Ma Maison, My Favorite Dinnerware For Porch Dining

Welcome to the 759th Tablescape Thursday! It’s been ages since I’ve flown anywhere, so a long time since I’ve been through the Atlanta Airport. Instead of taking the Plane Train, I decided to walk to the baggage claim/pickup area and was surprised to come across this beautiful scene!

Beautiful Atmosphere, Atlanta Airport


I felt like I was in a tropical forest. I wish more of the ceilings throughout the airport were done this way! It truly felt magical! Have you been through this area of the airport when it was decorated this way?

Art, Atlanta Airport


When I awoke yesterday, I could not focus on setting a table because I was busting to get out on the porch and start the process of cleaning away months of winter grime and the thick, sticky spring pollen. I think this may be the longest I’ve ever made myself wait in the spring to start cleaning the porch. Right now my kitchen is filled with all the chairs that are normally around the porch table. I moved them all inside yesterday so I could mop away the dirt and pollen from the porch floor. I’ll give the chairs a good wipe-down before I bring them back out. I still have more cleaning to do out here, including vacuuming all the cushions, but it’s looking a lot better.

Screened Porch, Cleaning Day


Next week will be in the upper 70s so I’m looking forward to setting a spring/summer table again here on the porch.

Screened Porch, Cleaning for Spring and Summer


After giving it all a good wash yesterday, I decorated the porch hutch with Ma Maison by Dario Farrucci, my favorite dinnerware for porch dining.

Spring Hutch, Porch China


I came across Ma Maison in HomeGoods one summer many years ago. I wish they would bring it back again. I occasionally see the odd piece available on eBay. You can see what they currently have available here: Ma Maison.

Ma Maison, Favorite Porch China Dinnerware


I think I may need to raise the platter up a bit, it’s kind of hidden behind the pitchers.

White Pitchers, Ma Maison Tray


Are you working on your spring cleaning or still waiting for the pollen siege to end?

Spring Hutch, Porch China


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  1. This dinnerware is beautiful and I have admired it for years, since the first time I saw it on your beautiful porch. May I ask is your porch screeded all around and is it an all season porch?

  2. Your porch looks lovely Susan, and I’m so jealous of your weather! We’re still 42 degrees and raining here, although we got a sun-break yesterday that gave us all hope! I love your darling china, especially the teapot! Thanks for sharing and hosting, and I hope you have a beautiful warm weekend!

  3. I love your porch and all the different looks you give it. I also love the hutch with the Ma Maison set up on it. I don’t think you need to hang the platter higher — just remove the 2nd and 4th pitchers and move the center one to the right, so it just covers the corner of the platter. Not sure where the two removed pitchers would go but I bet you’ve got another spot that would be just perfect for them also! I enjoy all your beautiful tablescapes — and settings in general.

  4. I live in upstate South Carolina and usually wait to clean until around May 1st for the bulk of the pollen to be gone, but am getting so anxious to use the screened-in porch! Yours is always lovely!

  5. Tina W Reynolds says

    Your porch is a dream! You’ve chosen so many perfect things for it over the years. I am also “Summer Cleaning” outside today. How wonderful it is to have sunshine and nice weather again. I was also attracted to a 2019 posting about Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton. I wonder if it is still there? Oh, how I would love to have such a grocery/market near me. When (so many years ago!) my in-laws lived in Roswell, I believe they often went to a market called “Harry’s” to purchase pies and wonderful deli items. I have not taken the time to look up these markets on the internet yet, but perhaps I will later.

    • Thanks so much, Tina! Yes, it’s been there for many, many years…I don’t think it will ever close. It does tremendous business and is a much-loved place to shop. They actually have 3 locations in the Dayton area. One location is bigger than the others and it’s my favorite to visit. I hope it stays in the current family that owns it so the service will continue to be really good.
      Sadly, Harry’s closed several years back. The prices were pretty high there, but the produce lasted so much longer in the refrigerator than when purchased in a regular grocery store.

  6. Lelia Crowle says

    Love, love, love your beautiful porch! May I ask what product you use to clean your porch floor and furniture? Our NC pollen is the devil!

    • Actually, for the floor, I typically just use some warm water and a mop. For the molding/walls, I’ll normally use a Super Cleaner that really cuts through any mildew/dirt. It’s amazing and I use it for so many tough cleaning jobs. It’s available here: .

  7. I’ve always admired your beautiful porch. Here in Michigan, we cannot leave anything outside until well into Spring. No pollen – just dust and dirt with the winds! Lovely days all week but they are threatening snow next week!

    • It gets pretty dirty on the porch but I leave the cushions out year around since we always have a few days each month during the winter when the temps are high enough to enjoy the porch. Our weather here is crazy…you can have below-freezing one day and then two days later, it could be 75! This past February, we had several days of really warm weather.

  8. Antoinette says

    I have flown into and out of the Atlanta airport and I did see that ceiling. It’s really spectacular! As far as the pollen, we live in Southeastern NC and we have a long pollen season and so we’ve added windows to our screened back porch and that has helped tremendously!

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