March Favorites & I’m Shopping (& Loving) A Place That Two Readers Recommended

Happy weekend! I hope you’re having a great one! I don’t have a large amount of favorites to share from last month, but I do have something to share that I’m really excited about—more on that in just a sec.

Toward the end of March, I started changing the items I carry in my handbag from my winter bag to one of my spring/summer bags. Inside a little accessory bag I always carry in my handbag, I had a very small plastic bag that contained everyday over the counter medicines that I like to carry with me just in case I need them—things like Benadryl, Advil, those type things. That little clear plastic bag was looking very worn and like it was about to tear. I went in search of a very small pill case that would fit inside my small accessory bag and ended up ordering this one. I really like it, and it was exactly what I needed. It fits beautifully inside my small pouch and stays securely closed. If you need a small pill case for carrying everyday meds that you like to have on hand in your bag, you’ll find this one in various colors here: Small Pill Case.



I have this thing for long sleeve, cotton t-shirts. I wear them almost every day under sweaters and hoodies during the fall/winter. In the past, I have purchased them at Walmart or Target. They used to be very inexpensive, but over the past few years, the price has gone up a lot. I decided to look on Amazon where I found these nice, thick all cotton t-shirts. I ordered one from the men’s line and one from the women’s line. I ended up returning the women’s t-shirt, it just wasn’t the same thickness/quality as the men’s. Not sure why the men’s is so much nicer, but it was. I’ve ordered 5-6 of these now and LOVE them!


In the past, I’ve always washed and hung my cotton t-shirts to dry since I was worried they would shrink. For these t-shirts, I ordered them in both small and medium, hoping I could toss the medium in the dryer instead of hanging them. The small fit great and were nice and roomy. I don’t like for tops to be snug-fitting since I wear them out and over my hips and hanging down in back. The mediums were bigger, of course, so I tossed those in the dryer after washing them. They didn’t shrink in width, but they definitely shrunk in body length and in sleeve length. They are perfect! I wish I had ordered them all in medium now since it’s so convenient–just tossing them in the dryer. I purchased almost all black and they didn’t fade one bit. LOVE that! If you love a quality, thick, soft, all-cotton, long-sleeve t-shirt for wintertime, I definitely recommend these. You’ll find them available in several colors here: Cotton T-shirt. Again, I find the men’s long sleeve t-shirt to be much nicer and heavier than the women’s version, so I’ll continue to order the men’s style.


I regularly buy dried mealworms for all my backyard birds. I just recently changed to buying this brand because it was around $5 less. They are just as good, and my birds love them. Just wanted to share this new find in case you put out dried mealworms for your birds, too. You’ll find them available here: Mealworms.


My daughter-in-law and I are in the process of switching from using plastic storage containers to all glass because of some of the scary stuff we’ve been reading online about storing food in plastic. These are the ones my daughter uses and likes. She puts the soup she makes weekly for her family in these and said that they stack really well in the fridge. Plus, they are safe for the microwave, minus the lid. You’ll find them available here: Glass Storage Dishes.



This is another style of glass storage containers that she really likes, and they are available here: Glass Food Storage with 2 Compartments.



Had to include these adorable tea infusers that I purchased last month. They come in sets of three and are available in a bunch of cute motifs/critters. They work great for loose-leaf tea, and you’ll find them available here: Adorable Tea Infusers.

Bee, Dragon Fly and Owl Tea Infuser, So Cute


Update: Almost forgot to mention that this adorable bunny vase that I’ve been using in my spring decor for the past few years is currently on sale here: Bunny Butterfly Vase.

Spode, Kim Parker Charger Plates, Emma's Garland


Spring Clothing Sale: You know I’m a big Talbots fan and order almost all my clothes from there. Recently, two lovely BNOTP readers, Maureen and Mia, mentioned ordering clothes from Appleseed’s. I had never heard of Appleseed’s but decided to check out their online store, and right away I found several things that I liked. Their clothes remind me a lot of what you would find in Talbots.

They are having a great sale right now: 40% off any 1 item and 20% off everything else with code AP736. Here are some of the items I am currently thinking of ordering. I really like this beautiful spring, floral sweater! I love the design of the knit in addition to the floral print. Beautiful! It’s available on sale here: Beautiful Spring Sweater.


I always try to just link out to clothes that are made from natural fibers because that’s what I always love and buy. This top is all cotton and looks so comfortable! It’s available in 9 colors; I had trouble choosing a color because they are all so pretty! I think my favorite two are this blue and white stripe…


…and this gorgeous soft, spring green. You’ll find this top available in 9 colors and on sale here: Soft Cotton Summer Top.


Many years ago, one of my favorite places to shop (before they closed) was Parisians. They carried a rather expensive brand of clothing that was excellent quality by the brand, Sigrid Olsen. They spring/summer line of clothing always reminded me of the type of clothing you would expect to find in a fancy, specialty boutique while on vacation. Does anyone else remember Sigrid Olsen clothes? I just did a quick search, and apparently they went out of business in 2008. This jacket reminds me so much of the clothes they designed. I love unique resort styles for summer! This jacket is also reversible. The other side is really pretty, too! It’s available and on sale here: Reversible Quilted Jacket.


I really like this linen-cotton sweater with a Key West motif. Oh, my gosh, this has me so longing for a beach trip! I haven’t been to the beach in years, I’ve got to make that priority this year. Imagine going to Key West and wearing this sweater while there. I could totally get on board with that! You’ll find this adorable spring sweater on sale here: Linen-Cotton Sweater. I just noticed they have a whole category with no-iron shirts here: No-Iron Shirts.


I am going to order something(s) from Appleseed’s to give them a try. They have so many cute things available right now, it will be hard to decide! You’ll find all their new arrivals for spring and summer here: New Arrivals. Happy spring shopping!

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  1. My friend gave me a gift certificate from Appleseeds a couple of years ago and I loved everything they sent. One blouse I wan’t sure I liked the print but kept it. It was a Foxcroft wrinkle free and it’s wrinkle free and fast drying on a hanger. One of my favorites now. I decided against a dress based on reviews. I ordered a blue windbreaker I like, but the hood didnt seem really large in the rain. They have great sales and offers.
    I am loving the beach top. Do you have a Bealls there ?
    It’s like something they sell. Several years ago I bought three knit sleeveless “swing” dresses aka A line from them. I love them and the sale price was really good. I am not a fan of online shopping but if they keep closing stores, it may become our only option.

    • I rather shop in store but it is becoming clear that more and more stores are closing. Sad. I have a few Talbot stores near me so I am lucky I can shop them. I find the Macy’s near me has limited selection especially the home section, So, I shop online. William Sonoma closed and Pottery Barn downsized their store as well.

    • I think we used to have a Bealls, that name sounds very familiar, but I don’t think we do now.

      • My daughter usually buys the men’s t-shirts because they are less expensive, fit her better and usually longer.
        Susan, that beachy top keeps waving to me. By the time I decide, my size will be
        gone, which might not be a bad thing. LOL I need to focus on shoes this season

  2. Barbara Petr says

    So glad to get your email! Just ordered the lilac jacket from Appleseeds and the pill holder from Amazon. I tried to order the long sleeve t-shirts from Amazon but they are no longer available! They look absolutely perfect too–I am a gardener and long sleeves are a must–I never thought to order a man’s t-shirt and when you said you liked them I immediately went to Amazon to order-but, alas, like I said, Amazon says they are no longer available. I really appreciate your emails and how you let us know what you are using–as it helps me decide on things! Hugs from Maryland! Barb

    • Barbara, I just checked and they still the medium men’s shirts which is what I ordered. I typically wear a small top from Talbots and the men’s medium t-shirt is a bit baggy after I wash and dry it in the dryer, but that’s how I like it since I’m just wearing them around the house during the day, and often sleep in the top at night under my flannel pajamas. You may need a small if you want it to fit more snugly after throwing it in the dryer, just depending on what size you normally wear, but I love the looseness/comfort of the men’s medium. It does shrink a little in the length and sleeves after it’s washed.

  3. I LOVED Sigrid Olsen and were so sorry when they went out of business. Thank you so much for the Appleseed’s recommendation. Looks like a great find!

    • Me, too! It looks like she has a shop online now called Bistro to Beach or something like that, but it doesn’t look like the same quality that I remember when I purchased that brand in Parisians. I still have a couple of her skirts and maybe a few more pieces from back in the day. They are such classic styles and have lasted since the quality was so nice.

  4. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I loved Parisians. Then, I discovered the Parisian’s Outlet. I miss those stores. Snapware is the brand glass dishes I use, having ordered them from Amazon and then found them at Publix.
    Benadryl is anticholinergic. Check out prescriptions and OTC since anticholinergic meds cause dementia. I love a little pill box!

    • Ohhh, I’m going to look for the Snapware next time I’m in Publix. Is it all glass, except for the lid?
      Yikes, I hadn’t heard that about Benadryl…scary! I only carry one in my pill box in case I were stung by a bee or something like that.

    • Regality3 says

      The study on Benadryl etc. was for long term use.

  5. I hope Appleseed’s lives up to your expectations!

  6. Franceil Parde says

    Ohhhh…that “Key West” shirt is adorable…checking it out…NOW!! We ❤️ Key West!! franki

  7. Check out Joules. Talbots aesthetic, great prices, and the quality of everything I’ve purchased has been above average. I love their tees, and they have really beautiful rain boots that have lasted several seasons.

  8. That Key West top looks like a must-have. How cute for dinner at a breezy waterside table.

  9. I have purchased clothing from Appleseed’s for years! Their quality and customer reward program is great! There are a lot of cute things out for spring!

  10. The thing about online shopping is trying to get something to fit. These odd places are usually out of the country and you can’t buy petite. Then it’s the return policy. If I were still working, I don’t know where I would buy conservative business clothes. I hate that Chico’s sold their business in FL. Soft Surroundings went bankrupt. Asian companies copied their pricey clothing and sold it for a third. Coldwater Creek is gone.
    Always look up who owns the company today.

    • Coldwater Creek is alive and well, but only online as far as I know. They’ve gone bankrupt at least twice.

    • Coldwater Creek has been my favorite for years and years. Then for a year or two they must have changed buyers because the styles were awful, but they finally wised up and love their clothes. Was sad to see so many of their stores clothes, but there is still one store in the Houston area in the Woodlands. I order mostly online…always check the Clearance section first. Talbots is another long time favorite….T-shirts are very well made.

  11. Irene Zak says

    Susan, it is becoming harder and harder to find clothing made of natural fabrics. Even if I do find something it is a cotton or linen blend with polyester, acrylic, etc. Thank you for always sharing your finds.

    I have been using Pyrex glass for years to store my food. Never trusted plastics. However, there lids tend to rip. When I get replacement lids, they are so expensive. It works out cheaper to buy new Pyrex containers when they are on sale then buy new lids!! I am going to switch over to the ones you have shared with us. The lids look a lot sturdier.

  12. Thanks for sharing the sale on the bunny vase! I’ve been loving that vase for years. I finally ordered it and received it yesterday. It’s even prettier in person! I also purchased the same tulip arrangement from Amazon. So pretty!

    • Yay, I’m so glad you were able to get one, Claire! It really is so pretty! I still have the tulips in mine, just moved them to my entry table.

  13. Susan, Claire said exactly what I was going to say! It IS even prettier in person! I had it delivered to the UPS store and unpacked it there, to make sure it wasn’t broken. It was packed very well and was in perfect shape! One of the employees saw it and loved it, and was taking pictures of it. 🙂

    • That is wonderful! I’m so glad it arrived in great shape. I ordered a second one a couple of weeks ago since it’s on sale and I thought it would be great to have two in case I wanted to use both on my longer dining room table one day. When it arrived and I unpacked it, one of the bunnies had a chipped ear. The vase was packaged really well, but one of the bunnies ears was cleaning sliced off at the tip. I immediately reordered another one, then returned the chipped one to the WS that’s close to my home.
      I must be snake bit because the second one arrived with a rather large blemish/defect in the finish in a very noticeable spot. It looked like when you paint your fingernails and then you accidentally bump them and mar the finish. It was a pretty big spot, about the size of the end of your thumb. When I went to WS to return it, a different sales person was behind the counter. She told me it was final sale and I couldn’t return it.
      What?! I explained to her that I knew it was final sale, but that only applies when something arrives in the condition it’s supposed to be in and not when it arrived damaged or defective. I’ve never had a store try to force me to keep something that arrived damaged. I asked to speak to the manager, and she said, “I am the manager.” I said, well then I need to speak to another manager.

      She started trying to open the box and I thought she was going to break the vase the way she was literally shaking it upside down to get it out. I kept trying to stop her from doing that, warning her that it could just fall out. I guess she had to see the bad spot for herself.
      After she saw the defective area in the finish, she said, “Well, they aren’t always going to be perfect.” I told her I already had one from a previous year, and it WAS perfect. She grudgingly agreed to do the return. What a nightmare! I was so disgusted with that whole situation, I decided to not try and order it a third time, but after reading your comment and Claire’s, I’m trying one more time—I just ordered it again. I really hope the third time is the charm!
      If it arrives defective again, I’ll call their customer service number and have them send me a return label instead of saving them the return shipping.

    • Oh, and just wanted to add, it makes me feel so thankful that both of you received your bunny vases without any defects. I hope anyone else who ordered it received perfect bunny vases, too.

  14. Checking back in on your Appleseed’s order. Did they arrive ? How do you like their clothing ?

    • I haven’t ordered from them, yet. I had so many things in my cart, I couldn’t decide. I do want to order from them this summer, though! There’s a top in particular that I hope doesn’t sell out.

    • Myrna, if you got my last comment (or get this one) will you let me know? I just changed something on my blog after switching hosting companies, and I want to make sure when I reply to comments that they are actually making it to the Inbox.

  15. I remember Sigrid Olson and Parisienne! I still have some Sigrid Olson things. The quality was excellent. Talbots is my favorite. Will check out Appleseeds. I really enjoy your posts, Susan. I have ordered quite a lot from your “Favorites” lists. Happy Spring!

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