Dressing for the Cotswolds in July and Shopping the Summer Sale

In less than a month, I’ll be heading off for a tour through the Cotswolds, my first ever trip to England. Laura, the friend and retired English/Lit college professor who put this trip together with the help of a professional travel agency, told me there are five BNOTP readers who will be joining in on this Literary Tour through the Cotswolds. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

I’ve been Googling the temps to see how the weather is this time of year. Of course, you have to always be prepared for rain since this is England, but I get the impression it never gets unbearably hot there during the summer months and the evenings can be a bit cool. Has anyone been to the Cotswold region during the month of July? If so, how was the weather? Would it be too chilly during the daytime for a summer, linen dress? I love wearing linen dresses in the summer, at least here in Georgia.

I’ve been shopping for a few new clothes for this trip and I’ve found a wonderful sale! Recently, I was describing Pedal Pushers to my daughter-in-law and was so surprised to see they’ve made a comeback! Pedal Pushers are a little shorter than capri pants and usually hit me at a better length than capri pants do. These are currently on sale 40% off with the code FRIENDS at checkout: Pedal Pushers.

Note: Everything I’m sharing in this post is currently 40% off with the code FRIENDS at checkout. Awesome sale!

Pedal Pushers


Love this tunic top! Three/quarter sleeves are my favorite length because you get a lot of sun coverage for your arms but can still wear a pretty bracelet and actually see it. This cute top is on sale here: Tunic Top.

Tunic Top, Sale


Though I probably won’t be taking these with me to England (may take along one pair) I’m still totally obsessed with these white scalloped shorts I purchased last year. I was so glad to see they brought them back again this year because I think they are so much more flattering on the legs than regular shorts. I bought several pairs of these last year in white and in blue, but I may pick up a few more this year because I’m always afraid they’ll not bring them back, and they are my fave style short. You’ll find them on sale here: Scallop Leg Shorts.

White Scallop Shorts on Sale


I purchased a pair of pink jeans last summer from Talbots, barely managed to get a pair before they all sold out.  I noticed they have pink jeans in stock again, so if you missed them the first time, you’ll find these here on sale 40% off here: Pink Jeans.

Pink Jeans on sale


This shirt will definitely make the trip to England this summer. I am wearing the white version right now as I type this. Love it!

Blue Embroidered top for Summer


I also have it in this pretty green color. You’ll find it available here: Embroidered Eyelet Top.

Green Embroidered Top on sale


I’m seriously eyeing this cute dress! Since I’m 5’4″, it will probably be more of a maxi dress for me, which would be great! I think it would be perfect to take along on my upcoming trip or really for any spring/summer trip. I love how the colors are soft and subtle–nothing too crazy like you sometimes find in summer maxi dresses. You’ll find it available on sale here: Dress with Fern Print.

Maxi Dress on Sale


These drawstring tie pants look so comfy and I love the stylish cuff design. Perfect for a casual vacation or just hanging out around home. These are on sale here: Drawstring Tie Pants.

Drawstring Tie Summer Pants, Beach Wear


I have several of these linen tunic style shirts and just added a new one this summer. They are ideal for travel during the spring/summer months because they give sun coverage when needed, yet are so breathable. I wore them almost every day while in Egypt last year, rolling up and buttoning the sleeves in place when I didn’t need extra sun coverage. They are also very flattering since they come down a nice length offering coverage in the back and the front. This is the same style shirt I’m wearing in my profile photo in the sidebar. Great shirt for summer! You’ll find them on sale in many colors here: Linen Tunic Shirt.

Linen shirt for summer


Below you’ll find links to some other goodies that are currently on sale and that I’m considering buying for my summer travel. I’ll continue to add to this today as I shop the sales online. Looking forward to sharing the picturesque Cotswolds with you real soon!

Update: Below I’ve linked to the sandals I take on all my summer trips because they are so awesome for walking long periods of time. They are cool, yet so supportive and perfect for travel.

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  1. A few years ago I visited the Cotswolds and London during June. I took summer clothes and a raincoat. I ended up wearing the raincoat everyday for warmth. Dover was colder than London. Bath was the only city where I didn’t need a jacket.

    • That sounds very much like my trip to Ireland in August 2017. I’ll just prepare the same. I took two raincoats on that trip and wore them both. I can’t stand being cold, especially cold and wet! Thanks, Gail!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip. It sounds like so much fun! I’ll look forward to your pictures and thanks for the summer clothes update. I didn’t realize there was a length difference between capris and pedal pushers.

    • They look shorter to me in the photos. When I wore them many years ago, they ended not too far below the knee. I think capris come down a bit further.

  3. Patricia says

    I was in Cambridge and London when they had a heat wave in July of 1998; staying in a dorm room with no A/C. It was horribly hot and during our breaks from classes, some of us adult students would go to a pub across from the college for a cold drink. Every department store had no A/C either. No fans in town to purchase. It was pretty bad. And sodas from the machine were room temperature.
    But the following year, also July, we needed sweaters everywhere we went.
    So just enjoy the view, you never know. Right now
    France is experiencing heavy rains and cold.
    Cotswolds are lovely.

    • That sounds miserable, Patricia! Hopefully we won’t see heat like that, although I’m more used to it living here in GA than a lot people would be. Will be interesting to see what the weather is like when we get there…hoping for some sunny days.

  4. July in the Cotswolds should be no chillier than a cotton knit blazer or linen jacket. Of course an umbrella but I have been in England many times in the summer and never needed one but who can tell for sure these days? I never wore shorts there but I’m not a shorts person. That said, I don’t recall seeing them on others but didn’t pay attention.

    • It looks like we will be near the water at some point during the trip, so wasn’t sure if I’d want a pair of shorts with me. I need to look at the schedule again.

  5. Margaret says

    Do more research on weather conditions. You may not want tanks & shorts for this trip. No hospital visits for you on your trip.

  6. Loved the Cotswolds, (went in Dec, so no help) and love my Echos, per your suggestion–thanks Susan!

  7. CityMommy says

    Hi Susan, We’re heading to Cornwall then London in a week. It’s cold and rainy on the coast right now, highs in the low 60s and that’s the forecast, as well. Have had to rethink everything I’m bringing, since I don’t think my sleeveless summer dresses will cut it! Now packing slacks and sweaters!

    • That sounds like the way to go! I had briefly thought of just taking along my carry-on on this trip, but I don’t think that’s going to work. I’ll just take my big suitcase and stuff it full of a little of everything. lol If the unthinkable happens and it doesn’t arrive, I’ll have to clothes shop in England! 🙂 I’ll make sure I have at least one change of clothes in my carryon bag.

      • CityMommy says

        I’m laughing because carry-ons were our original plan, too (been reading way too much Rick Steves). This works out better for souvenirs (and my hair products :).

        • Yes! I don’t think I’ll ever be a carry-on only gal…just like taking all my goodies with me when I travel. I’m sure a few souvenirs will find there way into my suitcase, too. 🙂

  8. Yeah! Pedal Pushers are back! I grew up wearing them!

  9. Have a lovely trip. I am glad BNOP readers will be with you. Wish it was me! I was at Talbots yesterday, but may have to order more online. LOL

  10. Bobbie T says

    I thought pedal pushers were longer than capris and the shorter pants (just below the knees) were called knee knockers. Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to lots of pictures.

    • Maybe I’m remembering wrong…I though they stopped higher on the leg. Thanks, Bobbie! Hopefully, the weather will allow for a lot of picture taking.

      • Funny, because I always thought pedal pushers were the style of pant that went to the ankle and had a strap that went under your foot. In fact, I thought that was where the name came from as the strap was reminiscent of a bike pedal, especially the type with the stirrup like device. Now you’ve both got me curious!

  11. I thought I’d freeze at an all-day horse show in the Malverns (nearby where you’re headed) in August, and I had my Barbour on plus every warm thing I’d brought. The wind off the Atlantic howled all day. Spent two weeks going from farm b&b to farm b&b all over the island, temps everywhere from daytime 60 at the show to 85 in Scotland. The whole of the Cotswolds reminds me of Carmel, CA. The antique shops are outstanding. I found an antique pink Murano chandelier for 100 pounds that I carried home on the plane on my lap. It was worth it.

    • Wow! I’ll definitely plan on doing a lot of layering because I really dislike being even a little cold. Your chandelier sounds amazing, Jan! I bet you love it every time you see it!

  12. I was in the Cotswolds last May and we didn’t have any rain – amazing. But bring a rain jacket. Slacks, shirt and a blazer and comfy walking shoes for day. A dress with slides for dinner. A little more formal This will get you through as there is less humidity than Georgia. I packed everything in a carry on but brought an empty large suitcase to bring home my purchases.
    A quick temperature conversion – Celsius temperature times 2 plus 32 equals Fahrenheit temperature
    Have a great trip!! Can’t wait to all about it.

    • Thanks for that quick conversion equation…I’m always challenged trying to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit! Thanks, Julia! Looking forward to sharing pictures of the beautiful English countryside. Can’t wait to see all the adorable cottages!

    • Julia, thank you! My conversion equation is far more complicated. This is so easy. Appreciate it.

  13. Sarah Jones says

    I loved the Cotswolds! I would be prepared for cooler temperatures – for sure pack a wool sweater. It’s been several years but I wore long pants and long sleeve Tees each day (with Cuddl Dud). A wool scarf might be a good idea – nothing worse than being cold! I loved England and especially the Cotswolds – enjoy this wonderful trip!

  14. Rebecca Dexter says

    Love the Cotswolds! I wouldn’t bring any wool…if you need it England has wonderful shops full of Irish/English/Scottish wools. I absolutely adored the fern dress from Talbots…unfortunately I look terrible in that color and don’t wear sleeveless anymore. I thought it was the prettiest thing in the catalog and would be perfect for fall in Georgia. I tend to like brighter colors for the summer…more like Lilly Pulitzer. With your coloring I imagine that this dress would be lovely..you can always have it hemmed.

  15. We lived in that area for 3 years. The weather is hard to predict. Some summers hit temperatures in the 80s. Other times, it is windy, rainy and in the 50s. You could probably check the forecast right before you pack. I will say that I NEVER wore shorts the entire time I was there. I always had my raincoat handy for showers and warmth. Sensible shoes are my best advice.

  16. Kathy Allen says

    Hope you all have a wonderful trip. Look forward to reading about favorite places to see. I hope to go there next year. I love reading “ Between Naps on the Porch”! Kathy

  17. Hi Susan,
    You will absolutely love England. We are headed to London for a few days in August (our 4th trip) before cruising to the Scandinavian countries. I would stay away from shorts and sleeveless tops. Pedal pushers and crops are my go to pants for England in the summer. Although, some long slacks would be good to have as well. Last summer in Dover, it was cool when we were there in August. A nice jacket is a must!
    Have a wonderful trip – can’t wait to see your pictures.

  18. I spent a week in the Cotswolds last July and then another 2 weeks touring gardens in the UK. I go to England a lot. They have all been HOT. Not much air conditioning so shops and restaurants are hot. I will be going to the Cotswolds again this year on July 13. A rain jacket is a must just in case. Last year they were actually experiencing a drought. Lawns and gardens were brown unless they were lucky enough to be a trust garden which had the funds to water or wells to supply water. Skirts are nice. Pack various options in order to cover any weather that might happen.

  19. I have been a follower for many years. Around the first week of June I realized I hadn’t gotten any email from your blog. I signed up again and again I’m still not receiving updates. Something wrong on my end or yours?

    • Karol, let me check and see if it’s showing you’re subscribed. I know AOL is famous for blocking perfectly good emails so they may be blocking out my emails.

    • It was showing that you were not subscribed, so I just subscribed you. I wonder if AOL blocked the email at some point and then their system automatically unsubscribed you. Hopefully, you’ll start getting the emails again now. Thanks for letting me know they had stopped.

  20. ~Susan~
    I was in London in March 2008 (haha) it was lovely ! the Cotswolds are my bucket list , so I hope you post a lot of pictures !! Your outfits are cute , I love Talbots .
    It is exciting traveling to other countrys , but have you ever wanted to travel to the wonderful states of USA , !?!

    Enjoy your holiday in jolly ole England . Be Safe.
    Kind Regards,
    Paula xox

  21. Live in south of UK. Weather has been cool and damp this year and looks likely to continue into July. Umbrella essential and I would suggest warmer footwear for daytime walking (with socks). Warm sweaters too…think layers!

  22. Bernadette M Gibson says

    My daughter and I took the QEII over to England and spent 3 weeks touring the Lake District and the Cotswolds. We were so excited because we bought the cutest wellis to wear. It rained only ONE day. Came home and gave the cutest wellies to Goodwill. We were very comfortable during the day in our cotton and linen clothes. It’s the only thing I wear because the breathe with you. Do remember to bring your slicker. You don’t want to be bothered with an umbrella w hile trying to take pictures. You are going to have a wonderful time. I wish I knew how to attach a photo because I the the most wonderful picture of us standing in the doorway to Beatrice Potter’s cottage.

    • I wish we were going to see Beatrix Potter’s cottage and farm on the trip. Something tells me I will need to go back a few more times.Bernadette you can send the picture to [email protected]. I would love to see it! I will definitely take a rain jacket with a hood because I like to stay hands-free as you mentioned. That worked great in Italy and Ireland where unfortunately, we saw plenty of rain.

  23. When my boys were younger on one of our trips to London we decided to visit Alnwick Castle where some scenes from Harry Potter were filmed. It is located in Northumberland, in the north. It was July and we had been comfortable in London in our summer clothes so imagine our surprise to arrive at the castle for a day trip and it was COLD!! We were stuck there for the day quite chilly. There was no place in the surrounding town to buy something reasonably priced so we made do. The lesson to this story is always bring something warm in England ‘just in case’.

    • Ugh, that would be my worse nightmare because it’s hard to really enjoy yourself when you’re cold. Thanks for sharing that Donna!

  24. Tell me your secret in wearing linen …especially tops. I love linen in the summer but hate looking like a wrinkled prune in a short time. Any suggestions ??
    Have fun on your trip….love our blog!

    • Mine end up with wrinkles, too…but I just look at it as a sign I’m wearing good linen. lol Many, many years ago I was shopping in Talbots and I purchased two really lovely linen suits (jackets and skirts.) I still have them today and they are still in style. Anyway, when I was checking out, I asked the sales associate if they were going to really be prone to wrinkling. I’m paraphrasing, but she said to enjoy them and to not worry because “the better/finer the linen, the more it wrinkled.” The suits have a label that states they are made of Irish Linen.
      I occasionally look at the feed of the CEO of Sotheby’s France on Instagram and he has almost all his clothing hand-made…bespoke. Even his shoes are handmade/bespoke.
      He dresses so beautifully, he’s been featured in many men’s fashion magazines; he is the epitome of the word “dapper.” I frequently see him during the summer months on Instagram wearing wrinkled pants and you can tell they are linen. They are always creased in the places that normally crease whenever you sit down. So I figure if a little wrinkled linen meets his high standards, I’m going to wear my wrinkled linen with pride. lol I just iron my shirts before I put them on and then don’t worry about any wrinkles they get during the day. The breathability and comfort they offer in the Georgia humidity make the wrinkles all worth it. 🙂

    • Alda, here’s his Instagram if you want to check it out…you’ll see plenty of wrinkled linen pants. https://www.instagram.com/alexander.kraft/

    • Oh, and thanks for those kind words, Alda! Looking forward to sharing photos of that area here on the blog.

  25. Susan, You will have a fabulous time! We have dear friends in the Cotswolds and have been there several times. A rain slicker is a must as well as good and comfortable walking shoes. No one wears shorts there (may be young girls) and you do not want to stand out as a tourist. Capris are perfect. Last summer when we were there in August, I was so glad to have my linen crops and linen shirts. I starched my linens and they held up through several wears with little wrinkling. I only do that if I am traveling. Otherwise I just let my linen wear dry on hangers. Good comfortable sandals were good also. Take a denim jacket and camis along with your jeans.I was so glad I had mine! A fun sleeveless dress is great also; take a matching sweater for it. Put the weather app on your phone and check it often. If you get to Broadway, go to Tisanes Tea for a lovely tea time and their delicious Cotwolds Afternoon Tea is a great souvenir to bring home. Hope this helps! Have a good time! Enjoy the gardens!

  26. Beverly Cook says

    I lived in a small village in the Cotswold’s where my husband is from. Upon my summer arrival, I quickly realized that women living there do not wear the bright, sun-drenched summer colors we Americans do unless they are on holiday in the Mediterranean! Not wanting to stand out, I quickly tucked away my bright prints, and toned it down to more neutral tones, linens, and khakis. What I had considered normal summer clothing, my British friends called “resort wear.” Few of my friends wore shorts; daytime mostly linen slacks and evenings, sundresses with ‘cardis.’ And nobody wore ‘trainers’ (tennis shoes) unless they were going to the gym! Friends there warned me that I could easily experience all four seasons in the span of 8 hours anytime from spring through fall and to dress accordingly. I quickly understood! I found our summers there quite humid even though the temperatures were generally mild. Only one summer in a horrible heat wave did I melt from lack of AC which still is not as common in homes as it is here in the states. I found the gardens and graveyards fascinating, history and architecture mesmerizing. Despite being married to a local man, I was still considered ‘the American lady’ for the first few years! LOL Susan, you are going to a magical place and, if I may say, one of the prettiest parts of the UK. I cannot wait to read of your adventures upon your return! 🙂

  27. Ali Harrison says

    Hi Susan,
    I live in the Cotswolds and unfortunately, unlike last year when we experienced the most gloriously warm summer, we are having a cold, wet summer this year so far. This is more like a typical British summer to be honest!
    Layering is my advice. I wear a lot of linen dresses in the summer but always with a cardigan which can easily be removed should the weather warm up. I wouldn’t pack shorts at all because I don’t think you would wear them. Take several cardigans because they can be worn with dresses or over tops with trousers or skirts. A rain jacket of some kind is a must and a wind proof one is helpful. Pack a handbag sized umbrella too.
    Hope this helps and I’ll try to put in an order for some warmer weather for your trip!
    Enjoy the Cotswolds. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful area whether the sun is shining or not .
    All the best, Ali.

  28. I was interested to read you think it doesn’t get unbearably hot here and that it’s cold in the evenings. We had a major heatwave in the UK last year and we suffer from high humidity – also remember very few places have air-conditioning which makes nights hot and sticky.

    However, this year we have yet to see any summer! At the moment it’s very cold and wet and we still have the heating on in the evenings. The weather is said to improve next week – we’ll see! Wimbledon is due to start on 1 July so rain will probably be on the menu again. Bring a warm sweater or two that you can layer over summer clothes, a raincoat or rain jacket is always welcome and an umbrella.

    The only thing predictable about the British weather is its unpredictability – and it’s a great conversation starter! Hope you have a great time.

  29. Hi Susan, I was only thinking it’s getting close to your trip over here to England , exciting.
    You have had lots of good advice re what cloths to bring but I will say it can be tricky, if you get cold then a warm jumper or coat would definitely be good.
    Mary and I are looking forward to meeting up with you and your friends at the Globe, maybe if you have time we could meet before the performance for a chat. We plan to come up to town earlier in the day so we’ll see how it works out.
    Hope you all have a fun trip and see you soon.
    Take care, Jann

    • Thanks, Jann! I’ll definitely pack some warm sweaters/jumpers along with a couple of raincoats. I really dislike being cold so would rather layer up and remove the layers as the day warms up.
      I’m not sure what we have planned earlier that day on the tour or what will be going on that day. Just don’t know at this point. Looking forward to seeing you!

  30. Susan, I can’t imagine a more lovely trip than a literary Cotswolds tour with a college lit professor! I do envy you (in a good way 😉 ). Yes, please post lots and lots of pics — we’re looking forward to armchair travelling with you again!

  31. Cyndi Raines says

    The weather in England sounds like what we are experiencing in MI right now, cool and rainy. Today, the sun came out and was lovely, actually had the AC on in the car. So happy for you Susan. Can’t wait to read all about it. Safe travels!

  32. Susan,
    We visited the Cotswolds a few years ago, and I agree with another poster that it was magical. For me it was like heaven (I live in the desert). Would probably move there if I could. No better advice than what others have already given you except to wish you a wonderful trip.

  33. I’ve been to the Cotswolds twice in July and it was warm with very little rain either time! Not Georgia hot, but mid 80s at least. Not what we would consider humid, though. (It was 96 and humid in Paris the week before when we went in 2017) Much dryer than Ireland, in my experience! You will have a wonderful time!

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