My Favorite L. L. Bean Boots Are Finally Back & What I’m Loving for Fall

Years ago I was trying very hard to track down a pair of L.L. Bean boots. I had seen them on their website, but they were showing out of stock for months and months. Not one to easily give up when I really want something (but then you knew that already from my cabinet extravaganza, right? lol)

I pondered this little boot dilemma, then I got an idea! I reasoned that surely some of the physical L.L. Bean stores had a few pairs left in stock. If I called around to the different locations, if they had them in my size, maybe they would be willing to ship them to me. Hey, it was worth a try.


It’s been about three years now, so I can’t remember exactly which locations I called that evening, but I was pretty discouraged after my first two calls. At the first location I was politely told that they were out of stock.

The guy I got at the second store acted like I was making a completely unreasonable request asking him to check their stock and to ship them if they had them. I said good-bye and hung up feeling like I’d just asked him to do something illegal and boot-leg me some boots to Georgia! Geesh!

After that call I was almost ready to admit defeat and give up. I tried one more store and the associate was super nice. He didn’t have the boots in my size, but before hanging up I asked if he knew of an L.L. Bean store that didn’t get as much traffic as all the others and could possibly still have them in my size.

He suggested a new store that hadn’t been open very long and gave me their number. Crossing my fingers, I gave them a call. Yipee! They had them and they even had them in my size! They were more than happy to sell them to me over the phone and ship them out. Happy dance!

I love these boots because unlike most L.L. Bean duck boots, there are no laces to worry with. They just look more finished and a bit more feminine than regular L.L. Bean boots. And they do an excellent job at keeping your feet dry in rainy weather!

My boots


Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them, but unfortunately L.L. Bean hasn’t stocked them again…until now! This is the first winter I’ve seen them back in stock. I actually like this year’s version better than mine, I like the way they finished off the top edge.

If you’ve been wishing for a pair of L.L. Bean’s iconic duck boots, but weren’t crazy about dealing with all the laces on their regular duck boots, you’ll find these below available here: Bean Boots.  L.L. Bean may be finally caught up with their production because I don’t think there’s a wait list for them, at least for right now. Not sure if that will change as we move further into fall.

Update: They now have the shaerling-lined version like mine in–it’s available here: L.L. Bean Boots.


I’m thinking about treating myself to a pair of their comfy scuffs for winter. They are so cute! They come in various colors and motifs including a dog, raccoon, moose, bear and owl. They are available here: Scuffs.

Update: I ended up ordering these in the raccoon motif…couldn’t resist that cute face and I know my grandkids will get a kick out of them the next time I visit. πŸ™‚


I’ve been eyeing this sweater, waiting for it to go on sale…and it has! You’ll find it available here: Kitty Heart Sweater.


I’ve been watching this tunic all summer and it’s finally on sale now. It’s perfect for summer but I think it makes a nice transition piece for fall. It’s available here: Tunic.


Talbots has so many pretty things in for fall! I’m loving this beautiful embroidered shirt. It’s available here: Embroidered Shirt.


Here’s some of the ways it can be paired for fall. I love everything in this montage, including the denim bag!


Remember all the great Superga Sneakers I purchased this past summer? I’ve worn all of these so many times…absolutely love them!


Superga sneakers NEVER go on sale at Talbots and they will quickly tell you that when you’re shopping in there. I know because I’ve asked! lol I was shocked to see two styles are currently on sale. The striped pair is currently on sale here: Superga Striped Sneaker on sale.

Striped Sneakers


And these cute Superga sneakers with the cherry design are on sale here: Cherry Superga sneakers on sale.

You’ll find all the Superga Sneaker Styles they have available here: Superga Sneakers.


Love, love, love these riding boots, such a cute style! They are available here: Riding Boots.


I have a thing for white shirts, I’m always buying them because they look great with dress pants or with jeans. You can never have too many white shirts! This pretty one is available here: White Shirt with Pleated Cuffed Sleeves.


This jacket has the prettiest collar…love the ruffle! It’s available in several colors including black and is available here: Jacket.


I may have shared this denim jacket before. I love the ruffled front so can’t resist sharing it again. It’s another perfect piece to wear during the transition from summer to fall–perfect for cool evenings. It’s available here: Denim Jacket.


Long sweaters are great to wear over leggings. This cable-knit sweater is available here: Sweater.


I saw these leggings on a fashion site and they looked so comfy, I had to track them down. They have a suede look, but without the maintenance and price of suede. They are available in four colors including this warm brown…


…and in black. They are currently on sale here: Suede-like Leggings. I’m thinking about ordering a couple of pairs.


I love this entire outfit! The jacket is so stylish with its ruffled collar and ruffled front closure. The cute fox peeking out from underneath is the icing on the cake! Both are available here: Fox Sweater and Tweed Coat.

Notice how they paired a plaid shirt underneath. It works because it’s such a large pattern/plaid. I’m going to remember this style trick! The plaid shirt is available here: Plaid Shirt.


This vest is another great transition piece going into fall and winter. I purchased a plaid one from Talbots last year, or maybe it was the year before. I love wearing it in the fall.

This vest comes in several colors and is available here: Quilted Barn Vest.


We’re coming into sweater weather! Happy autumn wardrobe shopping!

As I write this post, I have owls hooting in my backyard. Love that sound so much!

You can hear them hooting it up in this previous post here: Nightsounds from the Porch.

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  1. Love all your shopping fav’s! And once again, I followed your advice & purchased a pair of the Superga sneakers! . I ordered mine from LL Bean as I always get free shipping. I’m also eying up the duck boots. We’re planning our yearly fall Maine trip for October, so I may just wait & stop in the Freeport store & try them on first! Love a quilted vest for the fall. I was able to purchase 2 last year, very similar to what you pictured. Got mine from Lands End, one navy, the other olive green. I love the leather trim detail! I haven’t seen them in their lineup for this year though. Back to boots, what do you think – are the Ugg boots in or out? I have black Baily Bling ones & never wore them at all last year. I’m thinking about taking them to my local consignment shop as they were barely worn. Thank you again for all the great info!!

    • Thanks, Gina! I hope you like your Superga sneakers as much as I’ve enjoyed mine. πŸ™‚
      I still love my Uggs! I have two pairs and wear them every winter. One pair are looking a bit beat up because I wear them around the house or outside in the yard when it’s super cold. The other pair are a bit more “fancy” and I keep them for wearing out shopping or to a casual dinner and every single time, someone stops me to compliment them or ask about them. So I think they will always be in style, but even if they aren’t, I love how warm they keep me!

  2. The riding boots are exactly what I’ve been looking for, so I ordered them. I hope they fit better than the Superga shoes, which are very, very uncomfortable for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the cool clothes tour.

  3. I love the cat scuffs and sweater.

  4. Ginger Perkins says

    Why is it so difficult to find shoes in narrow sizes? I’ve spent my life tracking down skinny shoes. Luckily, I’m no longer 5A. Years working in the Caribbean widened my feet from flip-flops to a 3A but still impossible.

    • Ginger, I’ve always wished my feet were a little skinnier and not so wide…guess I shouldn’t complain. I wear such a common size, I sometimes have trouble finding my size because it’s one of the first ones to sell out. lol

  5. Cute, cute things for Fall….glad you found your LL Bean boots!…I love the riding boots too! You always choose/find the cutest things!

  6. I love the hot pink ruffle neck jacket! I am waiting for a good sale and hopefully won’t miss it. The hot pink suede kiltie shoes and the sweater with the sweet ruffle at the neck and sleeves are both on their way to my house. Can you tell pink is my favorite color? Your clothing choices are so classic. Love your selections. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Margaret Robinson says

    Have the “barn” vest and love it. I have to laugh at the names of the boots/clothes. I wouldn’t actually wear any of it to my barn – you can get too dirty feeding horses, but when I’m off other places, this jacket is cute enough to get lots of compliments. Thanks for your showing so many cute outfits that you’d actually wear!

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    All great choices, really like the duck boots and the scuffs. HAPPY FALL!

  9. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Talbot’s has a 25% off sale with no shipping charge until October 1.

    Keep these fashion and sale items coming.

  10. Susan, so many pretty fall clothes. I was at Talbot’s on Thursday, I almost bought the embroidered shirt! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  11. SharonFromMichigan says

    Ah, I know exactly how you felt about your LL Bean boots being out of stock. A couple years ago I wanted to buy a pair of really good winter boots for myself, my husband, and my grown son. So we went to the LL Bean website. Everyone’s boots were out of stock! Apparently they had an unusual amount of shoppers and since each pair of their boots are handmade, it takes time to make them. We all decided to wait. It took about 6 months (we limped through a Michigan winter with what we already had) and we waited patiently. I have to admit, Bean would send periodic letters to us through snail mail letting us know the progress of our order. They even sent cute little key chains as a thank you for waiting gift. I really do enjoy those boots, nothing can beat a good pair of Bean boots in the north during the winter. Now I’m going to have to check out the style you showed in your blog. Those look awfully cute and easy to get on/off.

    • I think that’s around the same time I was trying to find mine. I remember they were running about 6 months behind in production and had even added another whole shift to their plant to try and catch up. L.L. Bean boots have always been popular but that was unreal! lol That was so nice of them to keep you informed and to send a little gift.
      I LOVE that style because you just pull it on. I would stay with your true size because you can wear them with really thick socks and still pull them on without any problem. I love having my boots roomy enough for thick socks for wintertime.

  12. I have a question about the sneakers. Do they run true to size or are they a bit small? I love many of the other Talbots choices you’ve shown. I’m looking at the denim embroidered shirt and several other things!

    • Jane, I found they ran true to size for me. I always wear thin, low cut socks that you can’t really see, and they fit true to size for me with those.

    • They ran true to size for me, but the shape just didn’t fit my foot. In addition the footbed was very hard and uncomfortable and they were much heavier than I’m used to with Grasshoppers. It was like wearing two bricks.

  13. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thank you for shopping for me, you always show the cutest fashions.Have a great weekend.

  14. Thanks for the great ideas Susan! I have just purchased the red scuffs and blue kitty sweater as had already put in an order for a few new items from Talbots. One thing I love about them is that their colors tend to go together from year to year so all I am having to do this year is update with a few long sleeve tees and a couple of sweaters and a scarf or two. A bargain considering what good clothes can cost these days. Can’t wait to get the fox sweater and for the weather here in Alabama to cool off enough to wear it!

  15. You are ALL DECKED OUT!! Autumn arrived with 90+…will remember this a month from now…franki

  16. Like that ruffled plaid jacket and the pink one too! There is a coat I want most…turquoise with bell sleeves, but waiting for a sale. It will be a guilty pleasure because I have a lot of coats…but so cute πŸ™‚ Had to give up on the superga’s. Ordered them several times in various sizes but they just flop around on my feet. I have never worn narrow shoes, don’t know why. I keep seeing cute ones on different sites. Keep having fun shopping πŸ˜‰

  17. The scuffs are too cute. I need to clean out my closet.

  18. I just had to get the cat scuffs. Thanks!

  19. Bought the kitty sweater and shirt when they came first came out. Can’t resist cats!

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