Help Me Choose: 3 Beautiful Pink-Nude Bags for Spring and Summer

Happy Saturday! I am back home now, made the long drive yesterday from Ohio to Georgia and fortunately, the roads were great. The sun was out the whole way. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever made that drive in sunshine, usually it’s raining. I didn’t even have any slow downs due to accidents or construction, definitely a first on that, too!

So, my obsession with pink seems to be continuing. I’m blaming it on spring fever. I’ve been shopping for the perfect nude-pink bag–not a screaming pink color, but more the soft-pink that can pass for a neutral or almost a beige.

I actually ordered one, but I’m torn between it and two others. I thought I’d share them all with you and get your thoughts. Maybe you have one of these bags and can share how it’s working out for you.

Note: All these bags are a bit of an investment. I don’t mind spending a bit more on a bag if it’s a classic style/design/color and will serve me well for many years. Clothes eventually wear out, but bags will last just about forever if cared for properly.


Bag #1:

Chloe Drew Bag in Cement Pink (available HERE and HERE)

An Instagramer I follow has this bag and it looks wonderful in all her photos. It comes in several sizes and I ordered the “small” size which is actually the third size up and quite large. It will easily hold a full size wallet, sunglasses, phone, a small cosmetic bag, lipstick, twist and spray perfume, etc… Because of its shape, it’s a lot roomier than it looks. Trying to decide if I’m going to stay with it or go for one of the other two options I’m considering.

Chloe Drew Bag in Cement Pink

This photo gives you a better idea about its size. I’ve discovered I’m a small-to medium bag girl, just don’t like carrying a large, heavy bag.

Chloe Drew Bag, Cement


Bag #2

Valentino Garavani , Blush in a Medium size (available HERE and in a color called Nude HERE.) This may be the small size shown below.Valentino Bag, Pink, Garavani Rocklock


Here’s how it looks in the Small size.


I think this may be it in the medium size. It’s available in Medium here: Medium Valentino Garavini. Such a beautiful bag and you can never go wrong with Valentino!

All the bags I’m sharing are proven winners for these three brands. They’ve been around for several years and don’t seem to be going anywhere. The Valentino is definitely a classic.


Bag #3

Prada Double-Zip Tote (It’s available HERE.) This bag also has a shoulder strap.Prada Zip Tote, Blush


This bag is probably the roomiest of the three I’m considering. It’s a classic, nude/pink that will never go out of style and goes with everything.


So what do you think? Which bag do you like best? Do you have any of these bags and if so, how do you like it?

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  1. judy pomposelli says

    would love to know name of the instagramer you follow

  2. The third one would be my pick, but that’s just my taste. I don’t like all the gold trim on the other two. Love the blush pink color, though.

    • I agree with Joy. The Prada one would be my choice. It’s roomier and yet doesn’t have a bulky shape. It’s such a classic bag!

      • Tess Halliday says

        I like this one the best as well..very classic and ladylike. I have several satchel style bags in color, but not from these labels. I don’t have that kind of budget. But I can dream, can’t I? 😉

  3. For me, I would pick the 3rd one because I like bigger bags and every bag I have has to have a shoulder strap. Since you prefer smaller bags, I would pick the first one. It’s different and stylish and probably a size you would like better and is one you won’t tire of.

    I have suddenly become purse obsessed and collected so many that they were using up too much shelf space that I was hanging them on doorknobs, etc. Then I got the bright idea to have a wooden hat rack adapted for purses with dowels randomly placed on the center post of the rack. That was made at a carpentry school for me for the grand sum of about $27.00 USD. It works quite well!

  4. I’d go for the Prada because I love the tote shape and I don’t wear shoulder bags. Love the colour too!

  5. I’m a purse girl and I also love the blush pink color. I’ve never spent that amount of money on a purse so it would be a very difficult decision for me to make for myself. Between the three, I’d have to say I prefer the Chloe.

  6. Linda adams says

    Ive had a bag with the chain link type of strap and I found that it pinched and pulled the shoulder material of most of the outfits I wore with it. Not something I would purchase again.

  7. Cathy miller says

    I love them all it I guess my favorite is the Prada

  8. Rebecca Dexter says

    My choice is the third one also…mainly because the other two have only gold chain straps which might get old after a few years…but, that is only an opinion and mine probably doesn’t count because I only do silver…

  9. Linda Nelson says

    I personally would choose the hand-held bag because it’s more roomy than the other two, and for the fact that there’s no annoying flap, which often needs to be held back to prevent it from flipping back over.

  10. Susan: So glad you had a pleasant drive home. I am scared to death to drive in the rain because I had a bad car accident years ago on a curvy road just as it started to rain. I was told that at the beginning of the rain, the existing oil on the road way always makes it dangerous. Anyway, never forgot this fact or my injuries so driving in the rain is anxiety producing for me!!

    Agree with you about investing in classic bags that never go out of style and last a long time. I also love the blushy pinks! I love the Prada bag because it looks simple, elegant, roomy and classic.

  11. I would pick the Prada as it is the simplest. The Valentino has too much metal for my taste. The chain straps on both the Chloe and the Valentino would be uncomfortable for me. The Chloe is very pretty but I hate the chain strap.

  12. Peggy Nodine says

    I really like the first one, Chloe, but I also like the Prada one very much too. According to the size I needed most, the Prada seems to be a little bit larger, but not much, so think about which one will be the best size for your needs. With either one you can’t go wrong, both are beautiful bags and I love the color of both very much. I am a little older than you, but I have found pale pink in almost anything seems to be my favorite color now. I love the softness of it and it goes with almost any other color you can think of. Glad you made it home safely. Today is a beautiful sunny day in SC. Love this sunshine.

  13. I like #1. Don’t have any of these purses, though they are very nice…love the pink color.

  14. Mary Boger says

    #1……..Love the shape.

  15. Definitely Chloe Drew! It’s great color and such cute shape. Different!

  16. The Prada is my favorite because I am not big into chains. The color is nice on all.

  17. If you are truly looking for an investment bag, I think the Valentino too trendy with all the gold and studs. It’s also a very “look at me” bag that doesn’t seem to suit what I’ve seen of your colorful wardrobe and classic style. I love the Chloe but would choose the Prada. The color is more neutral and I think the shape more classic. In the pink, with the gold, with the rounded shape, I think the Chloe in ten years would look … well, ten years old. And I had wresting a flap open on any bag. Have you looked at the Brahmin Small Asher totes?

  18. I am an over the shoulder person. I would X the Prada. Those handles and over the shoulder are tacky together. Between the two, it would be the interior, which one accommodate your needs. Both are beautiful bags. You will definitely enjoy either.

  19. Susan, I love the Prada bag. It is such a great shape and the double sided design is so useful. My aunt is stylish and cute and petite like you, and she has this bag in a gray. It is classic and looks young and in style. Can’t go wrong with a Prada.

  20. Hi Susan. I’m glad to hear you arrived home safely.
    I think the best choice is the medium size Valentino. It has style, a secure
    closure, sturdy strap and has a classic look.

  21. I’ve been obsessing over the blush colored bags for a couple of years, ever since I had lunch with an old high school friend who had a gorgeous blush colored one very similar to your 3rd choice. Since I never pay a lot of my bags, I did find one I liked at good ole TJMaxx for around $60. Alas, I did not purchase it at the time but now that I’m seeing your selection, I might be on the hunt for one this Spring! Excited to see whichever one you chose.

  22. I prefer the Valentino, but it seems a bit edgy for your style. I can totally see you carrying the Chloe!

    LV’s Cluny BB is a classic style and looks great in Ballerina (blush pink). Chanel’s pale pink medium flap is gorgeous, but they’ve gotten ridiculously expensive over the last several years. Gucci’s Marmont is a nice one, perhaps a little trendy, and the logo is pretty obvious, but it’s a cute bag!

  23. Oooooo, pink! Love it!! For me, the choice is between the Chloe Drew (#1) and the Valentino. I prefer the paler colour of the Chloe; I think it is closer to a neutral than the Valentino. I’ve never had a bag with a chain strap, so I have no idea whether or not I would like it. Actually, I would be happy as a clam with either of these gorgeous bags. 🙂 Good luck with your decision … can’t wait to see which one you choose.

  24. Ann Pauley says

    Buy the 3td one! Practical elegance!

  25. My 2¢s – I know you will make your own decision, but I love both the shoulder strap ones, maybe the one with a little less gold, but like the roominess of the third one. I heard that the metal straps were first created to keep thieves from cutting the straps and stealing the bag, which I once witnessed and hope to never see again. A woman was walking in the parking lot and a motorcycle went by and the person on the back of the cycle cut the strap and they zoomed away with the purse. I like to keep my hands free so I would not buy the third. But, I am so with you on the color.

    • Interesting, I didn’t know that about the chain but that does make sense. I wonder if that’s why Chanel went with the chain on their bags. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the third one has the shoulder strap option, too. I should add that to the post.

      • Frightening in that I’m not sure a thief would be able to detect a chain at night or as they approached. I’d rather lose a bag than get dragged down the street.

  26. Love the Prada bag ! Classic shape and gorgeous blush color! Choose it!

  27. DEFINITELY the Prada.

  28. I think the Chloe bag is the prettiest. The pink shades on the other two are a little too dull for me. (They remind me of the color of lunch meat that has gone bad! Sorry Susan. There’s also the issue of how the color appears online, versus how it really is. I find the most problematic thing when I purchase a clothing or accessory item online is the color. So often it doesn’t turn out to be the way it is pictured.) But that is just a personal color preference of mine. I also happen to like gold accents. I’m not really a silver person. But then you have to consider if the style works for you. After reading your readers’ suggestions, it does seem like a bag with a chain shoulder strap might be uncomfortable, but now you can purchase handbag straps individually to go with a handbag, so if you wanted to switch your handbag straps, you could. Since this is an investment piece, you might want to check with Chloe, Valentino and Prada about this before buying. Decisions, decisions! Good luck, and can’t wait to see what you choose.

  29. Love this pale pink color. If you have never owned a purse with a metal strap you might want to buy an inexpensive one and use it for a while before you spend this kind of money. I have found that the metal straps are much heaver and are not clothes friendly. For that reason my choice would be the Prada. Vikki in VA

  30. #3 for sure. Looks classic and not too bling.

  31. Prada. I find the kind of closures on the other two bags a pain.

  32. Beth Francell says

    I like the Prada the best. But the price would be prohibitive for me. I think it is the best design and roomiest without being big, and I need a shoulder strap. I don’t suppose they ever go on sale?

  33. Deborah Latimer says

    The Prada is my favorite by far.

  34. I’d go with the Prada. It’s a classic, plus it has two zippered compartments to keep things secure and the middle section looks like easy acces for a cell phone, tissues, etc. you wouldn’t have to unbuckle, unzip, etc. to get the phone. It’s one of the things I find important in a handbag. They are all beautiful.

  35. Susan, Glad that you are home safe and sound. Of the three I like the Prada the best. May I be so bold to suggest you consider the Kate Spade Cameron Street Large Lane handbag? The warm vellum color would be right up your alley! These are available on the Kate Spade website or at many retailers. Whatever you choose, I know it will be perfect! Best, Vanessa in Atlanta

  36. PRADA! The particular style is classic

  37. Linda Lennard says

    Prada. Never liked that much metal on my purses.

  38. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    I think the Chloe bag would be most appropriate with dressy attire, but I do prefer the color more than the brighter pink of the Valentinos. If you are planning to use the bag for every day the Prada is the one!

  39. Check St: John too. The right French blush. Much less $$$$$$$. Unless you save bags forever.

  40. Rebecca Dexter says

    Looks like the Prada is sold out???

  41. Hi, Susan. I’m so glad you’re home safe and sound! I kept scrolling up and down this post to compare bags, and my eye always lingered longer on the Prada. It’s such a yummy color and its style is so classic. I also have to agree with the others who mentioned the problem with chain straps: the couple of “dress bags” I have for evening wear have chains and they tend to slip off my shoulder. But, you know best what your needs are and what will “tickle your fancy”, so no matter what you choose, the brands you’re picking from are all classics, so you really can’t go wrong!

  42. Prada is my fave. It’s sold out at that site.

  43. I think this site has one left:
    I purchased one at the original site I linked so I could compare it to the Chloe bag, but hopefully there’s still one left at the other site.

  44. Bernadette M Gibson says

    I couldn’t afford any of these bags, but if I could I would pick number 1. Number two has too much gold on it and it is distracting. Number 3 just looks matronly and too old for you. Number one is youthful, a daring shape and it would go with everything. My vote:

    • Nancy of Lake Stevens says

      So Susan, my eyes about popped out when I saw the prices on these purses. You did warn me and Bernadette though. The purses are lovely so I would like to give you a challenge. Can you find 1,2 or three pink purses that are not quite so spendy. It would be fun to see what you come up with. For what it is worth I too like the Prada.

      • I’ve been googling for pink bags for a few weeks now and these are the three designs I have found that I like the best. Nancy, it’s hard to explain unless you are really into handbags, but I love carrying a bag that’s made by a fashion house that has a heritage/history. For example, every bag Hermes makes has a great story behind its design, the stitching is perfection and the leather is always the best. I don’t mind paying a bit more for that kind of quality, not to mention how they back their products.

  45. Bernadette M Gibson says

    Number 1!! Number 2 has too much gold and is distracting, number 3 is too matronly.

  46. Jane Franks says

    All 3 are beautiful, Susan. It depends on what you want to use them for. I think the Prada tote would be the most practical and all around, and one you wouldn’t get tired of using. The others are nice for dressier occasions. I would get tired of the chain flopping around myself. So I vote for the Prada. A real classic!
    So glad you made it home in good weather. You certainly made a wise decision to wait it out in Ohio. Take care. Jane xo

  47. Love the Prada! Very classy and is roomier than the others.

  48. Prada Prada Prada! Classic and gorgeous

  49. So happy you made it back home safe and sound. I definitely would choose the 3rd purse. Do not care for chain straps. They are uncomfortable and noisy when they clink together.

  50. Good to hear you made it through the TN mountains on clear roads and in sunshine! You were smart to have missed all the ice and slippery driving. I vote for the Prada as well because it’s a classic silhouette and satchels are my favorite. Something about carrying a bag in the crook of your arm looks so elegant. One word of caution: you may have to baby that bag considering its color. I had one in a very similar color and it seemed to attract scuffs and marks no matter what I tried. If it’s a special occasion bag, then go for the Prada!

  51. Suzanne Melson says

    Hello from COLD Virgina! I think the Valentino is too trendy. The other two are more timeless.

  52. Rebecca Dexter says

    With the shoulder strap I don’t think the Prada is too matronly…

  53. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Pretty times three! They are all so beautiful, but I really like # 1. I also like #3, but I think that it looks more matronly as well. Most of my purses that I carry are most like #3, but I am 70 so I guess that’s why! You can’t go wrong with any of them. They are all “pretty in pink”!

  54. Dawne Marie says

    Prada for sure!

  55. I like the Prada bag the best as it has the least “hardware” on
    it. Just my opinion; never have liked the bags that had more “hardware” than anything else.

  56. donna a zoltanski says

    Oh Susan…how do you choose ……… all 3! So happy you arrived home safely – home sweet home! I love the color and my pick is…………….CHLOE! They are all gorgeous and I am a “purse” crazy kinda girl, but I think Chloe is a classic. Love classics. Your post reminds me of a blush pink bag in my closet. I think I used it twice, I will definitely bring that out for spring.

  57. Hi Susan,
    I am glad to hear you are back in Atlanta, safe and sound! 🙂
    Susan, I say keep that Chloe bag! I like its shape, its color (never heard of “cement” pink before, but I love it!) 🙂 and that gold-tone chain! I know that light pink and gold look nice on me during summer when I get a tan so… no wonder! lol Susan, that Prada Saffiano is very beautiful, too, and I like that you can choose how to carry it since it is the only one – among those three – that has a chain and handles, too, although I just read on an Italian webside that that Valentino “Glam lock” bag is supposed to be worn rigorously in crook of elbow and never over one shoulder or even cross-body… hmm… not sure if Valentino actually said that himself… however, if I were you, I would buy whatever made by Valentino in “Valentino red”, only, because that red, “his” red, is unique and magical and you’ll never find something that is approximately the same ♥ (but apart from this I think I’d probably never buy that Glam bag because I’m not sure if I’d like it better sans those metal rivets… but then… Valentino is… Valentino!) lol
    ~Hugs to you~

  58. Hi Susan,
    I love the Chloe bag ! So cute and the pink is Devine

  59. While I like them all, the Chloe Drew Bag is my favorite.

  60. I was ups choose the Prada bag. Classic style. When older you may not want a shoulder bag and the studded bag may appear dated at some point.

  61. If you are planning on keeping one of the bags long term I would choose a different color as you will get more mileage out it, just saying, you asked.

  62. Susan Rhyne says


  63. I like the first bag.

  64. I have to vote for bag #3, as purses with a flip opening drive me insane. They keep wanting to close when I want them open, so I have to have a zipper closure. That being said, I just like the design of #3 the most.

  65. Stephanie Whitlock says

    Definitely the Prada bag! It has such a classic look and it will not go out of style.

  66. Definitely the Prada!

  67. Joyce Reardon says

    I would get the Prada if I had the mo ey. The shape is my favorite

  68. The Prada bag, like the color and shape and look

  69. LindaSonia says

    The Chloe Drew bag!

  70. Love the first one but not the chain strap. I’ve found that after carrying one for a while, it begins to dig in your shoulder and becomes very uncomfortable. I have.a beautiful quilted bag that I rarely use because of that. No. 3 looks like the Queen’s handbag, and they usually are rather matronly looking. I know they are dream items but Birkins just don’t appeal to me. Valentino is always nice. Just beware of the chain strap if you’ve never had one.

  71. You really could NOT go wrong with any of them…if it were for me it would be three. Glad you returned in SUNSHINE!! franki

  72. Valentineo medium
    The small bag is for all the young girls
    Along with the first Chloë
    Medium Valentino- lady like and perfect
    The third a cheap old lady bag.
    Sorry I live in nyc.- And only speak the truth

  73. Jane Kelly says

    The Prada would be my choice just because like others have said – it looks more roomy & doesn’t have as much gold on it. It’s a much more classic design & would be the one that would make me feel like I was carrying something worth spending that kind of money on.

  74. They are all beautiful bags. My favorite is the Chloe bag. It is a perfect size and shape. I love to wear the cross body bag and this is perfect for that. This bag can go from day wear to evening wear in a snap. Enjoy whichever one you choose!!

  75. I like larger handbags. May I suggest Brahmin’s Elisa Hobo Handbag in the color Marquis (shades of nude pink). Brahmin makes fabulous quality leather handbags with croco embossing that’s to die for. I own at least a dozen of the Elisa Hobos in different croco finish colors; I always get compliments on them from friends, family, coworkers and total strangers. The croco finishing is so good that people think it’s real crocodile. Brahmin bags are made in America and are very affordable. My Elisa hobo bags cost between $400 and $500 each.

    I like larger handbags, so I would go with the Prada satchel. The other handbags would be too small for me. I haul a lot if stuff around in my handbags! Happy shopping! :0)

    • Brahmin bags are great. The Atlanta store in Lenox mall has some amazing sales a few times a year and I’ve gotten some great deals there. I have two large Brahmin totes, but find I rarely carry them since they are so large. I carried those more when I worked in an office. Now I carry so little with me, I just don’t need a large tote anymore. I had a smaller Brahmin bag that I carried until I just about wore it out. I finally donated it. I have the Brahmin bag that was designed to carry an iPad, but now that smart phones have gotten so big, I haven’t carried my iPad with me in several years. So I never carry that bag anymore…should probably sell it. I have a blue Brahmin “bucket” style bag that I like to carry in the summer…it’s a medium size bag, so not too big. It has a starfish design/motif, so it’s a fun bag for summer. I have a Brahmin Delft Blue tote seen in this post: and love using it when I travel via car.
      Elena, I saw a pink Brahmin bag in Dillards tonight, but I didn’t like how it looked. The embossed croc design that I love in my brown Brahmin bags just didn’t look pretty to me in pink. I guess I’m just used to seeing it in the rich brown colors. Also, I think I’m just ready for something different since Brahmin has been my main bag for so long. Elena, check out this vintage Brahmin bag in this post if you like Brahmin bags:

      • So many pretty handbags!!!! Love them all. Between collecting handbags and tablescaping things, my closets, cupboards and offsite storage are bursting at the seams LOL.

  76. Susan, I have the Chloe and love the shape. It is sufficiently large for everything I carry. I do love that Prada ( as well as the YSL’s in pink),but for travel I use the much more affordable Rebecca Minkoff’s so I’m not a target. Whichever one you chose will be perfect to fuel your pink obsession.

  77. Cyndi Raines says

    Glad you are home safe and sound without any terrible road stories! Before I forget, I meant to ask if you carry a nice warm blanket, water and some snacks when you come north? Just a suggestion to have on hand in case you had some road trouble and had to wait for the recker. While those purses are out of my price range, I still think that #2 is the prettiest, I do love the gold, but #1 comes in as a close second. I do agree with the others that the flap may be a bit bothersome. I don’t care too much for #3 as I agree with others too matronly. Have fun deciding.

  78. Love #1 because of the rounded shape. #2 has the best color. #3 is an old lady’s bag.

    My love of pink last year and this year and forever…….is a return to soft, pretty, and feminine. It is pleasing and nurturing. And it is flattering to all skin tones……

  79. Marni Nixon says

    #3 I like them all but #3 is my preferred pick!

  80. I like the Chloe bag. Very classic and pretty!

  81. Personally I like the Prada the best. I think the other two are too dressy – they are made for young women who are going out to a restaurant or bar. I don’t think they would look good with your wardrobe.

    I also disagree about the bags being timeless. Blush pink was very in for 2017. Soon it will be out of style and look dated (everyone will say “oh that is so 2017”). If you want an investment piece, I think the Prada bag in a light tan would look so much nicer with your wardrobe and will be in style forever.

    If you really want a blush bag, buy an inexpensive one from T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. I bought one last late winter/early spring from there because I knew blush was a trend that would eventually look dated and I didn’t want to spend a lot. I too was craving spring and color at that time. But honestly, I rarely if ever use it so I am glad I didn’t spend a lot on it. Unless you dress in all neutrals, it really doesn’t go and it is a lot easier to just grab that black, grey, or brown bag, which goes with everything. Plus, once you get into summer, you don’t crave the pink bag anymore.

  82. Prada–a classic, like some others I am not a fan of the metal. All are a beautiful pink. You must definitely consider buying 2–a gal always needs a back-up purse.

  83. Kimberly Moeller says

    In my opinion it depends upon your desired use. Bags 1 and 2 are a bit more dressy (with 1 being a more classic look and 2 being a bit more trendy), while bag 3 would be of more use on the daily. As far as an investment piece I would go with 1 or 3…. or both.

  84. Go with the Prada – It’s a timeless look and the shape is perfect. I have several bags of a similar shape and they never fail to catch a few compliments.
    The Chloe is cute, but not as useful because of the size. The bling on the Valentino looks too trendy.

  85. The Prada. Its a classic. I like the Chloe bag, too, but for the investment, I’d go with the Prada.

  86. I agree with Raef. The first looks like a young girl’s bag. The third looks like an old lady’s bag. And while I am an old lady I try not to portray myself as one. The Valentino bag is really nice. And while it does have a chain handle it is not a chain link and it looks quite elegant. I generally an not a fan of a lot of metal on purses but the Valentino is very elegant looking so it is my choice. I’m sure that you would not go wrong with any of these though.

  87. I love the 3rd bag Prada.
    For me it is just more practical. And love the color.

  88. I like the looks of bag 1 the best BUT I have a Kate spade bag with a chain strap (although the chain is shorter) and I have trouble keeping it on my shoulder. Don’t care for the hardware on bag 2. Not a fan of the shoulder/hand carry style bags like no 3….they are too busy looking for me… Too much going on visually.

  89. Susan, All the pinks are pretty! LOL, I saw a lot of knock offs at H & M this weekend and you could try them all. I was returning things to H & M, first time trying their shoes by online and noticed the handbags and lots of pink items. Also, thanks to your Talbots post, I bought a pair of jeggings for the first time. I tried 4 sizes and returned 3 sizes. I didn’t think that style would ever work for me and I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for the suggestion.

    • Karen, I had never tried those until a BNOTP reader mentioned wearing them about six months ago. I am totally hooked now. I didn’t think I could wear them, thought they would look terrible on me and I was so surprised how flattering they actually are…and comfortable! You were smart to try several sizes. I’m bad about ordering something, then having to order again because I’m unsure on the size. I’m getting better at remembering to order multiple sizes, then just return what doesn’t work. So glad those worked for you. I have to make myself wear something else now because the jeggings are so comfortable. I really love wearing them with longer sweaters.

  90. Jackie Manning says

    For me I would love the Prada bag, if only I could afford one!! Seems more practical and classic. Jackie in UK.x

  91. The Chloe! (Prada second choice)

  92. I’m kinda partial to Prada, so I’m going to go with that one. Also, I like my handbags to be a bit on the roomy side. Out of the 3 you shared it’s my favorite, it can easily go from day to night and is a truly classic design. BUT…in the end, you have to get the bag you like the most, good luck!

  93. Hi Susan…the Prada is my choice. It is bigger, but that means you will use is more often. It is similar to one I bought last year ( took me forever to track down the one for me) and I love it. I put it away for the fall/winter, but you are so right…time to think Spring and lighten up the end of winter with a little pink!

  94. PRADA please.

  95. Sorry Susan but as I am so fussy about purchasing handbags for myself, I will be absolutely of no help to you as to what one you should choose … LOL! -Brenda-

  96. Brenda smith says

    Love the first one ! I’m all about bags with some structure now and find that they look beautiful longer than the slouchy ones .

  97. I love number one or two.
    I’m so glad you made it home safely Susan.

  98. Linda Diane Townsend says

    I particularly like the Prada. I suppose purchasing a designer purse is like buying a good piece of jewelry and probably cheaper.

  99. Kelli Morehead says

    Hi Susan! I feel the Prada bag would be your best option. It has classic lines, is a lovely shade of soft pink, and has the most room for items when you travel in the spring and summer (we all know we pack more than we intend to, and we NEED that space…LOL!). It is an investment, definitely, but one you will not regret. Prada lasts, and leather lasts. You deserve it!

  100. Bobbi Duncan says

    Glad you had an enjoyable trip back home. I like the shape of the Chloe bag but I know the Prada would be the one I’d go with for it’s classic style and roominess. Hugs!

  101. Karen Aamodt says

    I really like the 2nd purse in the lineup.

  102. Jane Blackburn says

    Of the three, I like The Prada. However, being a plain Jane girl, I have my eye on the Anita leather bag featured by Sundance at a mere $178. It is referred to as Nude, but appears a little pinkish.

    Thanks for the referral on the Orvis sweater and Talbot jeggings. At 135 lbs, 5’5″, I am really on the fence with Orvis sizes but went with small. Size 8 with the jeggings. They arrived this week week and both are a perfect fit. Now I am ready to emerge from hibernation from my log home here in North Carolina mountains where we have endured 4 degree temperatures!

    • That sounds like the temps we were having when I was in Ohio last week. Ugh. Glad those worked for you, Jane! I LOVE that sweater…wearing it right now. 🙂
      I tried to order a second pair of the burgundy “Wildberry” Tablot’s jeggings the day that post went up. It let me order them, but then I got an email the next day saying they were sold out. I love that color! I’m going to check out that purse, love so many of the things I see on the Sundance site!

    • Oh no…I love that bag, too! Tempting to get it instead of the Prada and the Chloe. I like that it’s made in Italy. What a great price!

  103. I love the color, but I still prefer to match my bags to my shoes (at least complementary colors), and I would rarely wear shoes that go with any of those in style or color. For me, the Prada is the only one with a classic shape, but it does appear a little matronly. I also think that the bag should complement your wardrobe, and would only use those for dresses or very nice pant outfits. I’ve seen you post your recent buys, and most of the clothing appears very casual. So, I wouldn’t wear any of those purses with what you’ve posted recently.

    I love the LLBean clothing and sweaters you have chosen recently! I wear similar on a daily basis, and finding a good quality purse without a lot of bling is difficult. I love purses because they are made in the USA and are classic styles.

    • The Chloe is kinda casual, so it may work. The other two may be too dressy because you’re right…I do dress mostly casual these days. The Arc Shoulder bag by Lotuff is really pretty. It reminds me a lot of the Constance by Hermes.

  104. Prada for sure. It’s the most timeless and therefore worth the investment. The gold chains make the other two seem dressier and less versatile, plus wouldn’t the chains be more uncomfortable on your shoulder?

  105. Pamela K. Logan says

    Definitely the Prada, love it!!!

  106. I have the Prada in black and I love it! I only buy coated leather handbags because they last longer. The only down side is you have to hold it. I don’t mind so much in the winter, but I like something smaller and lighter in the summer. I love the Chloe, but I just don’t think it would hold up as well. I have the rockstud shoes in the same color as the Valentino. I love that one because of the strap and size. It just depends on what goes best with your spring/summer clothing, the size you need and if you want to hold on to a bag instead of wear it.

    • Jennier, the Prada bag I ordered in Cammeo Beige does have a shoulder strap, it’s hard to see in that photo. Since I ordered it in small, I think it will work as a shoulder or cross body bag, at least I hope so. It should be here in a couple of days. Once I put my things inside and play with it a little, I should have a better idea if it will work. I’ve never had a bag made from Saffiano leather, but my daughter-in-law has several and loves them, so I’m excited to try that. Jennier, did you know that Prada invented/patented Saffiano leather? When I visited the Prada store on Saturday night to look at the sizes of the Galleria bag, the sales associate there told me that. I went home and googled it and she’s right! I was so amazed to hear that because so many companies make their bags that way now…and Prada was the first! You can read a bit more about that here:

  107. Bernadette M Gibson says

    What did you decide upon? I am excited to find out which one!!!

    • Still waiting for the Prada bag to arrive so I can compare it to the Chloe. Wish it would hurry up and get here. Someone told me about a bag at Sundance today that’s a beautiful pink, and I do love how it looks. I think I’m going to drive over to Sundance tomorrow to see it in person.

  108. Mamey Brown says

    I think you would get the most use out of #3…..I LOOOVE it!

  109. Hi Susan,
    Am I late on this? MHO: Valentino medium is dressiest and really, really beautiful. Chloe is pretty, in the middle as far as dressy goes, one you could wear for dress up or everyday, depending on how roomy it is. Prada is more tailored, more everyday, but absolutely gorgeous. I think you’d get the most wear from Prada, and I like the optional shoulder strap.
    Glad you’re back safe and sound!

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