Breakfast With Tiffany

I love Tiffany & Co. jewelry. For many years I falsely believed that all their jewelry was super expensive and beyond anything I could afford. It’s funny how we walk around for years with misguided perceptions. One day I came across a video where a fashion vlogger was sharing her Tiffany jewelry collection and began to understand that Tiffany makes jewelry in all price points and for all budgets.

Since then I’ve purchased several pieces from their silver collection and the smaller size of their gold/diamond necklace from their whimsical “Smile” collection. They also have a beautiful line of leather goods and accessories, I’ve been eyeing one of their card holders. It’s hard to resist that gorgeous Tiffany blue color!

Recently Regan, my wonderful Atlanta sales associate, invited me to a Tiffany & Co. breakfast held in the beautiful garden of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Atlanta. I had never been to one of their events so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I can tell you now, there was absolutely nothing to be nervous about. Everyone I met that day was just as friendly and lovely as they could be!

Shortly after arriving I asked Regan if it would be okay if I took a few photos of the pretty tables around the garden. She said, yes, definitely! Initially, it was quite chilly in the garden, but as the sun moved overhead it warmed up really nicely. In addition to water, coffee and hot tea, servers tempted us with trays of Mimosas.


The beautifully decorated tables were heaped high with breakfast-type, finger foods and the servers brought around more platters of food throughout the morning. All the tables were dressed with those infamous blue boxes that have a tendency to make hearts race. They were the perfect decoration for all the tables at this Tiffany breakfast in the garden.

I think I need to put together a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” tablescape one day for Tablescape Thursday. What do you think? Wouldn’t that be fun?!


Amazing how something so simple and natural as flowers and lemon slices in water can create such a beautiful display.


Gradually more and more people began to arrive for our breakfast in the garden.


Two friends, Merry and Sandra (pictured with Regan below) were elegantly dressed with their hair up, beautifully representing the spirit of Audrey. I noticed their shawls were by Tiffany & Co. I had no idea Tiffany carried such a variety of products! I’ve definitely been missing out all these years!


It was such a fun morning! Bloomingdale’s hosted a spring fashion show. Models wearing the latest spring styles walked around the large pond in the center of the garden.


I’ve don’t remember the name of the designer whose clothes were featured, but they were all great!


This dress had a vintage feel and was really beautiful. The morning sun made it tricky to capture photos, so excuse the glare.


Another beautiful dress…


All these dresses should be available at Bloomingdale’s this spring and summer.


Of course, all the models wore beautiful Tiffany & Co. jewelry. This is Tiffany’s gorgeous Olive Leaf Cuff…love this piece! There’s also a matching ring. You can read more about it here: Olive Leaf Cuff.


Another model was wearing a Tiffany & Co. watch on one arm and a bracelet and ring from the Tiffany T collection on the other.


I think every person attending had on at least one favorite Tiffany & Co. jewelry piece. This is the “Graduated Link” necklace from the “Tiffany Hardware” collection, a new collection for Tiffany. It’s a substantial piece with a modern aesthetic and definitely eye-catching.


This is the matching “wrap” bracelet.


The biggest surprise that day occurred when I heard a lot of excitement going on directly behind me. I turned around to see a young man down on one knee proposing to his sweetheart. She was completely shocked, but through her tears she said,  “Yes!” ♥ 

This was truly a magical morning and I’m so glad I was able to take photos to share it with you!

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  1. The proposal – sweet! Having recently hosted a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower for my niece, this one caught my attention right away. We had great fun with ours, and I’m sure you will too if you do a tablescape. Fun!

  2. What a fun day Susan, and that proposal was the icing on the cake I’m sure.

  3. Such a lovely event and gorgeous jewelry, but oh my goodness, I never tire of a proposal. So sweet….may their marriage be blessed with much love and joy!

  4. What a FUN TIME!!! YES…. to the Tiffany Tabletop!!! franki

  5. Love the dresses, jewelry, tables, etc. Thanks for taking us there. Looked like a grand gathering! The shawls were pretty. As was the olive bracelet.

  6. Mary Boger says

    Ohhhh those blue boxes, large or small! Sounds
    like a fun time. I wonder if “the ring” was from

  7. Southsidegrl says

    Everything looked amazing! I absolutely love the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. #funwithdiamonds

  8. I probably won’t ever attend such an event, so it was fun to peek over your shoulder. Love the shawl in Tiffany blue. Love it. Yes, you now must do a tablescape. That blue would look good in May 😉

  9. What fun! Glad you had the opportunity to attend this event.

  10. I always enjoy sharing the things you are up to. For reasons unknown to me I have never been a jewelry person beyond earrings and wearing a few things once in awhile… probably fortunate for our bank account. I make it up in other ways 🙂 Some of my friends love jewelry and I appreciate how pretty and artful it is. A Tiffany blue table would be pretty, I know you would do something creative and fun. A cake done as a gift box would be awesome!

  11. Oh, yes! You should put together a Tiffany tablescape. I’m sure the proposal was a fun, unexpected event at this lovely Tiffany breakfast. How fun to be included.

  12. Thanks for sharing your breakfast with Tiffany. I didn’t know they had other lovely things like the shawls. Love the olive bracelet.
    I think we all want to know, did he give her a ring from Tiffany’s ??

  13. How fun- looks like a nice social event! I discovered Tiffany’s had more affordable items through my daughter. She stopped in at Tiffany’s while in NY and bought a silver necklace. After that I bought her a few things as gifts. I didn’t know they had other items like the shawls. The surprise engagement must have been a treat to watch!

  14. Debbie Bryant says

    Tiffany & Co. have the most gorgeous set of china. They had a tablescape done at Christmas in the NYC store. Breathtaking!

  15. Susan, how fun…love a blue box from Tiffany. The proposal…so sweet!

  16. I so enjoyed your pictures. What a lovely event. I’m assuming the gentleman proposed with a Tiffany ring…..

  17. Sandy Park says

    Thanks so much for sharing your Tiffany moments. I’m like you and had no idea Tiffany carried so much and with various pricings. What a fun and exciting day. Lucky you.

  18. Loved this! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. What a fun event and a sweet proposal! I’ll have to check out Tiffany’s to see what I want to add to my wish list.

  20. I think a Tiffany’s tablescape would be wonderful as all your tablescapes are.

  21. Juanita in OH says

    I felt as though I were with you, wish I could have been! This seems like a perfect morning to me. I have never been in Tiffany & Co because I assumed anything they had was more than I could afford. It is wonderful to learn that it may not be impossible. Isn’t it amazing how our thoughts hold us back? Thank you so much for sharing this dream morning.

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