Planning Ahead for Autumn and Thanksgiving Holiday Tables

Welcome to 678th Tablescape Thursday!

Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma are having some of the same issues a lot of companies are having right now, they are having trouble getting stock into the stores. When I visited Pottery Barn yesterday, I didn’t see nearly as many holiday-themed goodies as I would normally expect to see.


I thought these pumpkin-shaped bowls were really cute! There was a large matching soup tureen nearby. You can read more about these pieces in detail here: Pumpkin Dinnerware and Serveware.


Whenever I visit PB these days, it’s all about the neutrals. Maybe it’s the colorful dishware that’s stuck out there somewhere on a container ship, in transit. I keep hearing that there are a lot of container ships being held in various ports right now.


What do you think about this color? It’s very calming.


The napkins really add all the color to this setting.



Speaking of napkins, I really liked the plaid, linen ones they had on display! I’m going to watch for those to go on sale.


Not sure how I’d use an olive bucket in my decor, but this one looked authentically old, though it’s a reproduction. How would you use a large olive bucket in your decor?


This one looks very similar and it’s on sale, marked down from $99 down to $38.99! I love how big it is! You can see it more in detail here: Olive Bucket on Sale.


Some of the fall decor I saw while shopping…


Do you like the pale green and cream-colored pumpkins?


I really like these flameless Birch-wrapped candles. They have several Birch-style candles on THIS page.


Though I didn’t see a lot of colorful dinnerware while shopping in PB in person today, I did come across these beautiful plates on their website.


They were reasonably priced, as well. I love the salad plates that can be purchased to coordinate with the set. (See the whole collection here: Autumn/Thanksgiving Dinnerware.


I made my way down to Williams Sonoma to see what they had in stock. This table was just inside the front door.



I love a lidded soup tureen!


I finally found a colorful setting when I spied this table toward the back of the store.


I didn’t lift up the salad plate for the photo but the dinner plate also has the turkey design in the center and it’s beautiful! You can see it in more detail here: Thanksgiving Autumn Dinnerware.


I absolutely loved the colors in this turkey! It was the navy that really made it for me…love that and it’s so unexpected in a Thanksgiving or Autumn table.


Here are some of the salad plates that can be purchased to coordinate with this set.


I think there may be a pheasant plate, as well. That’s what the sales associate told me but they didn’t have one in the store to show me.


Love the plaid chargers although they looked lighter in color in person than they do in this photo from the website. I wish they were the deep rich colors shown in this photo! You’ll find the chargers, dinner plates, and various salad plates here: Autumn and Thanksgiving Dinnerware. (See the whole collection here: Thanksgiving Autumn-Fall Dinnerware.)

Fall Thanksgiving Dinnerware Sale


I love these owl napkins sooo much, I almost bought some on the spot! They have a whole dinnerware set based on owls and it’s currently on sale. You can see the whole set, including the napkins, here: Owl Dinnerware and Napkins on Sale.


I’ve always been intrigued by bar carts. I don’t have a place to use one in my home, but this one looked very vintage in its design.


You can see in this photo below how they’ve made the legs of the cart look old and tarnished? Apparently, the design is a throwback to the 1930s. It’s also available online here: Bar Cart.


Hope you enjoyed this shopping trip for this week’s Tablescape Thursday. I’m looking forward to setting some holiday tables in the coming weeks! Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Rebecca Dexter says

    I am so bored with the neutrals…Thanksgiving is not a neutral type of holiday, it screams for fall color. Absolutely love the turkey plates would jump at them if I didn’t have more china than I will ever use. I have been a little disappointed with Pottery Barn lately, which is sad because it is usually my favorite store. I have been waiting for their couches to go on sale and it just isn’t happening. I hope they stay in business! Love when you feature your shopping trips…I am an hour an a half from a Pottery Barn so even though I get their catalog it is fun to see what you pick out and they are always the best things!

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I so agree–the neutrals just looked so blah in these settings. I guess with these neutral colors, the color would all have to come from the napkins and the centerpiece. I love seeing the rich reds, golds, browns of autumn in a table this time of year.
      I think PB will survive but their store was pretty empty in some areas. Hopefully, they’ll be getting all their stock in for the holidays soon.

  2. franki Parde says

    Gosh, I, too, luv to browse those stores!! This year…I was thinking pale greenish pumpkins…wouldn’t they look nice w/dried hydrangea in that shade…dusty coloed roses…hmmm…need to browse…franki

  3. I think neutrals make a nice foundation but I agree, I like some more color on my table and in my home. Glad I have kept things over the years to reuse now to get some nice autumn color, plus decided to just buy a few real pumpkins and wheat sheafs each year instead of keeping and storing faux.

    I wish we had kept more of our goods production in the USA. Too much is imported. Buying made in America goods helps keep us strong by providing jobs and doesn’t make us so reliant on overseas shipping issues…….just my own thought……

  4. Interesting you say that about PB having trouble getting stock. I do wonder if they’re having problems with sales. I keep getting an email from them about FREE design services (spots going fast!) and I’ve been getting them for a month. Apparently the spots aren’t going that fast, lol.

    The Neutrals kind of go with the whole minimalist and ‘gray’ colorscape that is popular today. But I love color! And I love autumn colors. So I’m sticking with that for Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s a generational thing. Also, if you’re not going to have umpteen sets of dishes, I suppose sticking with a neutral is a good investment.

    Thanks for the trip, Susan! Today is an utterly gorgeous day in my part of the world. Hope it is for you, too!

    • I think you’re right about it being a generational thing. Neutrals are definitely popular right now.
      Pam, I awoke to 52-degree weather on the porch–couldn’t believe it. I was supposed to have lunch with friends on the porch but it was so chilly, we ended up going out for lunch and had our dessert on the porch, instead. Fall is definitely here but knowing Georgia, we’ll have 85-degree weather in October.

  5. I agree, autumn is about the beautiful colors. I have seen several tablescapes claiming to be “autumn” but looks like a very beautiful everyday setting to me.
    Autumn colors are bold but can still be toned down but for me they must be autumn because isn’t that the season is all about, color?
    I agree with another poster about pottery barn, they are not what they once were. Not as creative, very uninspiring. Things you can purchase elsewhere for much less. Sad.

  6. I liked the small white pumpkins right away, when they first started appearing. It took quite awhile for the other colors to finally grow on me. That owl napkin is gorgeous. It would make a nice pillow, or maybe even framed. I don’t get to PB much anymore, so thanks for the field trips. Do you ever visit Crate and Barrel?

    • I don’t have a Crate and Barrel real close but we do have them here in the Metro area. Next time I’m near one, I’ll stop in and check ’em out and post what I find. Thanks for the suggestion, Mia!

  7. My autumn and Thanksgiving tables have to reflect the beautiful colors of autumn here in Michigan. Anyone can set a neutral table. Just copy any blogger. But it takes a real pro to blend the colors of autumn into a beautiful tablescape. Show me your colors, Susan! I always love your fall tables settings in your formal dining room. They are such a rich tapestry and so inviting. FYI, I told my husband that you sent me the owl napkins. He doesn’t have a clue when it comes to what I order.

    • Ha, ha, ha! Too funny! Those owl napkins are gorgeous! Thanks, Nancy! I hope to set a table in the dining room this year. With its red walls, that room does seem made for autumn tables.

  8. Frances Wang says

    Your blog posts always land in my junk mail.
    I’ve followed u for years so this is new for the past year. Do u have any suggestions on how to remedy this. It’s happening to several of my favorites.
    I’m old so not savvy to nuances of computer
    Frances in MD

    • Frances, email me at [email protected] and I’ll reply back and maybe that will stop it. Or if you know a way to add that email address to your “contacts” that would probably work.
      Also, if you see one in your spam folder, if there’s a way to mark it as “not spam” then try that. Gmail will let you mark emails as “not spam” and after you do that a time or two, they usually start going to the Inbox.

      Thanks for letting me know that’s happening. I hope one of these methods will work.

  9. I just love your posts. I check your site every day. Love china and setting my table. So excited for fall and Christmas season. Beautiful place settings!!

  10. What a beautiful display. Love those plates. We have started to decorate for Fall and next will be Halloween. The Fall displays stay out through Thanksgiving. Thank You for sharing .
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  11. Tina W Reynolds says

    Thanks for taking us along on the trip to PB! I need to look at their site because it is just not practical for me to go 70+ miles. Gas now costs too much! Someday I will make a day of it and make the trip. I’ll be sure to visit all of the big-name stores and relish every minute!

  12. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip Susan and all the wonderful eye candy! Those owl napkins might just have to have a new home lol. I bought 4 of the Botanical Harvest dinner plates on sale last year – the pictures don’t do them justice. They have a gold rim and some of the rows of feathers on the birds are metallic gold – beautiful on their own, but stunning in the right light. Happy Thursday and thank you as always for hosting!

  13. Leslie Chappell says

    HI! I love fall and agree the colors you found are so neutral to be almost lackluster… which is unfortunate because fall colors are my absolute FAVORITE – to wear, to decorate and furnish my home with. Even my husband’s coloring favors them too! 🙂 About your question re: how to use the olive buckets – a couple of years ago I purchased 2 from TJMaxx and use them at Christmas. I put a 3-4′ Christmas tree in each to decorate my front porch with only white lights. They sit in an antique wagon on one side of the front door with a red bench and family room sized, decorated tree on the other side. They do a great job framing the entrance! And those owl dishes, linens and glassware – OMGosh so beautiful! Thanks for a fun post!

  14. Jill from Southern NH says

    Such a feel-good post! On Tuesday I decided that if I buy one set of fall napkins this year it will be the ones in your top two pictures from PB, the pattern is called Shadow Floral , but unfortunately they were not on sale during the warehouse sale this week. I’ll keep an eye out. Other than that, Pottery Barn has gone a bit too neutral for me over the past few years… even some colorful faux bittersweet or other berries or fall flowers would liven up their settings a bit. I own two of the Birch pillar candles and love them. They are especially pretty for fall but also work in late winter with hunter green, red plaid and deer + pinecone motifs. They’re almost as versatile as my rattan chargers since the natural color works for all seasons. A few family members have complimented them so I gave them as gifts, using my reward points since they’re pricey. But, I recently found the exact same brand of birch candles, I believe the name is luminara, online at Bed Bath & Beyond for about half the price. I have a simpler, much less expensive version of that bar cart, mine only has two tiers, from Christmas Tree Shops. I use it as practical, hardworking storage for our collection of liqueurs on the bottom and put a leather ice bucket and cocktail shaker and some simple clear glasses on the top shelf. During the fall and holidays I wrap a lit garland of faux berry branches or greenery on the front. Susan, I can see a similar bar cart in your living room filled with a big picture of apple cider sangria or cut crystal old fashioned ‘rocks’ glasses! Love the owl set and the gorgeous detail…the set of two owl towels would make great kitchen decor or a gift!

  15. I do love those neutral colors of the dishes in the beginning of your post, but I also love the autumn/thanksgiving dishes with the birds. The colors on both sets were stunning as are those plaid chargers! I have seen people take the olive bucket from Hobby Lobby and make lamp shades out of them. But mostly use them for faux florals and such. Hugs, Brenda

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    The soft whites and neutrals are all the rage, but give me color, especially for fall, Love those tartan chargers! Love soup tureens also!

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