Metamorphosis Monday…What do you think?

Stand back, I have an idea!  Do you see the smoke coming out of my ears? Can you hear the creaking and squeaking of those rusty gears turning in my brain? lol

On Friday, I posted about a minor renovation I completed recently in my dining room. I received more comments on that particular post than any other I’ve done so far. So, that got me thinking, we all seem to really enjoy seeing a “Before” and “After.” It’s great fun to see a room changed from an ugly duckling into a swan. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a day each week when we could visit blogs showing a renovation or metamorphosis of a room or space.

The following is a small sampling of the different before and afters, I could see posted on a “Metamorphosis Monday” (Met Monday):

Room renovation, large or small (kitchen, bath, bedroom, laundry, garage, porch or any room or space, in or around your home)
Closet re-design or reorganization
Floors refinished or redone
Exterior redo/repaint/addition
Garden Renovation or Addition (Flower or vegetable)
Furniture reupholstered or painted
Boxes of photos, organized or displayed in creative ways
Blank wall transformed with art, photos, mirrors or whatever you’ve used
Items on bookshelves rearranged for a whole new look
Rooms changed from a “winter” look to a “summer” look with slipcovers, pillows, rugs, etc

Do you have a room or space in your home that has gone through a metamorphosis? Have you recently reorganized that closet or garage? Do you have a “Before” and “After” you would like to share?

Please vote in the poll at the top of my sidebar and/or leave a comment here letting me know if this is something you would be interested in seeing hosted here each Monday, starting on January 19th.

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  1. Melissa Miller says

    Hi Susan,
    It sounds like an incredible idea!
    I for one LOVE viewing this kind of thing.
    HGTV transformation shows have been my addiction for years. I vote go for it girl. It will be a HUGE success!
    I plan to post for TT this coming week. See you then.
    ~Melissa 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t be posting, but I sure would enjoy seeing what everybody else is doing. I think it would be a very good way to pick up tips and pointers.

  3. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan…What a good idea! Maybe it would light a fire under me to finish those projects that are right on the edge of completion…and I have several!! lol Have a good week-end!…Debbie

  4. Happy To Be says

    Sounds like a winner Susan..I could show the before and after of my LR last year which I made into 2 room..hope you are having a great week end..dear friend hugs and smiles Gloria

  5. Wonderful idea and I would love to participate!

  6. SUSAN ! I am with you…
    (wink) whether you need a MUSE in tow or not! LOL

  7. Hello Susan
    What a lovely blog you have and what a gorgeous home. Comfortably stunning without be over stuffy.

    Absolutly love the porch or sunroom on the side bar, I would spend many hours out there.

    So much to see …so much to enjoy…so I will be back often.

  8. I don’t how much I could post, but I would be a faithful follower, for sure. I also am addicted to watching projects. There are a few things I want to do too.


  9. Love it Love it and what a great way to motivate (me) lol I have so much I need to get cracking on around here.

    Cheryl.Snatch JOY!

  10. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I like to begin the week with a post. This sounds like a great idea.

    We just finished a change in our condo foyer, yesterday. New paint and artwork. Even a “new” table. A small project but gratifying. Also one, that has us moving into the kitchen, for more updates.

  11. Good morning Susan…This sounds like an absolute winner idea…for sure I’d be a browser! 😉 Bo

  12. Susan I think this is a great idea. I have one completed room that I would post (actually 2 but I forgot to get before pix of the bath) as well as several small projects. I say go for it! Kathy

  13. Ma'dame French says

    I was going to post some redo I recently started and I don’t participate in blue Monday it’s a good idea to me;) French

  14. Terri and Bob says

    I voted that I wouldn’t participate, but as I sit back and think… maybe I would a time or two. I may get inspiration from all of you!

  15. Momovthree says

    Great idea! I would definitely participate.

  16. Meadowsweet Days says

    I think it’s a wonderful idea~ I, for one, hope to be going through much renovation and redecorating this year. I posted earlier that I was moving my flower shop to a new location which is a charming old house that will undergo major renovation and redesign. I also am in the process of decorating a new vacation house, and I want to continue the process of decorating this new house that I am currently in. So hopefully, I will have a lot to share in the very near future! Thanks for this great idea, Susan!


  17. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Susan, ironic you would come up with a fun idea like this.. guess who comes tomorrow? Yes, the carpet guy “finally”.. Now maybe my excitement is getting ahead of the actual event..but I’m packing up the last of the office today..hugs ~lynne~

  18. With Blue Monday, Pink Saturday, Metamorphosis Monday, Weigh-In Wednesday, Thirteen Things Thursdays I think I am set for the year! Don’t even have to use a lot of brain power trying to come up with an idea for a blog post!!! Great idea. PS, I was a busy little beaver yesterday rearranging my bedroom…..

  19. Susan, I like that you left it open to organizing, cleaning, etc. I just don’t always have a redecorating project but there’s always something that needs a little morphing around here.

  20. I really like your idea. I just started viewing your blog and am enjoying it.

  21. Hi Susan,
    I love looking at before and afters. I could see where this would more of a browsing weekly event for me and a participating every now and then …
    I have a couple posts in my archives that would work :0)

  22. Hi Susan, like your metamorph??? idea. For those of us that LOVE to change things around, it could be as simple as arranging a new vignette. I would be sooooo HAPPY if all our blogging friends could go garage sailing together. How much fun would that be? Of course, there are a FEW little rules!!! First, you have to get there at least an hour before the sale starts (stopping by the night before as they are putting the things out is not unheard of), carry lots of one dollar bills and change for bargaining, and have a really brave friend who gets out of the car and asks if we can open the garage sale. If the answer is yes, I get out of the car and join her! Too much fun. “Talk” soon!

  23. Susan that is a great idea.It is fun to see what something looks like and what it can turn into.It doesn’t even need to be a complete transformation to encourage others to look at their spaces differently.I love the postings where people shop their own homes and re-arrange.I for one will look forward to this new post on Mondays.Kathysue

  24. Southerner says

    I was planning on doing a once a week before and after of our home going through each room. We have been remodeling this past year. This would be great to link with you and be able to show more people and also see other ideas.

    I want to participate in this Tuesday’s Tablescape. I am planning on having something each week so is there a way to be a permanent fixture on that or do I need to let you know each time. One of my goals this year is to make sure to make at least one meal a week really special by bringing out Mexican themed items with a Mexican meal or just using the china or doing something to make just the every day special- picking garden flowers and making a special dessert or something.

  25. Luv_2_Design (Donna) says

    Awesome idea! I LOVE transformations. Your dining room had me mesmerized. You come up with such great ideas!

  26. LOL i read your comment on my pink sat post lol yes, i do recall those tapes….lol….i exhausted myself trying to keep up! LOL

  27. cedwards55 says

    What a great idea. This will be so much fun to see. All of my blogging buddies certainly do a great job at keeping me entertained. Sometimes a little too good of a job. It’s back to my REAL JOB tomorrow. Rats! Since you and Gollum are so into caulking, how about ya’ll hit the road, come North and caulk away for me. I’ll cook and sew whatever you want.

  28. salmagundi says

    I love the idea! What fun it would be to see everyone’s transformations. Tell me this won’t take the place of Tablescape Tuesday! I would certainly miss everyone’s beautiful tables. Sally

  29. Alisa Lucas-Brown says

    Hi Susan,
    I think this is a GREAT idea! It is always so inspiring to see what others are doing to make their space beautiful! It will be wonderful! I’m in! I will also post participate in TT again this week! That was SOOOOOO fun and I really appreciate you hosting it! Thanks!

  30. I had just been thinking of this this week, to show some before and afters in our house. I think a good idea. I don’t do blue Mondays because I don’t really have blue around. So we need something for Monday’s don’t we?
    I think at this point too I plan on TT on Tuesday again also.

  31. great ideal susan!!! vickydarnell

  32. southerninspiration says

    Yes, LOVE The idea…I love before and after pics!!

  33. Raxx - A day in the life says

    Hello, I love this idea, I have one or two before-and after posts in mind, I would love to participate, everyone loves a good make over!

  34. I like this idea! Do it! It’s really fun seeing something transformed – by people themselves particularly. PAM

  35. This is a great idea! I love seeing before & afters. ♥ Diane

  36. I would love this. It is so inspirational to see how others transform their spaces and gives so many ideas on how to transform our own space. Sometimes this really forces us to look at our rooms and our things in a whole different light. Marty

  37. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; Your idea sounds like great fun. Since I am going to redo just about every room in my home. So I would have about a couple of years to show before and after. lol I am going start in my family room soon, so I would love to share in the fun. And what a great way to get some great decorating advise too.

    Have a great week.

  38. Great great idea Susan!! 🙂

  39. Sounds like we are on the same wavelength… is it the name or the state we live in? I wrote a post yesterday and had it scheduled to post at 3 am.. on an outside wednesday (name to change if I can think of something)…where bloggers could show photos of outside spaces (either theirs or others)

    funny that we were thinking along the same lines!

  40. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    I love this idea and yes, I would particpate. I think its neat to see before and afters. I think it proves how much work and effort you put into a project. Count me in. Hope you are recovering nicely from the holidays. 🙂

  41. Raggedy Girl says

    I am always changing stuff around. sometimes just cleaning is like a metamorphosis around here. It sounds like fun.
    Roberta Anne

  42. Susan, I will definitely be a follower of this kind of post too! I love seeing “before and afters” and these will be done by normal, regular people who do not have $10,000.00 to spend on one room!!!!!!!!!!! Like the RMS show!!!! Go for it and we will follow!!!! Hugs, Pinky

  43. Lady Katherine says

    You have a great idea! It will be so fun! I can then show my half sheet rock walls. lol

  44. Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ says

    I just got over to your site and notice what your doing. I just posted a before and after shot of my corner of the living room.. Darn

  45. Too bad I don’t have more before photos. I am not good about doing that. But, I will try to improve. And yes, I would participate sometimes. I don’t want to be committed to an every week type thing but, do like stuff that keeps my thinking cap in gear. Thanks for thinking up such fun things for us.

  46. Kathleen Ellis says

    I love this idea! I would definitely participate! You have such great ideas, Susan!

    Count me in for TT, too!
    Have a great week!

  47. Susan come visit my blog. I left a little somethin over there for you!

  48. ~*~Leanne~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake~*~ says

    Susan, What a great idea! I love looking at “before and afters”. I will definitely be checking in and would love to participate in the future. ~*~Leanne~*~

  49. LdyDy Loves Cake says

    I love Before and After makeovers! I would love to participate..

  50. I wanted to let you know that i posted your new icon for this event on my blogs side bar with a link back to here 🙂

  51. auction girl vintage says

    I’m weighing in late on this, but wanted to add my “yea” vote … I’ll be there with bells on :o) Dunno when I’ll be ready to post — I just started a kitchen and breakfast room reno — but can’t wait to see everyone else’s ideas.

    fyi, my February issue of House Beautiful arrive a couple days ago, and I sat down with it today at lunch … the entire issue is devoted to makeovers! In addition to all the wonderful eye candy, there’s a fabulous list of Quick Changes to do now, with 101 ideas from 101 designers, and there’s quite a few that got added to my list.

    I’m adding a Met Monday button to my blog tonight, and looking forward to next Monday :o)


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