’ll need to

    • I guess they thought the cold pack thingy would work. I heard from Franki just that her chocolates arrived in good shape, so hopefully it was just mine that arrived melted.

  5. Cyndi Raines says

    What a shame! I think I would have had to at least sneak a nibble, hehe. Hopefully, the next box will arrive in tact and ready to taste test.

    • Cyndi, I just got good news, the ones I sent as a gift arrived just fine. So relieved to hear that! I can’t wait until my new batch arrives!

  6. That’s too bad about the truffles, Susan. Love the tin. The same thing happened to me but my order was for Vitamin D3 gummies. They were packaged like your candy, but the packaging was no longer functional, and I had a clump of stuck-together vitamins. Amazon refunded my money, and on top of that, the manufacturer sent me a coupon for another bottle. They recommended I not take the vitamins. And, Nordstrom is running behind. They have let me know why I’m still waiting for some items.

    • Wow, it must have gotten really hot for those to melt. Good thing you didn’t take them, probably changes the potency of the vitamins…being heated up like that.

  7. Phyllis Bruff says

    Just thought I would mention that there is a fascinating little “handbag museum” in Little Rock , AR. It is a fun place to visit !

  8. Oh what a bummer! I would’ve probably tried to sample them! I know – low standards! LOL…. well the tin is great! Even if Nordstrom is running behind they should prioritize a food item like that for fast processing.

  9. Susan, you have such self discipline as I think I would have at least nibbled one … :). So sorry though that it occurred and shall file this in my memory bank as to ‘not to order chocolates during the summer months’. -Brenda-

  10. I have heard mention several times recently of companies that don’t ship chocolate in the summer months, Harry & David being the most recent. I hope your replacement shipment will be in better shape but I kind of doubt it. At least you got to keep the cute tin but what a shame to have all that good chocolate go to waste!

  11. I JUST started subscribing to your newsletter/blog. Chocolate?! Handbags?! Hermes scarves?! We must be related–share some of the same genes, anyway! Love it!

  12. Oh no! What a shame about the chocolates. 🙁 Hopefully your next batch will arrive ship shape and Bristol fashion.

    “I guess the theme can now be thought of as horseback riding on the beach. Yeah, that sounds good–we’ll go with that. ” This made me laugh. Makes sense to me. 🙂

    Susan, I keep revisiting the post about Reilly to sneak a peek at his little art gallery. 😀 I looovvve it so much. 😀 Hee.

  13. Oh Susan, that’s too bad!
    Hopefully the next box will be ok, otherwise they should wait a few months and send a third box to you for Christmas! 🙂
    Btw. we are having such hot temps here, too, (but NO sun! What?!) that I really started daydreaming of Christmas and snow yet! lol

  14. Bernadette M says

    I, too, have fallen victim the chocolate melt. I have ordered from Southern Seasons and other places and have had them delivered to Charleston during the summer with disastrous outcomes. I no longer send chocolates until the Fall or Winter. I hope the present you sent arrives like it should.

  15. Ann Butler says

    That is awful they would send chocolate in the summer months. I order every year food from a company at Christmas time and they have months where they do not ship chocolate. They should have the same policy. I hope they do the right thing and send new at an appropriate time or refund you. The book you shared with us sounds interesting, love the cover.

  16. FYI, it probably melted in the USPS truck. They do not have air conditioning inside their vehicles. The carriers have to work with no AC, and the trucks get over 100 degrees, being made of aluminum–they’re basically little ovens on wheels.
    Not sure how they get away with subjecting workers to these conditions this day and age. I recently read that one lady carrier died in the heat in California. Also, in winter, their truck heaters blow engine exhaust into the cabin, so they have to breathe fumes if they want to stay warm. I wish more people would speak up/go public about things like this….otherwise nothing ever changes.
    But I would probably just wait until fall to order any chocolate. Good luck.

  17. If stores are going to ship chocolate during the summer, it should be next day delivery and not on UPS trucks. Hope your next shipment is better.

  18. I would have bit into that chocolate without a thought. In fact I have had frozen and refrozen chocolate. 🙂

  19. My daughter purchased a tin of Louis Sherry chocolates for me and I balked at the price! However after tasting them and finding them so good I am a fan. The tins are so pretty and I have purchased a second one. I’m sorry yours were melted and I hope the new shipment arrives in perfect condition.

  20. Chocolate truffles and cute tins was all I needed to hear and I decided to order some too! Mine were shipped two day UPS and packaged really well but, unfortunately, they also arrived partially melted — just not as bad as Susan’s. I decided to keep them and eat them anyway but I think I learned a valuable lesson about ordering chocolates in the summertime. Wait until winter! Live and learn!

    • Debbie, call Nordstrom and let them know and they will send you out a whole new tin…that’s what they are doing for me. I heard from another reader that the ones she ordered from Nordstrom arrived okay, so apparently, it’s not happening to all of them. Definitely call them so they can replace them. They need to know that this is happening. Sorry yours arrive partially melted.

    • Debbie, this was the number I called and they were super nice: 1-888-282-6060. If you have your order# handy, that will help them find it faster. They were super nice and offered to send out another tin/chocolates without me even asking.

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