The Perfect Mudroom Hall Tree with Bench, Drawers & Cubbies

Welcome to the 469th Metamorphosis Monday!

Thanks so much for all your input on which bag to go with in yesterday’s post! I need to tally up the votes but reading through all the comments, I’m pretty sure the Prada bag came out the favorite, followed by the Chloe Drew. Based on your comments, I went ahead and ordered the Prada bag that night. I will compare it with Chloe bag that I had already ordered and decide which one to keep. I’ll let you know which one I end up keeping, I think I’m going to have a very hard time choosing since I really like both bags.

After reading all your comments on Saturday, I hopped in the car and drove down to the Prada store in Lenox Square to see the bag in person in both the Small and Medium size. I had ordered it in small size because that was the only size available online in the color I wanted, but I was worried it would be too small.

Here’s a photo I took that night of the bag in both the Small and Medium size for comparison. (Neither of these bags is the color that I have ordered, which is Cammeo Beige.)  I think the small size will be fine since I prefer smaller bags. The sales person I spoke with at Prada said the Galleria bag is so popular in the Cammeo Beige, they have trouble keeping it in stock. So I guess I was lucky to find it online at all, especially right after Christmas.

Prada Galleria Bags for Size Comparison, Small and Medium


Metamorphosis Monday:

Okay, now for something different: I’m thinking of making a little change in the laundry room that’s just off my kitchen. When you enter my home, you come in a door that’s just to the right of Jean-Claude there on the counter. (Read more about Jean-Claude here: A Hearty Breakfast On the Farm.)

White Kitchen with Granite Countertops


In this older photo, the door that’s open is the door to the garage and the door you see behind it leads into my laundry room.


I’ve been thinking about adding a hall tree to the laundry room seen here in this older photo that was taken right after a big party.

Note: Excuse how this room looks in this old photo. The laundry room is the room where everything gets dumped when I’m clearing off surfaces in the kitchen and on the porch for a party. Plus, on this night, a huge storm came through and soaked down part of the porch. (Read about that crazy night in this post: Party on the Titanic.)

Laundry Room After the Party


In the laundry room, there’s a large blank wall seen there on the left beside the utility sink. I thought that would be a great space for a hall tree since I’m always coming and going through the garage door just a few feet away. The wall space is 45 inches with the door standing wide open and around 65 inches if the door is partly closed.

I could remove the sink to make room for an even larger hall tree, but I would really miss that sink since that’s where I fill up watering cans for watering flowers on the deck and where I wash out messy things that I don’t want to wash in my kitchen sink. A hall tree would also partially hide that ugly utility sink. This room is crying out for a full renovation, but it’s going to have to get in line behind my two upstairs bathrooms.

Laundry Room After the Party


I looked online for hall trees and found several that I love. At first I got little discouraged because so many of the ones I liked were no taller than me! Many of the ones I found that I loved were only 64 inches tall.

For example, I love this one that’s available HERE, but it’s only 64 inches tall. Notice how the coat is bunching up on the seat. Photos online can be so deceiving so you really have to read the measurements/dimensions before ordering.

White Hall Tree for Entry


I also loved this one and the price was great. Unfortunately, it had the same problem, it was much shorter than I wanted. This one is available HERE.

White Mudroom Hall Tree with Bench Storage and Cubbies


Ditto for this one…love it, but it’s also kinda short. This one is available HERE. I guess all these shorter hall trees are great for families with small children who wouldn’t be able to reach their coats on a taller hall tree.

Hall Tree in Entry for Storage


I loved the height of this one, it’s nice and tall. But I’m not sure about the design. It’s cute, but it’s more of a  farmhouse style design and my decor isn’t really farmhouse style. This one is available HERE.

Country Style Hall Tree


Then I found them! Oh. My. Goodness! I found so many that I liked, my head was spinning. I love all of the following and they are all nice and tall!

Love the built-in bench with cushion on this one and the drawers would come in handy for storing my winter gloves.

Tall Hall Tree for Mudroom, Seat, Drawers and Cubbies


Isn’t it cute! I wish they had shown it all styled out with coats and scarves, but I can envision it. This one is available HERE. It’s also available in gray HERE.

White, Tall Hall Tree, Bench, Drawers & Cubbies

Another one that I fell hard for but is definitely wider is this beauty. So much great storage with a small cabinet and drawers. It’s available HERE. If I buy something like this for my outdated laundry room, maybe it will inspire me to go ahead and redo that room now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Beautiful Hall Tree for Mud Room


I also loved this one and I think it’s narrow enough that I could keep the laundry room door wide open if I wanted.

Hall Tree for Mud Room with Drawers and Cubbies


I like how it looks when two are side by side for even more storage. Sooo pretty! It’s available HERE.

Two Hall Trees Side by Side in Mudroom for Extra Storage


This one is an ivory color instead of white and also very pretty! It’s available HERE.


This hall tree designed for a corner is pretty interesting. I actually have a corner in my breakfast room but think I’d prefer to have the hall tree in the laundry room. This one is available HERE.


I think this one is too wide for my space, but I had to share it since I love the look! I really like how it has hidden storage for storing items that you don’t want visible full time. This larger unit is available HERE.

I think I’m going to order one of these hall trees that I’ve shared in this post, just have to do some more measuring and decide which would work best in that space. I’d really love to gut and redo my whole laundry room!

Which did you like from the ones I’ve shown? Do you like the idea of going with a taller one, too?

Large Storage for Mudroom


Update: Here’s one more hall tree that I’m considering…love the design with cabinets and drawers. Love the crown molding across the top, too. It’s available HERE.

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  1. Susan, I love the smaller Prada bag! I think adding a Hall tree with storage will be perfect for your laundry room! Thanks for hosting always! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Susan,, I added a hall tree to my laundry room years ago, and we LOVE it.. my only advice (from experience).. do not get a bench with a LIFT UP seat.. drawers or doors on the base work much better… that way you do not have to move every thing off of the bench to lift the storage seat.. make room for this piece… it WILL get lots of use… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bonnie, I was thinking about that last night, what a pain it would be to have to remove stuff to access underneath. Great advice! I think I’ll stick with those that have drawers or doors underneath.

  3. Royce or Vernon…are so stylish!!! Way to go!! franki

  4. Trisha Belle says

    I love the Prada bag you decided on (I’m a satchel girl). I have carried Dooney & Bourke and Coach bags for years, but recently Michael Kors has caught my eye. The soft pink hue is so pretty for upcoming spring and will go nicely with so many things. You did GOOD!!!!!

    • Love Dooney & Bourke…such pretty bags! My dil loves Michael Kors, too. Thanks, Trisha! It’s such a pretty color. One thing I like about the Prada Cameo Beige is how it changes color in light, sometimes look more pink and other times looking more nude/beige.

  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    So glad you got your purse, i love that color the best and i truly don’t like chains for shoulder straps. Get a bench with door they are the best, have fun and will be waiting to see what you decide with your room.

    • Thanks, Marlene! Yeah, not sure how comfortable the chain would be for wearing all day. Fortunately, on the Chloe it’s long enough to be worn crossbody.

  6. The hall tree is a great idea. My laundry area is a partially finished room in the basement. Ick. Yours is fabulous!

    • Thanks, Kim! I always thought it would be great to have one on the top floor where the bath/bedrooms are located. In my first house, I had a laundry shoot which made it super easy for getting clothes to the laundry room. At least you never have to worry about the washer overflowing or leaking and causing damage to your floor upstairs.

  7. Such cute hall trees, they always look so wonderful styled for photos! I’m sure you will find the perfect one! Thanks for the party today Susan~

    • They do, don’t they! That’s how they lure us in, with those great styled photos. Wonder how many really look that cute once they are purchased and in use. lol Have a great week, Jenna!

  8. Hi, Susan. A hall tree is such a great addition! I’m partial to the shutter one, but the Vernon Polar looks like it’s taller and would give you more options for storage. Good luck with your decision!

  9. Snowflake281 says

    I think I’m leaning towards the Aberdeen from Home Depot. For me, I have found that as I’m aging, reaching to access something that is stored in a low shelved cabinet is getting more difficult. Itโ€™s much easier to reach into a drawer. I think thatโ€™s why I see more and more kitchen designs with drawers and pull out shelves. So much easier on the back!

  10. I love the tall, narrow hall tree with the louvered doors below. If you stick with a less wide piece, since you don’t need it for a family, that size will give you more options when you redo your entire laundry room. Also, I would love to have a laundry sink in my home, so would never get rid of that. So many times I need to clean something dirty but don’t want to use my kitchen sink and end up going outside to use the hose. When you redo the entire room, I’m sure you’ll find that they make much nicer looking sinks now. There’s always so much to do, isn’t there, even when it’s just one of us living in our homes.

  11. Oh, a mudroom and a hall tree exactly like one of those is on my Wish List. Unfortunately, I do not have room for either one so I will live vicariously through your post (and hopefully, after photos!)
    All of these images are gorgeous.
    Have a beautiful Monday!

  12. Utility sinks are so unattractive( not to mention that they stain terribly and are a pain to keep pristine), I could never give up on having one. Especially if your a do-it-yourselfer. I have always admired the look of Hall Trees and I love the tall one with the louvre door bench. I think the shorter ones will make the room look smaller.

  13. I wasn’t a fan of the Prada bag shown no the model in the medium size (in your first post). I love it in the store photo you posted in the small size and think it might work better than a chain strap. As mentioned in a previous reply, the chain on a Kate Spade bag I have falls off my shoulder very easily and it kind of drives me bananas!

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about the chain strap, too…not used to wearing one. It’s long enough to wear crossbody on the Chloe, which is more comfortable than just on the should, I think.

  14. The hall trees are awesome and will be an attractive and useful piece. Can’t wait to see which one you pick and see it “installed”. Looks like you have several great choices!

  15. I am so, so glad I don’t have to make this decision; I had no idea hall trees came in such different designs. When I saw the lift-up seat, I knew that wasn’t a good idea, so smart of you to eliminate that type. Can’t wait to see which one you buy. I say to redo whichever room you use the most, or are closer to final design ideas.

  16. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Susan, oh how I would love to redo my laundry room! Unfortunately it is so narrow that there isn’t much that can be done. I love the hall tree idea. The taller one would be my choice for longer coats and jackets. I have mine on an over the door rack on the back of the laundry room door. ๐Ÿ™ And I love that the hall tree gives you so much added storage space. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the room! Whatever you decide, I know that I will love it!

  17. Get the tallest one you can. Not a fan of the lift up seat, drawers are better. Also not a fan of the cushion on the seat, it you have jackets/coats that are wet they will stain the seat and make it damp. Also, get one that doesn’t have feet, the bottom should go to the floor. Very difficult to clean under that small space. What a great room that is!!!

  18. My thought would be to find an able carpenter to build a unit with hooks, with or without cubbies, to attach to the wall at whatever height works for you…or perhaps you could find one ready made…and then just buy a lovely bench to place underneath.

  19. I was just thinking….you are such a handy and clever girl…….why not attach a 2 x 4 plank in what ever length you want to the wall at the perfect height for you and add clever hooks to the board??? Ikea has great benches with cubbies you can use for the bottom. You can also add a shelf above the hooks. I have a friend that used an Ikea single wide bookcase and laid it on its side for a bench, automatic cubbies she filled with baskets!!!

    • I had thought about that, just adding a coat rack with shelf above and a bench below. But I love the look of these so much. The price isn’t that bad. On the HD site, they wanted over $100 just for rack that you attach to the wall…then there’s the cost of a good bench with cubbies. I really want to redo the entire room, so I may jump into that and wait to see what space I have left for a hall tree. I like the idea that I can take a hall tree with me, if I ever move, as opposed to having something built in that’s part of the room.

  20. As much as I love all the hall trees, looking at the footprint of the laundry room and the actual floor space, I think I would hold off for the remodel of that space. Function is the most important and a water source for messy things would be sorely missed. Perhaps you could rework the floor plan in there to accommodate everything you want.

  21. I love your idea! Im trying to see it in my head. One question. What is the little room to the right? I was thinking half bath but it looks like a ladder in there. If you could blow out that wall you could put whatever you wanted beside the window. If it is a half bath then …nevermind. LOL

    • The wall on the right is a closet that’s in the laundry room. The white thing over on the right that looks kind of like a ladder is just a plantation shutter in the window in that room. The door at the end of the room is a back staircase that goes upstairs. It comes out in the upstairs family room/bonus room. I would love to renovate the room turning into a pantry/laundry room/mud room and tear out that small pantry/closet that’s in there, but not sure how to design it. I definitely want to keep the back stairway, I use it all the time, especially when someone is at the front door and I need to run upstairs for a robe before I answer it. lol

  22. Thanks so much for the party each week!!

  23. All the hall trees are fabulous. We have a walk in closet that was suppose to be a half bath. Since we already had three other baths I decided that it needed to be a closet so we can one day build it out into a mud room. I wish some of these options would fit in the space. Can’t wait to see what you choose Susan!

  24. Why don’t you turn the laundry room door into a pocket door while you’re working on this room?

  25. Chris Bannard says

    The hall tree concept is perfect. If you are really thinking about a laundry room redo in the near future you may want to wait and incorporate that into the new design. If you really are not ready to go for a renovation then my recommendation is one that will still allow the door to be opened fully. You never know when you have to move something in or out that is awkwardly sized – and you don’t want to have to move a piece of furniture like a hall tree (if you can avoid it) to move other bits and pieces. Yup – learned that from experience, not with a hall tree but …

  26. thanks for hosting. love all the hall tree research- i would love to add one to my laundry/mud room as well so this is super helpful. can’t wait to see which one you choose. xo- maryjo

  27. I love hall trees. Mine is actually built in. Before you buy one, which you may have to assemble, if you know a good carpenter, I would suggest getting a quote on a built in. Lots of times they are just hooks, a couple cubbies or drawers, and trim, and you might be able to replace or enclose your sink in a coordinated cupboard and get the perfect height hall tree for a reasonable price.

  28. donna a zoltanski says

    Oh my I love that Prada bag! Good choice. I always wants a “drop off area” and the Sadie from Home Depot is great – sit to put on/take off shoes, keeps things neat and uncluttered – great you have the perfect spot for it too. So many choice……

  29. Hi Susan – looking forward to seeing which hall tree you choose. Thank you for hosting your 469th Metamorphosis Monday, always appreciated. Stay warm.

  30. Love all the hall trees, but those with drawers are more practical. Opening a door that close to the floor will not be handy and dark to see inside.

    I agree with reader Jae- you may be able to get more bang for your buck and exactly the right size to accommodate your door by having a custom built cabinet. I think itโ€™s definitely worth getting a quote.

  31. Love the hall trees. Wow, such a decision.
    I like the farm, or the one that has 2 side by side.
    If I were you I would keep the sink. I would love to have the room and a sink.
    I would love a laundry room, mine is in kitchen behind by fold doors.
    Next house that will be a deciding factor for me.

  32. Hi Susan,
    I say keep both of those bags you ordered! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You like them both and since beauty and elegance never go out of style, in a few years from now, I bet you’ll be glad you kept them both. I will ask you! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Susan, I like all those hall trees! What a shame most of them are too short!
    Although they are relatively small pieces of furniture I never realized how difficult it can be to choose the right one, but then I once used to be an impulse buyer! Now (after reading this post) ๐Ÿ™‚ I know there are so many things one should consider before ordering, e.g.: Do you need/want a mirror, do you need storage above the hooks, do you need/prefer drawers or cabinets underneath the bench, is that a zippered cushion cover and is it washable and… most important, how long is your longest coat? lol
    So many questions Susan, but I know you’ll choose what fits your needs best and I’ll love it, as usual! ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Thanks, Cecilia! It’s going to be really hard making myself send one back! Ugh…dreading that. lol
      Yes, so many features to consider in hall trees. Love that there are so many great choices out there, though!

  33. Thank you for hosting Metamorphosis Monday!

  34. Cyndi Raines says

    Well I have to admit, I like today’s picture of the much smaller Prada than yesterday’s picture. I have a hall tree and it is so helpful this time of year to store the gloves, scarves and to take on and off boots. Like the hook feature too, hubby hangs his hats there. I agree the drawers would be better than the bench that opens which we have, and I wouldn’t bother with a cushion either. (We don’t have the cushion.) I think that Aberdeen is awesome. Mine is in my basement at the foot of the stairs, as I don’t have enough room when you come in the back door so if my boots are really snowy, I have to take them of right there, wish I had a bigger back entryway landing. LOVE that you have a back staircase! I have always loved those since I was a small girl and saw it on the TV show “Katie, the Farmer’s Daughter”. Do you remember it, with Ingrid Stephens? She was so pretty. I agree to keep your sink, they do come in handy to wash our deck birdbath and other large items that I don’t want to use the kitchen sink for. We have an antique glass washboard like you have on your wall. It was my mother-in-law’s and she really used it as a young bride. Whew, I think you’re all set now! Lol!

  35. Cyndi Raines says

    P.s. Our SAMS flyer is advertising a lovely blush pink Michael Kor’s bag for $170.00. It is really pretty too. Check it out, probably will show it on line as well.

  36. Gloria Lawrence says

    Just stopping by to say Hi my dear friend and to wish you nothing but the very best in life..Your friend from a mountain in California..Hugs and love gloria

    • Hey Gloria! How are you doing, my friend? It’s so good to hear from you! How are things on that beautiful mountain of yours? Happy New Year to you!

  37. well, I would like any of them that set flush with the floor …hate dusting under things.

  38. Nice selection of hall trees! Good luck with the selection!

    Thank you for hosting!

    I hope you are feeling much better!


  39. My handicraft husband built our mudroom storage/bench. It makes such a difference in keeping this are neat and organized. Thanks for hosting!

  40. I love all of those wall trees! Hard choices. I think I like the ones that you showed side-by-side. We built our own storage benches and hung headboard with wooden pegs in our mudroom, however, after 16 years of hard use, the bead board is coming off, the pegs are falling out and the storage benches are cracking…think I need to start over.

  41. I do like the ones that will accommodate longer coats. Also the ones with the padded seats but you could add a custom pillow to those w/o one. Home Depot offers 10% discount w/ military ID but you probably already know that being the smart cookie you are! Glad you are back to feeling well!

    • Thanks, Pat! You know, I hadn’t even thought about that with this piece. I remember that when I’m in the store but forget when shopping online. Thanks for that reminder!

  42. July 2021, you helped me so much with this post! I just accidentally purchased a 64″ hall tree because I didn’t check how tall it was, because I never imagined that hobbit size hall trees were a real thing. I found one of your recommendations and will be buying it and selling the little one. Thank you again!

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