Decorating and Entertaining for Spring: A Spring-Easter Table Setting for Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to the 603rd Tablescape Thursday!

I always love it when BNOTP readers share their beautiful tables with me. It’s so inspiring to see how you’re entertaining and decorating your home for the seasons and holidays. Today we’re visiting the home of Jackie and she has beautifully decorated her home throughout for spring starting right here at her front door. Love the Easter baskets!


Inside the table is beautifully set for a springtime dinner party.


Love the greenery hanging from the chandelier! It brings the beauty of spring right into Jackie’s home.

Jackie said, “The floral in my chandelier is from Michaels. I used two different types to give it a fuller look.”


Jackie found the two tall floral stands in her centerpiece here: Floral Stands/Vases for Centerpieces.

Jackie said, “These are very versatile – change the top floral pieces for each season!”


Jackie found her tablecloth and napkins at the website, Wedding Linens Inc. online.


For this table setting, Jackie used her Lenox Eternal, a find on Craigslist and Offer Up. It’s currently available on sale here: Lenox Eternal.

The elegant flatware is Towel Living Hotel and is 24K Gold-Plated over Stainless Steel. It’s currently available here: Towle Living Hotel.

Jackie found her gold chargers in HomeGoods. Jackie said, “I found mine at Home goods – they were 4 for $9.99. But later, I found a deal at Dollar Tree – just $1 each! It’s amazing the items you can pick up at the Dollar Tree!”

I miss those days when we could browse the shops for new items for our spring/summer entertaining. Thankfully we can still shop online. Can you just imagine how busy the shops will be once they reopen!


The adorable bunnies in the center of the table are from Pier 1 a few years back. They had some similar ones this year but it appears they are now sold out. The sweet peonies in the vases on either side are from Michaels here: Peony & Rose Arrangement.


I love this pretty grouping on the sweet server tucked into the corner of the dining room. Jackie found the beautiful wreath here: Peony-Hydrangea Wreath. The painting behind it looks so beautiful!


What a beautiful view into Jackie’s kitchen! Let’s go in and see how she’s decorated for spring!


I love all the little surprises!


Jackie has pretty reminders of spring on display throughout her kitchen.



Jackie found most of her florals and these whimsical, little houses in Michaels. I fully expect to see a tiny fairy or elf coming out of the door at any moment. 🙂


Thanks so much to Jackie for inviting us in to visit for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! Happy Spring to you!


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. What a beautiful table, love the peach and green! Thank you Susan, Happy Easter!

  2. The best part of all…the way Jackie hung the baskets on the door incorporating the scroll design.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Thank you Mia! Those are two year’s old – I had to turn around the color faded Easter Eggs – I get full sun on those doors. Happy Easter!

  3. I’d love to sit at that charming table! That’s gorgeous china, and are those Riedels? (My favorite wine glasses!) 🙂 Beautiful work Jackie, and thanks for sharing, Susan! I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Barbara – Riedel copies from Homes Goods! but yes – Riedels are my favorite too! Thank you for your genuine comments. Stay well. Happy Easter. – Jackie from Dallas

  4. Franki Parde says

    Just lovely! Luv the chandie…I did the same thing with a wreath…cut one side of it to fit over the candles…that wascally wabbit ate two of the peanut butter chocolate eggs though….franki

  5. Beautiful tablescape! Love the color scheme. Thank for the inspiration.
    Happy Easter.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Jo,
      It’s the inspiration that is keeping me looking up these days. Happy Easter.
      – Jackie from Dallas

  6. Beautiful tablescape, love the color scheme! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy Easter.

  7. Brenda Lawrence says

    Jackie’s table and kitchen is decorated so cute! The color’s are so beautiful for spring. I love the accessories she decorated with, especially those tall candle sticks on the table and the flower pots and tiny houses in the kitchen. So festive and springy-just perfect for the Easter season! Hugs, Brenda

    • Jackie Allen says

      Thank you Brenda,
      In the evening I have the houses on timer and they light up. I did it at Christmas time and loved it so much – I try to do it every holiday. Stay well,

  8. Beautiful Easter table and I especially love the tablecloth; it’s very unusual !
    Lovely dining room as well. Thank you for sharing.
    Thank you for hosting at this trying and uncertain times the world is living today.
    Keep safe and well.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hello Fabby,
      Yes, very uncertain times. I decorate for therapy! I love the tablecloth too – I bought it in a brown for Thanksgiving too. That website is great for bargains.

  9. Oh Susan, since you are such a Computer Savvy Lady, I’d love to suggest you enlarge your thumbnails, as I can’t hardly see them.
    Of course, don’t mind me if it isn’t what you want.

    • Jackie Allen says

      I think it was my fault for the way I sent them – not that computer savvy – but learning 🙂 – Jackie

      • Jackie, is definitely not your fault so please don’t worry about that. Fabby emailed to say she was talking about the little thumbnails of the party participants. I tried to enlarge the thumbnails but for some reason, they didn’t enlarge, so trying to figure that out. Your pictures were great!

    • Fabby, what thumbnails do you mean? Do you mean down the front of the home page? Tell me where you’re seeing those.

    • Fabby, I’ve changed them to “Medium” size, they were the small size before. Thanks for letting me know they were too small. I can change them to where they are “Large” but I’m worried that may be too big. Let me know how the Medium size looks and if that’s better.

  10. This is a really pretty and elegant table! I love the color combinations.

    Susan, thank you SO MUCH for all the hard work you put into your beautiful blog; Tablescape Thursdays are my very favorite day of the week!

    I have been required to work remotely at home since March 18th, and my company is saying my department needs to continue working this way until June 1st GAAAAAAAA…………..

    I am a professional electrical engineer who otherwise spends most of the time driving around to meet customers, and going onto construction sites–where I am always the only “girl” around, me and my hard hat, jeans, and steel toe boots. I have a really interesting and physically active job, so this social isolation at home is KILLING me LOL.

    Your beautiful blog is a lovely break from my job and from being tied to a computer nearly 9 hours per day.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Elena, This is Jackie from Dallas, thank you for liking my table. Wow – an Electrical Engineer what a great job! I know you are missing being out in the field! I am a Director of Sales at a hotel in Dallas and was just furloughed. I miss meeting with clients and booking events. I am taking advantage of this time to reflect, catch up and set goals for myself. I know this new normal will end soon and we will be back to the grind. Have a nice holiday weekend.

  11. Thanks for hosting Susan! What a time the world is experiencing.
    Thanks for the tablescape inspiration and for hosting this party.
    Happy Easter!✝️

  12. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share some pretty bible verse printable, book page decor craft ideas, and table decor for Easter that is perfect all spring long! Hope you have a wonderful week and stay safe and healthy!

  13. Thank you Jenna – I love the tablescape, love the color scheme!
    Happy Easter!
    Janelle from Texas

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hello Janelle from Texas, this is Jackie from Texas 🙂
      Thank you for liking my tablescape! Have a blessed Easter!

  14. Elizabeth says

    OH MY GOSH! ” The beautiful view into Jackie’s Kitchen!! I have fallen in Love with the “BUNNY on the Bicycle!! Do you actually have a source? I love the table setting and can only imagine sitting there for dinner.

    Thank You Jackie for this wonderful post!

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