My Favorite Bag Organizer and One So Poorly Made, I Will Never Buy It Again

Welcome to the 592nd Metamorphosis Monday!

A well-designed, well-made bag organizer or bag insert can be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make to protect and support your favorite handbag, but a poorly designed or constructed organizer can actually do more harm than good–damaging or warping the shape of your bag. Today I’m sharing my favorite places to shop for bag organizers and one organizer I will never purchase again.

Over the past few years, I’ve purchased a few totes for travel, and each time I have always purchased a bag organizer to go inside. An organizer not only helps organize your bag but can also help protect the inside of your bag from pen marks or other mishaps like a lipstick accidentally opening up inside the bag.

I’ve shared some of my favorite organizers here on the blog–like this one I purchased and had modified by a local seamstress to fit inside two Frye tote bags. (This organizer is available in multiple sizes and colors here: Organizer.)


Since this bag organizer wasn’t made by the seamstress from scratch, she had to work with what she had, but she did a great job narrowing the organizer to better fit inside my tote.

Bag Organizer Insert for Frye Campus Shopper


I have a thing for totes, love to use them when traveling. When I purchased this Tiffany & Co. blue and white tote, I wanted to protect its interior with an organizer.

Away Suitcase with Tiffany & Co. Tote


I was amazed when I found one online in the exact blue color I needed. Again, I took it to my seamstress who narrowed it a bit to work inside the tote. You’ll find this aqua blue organizer available here: Blue Organizer. This tote is made from really soft leather, so it definitely benefits from having an organizer inside for some additional support.

Tiffany Blue Organizer for Tiffany Tote Bag


My Favorite Bag Organizer and One I Will Never Buy Again

But what about those special bags where you want or need a custom organizer that’s made especially for the bag? A couple of years back I purchased a leather handbag from my local Hermes. As soon as I purchased the bag, I immediately went online and purchased a couple of organizers/inserts to protect the interior of the bag and give it some additional support.

Protect Handbag Handles with Hermes Twilly Scarf


I purchased one organizer from a well-known company I had frequently heard YouTubers promoting named, Samorga. Since it appeared the organizer wouldn’t arrive for many weeks, I ordered a second one I found on Etsy from JennyKrafts who was promising a much faster delivery time of around two weeks. Ultimately, I expected to like the Samorga organizer more since it’s the one so many YouTubers and Instagrammers promote online, but I thought the other organizer would be a great stand-in while I waited for the Samorga organizer to arrive. Oh, how very different things turned out!

The 2nd Organizer arrived first as expected. I was very pleased with how well it was made. It fits inside my bag perfectly. In the photo below, you can see how nicely it’s designed, tapering inward toward the top on both ends to fit the shape of my bag.

Best Bag Organizer Insert for Hermes Birkin Handbag


Here’s a side view of the bag when it’s sitting in an open state, the way I always carry it. You can see how it naturally tapers inward from bottom to top.

Best Bag Organizer for Hermes Birkin 30 Bag


When placed inside my bag, the JennyKrafts organizer was the perfect height and didn’t block the zippered pocket or slip pocket that’s part of the bag. (That’s a Hermes perfume atomizer on the left and a House of Sillage Bow Lipstick case on the right. I left those in but removed everything else for this photo below.)

Best Bag Organizer Insert for the Hermes Birkin HandBag


Big Disappointment

When the Samorga organizer arrived, I was so disappointed. One of the first things I noticed was how boxy it looked. Though supposedly designed specifically for my bag, it was not made in the shape of my bag. It didn’t taper inward toward the top on the ends the way my bag did. In addition to not tapering inward toward the top, it was badly misshapen.

Defective Misshapen Samorga Insert for Hermes Birkin Handbag


The other end of the Samorga insert was even worse, super boxy and square, nothing like the shape of my bag–and this organizer was supposedly handmade to exactly fit my specific bag!

Defective Samorga Handbag Insert for Hermes Birkin Bag, Misshapen Design


Here’s a photo looking down on the Samorga Organizer Insert that is supposedly designed to fit my exact style/size bag. You can really see how boxy and misshapen it is in the photo below. It came with the little yellow-green pouch seen inside, but that “free” gift in no way made up for such a poorly designed organizer, an organizer for which I had paid $53! (The organizer was $41 and Samorga charged an additional $12 for shipping.)

Bad Samorga Bag Insert for Hermes Birkin 30 Bag, Boxy and Misshapen


Here’s how the JennyKrafts organizer looks from above. Huge difference! The JennyKrafts organizer is much more symmetrical and you can even see the tapering design on the inside of the bag. Note: It came with a long outside pocket that I removed since I didn’t need or plan to use that pocket. It was very easy to remove with a seam ripper.

Great Hermes Birkin 30 Bag Organizer Insert


Another big difference between the organizers was the cost. The well-made organizer I ordered from JennyKrafts was $31.85 with free shipping. The highly touted and promoted Samorga organizer cost over $20 more and was a complete disappointment!

Best Bag Organizer Insert for Hermes Birkin Handbag


Here’s how nice the JennyKrafts organizer looks inside my bag. Notice how it’s not putting any pressure on the interior of the bag because it is TRULY designed and custom-made to fit my specific bag. This is how a well-designed and well-made organizer should look.

If you are in need of a bag organizer, you’ll find the JennyKrafts organizers here: JennyKrafts. The one I purchased is available here: Tapered Organizer for Birkin Bag. She makes organizers for a lot of very popular bags like the Louis Vuitton Speedy, Graceful MM, Goyard, Longchamp, and many others. (Note: This isn’t a sponsored post and JennyKrafts has no idea I’m sharing their organizer. I’m just very pleased with their workmanship so wanted to share.)

Best Bag Organizer Insert for the Hermes Birkin HandBag


One of the reasons I felt it was so important to write this post is because I’ve seen so many misshapen leather handbags for sale on eBay and other pre-loved sites. Even though the bags are usually empty in the photos on the preloved sites, often you can literally see the outline or shape of the organizer that was previously used inside the bag! It breaks my heart to see that because I know the bag is now stuck looking like that forever. Once you stretch or warp leather, it will never return to its original shape even if the object that warped it is removed.

When I purchased my bag below from Hermes, my sales associate warned me of this very thing. On a later visit to the boutique, I showed her my JennyCrafts organizer, taking it out of my bag so she could see it in full and how it tapered inward on the ends. She was so impressed by the design, she asked me to email her a link to the shop. I don’t know if she planned to buy it for herself or for her clients, but she loved it and thought it was awesome.

Best Bag Organizer Insert for the Hermes Birkin HandBag


In case you’re wondering, I emailed Samorga with photos of their poorly shaped organizer, requesting a prepaid return label and a refund. Their representative, Millie Lee, refused to allow me to return it unless I paid the return shipping. What reputable company does that–forces you to pay return shipping to return their defective merchandise?!

I told Millie Lee that I was not going to waste additional money in order to return it, but would instead use this experience to warn others about the level of customer service they could expect from Samorga if they received a similarly poorly-made product. As you know, I always share both the good and the bad. It’s good to know what doesn’t work, as well as what does.


Another Esty Shoppe That Makes a Great Organizer

A few months ago for my 63rd birthday, I purchased a pre-loved Lady Dior handbag from my favorite site for buying pre-loved bags–Fashionphile. Unfortunately, JennyKrafts doesn’t make an organizer for this bag, or at least they didn’t back then when I was shopping for one.

Dior Lady Dior Studded Supple Leather Handbag


After a bit of research, I found another Etsy shop named Senamon Bag Organizer that did make an insert for the Lady Dior. I ordered the organizer and it fits like a dream! You’ll find this Etsy shop here: SenamonBagOrganizer.



I hope this post proves helpful if you are a handbag lover like me and have been in search of a great organizer. Just be super careful when shopping for bag organizers, making sure the organizer fills out your bag but doesn’t place pressure on the sides when you’re carrying or using it. The organizer should just protect the interior of your bag, not push against it forcing it into a boxy or odd shape that’s unlike the shape of the bag.

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Sharon Rod says

    Where did you get your beautiful blue and white tote? It is gorgeous!!

  2. Wow – thanks for the great advice and warnings Susan! I’ve never bought an organizer for any of my bags, but they sound great. (Though I won’t get a Samorga!) Your bags are so lovely – I really appreciate your tips! Happy Monday!

  3. I have noticed in the past few years the most reputable companies are lax in quality. So many things are manufactured offshore. Direction and supervision is needed for quality. All of your handbags are lovely and, of course, you want to keep them that way.

    • Thanks so much, M! I know, you do hear a lot of complaints about quality these days. A lot of handbag lovers are choosing to buy vintage since they find the quality is much better.

  4. Thanks for the info! Very helpful!

    Also, I love supporting the artists on Etsy.

    • Thanks, Jenaay! I’ve mostly had great experiences shopping on Etsy…can only think of two negative ones and both were corrected/solved in the end.

  5. Susan, you are truly the most organized person I’ve ever seen!

  6. I love posts like this one so much. Thanks for sharing!

  7. It’s hard to know if you just got a lemon, or if Samorga’s quality is that bad. However, with the way they demanded you pay for return shipping on their very defective product, it sounds like they just have poor quality. I’m glad you shared.

    The only reason I can think that so many youtubers would promote the company is that they get kickbacks. I appreciate that you always let us know if you stand to earn a bit of a commission from promoting a product. But I also know you love to share the products you love just to be helpful to your readers and you almost never profit financially from doing so. Sadly, I suspect a lot of ‘influencers’ are mostly in it for the money and will promote whatever – just to make some cash.

    Susan, what type of material / fabric are the organizers made from? It’s hard to tell, but for instance, that one from jennycrafts is quite stout and can stand on it’s own. Very interesting! Thanks as always for a helpful post.

    • Thanks, Pam! I was surprised they expected me to pay return shipping, too…especially after sending them photos showing how poorly it was shaped. Any company can make a mistake but the follow-up and customer service is everything.
      The organizers are always made out of a heavy felt. They need to be thick enough to offer some support to the bag and not collapse in on themselves, but not so thick they take up a lot of space. All the ones I have do stand up on their own.

      • Thanks, Susan. I agree about customer service. It will make or break a company.

        I thought that looked like felt! But I’ve never seen such thick felt. Interesting. I like your comment about how the organizers are also very good for things like pen marks and so forth. Even if you don’t need them for organizing per se, that alone would be a good reason to use one. Appreciate the info!

  8. I’m coming back as your daughter-in-law. 🙂


  9. Too many of those influencers only promote what they’re given for free or are paid to promote. Evidently, Samorga gave a lot of these inserts to these influencers and their treatment of you was despicable. I appreciate you telling the truth about them. I need an insert for my LV Iena bag. I don’t like the one I bought so I will check out the ones you’ve had good luck with. Thank you!

    • Love the LV Iena, such a great bag! Hope you find a great insert for it, Ginger!

      • I had ordered an insert before for my Iena. It fit but I personally wasn’t thrilled with the felt and it was the correct size but it just seemed too bulky. I just started a list on Amazon and they have some great ones made from washable fabric that’s not as bulky as the felt and in a lot of different colors and patterns. Most people don’t carry all the junk I do (you know, all those necessities plus chocolate or candy that may melt) so it think is will get a slightly smaller insert and see how that works. And did I mention most were a lot less expensive. For your saddle purse you need one made for it specifically but for my more tote style one of these might work better. They also have some for backpacks.

    • Just came on to say the exact thing. I am always extremely suspicious when all the “influencers” start pushing the same thing. They’ve either been given it (which they are supposed to mention, but many do not) or else they see more popular “influencers” with it, and are just pushing it to look like they’re in the popular club.

  10. Hi, Susan,

    Your handbag collection is to die for! Simply gorgeous. (I’ve seen others in your various posts.) And I found the blog interesting, even though I have to admit that I am not a collector of handbags. In fact, quite the opposite is true. I purchase a black leather handbag that has the features I want, keep it as clean as possible, polish it as needed, and when it finally won’t hold together anymore, I replace it with another black one! When I was younger, I always tried to match my handbags to my shoes, but changing purses when I was in a rush to get to work became more of a frustration than a delight, so I became a one-purse wonder. Thanks for sharing all you’ve learned about organizers, though– in case, after I retire, I decide to change things up.

    • Thanks, Maureen! I think my collection’s a good size right now since all my bags do get used. I used to only carry one bag fulltime, but I’ve come to really like having some that are really summery. I just love this time of year when the daylight is with us for soooo long. It’s my favorite time of the year! Hope it’s beautiful where you are today. Today’s my son’s birthday so we are celebrating today. 🙂

      • Happy Birthday to Chip — (warbles – *and many more!!* ) I hope he gets all the wonderful things he wants from life and the boys each get an extra piece of birthday cake. 😉

  11. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! Stay safe, healthy, happy!!



  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, thanks so much for always giving in depth information on the great products you come across; it has saved me long hours of research looking for products, only to be disappointed by many when I receive them. It’s a shame when companies send inferior products and then add insult to injury by asking us to pay return shipping; companies have lost my business due to that kind of business tactic. BTW, your Lilly dresses are lovely! Unfortunately, many of her colors do not work for me. Hugs!

    • I so agree. You can tell the quality companies, they stand behind their products and always cover return shipping if there’s an issue. I think that says so much about a company.

  13. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share Week 4 of the One Room Challenge, an easy rustic DIY backsplash, and summer porch decor! Hope you have a great day and are staying safe and healthy!

  14. Susan, I always break into a sweat when you talk organizing or stuff that organizes. I have to hire people to come and give a hand. I simply can’t do it. But I do have other talents.

  15. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Wow, big difference in the way the bags looked for the same purse. I can’t believe they wanted you to pay return shipping to return a defective item. I guess they are not a class act, are they?! Doesn’t sound like the lady was very nice either. I wonder if her boss knows how she behaved? lol I do love your other organizers, they fit your purses nicely! Hugs, Brenda

    • I so agree! I think they do so much business from all the promotion they get on Instagram and YouTube, they just don’t care about a single customer like myself.

      • Brenda s. Lawrence says

        Well that stinks because a company…..a good company is built on good customer service. That is what keeps people coming back time and time again. Bad move on their part if you ask me.

  16. Elizabeth says

    Hi Susan, I love your design style and in fashion you have been sharing with all of us. Your photo shows the great bag, boots displayed on a beautiful rug. Any thoughts on a source for area rugs. I have been looking for years for a Dusty Rose Wool rug with no success.

    • Elizabeth, I apologize for not replying to this comment before now. I must have missed the question. Most of the rugs in my home have come from a local company. I’ve seen some beautiful rugs (in years past) hanging in the back of HomeGoods. I wonder if they still carry rugs. Also, Pottery Barn carries rugs both online and in-store.

  17. Mary Anne says

    Susan, I just HAD to tell you that, based on your recommendation and review, I bought one of the JennyKraft bag organizers. It arrived yesterday and I am SO impressed by how well made it is! Just outstanding. I bought it for an old LV Speedy I hadn’t used for years because everything I put in it got “lost” inside. Thank you!!

    • Yay! So glad you love it! They really do make a huge difference. I love the support they give to a Speedy, no sagging underneath. One of these days I need to add the iconic Speedy to my bag collection…love that bag! I just ordered another insert from her a few weeks ago, but I had it shipped to my son’s home so I’ll pick it up when I’m next there.

  18. I just bought a pre-loved black Lady Dior with black hardware and studs on it, and I wanted to support the structure and protect the inside. Thanks to you, I will be headed to Senamon’s Etsy store! BTW, did you have to tell them that the supple version of the Lady Dior was different and order a custom size or did you just order the medium size for Lady Dior?

    • Sorry I just saw this comment, Kristina. I didn’t tell them that it was for the supple version. I hope you were able to get an organizer that works for your Lady Dior.

  19. Thank you. Just let my wife know about your article. She was about to buy inserts from Smorga again and order extra items to maximize shipping.

  20. Thank you so much for your review. I was literally about to check out on ordering a Samorga bag organizer but ended up going with a JennyKraft organizer instead!

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