Pull-out Appliance Tray/Stand, Protects Kitchen Cabinets & Undercabinet Lighting

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments left on Monday’s post where I shared a dramatic, long-awaited kitchen renovation my son and daughter-in-law just completed in their home. Just as their renovation was coming to a close, I came across an awesome coffee maker that I was pretty sure they would love, especially my son who has been literally searching for years for the perfect coffee maker. I am thrilled to say that he absolutely loves this one and it has completely lived up to its excellent online reviews. As my son was dropping me off at the airport on Monday, he said his biggest issue now is trying to limit himself to just 2-3 cups per day, because it’s that good! Ha!

Delonghi True Brew Coffee Maker


When I first shared this De’Longhi coffee maker 2-3 weeks ago, Cyndy (and a few other BNOTP readers) cautioned about using the coffee maker directly underneath their new kitchen cabinets since there could be some steam coming out that could possibly affect the cabinets over time. Thanks so much to everyone who mentioned that because I def would not want to see something like that happen.

De'Longhi True Brew Coffee Maker, Under Cabinet


I immediately looked online to see if I could find something that would make it easy to move the coffee maker out from under the cabinet when it was in use. I found quite a few choices and emailed the link to those to my son and DIL with my concerns about using it while it (or any coffee maker) was directly underneath the cabinets.

Pull Out Tray for the De'Longhi True Brew Coffee Maker


My daughter-in-law found the coolest appliance pull-out tray, and it works so well, I knew I needed to share it in a post. The coffee maker rests very solidly atop this slider platform so when my son makes coffee each morning, he is able to easily slide the coffee maker out. Once he’s done, it easily slides right back into place under the cabinets. I was very impressed with how well it worked during my visit.

De'Longhi True Brew Coffee Maker on Pullout Tray


This is the slider my daughter-in-law chose. It’s great for any appliance that you use on a regular basis, especially those that would probably be too awkward or heavy to pull out each time it was needed. You’ll find it available here: Slide-out Appliance Tray.


Slide-Out Tray for Countertop Appliances


I had a great question about this coffee maker recently in the comments of the kitchen renovation post. (If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: 1970s Kitchen Just Got a Dramatic, Down-to-the-Studs Beautiful Renovation.)

Beautiful Kitchen Renovation


Someone asked about the carafe that comes with the coffee maker and how well it works. That conversation actually came up during my visit last week as my son was sharing how he’s making his coffee each day. He said, initially, he thought they would probably make it by the cup during the weekdays, but would probably make a full carafe to enjoy on Saturday mornings. He has now totally changed his mind about that. He said since this coffee maker will make a cup of fresh coffee in less than a minute, including grinding the beans, he prefers to just make a fresh, hot cup each time. He was absolutely singing the praises of this coffee maker throughout the time I was there.

Pull Out Tray for the De'Longhi True Brew Coffee Maker


As we talked, I mentioned that maybe the carafe will come in handy when they have family or friends over for dinner or an overnight visit, and several cups are needed at once. So in summary, if you are a hot coffee lover like my son, you will probably find yourself preparing one cup at a time since it’s super fast to do that, and you’re getting a fresh cup from freshly ground beans every single time. But the carafe is there if it’s ever needed. If you would like more information about this coffee maker, you’ll find that (along with 400+ reviews) here: De’Longhi Coffee Maker.

Delonghi True Brew Coffee Maker

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  1. don’t you just glow when a gift is so enthusiastically received!!

    • Yes! My son has been looking for so long, definitely makes me happy to see him so happy. I’m impressed with the warranty De’Longhi offers, too! Thanks, Laura!

  2. Is the steam now going to go up the front of the cabinet?

  3. Cyndy Cook says

    Ha! Leave it to you (via your family) to find the perfect solution to this issue! Just ordered the pull out. 😀

  4. Dewey’s mom says

    The appliance tray is genius! However, I’d like to hear more about the under cabinet lighting! Did I miss this piece?

    • It’s really unique, at least to me. I had never seen lighting like that but then I haven’t done a kitchen reno in a long time. I’m not sure what kind of lighting it is but I’m guessing LED. It’s very slender but gives out a huge amount of light. It’s installed with a dimmer so it can be adjusted to whatever level is needed. I really like it a lot.

  5. Michele M. says

    Another excellent suggestion. Thanks, Susan. I knew he/they’d love love love that coffee maker. It has to be the world’s best one. If I win the lottery that may be the first thing I purchase! I grind my beans and it is just such a messy pain in the posterior. I couldn’t even believe there is a coffee maker out there that actually grinds the beans for you then makes a fast cup that is so delicious. A+++

    The slide tray is brilliant – glad she found that. Now all is perfect. ♥♥

  6. Robin Lambert says

    They should pull the toaster out when they use it, too. Here’s one that comes in different sizes. https://amzn.to/413f2IG .

  7. I have that exact same sliding tray. I picked it up in an “As seen on TV” section of a hardware store. It is so easy to pull your coffee pot forward and avoid the steam damaging the cabinet surface. What a nice gift for them as the kitchen Reno is complete!

  8. Cynthia Blaylock says

    The slide tray is a great idea! Did you get a chance to measure the width of the coffee maker to see if the dimensions specified on the Williams Sonoma website are accurate or not?

    • I ended up measuring it in WS before buying it and I think it was right at 15-7/8 to 16 inches tall. As I recall, it was just under 16 inches so the height measurement listed online is totally wrong. I am going by Williams Sonoma tomorrow and I will measure it in their store again. I can’t find the text or the email that I sent to my son with the measurements, but I’m pretty sure that’s the height. I’ll let you know after I measure it in WS tomorrow. So ridiculous that they don’t list the correct measurement online.

    • Cynthia, I just left the store and I measured the coffee maker while I was inside and it’s right at 12 and a half inches (12-1/2 inches) wide including that clear container on the side that holds the water. And I did remember the height correctly, it is just under 16 in, probably around 15 and 7/8 in. Hope that helps. 🙂

  9. Very impressed that the slide out can hold a KitchenAid mixer! We have a Delonghi Magnifica and it works perfectly. No carafe. By the cup and can make frothy drinks. I’m not a coffee drinker by any means. Will not fit under my cabinets so sits to the side. Coffee makers do take up room. I haven’t noticed much steam with ours. Big thing on these coffee makers is to be sure and descale on a regular basis.

  10. Thanks for the tip about the appliance slide-out tray. Our Ninja blender is so heavy, and I’ve been looking for something like this because it “sticks” to the counter with its little feet.

  11. I have 2 of the slide out trays. One for our coffee maker and one for my kitchenaid mixer. One of my favorite things in my kitchen. Lovely Reno of your son’s kitchen!

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    My late husband was the coffee drinker and he had a slide for our coffee maker. It worked perfectly. So happy for your sons and daughter in love ‘s new kitchen and great appliances. You hit it out of the park Susan with that coffee maker! Good job!

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