Massive Hair Loss, A Comfy Chair, Tablescape Thursday Reminder & Something Beautiful

Thanks for all the great suggestions for desk chairs. I think some of the recommendations may have been a bit more expensive than what I had in mind, but I will definitely look into the ones you suggested in the comments on yesterday’s post. Thank you for that!

When I returned the chair I had purchased back to Staples today, I asked the guy who rang up the return what chair was their best seller and the least returned. He showed me a leather Lazy Boy that’s currently on sale for $199. It’s called the “La-Z-Boy Bradley Leather Executive Office Chair.”

I sat down in it and didn’t want to get back up, it was sooo comfortable! Unfortunately, it’s black so not the greatest look for my cottage style office with off-white furniture, but as comfortable as it was, I was super tempted. It also comes in brown leather, but the black was prettier.

This photo found online doesn’t do it justice. You can tell the picture was taken with a flash so it sucked all the life right out of the photo. In person, the leather and wood are rich and luxurious looking. The leather upholstery feels nice, too. The top-stitching on the back of the chair and on the arms is really sharp-looking in person. I think the chair looks a lot more expensive than it is.

Of course, when you buy a chair, you never really know if it’s going to work until you get it home, put it together and try it out. If I were a guy, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this chair because it’s really comfortable and definitely has a masculine vibe with its topstitched leather design. One good thing about a black desk chair: you don’t have to worry about denim transfer! So, there’s that! lol


Major Hair Loss 🙁

So, you know how I mentioned recently that it takes forever to blow-dry my hair since it’s so thick. Well, not so much anymore. Over the last 2-3 weeks, I bet at least a third of my hair has fallen out, probably more. I wasn’t that surprised when it started happening because I’ve gone through this type thing several times over the years after an illness.

I Googled to see how long it would last because it seems like it’s never going to stop. The article I found said that any time your body goes through a big shock like an illness, sudden weight loss or high fever, you will usually experience a lot of hair loss about 2 months later. When I had the flu in Germany in late December, I ran a 103+ fever for about 3 days and 101+ for another 4-5 days, plus I lost a lot of weight during the first week, about 6 lbs. So my body definitely went through a big shock, plus, I was sick for another three weeks with bronchitis left over from the flu.

The article said a person can lose as much as 70% of their hair after an illness. Mine is still falling out, but has slowed down a lot now. If I hadn’t had thick hair before, I think I’d be bald by now. Seriously! Every time something like this has happened in the past, thankfully,  it has always grown back. I hate that awkward period when there are short hairs sticking out all over my head, but that’s better than it not coming back at all.

Have you ever experienced a huge hair drop about 2-3 months after a bad illness? It’s scary when it’s happening, isn’t it–especially if it’s the first time you’ve gone through it. Google “Telogen Effluvium” for more info about hair loss after an illness or big shock to your system.


Little Reminder for Tablescape Thursday:

If you’ll be participating in Tablescape Thursday this week, it’s out 500th TT Blog Party! Wow! I thought it might be fun to do something a little different for this special anniversary party.

For our 500th Tablescape Thursday, I had an idea. For this special anniversary Tablescape Thursday, I thought it would be fun if we chose 5-10 of our most favorite tables that we’ve created over the years, and shared 2-3 photos from each table, of course linking back to each table so those reading could revisit the table if they wished to see more photos. If you’ve just started joining in Tablescape Thursday and haven’t created 5 -10 tables yet, just share 2-3 photos from the tables you have created.

It would be wonderful if you shared a little about the source of your inspiration for each table and why you chose each table to include in your “favorites” post. I don’t know if you feel this way, but some tables stay in my heart forever and I never forget them. ♥


Something Beautiful…Your Evening Relaxation

I subscribe to Lang Elliott’s Music of Nature Blog/Podcast and he shared the loveliest recording yesterday. You can listen to it here: Backyard Bird Walk.

It’s around 13 minutes long, but you don’t have to listen to the whole thing if you’re short on time. I loved it because it’s recorded right in his own backyard and I recognized so many of the birds as the same ones I have in my backyard here in Georgia. If you love birds, I know you’ll recognize many of the songs…it’s lovely! Nice to listen to before heading off to bed.

Pssst…Lang recommends you listen with headphones (if possible) for the best, most immersive experience.

Sweet Dreams if you’re reading this tonight. ZZZZZzzzzzzz

Photo Credit: Lang Elliott,

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  1. I didn’t lose hair but after a car accident my hair became curly and has stayed that way 20+ years later.

    • That is amazing! Debbie, not sure if you remember, but many, many years ago when there was a huge earthquake in CA. The photo they kept showing on TV and in the newspapers in the coverage of the quake was this really, really small, very high section of an interstate that was left standing alone by itself, with the rest of the interstate/road gone on either end. It was shocking looking! It sorta defied logic how that one small section was still left standing.
      Well, there were one or two cars on that one section…and those people had to just stand there and wait to be rescued, hoping that little section wouldn’t collapse. I can’t imagine how terrifying that must have been.
      A year or so later I saw the guy who had been trapped on that tiny section being interviewed. He had gray/white hair. He said that before the accident, he didn’t have any gray hair at all, but within a very short period after the accident, all his hair turned gray…I guess he meant as it grew in. I had never heard of anything like that! Did anyone say why your hair became curly…I think that is so amazing!

      • Sorry to hear of your challenges. Have you tried bone broth (organic bones simmered with apple cider vinegar)? It is nothing short of miraculous for so many things that ails us! Old School still rules and I am so excited to share that eye lash growth, hair and finger nails all benefit from the wonderful nutrition! It is worth a try and I swear this old nurse would be long gone by now if not for it’s healing effects on bone health and all systems from head to toe! Thanks for sharing your inspirational posts and adventures. The Best is Yet to Be! Bone broth for everyone, and beautiful tables, too! Tusen Takk!

    • Debbie, here’s an article about that guy…his doctor told him it was because how much adrenaline he produced when the quake happened and he was stranded on that little section of road in the sky.

      • Thanks for the article. Our bodies are so amazing how they work. Hope your hair grows back quickly. As for me no complaints about my curls, no more perms or curling irons. Makes my morning routine so much faster. LOL. Good luck.

        • I always think that, too…how amazing our bodies are! When they experience a trauma, they know hair isn’t very important, so I guess all our energy goes to surviving whatever has happened.

    • The article on hair loss really helps me a lot, thank you. Last Dec. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital suffering from complications of radiation treatment for cancer. The cancer is contained and I’m doing fine but my hair started falling out about 2 months after the incident. The trauma I went through (life threatening) explains why I am cooping with hair loss. My hair is very fine so what I have left is a real challenge to style. Hopefully it will stop soon so I can enjoy the summer without a wig or wearing scarfs.

  2. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I showed my husband that chair. His, at work, bothers his back and it’s time to replace it. I too lost hair but it was from a medication. I was on it 22 years. My hair would come and go. Fortunately a new Dr changed my med in January and I can see all those baby hairs coming in. Yay! Yours will come back and be more beautiful than ever!

    • Elizabeth, if you have a Staples near you, they may have it on the floor to try. That’s where I sat in it. I did not want to get up, it was so comfortable! I’m going to see my son in a few days and I’m going to ask if he would like one. I was really impressed with it.
      Yay! So glad it’s coming back! I used to blame hair loss on my thyroid since I’m hypothyroid, but when the doctor checks, my levels are always fine. Now I realize mine is stress related (like an illness or something like that) when it happens. It’s so annoying. I’m glad you don’t have to take the medicine that was causing that anymore!

    • What was the medicine you were on? I am losing hair too:(

  3. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    What are the chances that your new hair gadget/gizmo is adding to the hair loss?

    • It’s definitely not that. It’s is much more gentle on my hair than the heated brush I was using and definitely much more gentle than a curling iron. Several folks have left comments who have that styling tool saying how gentle it is on hair. Thanks for suggesting that, but I definitely know it’s not that. I’m sure it’s from the shock/stress my body went through in late December and the whole month of January when I had Influenza A and bronchitis. That was one evil flu! I can see why so many didn’t survive having it…it was really bad.

  4. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Also, have you had a good medical workup lately?

  5. My sister-in-law had sudden hair loss and i turned out she was lacking some kind of vitamin so had to take large doses for a while. It helped a lot!

  6. Just buy the good black chair and throw some black accents around the rest of the room. Could be fun!

  7. Susan, I have two of those office chairs, and I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, but would you believe I got them BOTH for $75 and that included shipping? It was from Brad’s Deals and it was only available for a day at that price. We moved to North Carolina and sold about 95% of our furniture but I wasn’t about to part with those chairs because I knew I’d never get another’s deal like that. My office space isn’t very feminine so I don’t mind that they’re not that pretty, but I understand why you would want something prettier. Too bad they don’t make it in white!

    • What a great deal you got! I would gladly pay the $199 if I thought those arms would fit under my desk, especially if it came in a pretty color! 🙂
      Are your chairs still comfortable? Has the seat stayed firm enough? That’s the part that doesn’t hold up in the “pretty” chairs I keep buying.

      • The chairs are still in storage (our new house is taking forever to be built), but yes, they were still comfy last time I sat on them over eight months ago.

        I am not going to say you should get one though, because everyone’s idea of comfort is different. For instance, I don’t need the arms to fit under my desk, but I can understand why some people prefer that. Also, I’m sure you spend a lot more time in your office than I did (and will) and are a little harder on office chairs.

        Off topic, but remember when I bought that product you love for your hair (can’t remember what’s it’s called but it was referenced in one of the comments in this post) and sent it to my daughter? Turns out she can’t use it because she’s in Singapore. And converters/adapters won’t help. Something to keep in mind if your wanderlust ever takes you to that part of the world.

  8. Oh Susan, I feel for you… I lost a lot of hair after my 2 spinal surgeries. Each one took 7 months to heal and fuse – and since the 2nd one occurred 8 months after the 1st, I (nor my hair) never got the chance to recover. It wasn’t until 3 weeks after I stopped all the meds this past Christmas, that my hair stopped falling out. Thank God I’ve been blessed with super thick and fast growing hair, otherwise I would’ve been rocking the bald look as well 🙂 I pray that yours will start growing back nice and healthy VERY soon!

    • I’m so glad it stopped, Desha…that’s awesome! I know you are so relieved. Mine has drastically slowed down now, almost stopped falling out now. I was trying to grow mine out and was doing really well, think I may get a trim now.

  9. I know someone previously mentioned if you have had a good medical checkup recently but did it also include a thyroid test assuming you had blood work done?
    I would check into that as a possible cause of your hair loss.
    That test is how I found out what was causing some hair loss for me and have been on a daily thyroid RX since.

    I have experienced complete hair loss due to chemotherapy when I was 42. It occurred after my first treatment approximately 2 weeks later. It was shocking but did grow back although not as thick and with less body…but thankful nonetheless and I am still here 22 years later!!

    Hope you can find the source of yours soon.

    • Thanks, Nanc…I’m good in that area, I see a thyroid doctor twice a year. I’m sure it’s the stress of getting so sick a couple of months ago. The timing coincides perfectly, too…since it takes 2-3 months to start happening from what I read. So glad you beat whatever caused you to have to go through Chemo! That’s wonderful!

  10. Susan….try taking Biotin 5000 MCG everyday…it really does work. I lose hair every time I have a CT scan done…my hair used to be super thick and it is considerably thinner but this prevents me, like you said, from being bald…

  11. N Akeroyd says

    Lazyboy has a Miramar leather office chair in taupe for $399. Serta has one in soft pink and one in blue for about $200. Costco and Sam’s carry lazyboy office chairs too. Seemed reasonable. Funny thing about hair…..I used to have lots of long, thick but baby fine golden blonde permed hair. Then one day…….it became thinner, and thinner….now it is short straight, golden gray and I have no patience with it. I used to be a size six…….Now I am a secret size…..but it is a much bigger secret. I don’t have lots of wrinkles but I get blotches. My feet keep growing but I don’t get taller. Oh to be 40 or 50 or even 60. I am considering getting smaller mirrors.

    • lol Nancy, you are too funny! Getting older is not for weenies, that’s for sure! 😉
      I’ll check out the chairs you mentioned, thanks!

  12. You can make a slipcover! There are many styles to choose from. I make mine from painter drop cloths ,looks like linen but is sturdy and no wrinkles when washed. Look up slipcovered office chairs.

  13. What if you had the current office chair redone? Didn’t you pay quite a bit for it so other than the foam it is still in good condition? I can remember being sick for months as a kid (couldn’t sit up and in bed most of the time) and when I finally recovered every time I brushed my hair gobs would come out. I had thick hair too and it came back. Now, getting older it seems like more sheds but not like that! Almost like when you use a shedding brush on a dog/cat!! Any way, I think you solved why and hopefully it stops. Nice ending pic.

  14. Victoria Davis says

    I had sepsis last August and nearly died from septic shock. I was in ICU for 8 days. I lost at least half of my hair about 3 months later. I also lost a lot of my hair a couple of years ago after being on a very low carb diet for several months. You couldn’t see my scalp either time, but I have fine hair and what was left just laid flat on my head! Yuck! Sorry you had to go through this.

  15. Charlotte says

    Susan, I am a retired secretary/administrative assistant. I highly recommend the Ergonomic Black mesh adjustable office chair for you. The chairs you have been looking at are too large for your frame. I’m 5’3”, it makes a huge difference. The ergonomic chair I had was very confortable and they fit up to the desk without the arms bumping. Try it, you’ll see.

  16. Susan, I know you know your body best, but hair loss can also be a sign of thyroidism, and s quick blood test could save you continued symptoms which may also include dry skin, nails, restless sleep, weight changes, constipation. If you any of those, you may want to see your Dr.

    I’m sorry I may miss participating in the 500th tablescape Thursday since I’m on vacation (not sorry, hehe), but will certainly at least visit you to celebrate the milestone. Wow, congratulations!

  17. Lisa Trahan says

    I had a super high fever with toxic shock syndrome when I was 18 and, like you, much of my hair fell out a few months afterward. Why not all of it, I don’t know, but thank goodness it did grow back.
    One of my co-workers has such trouble with ocular migraines that she gets botox shots around the edge of her face , up around her hairline I believe, every few months . I guess the botox feels weird but it has been worth it to her for the pain relief. I hope it it never becomes a regular problem for you!

  18. Ten years ago when both of my brothers were diagnosed with cancer at almost he same time, my hair starting falling out. Unfortunately it never grew back, my hair went from thick to thin in a short amount of time, it is surprising what effect stress or illness can have.

  19. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan – Good to know about the hair loss. I lost quite a bit of hair about 22 years ago when I was put on blood pressure meds. When I told the doctor about it, he switched my meds and it stopped falling out. Thank you for sharing this – it’s always good to keep in the back of my mind so if it happens in the future, I won’t freak out! 🙂

  20. Susan,

    Sounds like you need your thyroid checked. Ask your doctor to run a T3, T4 and TSH (all three will give you a better indication of function).
    Love the chair!

  21. Hair loss can be related to your thyroid. You may want to have it checked out.

  22. Sorry to hear about the hair loss Susan, but sounds like you are taking this all in stride as usual!…My hubby needs a new desk chair…we will have to check out the one at Staples!

  23. After an illness, I was losing hair using the products and dye of a former hair stylist. 18 months later with a new stylist, no sulfates in my shampoo, a low ammonia dye and all natural styling products. My hair has recovered nicely. Email me and I’ll give you the information and my phone number.

    PS we are going to the Serengeti next month. Thank you for your packing tips and recommended items.

  24. Rhonda Storey says

    Susan, I’ve been dealing with hair loss since I had surgery in 2011. Mine is STILL bad to this day, but may be due to the 3 surgeries I have had since 2016. (Pinched nerve in neck, rotator cuff, and Diverticulitis surgery in December, where they removed 6” of my colon.). I’ve tried Rogaine, which seemed to help, but I didn’t like the messiness of using it everyday, and other side effects. I also have Lupus, which doesn’t help either! Hair loss is SO devastating to us women. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never have as much hair as I did, but it still hurts. My best friend used to complain that it took her 45 minutes to blow dry her hair, and I told her I will kill to have that much hair!! Lol! She said she had never thought about how lucky she was to have a beautiful head FULL of hair until I said that. Hope your’s gets better soon. I wouldn’t wish hair loss on my worst enemy!

  25. Having lost my hair to stage three cancer hair loss is the least of my worries… I will wear a wig… focus is on survival…

  26. Susan, I love your blog. I never miss reading it and love, love, love your tablescapes!! I am a dish lover too! I had surgery last May, and it took 10 months for my hair to stop falling out by the handfulls. My hair is very thick too so I was lucky not to have bald spots. But it is very scary when that happens. Hope your hair will be back to normal soon! Keep up the good posts! Pat

  27. Beverly Trobaugh says

    Susan I would recommend a chair without arms. The one I have at work has arms and I cannot get up close and it is terribly uncomfortable on my body. Also the fabric on the arms of the chair look terrible from hitting the desk so much. Hope you find a good chair.

  28. I experienced hair loss from being anemic and didn’t realize I was. I also had a lot of hair so it wasn’t noticeable to others but it was to me! It was very stressful and think I know how men feel that lose their hair!

  29. Donna Steely-Arnold says

    Susan I’m sure the hair loss came from the shock to your body being so ill. I lost 100 pounds and my hair fell out. I was so worried it wouldn’t grow back, but it did. I was in a panic but the doctor said it was a normal response. Good luck! And good luck finding a new office chair. I love following your blog!

  30. I experienced a lot of hairloss when I was anemic and didn’t even know it. It seemed like overnight I had half the hair I normally did. I have thick curly hair and it wasn’t noticeable to others but was to me! Eventually it has come back but it was stressful and now I know how men feel that go bald!

  31. Susan, I have a La-Z-Boy office chair that I LOVE. It’s not the one you’ve mentioned in your post, but it’s VERY comfortable and it’s currently on Sale at Staples for $150. Mine is Taupe and it’s really nice looking in person. I’ve had it for a year and it’s still very comforable.
    Here’s a link, if you’re interested in checking it out.

    • Thanks Arden! That color would look way better in my office than black. I’m just worried I won’t be able to get the arms up under my desk. I think I’ll try to find a Staples that has that chair on the floor and hopefully they’ll have a desk that’s approximately the same height as mine that I can test it under.

  32. sandra D Joliet says

    I hate trying to find an office chair. Every chair with pneumatic lifts don’t last worth a darn. I bought one in the early 90’s and kept it until the fabric wore out-like 12 years later and never had an issue with the lift mechanism. I tried to find one that you twirl by hand to make it go up and down but apparently they don’t make them anymore. I just had the nasty bad flu about 4 weeks ago. I couldn’t drive myself to the doctor and 5 days later when I could, I was dehydrated and lost 20 lbs-probably all water. I already have a lot of daily hair loss so I hope it all doesn’t fall out. I had curly hair all my life until I started turning gray-it’s just wavy and the baby fine hair feels a bit more coarse. I’m behind one day so I have to read yesterday’s post next

  33. My husband recently got a beautiful desk chair by BarcaLounger at Sam’s–$179., but it wasn’t in the color of your choice. Good luck finding what you need to suit your space! I wish you well as you wait for your hair to grow back; thank you for sharing about your journey. ♥

  34. Susan, so sorry about your hair loss. Hope the issue will be resolved. Nless your heart. My hair is thick as well. Oh, when I used to wear it long, way down to my behind, back in my younger days, I can remember getting the worst headaches. Once I began to cut my hair they stopped. I found out years later that my great-grandmother used to be the same way. Anyway, don’t know why I shared that! LOL! I have noticed new sprigs of hair popping up! CRAZY. That last picture is stunning. Makes me wish I was there with a cup of coffee. Hugs and blessings to you Susan.

  35. Those were great questions: best seller and least returned. I will remember those, or modifications, for other future purchases. I’m older but feel my hiar loss is more than it should be. I’ve seen doctors about it and was surprised how difficult it was to get them to do/order a thyroid test. I need to research and see what vitamins might help.

  36. Marlene Stephenson says

    I hate trying to replace anything, why can’t furniture last forever, or it could be my age but nothing comes easy, it takes me forever to find something that i like and that will at least last a few year,ha ha!! I don’t have trouble with my hair falling out, just with the way it looks, most of the time.


    You might want to check out the product line Nioxin.(I do not sale any products so please know that my comments are sent out of kindness and are not an effort to promote a product) You should be able to research Nioxin online. I have been a hairdresser for 32 years and have seen hair loss caused by many different factors….pregnancy, surgery, hormone changes, quick weight loss, etc. Sounds like you have a lot of new growth so you are fortunate. Massaging your scalp(actually moving the scalp around with your fingers) will stimulate blood flow and that is supposed to be helpful too.
    You might also consider being proactive with hair loss treatment if you experience another health issue in the future since that seems to be your bodies reaction to trauma(not the case with everyone).
    Take care, Carol

  38. Lone Star Loralei says

    I too have lost about two thirds of my hair in the last year. It started due to weight loss on a low carb diet. Then became worse after gallbladder surgery anesthesia. Luckily I’m seeing new hair coming in (slowly) but it sure is frustrating. And what hair I have left is very thin and blond/gray so I struggle to keep my scalp from showing. We are going to the beach in a few weeks and I’m dreading getting my hair wet and looking bald.. Not to mention dealing with sunburn. But I guess I’m fortunate my health is getting better. I will just rock a swim cap and have fun regardless! 🙂

  39. Hi Susan, Scary about having massive hair loss! Since I’ve recently become a lover of essential oils, I looked up what they do for it — A mixture of these oils – Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary and fractionated coconut oil. Topically massage into scalp each night. Worth a try!

  40. I knew the 500th TT anniversary was coming, but now it sneaked up on me! I love your idea of posting several of our fav tablescapes. I wish I had time to do a lot. I’ve had company all day and too tired to do a lot of computer work tonight. Maybe a suggestion: How about since it’s a big anniversary, you extend it forward a few weeks to celebrate? Maybe go to May 13th and post a lot of our favorite Mother’s Day tablescapes (over the years). Then my mind kept going to do the same on Father’s Day (any man type tablescapes.) Then do a fav Summer Tablescapes in July, then Fav Fall Tablescapes in Sept or Oct? Then Christmas (in Dec.) Just some thoughts coming from a tired old lady tonight! Happy Anniversary! You sure have provided wonderful times for us all these years!


    P.S. – The last two years I have done about ten Shutterfly photo books of a lot of my favorite tablescapes! The books are beautiful and enjoyable to look at often. I recommend others do this! Nice to leave for the family (when we are gone.)

    • I never heard of such a thing as loosing hair because of a stress the body went through due to an illness but people loose their hair from chemo and that’s a radical stress for the body so it makes sense. First thing I thought of was your new styling brush and or thyroid problems. The body does mysterious things doesn’t it! I have my post ready for tomorrow’s party! 😉

      • Yup, when the body senses it’s under stress, bad stuff can happen. Here’s one of many articles online that explains it:
        It’s called “telogen effluvium hair loss”

        I am hypothyroid, but take Synthroid for that. I can tell it’s not my thyroid because when I was hypo (low thyroid) before starting medication for that, I had no energy at all and would literally fall asleep almost anywhere. My energy level is great so I know my thyroid levels are fine.
        The flu that I caught in Germany was the worse flu I’ve ever had. I honestly thought for a few days I was going to die…no exaggeration! It was bad, really, really bad!
        Here’s one paragraph from the article:

        A considerable number of different causes for telogen effluvium exist. Among the common causes are high fevers, childbirth, severe infections, severe chronic illness, severe psychological stress, major surgery or illnesses, over or underactive thyroid gland, crash diets with inadequate protein, and a variety of medications. Most hair loss from medications is this type and causes include retinoids, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, antidepressants, and NSAIDS (including ibuprofen).

        I ran a high fever for over a week and was sick for a long time after that with bronchitis, so I’m not surprised this is happening. It could be worse, at least it’s just hair, and it’ll grow back.
        The styling brush is actually much better for hair than curling irons and such. It’s very gentle. It’s actually helping now that I’ve lost so much hair because it gives hair so much body, it looks much fuller than it is. I definitely recommend it for anyone who has thinning hair.

        Glad you are joining in tomorrow, Liz! ♥

  41. Bobbi Duncan says

    Hi! Thanks for telling us about Lang Elliott’s nature sounds. I subscribed right away. It’s so relaxing, and something nice to listen to in the winter when I don’t hear many bird calls. My hair has always been pretty thick until about two years ago. Seems my crown, especially, is getting thinner. I’ve heard hair dyes are notorious for this. Started having mine dyed due to it going almost all white right after my daughter died. I’m not ready for white hair just yet so, if dying it is the the cause, I’ll be living with thinner hair. I told my hubby that I may be purchasing wigs in a few years. He’s almost completely bald so he took it in stride and said, “Well, if you go bald, we’ll be a matched set”. I’m not laughing. Hugs!

    • I’ve been tempted to let mine go white. I saw a photo the other day on Instagram…think it was Instagram, of a woman with gray hair and it was beautiful! Of course, she was beautiful, so she probably would have looked great with purple or green hair. 🙂

      • I think you should try going silver/white! It is liberating! I was losing my hair in my late 40s due to hair dye and menopause. It went from thick and brown to very thin. When I colored my hair, it made my scalp more noticeable. I now wear it in a short modified pixie with a lot of layers. My stylist cuts it so that the grey and white and silver look like highlights. I get many compliments on it – even from total strangers – especially young people! People have also made me promise never to color my hair!

    • Bobbi, I just tried to send you a picture when I replied to your email, but it bounced back. That’s happened before when I’ve tried to email you…not sure why it does that.

  42. I bought that chair in the brown color for my son. It is so comfortable and handsome. He loves it! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 2 years ago. Prior to being diagnosed I lost quite a bit of hair. It was so scary because I didn’t know when or if it would stop! Once I started on Synthroid it grew back but it did take nearly a year to get back to normal.

  43. Sabrina Holmes says

    Susan, this is a big thank you post. I have the exact same deck issues as you do with messy trees & birds. Last wk my husband & I went to Sherwin Williams for your deck stain. The salesman was so kind to tell us it would be on sale this wk if we wanted to wait. He put our cans under the counter & we picked them up today saving $45.20 on two cans. Thank you soo much for doing all the research!

    • Sabrina, that was the BEST thing I’ve done in a long, long time! I’m sure my deck rails are dirty as can be again, but you can’t see it. 🙂 I’m going to give them a wipe down anyway once the spring pollen attack is done. I love the color I chose…did you get the same color? I had been afraid it would be too dark, but it’s perfect! Be sure and prepare your deck as they recommend, and it should hold up well. Would love to see a photo once you’re done!

  44. That is the desk chair that my co-workers and I sit in at work! It is definitely a very comfortable chair! I can highly recomend it as I sit in it for 8 hours a day, haha! We have the brown leather and I think it would look nice in your gorgeous office!

  45. I’ve also experienced periods of major Hair loss and they’ve always come about three months after a period of severe emotional stress or serious illness. Like you, I have a lot of hair so others didn’t realize I’d list so much, but I could tell. What works for me to slow the fallout and help new hair grow in more quickly is GNC’s UltraNourishHair. I swear by it (and no, I don’t work for them or have any affiliation with them whatsoever, lol!). I’ve tried hair/skin/nail formulas and mega-doses of just biotin, but nothing works for me except the UltraNourishHair.

    • Ann, I’m going to look for that. I have a GNC near my house. I think my hair could use any help it could get right now. Thanks for telling me about it!

  46. Gwendolyn Blackman says

    This is the first reasonable explanation I’ve heard about hair loss. I, too, have lost most of my hair following a bout with bronchitis and high fevers which lasted long after the bronchitis went away. I thought it was too many antibiotics. My trips to the dermatologist aren’t as successful as I’d like but we’ll see. Sisters in Baldness.

    • Pamela Smith says

      I believe it IS the antibiotics, and not the illness, that is causing our hair loss. Thank you for saying it out loud.

  47. Katherine says

    My hair has been falling out and breaking in the back to the point that I finally cut off about 5”. We had our master bathroom gutted and remodeled starting in January. I wonder if that was enough of a stressor to explain this awful thinning? I just had my thyroid checked and I’m not anemic. I hate that this has happened to you too, Susan. I’m so glad that yours is growing back, tho!

  48. Hi Susan, I’ve been following your blog for years, love it! I’m so sorry to hear about your hair! I hope it comes back beautifully. I went through menopause in my 40’s, I had always permed my hair but in my early 40’s I stopped, after menopause my hair now looks like its always permed. Never had curly hair like this before. Now it just grows out of my head like that. I’m 63 now and my hair is still a red/brown, barely a grey in sight. I dont know why but I’ll take it.

    I just boight a new sewing/secretarial chair. I sit at a computer at work 9 hours a day, I was tired of going through chairs about once a year. I saw this chair at a convention. Have had it about 2 weeks and very happy. Its guaranteed 5 years. I know I will have it the rest of my life, I intend on taking it hine as my sewing chair when I retire.

    Here is a link to the chair,

    You can pick armless or with, and all sorts of colors/fabrics.

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